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  1. I will not begrudge him when he becomes a Galactico
  2. Beyond his goal contribution he just offers so much to the way we play, he made a huge run back late in the match today - allowing us to then go on counter via Jack. Deano obviously knew exactly what he'd get with him and it seems he is giving him that and more.
  3. He evidently has a level of skill beyond the norm, but in matches like today he slows the game down too much IMO whether it be in possession or without it. No idea why he threw a tantrum I can only hope it was out of frustration at himself.
  4. Made a change to the starting XI that many didn't expect by bringing in Nakamba, who did his job very well for the entirety of the game. Brought on Trez who provided an energy boost and Ramsey for Angry Barks which I think turned out to be a great sub too, he continued applying the pressure that we needed and we could have got another goal or two towards the end of the match. Up the Deano
  5. He's up against Saka who is a good talent out on the right, however Targett isn't the one fouling him, Jack is. The only real danger coming from that side has been the freekicks.
  6. Ditto I just think he looks like he could do with a rest, we play pretty intense stuff
  7. I think Nakamba is sweeping up well and has been vital to the back 5/6 defending so well. Need a bit more quality going forward, Traore tried too much and should have scored but overall another good performance from him too with his workrate. Give them 10/15 minutes and maybe take Barkley off for Sanson or even Trezeguet and let Jack roam centrally.
  8. samjp26

    Matty Cash

    Guys an all action full back, can go forward or keep it tight and defend, make crosses or make timed challenges. Really like him, seems to have the “winner” attitude that we are encouraging throughout, that spat with Konsa is a good sign of them giving a sh*t !
  9. I think Smith made the right call not utilising him today, however sitting on the bench he must have been enjoying seeing first hand what he’s joined and how good we can be.
  10. I think he is a T-800 sent back by Jack Grealish to help his younger self become the best player in the world.
  11. More and more people calling him the best in the league now. He’s just special, so ridiculously good at playing football. Neutrals seem to just enjoy watching him as if they were us, he can go right to the top of the sport I have no doubt.
  12. We won the match, the players he left on the pitch were fighting to the very last minute. Even Traore, a player previously slated for perhaps not contributing enough defensively, was sprinting back to defend in the 92nd/93rd minute. That’s the mentality that Dean and his team have instilled, so we have to trust them with their decisions in game, as without this mentality we wouldn’t be doing anywhere near as good as we have been. As others have mentioned, Dean isn’t somebody who thinks he knows it all, when we lose he holds his hands up and admits to faults, when we win he understands how
  13. So rather than saying they got it wrong they’re making it out like they’ve now changed the rules again It’s always been the same, if play is being interfered with the it’s offside. Mings was tackled before he could take control of the ball and therefore it was an offside offence from Rodri. And now they’re saying “that’s how it will be from now on”, as if it wasn’t the case already. These small things are what put me off this disgustingly corrupt sport. A team (Man City) has benefited from the previous “rule” so they say, but half way through a season they now change the rule
  14. First season in the Prem in a completely new team but you can clearly see his ability. The way he holds up the ball is probably only second to Keinan Davis and it is a key component to how we play, he is almost a false 9. Great to hear him after the match also, saying he felt the whole team was sloppy in the second half -- even after winning, he wants to get better.
  15. LeEdS mK 2 Absolutely Marvelous tonight. All of em. But especially Marvelous.
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