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  1. I have no idea what the lads had before that match but everybody was absolutely fired up, Lowton's missus stopped him from developing into a top player though IMO. All that nonsense with him not moving like he was supposed to and being late to training etc. was so daft. Guilbert looks a player and that Lowton performance should definitely be the benchmark, I do think Hutton was immense last season though.
  2. samjp26

    Wesley Moraes

    It's funny because from what I've seen of Wesley he reminds me of Benteke: a "tall powerful forward" but in reality one who has good technique and also works the flanks to brings others into play. For me that is what I liked the most about Benteke, he would take the ball wide and draw defenders to him, it's why somebody like Weimann managed to work so well with him because it would leave so much space for our wide players to cut inside.
  3. El Ghazi used to play on the right but we've mainly used him on the left, I imagine the same will occur with Trezeguet but on the other side and like you say with El Ghazi being both footed, they can switch flanks if we need. It's an exciting prospect.
  4. £150m+ total spend by the end of the window? I reckon so. Although they'll be add-ons with this deal (just like every deal nowadays), I think this is a decent fee in the current market.
  5. Random one and I haven't been on Twitter so I have no idea if it has been mentioned generally, but has anybody said anything about Nakamba being in the USA?
  6. samjp26

    Douglas Luiz

    I think even if he doesn't become a full Brazilian regular, even if Man City want him back just as a secondary option, it will mean he has had an exceptional time with us. We're well, well behind them at the minute.
  7. To be fair looking back I agree. Vlaar was very good, Clark + Baker both good for academy graduates, Senderos on his last legs but a good addition, Okore incredibly promising and looked like he would become one of the best CBs in Europe. Then it all changed.
  8. samjp26

    Douglas Luiz

    He's flying out to the USA to join up with the rest of the team so I guess this one is done. Completely left field but wow.. what a signing
  9. samjp26

    Wesley Moraes

    For anybody writing him off, especially in regards to joining Aston Villa from the Belgian top tier, you simply have to just look at Benteke.
  10. In general I agree but seeing all this speculation about new CBs, I think I’d make an exception for Axel on the basis that 1. He’s actually a very good player and 2. He's been here for nearly 2 years (?) years now and he’s a key part of the squad that got us promoted. If we had our own home grown CB that was as good as Axel is right now, I reckon we would be selling him to one of the big boys by next summer anyway.
  11. Tony Xia’s claret and blue army
  12. Would anybody object if we did loan Tuanzebe again? He’s been here for a while now, we’ve essentially had him on a permanent anyway. I’d rather loan him again and get Mings back in over buying a completely new CB personally.

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