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  1. This is very true - McGinn is a key example, when he was brimming with confidence he was linked to huge money moves to this very same Manchester United. Now he looks like he wouldn't even make their bench, but the manager needs to be instilling some sort of motivation/confidence even when we're doing badly.
  2. This is abysmal, we literally look like we want to be relegated
  3. One dodgy penalty call and everything goes out the window. Confidence is shot and it seems the lads have admitted defeat, massive shame as I thought this bunch could take us forward but it looks like we'll be going back down to the Championship for another rebuild sigh
  4. He's 22 now and similar to Andre we haven't been able to develop him like we had wished for. It makes sense for both parties that he has the chance to try and develop further elsewhere
  5. samjp26

    Dean Smith

    I'm sure he'll have a few days off however as you stated "was it really covid?", we know there has been ongoing problems for a while, however I think Dean seems like a head strong character who would have been preparing himself for such moment (not that it makes it any less saddening for him of course). What we do know for sure is that his dad would have been immensely proud of his boy for his achievements, even more so because of it being our club he has achieved them at. Another Holte ender in the sky
  6. samjp26

    Tyrone Mings

    He slapped the badge and screamed at the Trinity before going down the tunnel, the guy loves it here, doubt he'll ever leave now tbh.
  7. Whenever you see him start sprinting at an angle, you know exactly what is coming. Considering we bought him not even knowing if we'd be going into the Prem, he is easily worth triple what we paid for him and definitely a good player at this level.
  8. When we signed him as this "flair" player I didn't expect to see him working as hard as he does. Put a proper shift in from the minute he came on tonight, fair play to him!
  9. One point tonight I thought "sheesh, he's putting the afterburners on", then I saw Evans sprint past him
  10. Is it just me or does he look like he's running fast, but he's actually moving relatively slow?
  11. samjp26

    Tyrone Mings

    Yep thats the one - he also made a comment along the lines of Reporter: "Does it hurt that you conceded a goal that could have been prevented if it wasn't for a poor free kick?" Mings: "Most goals are preventable" Even though he was clearly annoyed, you can tell he won't just be pinning it on that one mistake that wasn't even his, and even so he probably thinks he could have done better himself. That is exactly what you need in any role, forget the praise and work on how to be even better!
  12. samjp26

    Tyrone Mings

    I guess I just feel like him, felt like a loss! My bad haha
  13. samjp26

    Tyrone Mings

    Haven't got a link, but he just looked pissed off and when Nyland was asked to give him the MOTM award he seemed even more annoyed with a half-hearted "Thanks".
  14. samjp26

    Tyrone Mings

    Despite everybody thinking he did well, the fact we lost means he didn't even want his MOTM award, could tell in his interview how fuming he is. Type of attitude we need.
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