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  1. First season in the Prem in a completely new team but you can clearly see his ability. The way he holds up the ball is probably only second to Keinan Davis and it is a key component to how we play, he is almost a false 9. Great to hear him after the match also, saying he felt the whole team was sloppy in the second half -- even after winning, he wants to get better.
  2. LeEdS mK 2 Absolutely Marvelous tonight. All of em. But especially Marvelous.
  3. A couple of days ago my son (4 years old) said "Dad, I have a football team now, it's Aston Villa because that's your football team." Go through a lifetime of trauma supporting this lot only for my kid to be a glory hunter in disguise. Happy times.
  4. Bertrand looks like a man possessed tonight he literally wants everything
  5. I'll be honest I feel it for Newcastle just because they have Bruce as manager. Nobody deserves that. Nobody.
  6. As much as I love Trez he isn't as good as Traore, but his workrate IMO has made Traore realise he has to work for his position in the team. Our entire team is absolutely up for it tonight though
  7. Because from this angle you can't see that he didn't foul him that's why. Pogba's leg hit Luiz' leg, then Pogba tripped himself up to win the penalty. There was no foul by our player.
  8. Must be a dream for a player like Jack to play with a striker like Ollie. Grealish is always going to be thinking of pulling off something unpredictable, and Ollie is always preparing for him to do so, hence their consistently good link up play. The goals will come, we can all see that.
  9. He orchestrates from the very back of our team. He can launch a fast counter attack just as good as he can tell everybody to push up and slow things down with a big kick up the pitch. His impact is way beyond him being good at saving the ball, he is the man who starts everything and dictates the type of attack we go with at the time, unbelievably good.
  10. I imagine Traore would be getting subbed off at around 70 mins anyway due to him still just getting up to fitness. He's just gone off earlier than expected IMO.
  11. He will dominate Benteke today. As much as I love CB, I watched the last few palace games and in my opinion he still doesn't look at it. It is a shame because I still believe he could have been one of the best in the world, he had everything, but it just isn't there any more for whatever reason. I see Hause being instrumental to our defence being up against him, if they're smart they will try to utilise CB in order to bring their other players into the attack. Hope Hause keeps up his form because if he stays switched on he'll win his battles today I'm sure of it.
  12. IMO he is equivalent to signing Aubameyang from Arsenal. World class player. End of.
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