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  2. Fair play Big Al redeemed that instantly.
  3. The pitch always seems smaller when we play them at St Andrews. It's like claustrophobic.
  4. Man lager tastes bad before noon.I wish I had a Guinness.
  5. Wasn't going to go today but screw it bought a ticket, in the Holte End all on my lonesome (smallest violin). We must win.
  6. Anyone else think the atmosphere at he king power is a bit sedate? Just imagine what VP would be like it villa were in this position
  7. I'm sitting in the Trinity Road for the first time in 15 years on Sunday. Still a library?
  8. Are they vigilant regarding concession tickets on the gate? Someone I know has a spare under 21 ticket going, but I'm a tad older.
  9. Only 5 goals so far in all premier league and championship games
  10. Screw this. Does anyone want to table tennis?
  11. If we don't win this game we are down. There I've said it. This thread will almost certainly be closed but I am just thinking that we require some additional hype for this massive game. Can we all start praying to our respective Gods now? All divinity must be on our side! Up the villa!
  12. I despair that we let people like Albrighton leave on a free. We are just the worst
  13. Arsenal have played shit all game tbh
  14. I think we should just field our under 21 team for the rest of the season
  15. Was a penalty, Hutton is a doorknob, that was so bad.
  16. We can obviously only win on the South coast. Hopefully we get Brighton away in the cup.
  17. Genuienly not too upset about going down. Sick of watching dull dross for years, at least we might see some competitive football
  18. So who is our next manager then chaps?
  19. Why don't we abandon the concept of a single manager and just get a team of good coaches to multilaterally select a team? A Jeremy Corbyn approach to football.
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