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  1. He’s already agreed his new deal so unless City are paying £200m + KDB I don’t think he’s going anywhere
  2. Some of us don’t care about how well England do we just want to see Villa players
  3. He isn’t going to play, at this point just let England go do their best and send Jack home to rest up for the season please
  4. For me personally it would be a shame to see England win a tournament, and essentially not use who IMO and many others is our best player. I just find it weird how little of an opportunity he is given, I know his fitness isn’t 100% but nobody can deny the fact that he hasn’t been given enough game time.
  5. Targett has been such a good especially purchase for the price we paid
  6. Some of the goals he scores are absolutely ridiculous. Nobody can doubt he has serious technical ability with a football, not just his tricks but most of his finishes are crazy.
  7. I think the only question Jack would need to ask himself is can this project go further? And we all know it most definitely can, I can't imagine he'd leave while we're on an upward trajectory. It made sense at times where we were in dire straights, strapped for cash and looking down. Think he'll sign a new deal.
  8. He’s injured, let’s just wait until he isn’t
  9. I will not begrudge him when he becomes a Galactico
  10. Beyond his goal contribution he just offers so much to the way we play, he made a huge run back late in the match today - allowing us to then go on counter via Jack. Deano obviously knew exactly what he'd get with him and it seems he is giving him that and more.
  11. He evidently has a level of skill beyond the norm, but in matches like today he slows the game down too much IMO whether it be in possession or without it. No idea why he threw a tantrum I can only hope it was out of frustration at himself.
  12. Made a change to the starting XI that many didn't expect by bringing in Nakamba, who did his job very well for the entirety of the game. Brought on Trez who provided an energy boost and Ramsey for Angry Barks which I think turned out to be a great sub too, he continued applying the pressure that we needed and we could have got another goal or two towards the end of the match. Up the Deano
  13. He's up against Saka who is a good talent out on the right, however Targett isn't the one fouling him, Jack is. The only real danger coming from that side has been the freekicks.
  14. Ditto I just think he looks like he could do with a rest, we play pretty intense stuff
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