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  1. Wretched day. It's an awful indication of where we are right now that we are not in the bottom three because Steve Bloody Bruce did us a solid by getting a come from behind win over a garbage team and Sheffield Utd managed the same against an even worse team.
  2. That's an exaggeration to try to establish a point if I've ever read one.
  3. Time to find something else to do now. I don't care if Leicester are "good" and we are seeing Leicester being Leicester. We are shit because what we are seeing is Villa being Villa. Learning nothing, making the same **** ups with the usual suspects being crud.
  4. I'm fairly unconcerned about Engels but the only reason Konsa should be on the pitch now is because he replaced Mings. Who should even have been on the pitch when Vardy scored.
  5. If you mean 35 minutes after the break then Smith will probably agree with you.
  6. That's what happens when you don't take off an injured CH
  7. We shouldn't be thinking that but **** it. If that's what it takes for him not to be untouchable
  8. Tell you what, guys. How about you just don't **** pass to Mings?
  9. Yep. I remember watching this on TV and the room erupting around this point.
  10. Best thing about tonight is the results from elsewhere. Well, actually the only acceptable thing about tonight is the results from elsewhere/
  11. Makes you wonder why he's even putting him on the bench if he won't play him.
  12. You have no idea how happy I was to hear her say that. I'd just thought to myself, "You're one strong, proud, woman of colour but I bet those strong, proud feet of yours are cold." My racist misogyny was revealed when that got kicked, proudly and strongly, into the weeds.
  13. I, for one, was enraptured by what the strong woman of colour had to say.
  14. **** soppy git was going for the Mary Poppins look fussing over Zouma when he should have been back on the pitch breathing fire. Bloke's getting on my tits. I want him playing like a 6' 3" Brazilian Balrog, not getting all quiver-lipped because some **** opponent is on the deck.
  15. Been coming for at least five minutes. We've been terrible, they've been walking through us.
  16. Wesley, when you understand your job is to put stick about, leave opponents on the deck and get about your business you may become a winner. You job is not **** about the other side of the touchline fretting if some word removed is a little hurt.
  17. There is nothing childish about schadenfreude. Unless you are eine kind der garten.
  18. He didn't, I'm sure. I'm sure he was flagging Hassan offside in the centre of the box, who got himself back onside to put in the rebound off Wesley who'd come from an onside position. Whether Hassan should have been flagged, I don't even know with the stupid laws now but if not the lino word removed lucked out bigstyle with Jack's calf. Just think, like Ozil's eyeballs, if his calves weren't so big, we'd have got the nod.
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