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  1. So only Matty Cash from our first 11 in the team and none on the bench either. Im surprised.
  2. He’s not very good, we could do better
  3. If they go properly into administration, dont they default on all their debts? Then someone can buy them and form a new ‘Derby County’. or would that solution mean they start again in non-league football?
  4. The trailer looks great. Is it Korean made, dubbed into English?
  5. I disagree. It's good to have some up-and-coming youth on the bench if there is space - makes them feel like they are progressing into the main squad and they learn from that experience.
  6. Speculation or something that points you towards this?
  7. ender4

    Dean Smith

    Probably similar? They did finish 4 points ahead of us last season, and that was with us having a certain player. We've been weakened and also strengthened at the same time, so hard to judge overall. They've stayed roughly the same.
  8. I thought S1 was great, but S2 was ok not as good.
  9. The ref says no. 3 penalties to Man Utd just for daring to dream about a win.
  10. Is the same going to happen with the next international break? Or is Argentina no longer on the red list?
  11. We could finish anywhere between 5th and 11th - its so hard to predict at this point. The chase for 6th and Europe (maybe 7th) is truly on!
  12. It won't be Steve Bruce, Ashley will be happy with 17th place. It won't be the Watford manager, as long as they can stay around 16-18th. It won't be the Norwich manager if they can keep in touch with 18-19th. It will be at a club with high expectations so Spurs, Arsenal or Everton.
  13. why is he refusing to play? Does he just not like Benitez?
  14. Just a thought from the last match… Why did Everton not fill their subs bench and left 1 space free? Even if they had injuries and didn’t have enough first team players, they could have put a youth player in that empty spot? That’s what Villa or most other teams would have done?? Do Everton not have any decent youth players to fill the bench?
  15. 3 points behind Everton in 6th. Spurs, Everton & West Ham looking beatable this season. Europe is looking like a possibility if we can start getting some consistently in our team.
  16. 3 sold out matches. Different attendance figures each time… how does that happen?
  17. Yep, need that contract signed sooner rather than later.
  18. ender4

    Ezri Konsa

    Didn’t realise this. That’s great!
  19. Wowza, could you also let me know next weeks lottery numbers please.
  20. Agreed. But we don’t know their fitness levels.
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