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Ratings and reactions: West Ham 1-2 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Walker
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Heskey
    • Bent
    • Agbonlahor (gor Heskey 78)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

Keep it respectful even if you know everyone else is wrong.

[table color=#bccde9:15f7fb2e6c][mrow][mcol color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]West Ham[mcol][mcol color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]Aston Villa

[row][col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]Keane 2[col]1-0[col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]

[row][col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c][col]1-1[col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]Bent 36

[row][col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c][col]1-2[col color=#8c333c:15f7fb2e6c]Agbonlahor 90


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Good performance great result, well done to all. Nothing wrong with that defence or midfield....

Seems now he has stopped upsetting them all and playing our proper side we are getting somewhere - what a shame he wasted so much of the season.

With a good manager next year these players are still top 6 minimum material.

Mind you, West Ham were incredibly poor........

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i thought we played really well going forward, still nervous at the back

both goals were a real team effort, bent was brilliant worth every penny, reo coker was rubbish 1st half better but largely bypassed 2nd half, heskey didnt do much and faded badly, defence was the defence

ash was very good, downing was very good, gabby looked good too

if we had drawn i might have had a pop about the lack of subs but i dont see what more GH could have done today, ok west ham were shite and made us look decent, but if we had played like that every game this season we'd be flirting with 6th again

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What can you say really?

Houllier brings on Gabby and he gets the winner.

It should have been 3-1. We had a goal disallowed that shouldn't have been (admittedly, they should have had a free kick on the edge of the box.. but what did they do with that freekick near the end? :lol:)

Friedel - 7

L Young - 7

Collins - 6.5

Dunne - 7

Walker - 6.5 (he had some lapses but also some excellent runs forward, just needs to work on his crossing)

Petrov - 6.5

NRC - 6.5

Ash - 8

Downing - 7.5

Bent - 8 (an extra 0.5 for the goal)

Heskey - 7

Subs: Gabby - 7.5 (an extra 0.5 for the goal)

Houllier - 8

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Despite it taking me just 3 mins to declare that we're shit in the match thread we put in a good performance overall here and although West Ham are rightly near the bottom of the league they never really threatened us.

We managed 50% of possession away from home and had 21 shots on goal. Bent could've had 3 and Young a couple too. In a strange season where every team in the league already has enough points to have kept them up last season we're up to 9th.

I'd have taken the result and the performance before kick-off today. A final word on Gabby - he's scored a fair few headers in his time hasn't he? Good lad!

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I missed the first hafl an hour, but from what I saw we were excellent today.

Defence still doesn't look quite right, and it's slightly worrying that we create so many chances but don't take advantage.

But we dominated the spammers today. Great performance, great win, and I can't belive we're in 9th place!!

MOTM: Ashley Young by a million miles. Superb today

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Awful start.

Thought it'd end up like Bolton again, and didn't hold much hope for anything being sorted at half time.

But fair play, they did it. Three more points for safety.

Well done everyone. Except for Richard Dunne. You are still a knob who twice nearly cocked it up.

And Halsey. But that's a given.

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