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  1. samjp26

    Leandro Bacuna

    Tis' the way he played at Groningen before we bought him
  2. samjp26

    Steve Bruce

    As I've always said, the only "good performance" is the performance that wins. Nice one Steve!
  3. samjp26

    PES 2017

    If you're playing ML, buy Romelu Lukaku, then buy Jordan Lukaku. That is all.
  4. samjp26

    Jordan Veretout

    His attitude this summer makes me hope that we never, ever see him in claret and blue again.
  5. samjp26

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    For anybody worrying about a lack of transfers, I think it makes sense for RDM to assess what areas he feels he wants to replace players in or that may need reinforcing.
  6. samjp26

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Westwood is on £40k a week, £6m is a perfectly fine fee for him and we're already reinvesting it back into a 21 year old with a lot more potential. I'm game.
  7. samjp26

    Football Manager 2016

    Second season with Villa, I started in May 2016 via the Icelandic or Finnish starting date I can't remember, Villa got relegated. Won the Championship at first ask with just under 100 points on the board, now I'm in January 2018 and I'm 4th in the Prem! Enjoying this save a lot, actually trying to build a proper scouting network up - any tips for that kind of stuff?
  8. samjp26

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2016

    Hate the transfer speculation thread when an international tournament is going on
  9. samjp26

    Football Manager 2016

    I sold Bacuna for £8m, fans were unhappy but I replaced him with Hans Hateboer for £6m (who just so happens to come from Groningen, like Bacuna). Hateboer is incredible! And only 22, plenty of time to grow. I also had to sell Amavi for £8m as he was complaining he wanted to leave, so right now I have a back line of: Fabio / Baker / Okore / Hateboer Just bought Tomas Kalas who will likely replace Baker, sitting at the top of the Championship right now with 8 games to go. Edit: Also, anybody else play with Villa had the club taken over by Graham Taylor and a consortium? They took out an £100m loan to run the club, I'm worried!
  10. samjp26

    Football Manager 2016

    Agree about RBs, Bacuna is destroying the Championship, value is up to like £7m now or something daft
  11. samjp26


    What about any other game with a "story mode" ? Do you only play games where you can create your own character?
  12. samjp26

    The 2016 Takeover Thread

    Quite a few journos saying he is over there to complete the sale, think we're about to say bye bye to Randy!
  13. samjp26

    Leicester City

    No pressure on Leicester really, Spurs have to win all of their remaining games and they also need Leicester to lose both of theirs. Can't see that happening to be honest.
  14. samjp26

    The 2016 Takeover Thread

    My point regarding Leicester was that the owners bought them in 2010 - 6 years later they're turning a profit and having not spent £80m+ on players as far I know, they're about to win the Premier League. People will say its a fluke, an anomaly and so on - perhaps it is, but it shows that it can be done. They'll be plenty of potential investors looking at us right now and looking at Leicester's success, wondering if perhaps they can do the same thing.