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  1. samjp26

    Keinan Davis

    Not sure why people are laying into him, he’s a very talented footballer, perhaps just not a striker. His hold up play is some of the best I’ve seen since we had Benteke, he’s also surprisingly agile and very good with his feet considering his frame. Even if it doesn’t work out for him here, there’s no need for shooting him down.
  2. samjp26

    Louie Barry

    There’s a lot going on down at Ipswich at the minute. IMO he has made a good move but he’s unfortunately gone at the wrong time. They’ve signed about 20 players and their manager is shite.
  3. Nice comment from the Burton manager Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink: “The boy that scores, Archer, is a quality player - he’s with the first team, he’s a Premier League player and you see the difference.” Wasn’t too bad on his day either to be fair. When ex-pros like that see it, you know it’s real, because these are guys who have been in and around the best of the best.
  4. I don’t think he’s finished, far from it. But it was never going to be simple or straight forward, he’s playing with world class players now. And against them in the Champions League. On a personal note it was nice to see him on the pitch with Messi, moments like that we wouldn’t be able to give him.
  5. Of course we know how incredible he can be on his day, but for Villa we always made it HIS day. Our entire game revolved around him. This will not happen at Citeh. As I previously mentioned, we saw how a change in Benteke’s role being not as pivotal for Liverpool as it was for us completed ruined him there. Being “the man” brings out a different beast in some players. It’s all good wanting to make this step up but it’s never quite that simple.
  6. Imagine we actually have a squad. Villa life is crazy right now
  7. When asked what this win will do for team confidence, Hause said that’s all down to the gaffer. He tells them they’re just as good as anybody in the league and they believe in what he says. Think that summarises how good Deano is tbf.
  8. I’d argue that moving here has also given him a huge confidence lift. The way the fans have taken to him, the way Deano has taken to him, he must feel on top of the world.
  9. He knew Bruno would take it, but he tried to make him feel small by telling Ronaldo to take it. It worked. Guys an absolute machine, beyond his theatrics/mind games, the way he comes out for the ball, the way he commands his box. I never shit myself at set pieces any more, never worry about daft goalkeeper antics, he’s an absolute monster between the sticks and he loves it here too. I genuinely have never loved a squad like this, starting from the #1 down to our back up defenders. Best keeper in the world.
  10. 0-0, commentator says that we’ll be happy with the point away from home despite us dominating the entire game. Deano puts a 19 year old striker on with 10 minutes to go. love this bloke
  11. Way more than a £100m player
  12. Absolute baller. Mad to think he only just turned 26 the other day, I thought he was a little older for some reason, probably because he seems to have been in the sport for ages.
  13. I could see/hear him going nuts for a lot of the game. Quite like him to be fair
  14. Missed two good chances against last seasons UCL winning keeper who cost nearly £100m. Still pushed on, still made runs, still tried to hold up play, still kept his head up, in fact he went one further and put his head on the end of a Polish Cafu cross to score an absolute beauty as we all saw. Can’t be understated the type of minerals you need to really give your all and his perseverance last night was duly rewarded. Love it.
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