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  1. Only football club in the area to support
  2. I watched it and felt embarrassed at the stadium announcer "Your Manchester City goalscorer, our number 10 super Jackie Grealish" JACKIE!
  3. Midweek game, they all at work then watching it in a local before slipping one up a sister in the local bar toilets
  4. Have you not seen the footage of max spinning his wheels when the car was beached on top of Lewis The bloke Is a petulant manchild
  5. What difference does it make if he went on holiday or not. A training session could be conducted by Steve Bruce cardboard cutout and a dictaphone of him reciting tactical nous "Dust waselfs down" "Put wor boots on" "Bypass rhe midfield field. Hit wor big lad up front"
  6. Even the optimist in me can't see anything other than a defeat Hopefully we get something out the game and not more injuries
  7. First time in over 2 years I've watched soccer Saturday Glad Paul merson still thinks it's the merson show screaming goal when someone reporting on a different game
  8. Personally, anyone who voted for this government deserves this baboon
  9. Birmingham city football club When the signing of s 33 year old convicted criminal on a free transfer is seen as great business and welcome home Stay classy you inbred gimps
  10. Kimi retiring at the end of the season Would have won more championships if the mclarems he drove in the 2000s were reliable
  11. He has hardly played the last season or so and had being punditry work on talkshite when he wasn't playing Basically he is going to work and signing on with them And what's this welcome home bollocks
  12. Jimzk5


    Most self entitled bunch of pricks in football I hope they get relegated
  13. Not a chance They owe a majority of debt to the people who own them, they ain't gonna put themselves into administration
  14. It's almost as if the team that went from league 1 to the Premier league using the same players were massively over achieving and the press were getting carried away with them at time.....
  15. In an era where football was more tough than today's standards One player I'd love to have seen in he's prime
  16. They sold the stadium to a company that has connections to the man who apparently owns them
  17. No, he's already incredibly wealthy, beyond anyones dreams, how much money does he need, if you profess to love barca so much, play for a quid a week instead of crying about la liga rules making it impossible for him to stay Amazing player, world's best ever probably, but a total cumshot into a sock with the tears over Barcelona
  18. £25million signing on fee plus 125k a week wage But he loved Barcelona so much
  19. So my tumour hasn't grown between my my last scan which is a huge positive, next week I have another mri again
  20. Journalism around football transfers is now one paper or website saying a club is interested In a player, and the next day its reported in every other paper, website, blog whatever with the words "according to reports" And Birmingham live is the worst for it. If a 7 year old wrote on twitter he wanted Messi at villa they run a story linking us with him based on it.
  21. Firstly, some of the comments about hoping he gets injured, or anything abusive anyone is sending to him are wrong. He isn't the first player to leave us and won't be the last. That's football, also some of Jack's family were regular posters on here before jack started playing regularly, so I'd imagine they could or still do view this site and the comments made Aston villa football club will go on, we have fantastic owners and we will continue to grow without jack
  22. Looks like a t shirt you've been decorating in
  23. We should be proud we nurtured and grew him into the player he is. I have no issues with him moving on. Good luck Jack.
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