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  1. Interesting to hear that Tammy was one of the people to tell RB how much he loved the club. Considering he was only here on loan it’s nice to know how much of a positive impact it had on him.
  2. If we win tonight it will be the first time we've won our first two Prem games since 1999
  3. He has to IMO. You could see he was causing them a headache last night, but just imagine having Jack roaming around at the same time. Finally we have threatening wide players that can cut inside
  4. He looked a level above the Bristol midfield last night, I agree that a Championship loan move would do him a whole lot of good but I think it would have to be to a team looking to finish high up the league. I’m not against him staying though, he carries the ball really well and he always tries to make up for any mistakes he makes. It’s nice to see a few of our academy lads actually doing well and playing competitive games.
  5. Agree that it seems to be the physical side of the game he suffers with but he runs his arse off for us when required, which must be tough when you don’t usually play full, competitive matches. He’s one of the senior players in our dressing room and he really isn’t that bad at all to have in the squad
  6. I liked how he linked up with Keinan, it’s amazing how things can look when you put players who can actually play football together on a pitch
  7. 7m euros is a decent return to be fair, glad we haven't made a huge loss
  8. Somebody like Lansbury would actually dominate in the SPL
  9. When he was taking throwings etc, Elmo was always talking, it’s good to see a sort of “passing the torch” if it is the case. And in Elmo, Cash has definitely got a good role model
  10. Special mention for Elmo trying to help out Cash from the sidelines, I really hope he retires here, proper professional and clearly a solid component in our squad.
  11. samjp26

    Keinan Davis

    He’s so strong and actually has good ball control, I think the label of “striker” is the only reason people doubt him. Is he a striker? IMO he’s some sort of attacking midfielder, or a defensive forward maybe a better title. He’s not a prolific goal scorer but his ability on the ball is vastly underrated, him and Jack seem to link up well too. Really think he would thrive in a pairing with an actual strike partner, the ball sticks to him, impeccable hold up play and it goes under the radar how much he can impact our style of play
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