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  1. samjp26

    Dean Smith

    It was a question, not a statement. I agree I don't know whether or not the PL is too big for him just yet, it's too soon to tell, but so far I believe he underestimates a lot of in-game situations and hasn't got to grips with the level of opposition we now face.
  2. samjp26

    Dean Smith

    Is the Premier League too big for Dean Smith?
  3. Defending way too deep, brought it on ourselves. Errors from Mings and Engels for the goals.
  4. Think Jack is wasted playing as a central midfielder, we need to utilise his dribbling and ability to draw defenders. Really can't see it being too long until he plays out wide.
  5. Swap Jota with El Ghazi, put Grealish out wide and get Luiz on.
  6. A few bad passes but the way he puts himself about has helped us immensely in midfield, can see why his running stats are so high.
  7. Lambert was absolutely fuming. I think the only good that can come from this is that despite Jack's "reputation for diving", the general consensus including from the media is that he was in the right this time, I think decisions against him will be under the microscope in the coming games.
  8. Even if you could, the Premier League statement says that VAR was used to judge the dive and they said no error was made by the referee (i.e. the VAR yesterday also believed it was a dive after watching replays).
  9. 100% this. A few times today he was annoyed at not been given fouls, I really do feel that the referees want to make a point because of this "diving" reputation that he has. He can't help it that people hack at his legs.
  10. samjp26

    Dean Smith

    I said in another thread that personally I'd put Jack out on the left, and have Nakamba + McGinn in front of Luiz. Jack would be more dangerous out wide and Nakamba would be better at breaking up play IMO.
  11. Yes he did, meaning VAR can't intervene with the goal being allowed or not. If he blew after the ball went in, like he is supposed to, then it would have went to VAR to see whether or not a goal should have been given. Friend didn't let the game play on, he had basically already made his mind up in a split second that Jack had dived, despite no appeal and Jack not even looking towards him. Funny how Cahill was the one holding his leg like he'd been injured. As I said previously, Jack has a reputation, referees will be out to "get him" to show their authority. Bunch of Representatives for Wellingborough.
  12. samjp26

    Dean Smith

    Think he needed another striker in the window, I know he wanted one but obviously it never happened in the end. Need Kodjia involved up top tbh.
  13. They definitely aren't, but we're going to find it hard to threaten any team if we do absolutely naff all in the final third.
  14. Jack has to realise that he has been branded as a diver, but beyond that our team looked like a bunch of schoolboys today, nobody was up for the physical battle apart from maybe McGinn. Really need to step it up a gear and understand things are different this year.
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