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  1. Forced myself to complete the story last weekend as it really was taking up too much of my time. It really was an absolute marvel of a gaming experience.
  2. Had some pretty bad sleep deprivation over the past two weeks since my little one was born and incidentally some of the most intense dreams (nightmares) I've ever had when I have actually managed to drop off for a couple of hours. Reached a peak this week when during a 3am nap I suddenly felt paralysed but aware someone was in the room with me, at first logically thought it was the Mrs but then quickly realised it wasn't. Ended with an incredibly realistic sensation of said someone coming closer and stroking my face - the Mrs later said the noises coming from the room I was in woke both h
  3. Great news mate! Can't believe a week has passed already. Enjoying every moment. Hoping the weather will be nice enough for a walk along the river today and perhaps a small beer for Dad!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Will definitely take heed of this, will be all the more important once I'm back in work and routine is priority. Have also really enjoyed reading the parenting book by the ex-commando chap "Commando Dad" - will be thumbing through that again in the months to come I think!
  5. Thanks mate. Yeah just spending all day watching or with him on my chest so I can monitor. We have the standard crib (next to the bed), a baby nest and cacoonababy. He's done ok with the baby nest the past 24 hrs in the bed with his mum but won't settle for long before the next feed. I'm happy on the sofa provided we can get him to sleep independently for a little bit. As you say, 5 days in and hopefully will start to adjust soon, seeing improvements bit by bit each day.
  6. Haven't posted on VT in a while but our first born arrived early on Saturday morning, the missus nearly gave birth in the bleedin' Uber on the way to the hospital, only had time to practically kick off her trainers and get on the bed before he made an appearance! Have averaged around 2 hrs sleep per day sense, am sick with worry and can't imagine the day where we could put him down to sleep on his own - BUT wouldn't take it back for a second, without doubt the happiest day of my life was seeing him arrive into the world. My old man is convinced he's some form of lucky omen given the two V
  7. Props to Bruce - we look like a solid outfit now. There's so much talent in the final third if we could just get them to click on a more regular basis it could really be an enjoyable remainder of the season. Such a shame we didn't have him for the first 10 games as the quality in the squad was always there.
  8. Anticipating an awkward relationship pep talk with one of my best mates in the near future. He moved to Manchester with his fiance last year and just didn't enjoy it there (who can blame him ) - they moved primarily because it was better for her career and its where she went to Uni. He's now moved back home for work and she's still there. Really not sure how the conversation can avoid the inevitability of where their relationship seems to be heading. Imagine if she moved back to save their relationship for the sake of her career there would always be an unhealthy resentment the
  9. Would like to add a massive thanks for this. I bought the game a month ago and pretty much echo the same feelings of repetition as described in these last few pages after about a week of playtime. The sad thing is I spent £34 pre-owned and didn't do my research to the extent I should have. I spent 10 minutes this morning pondering whether to open that hidden comment as I had every intention of picking the game up again at some point, but am now very happy I did read it. Genuinely think, as an avid gamer, if I had put over 100 hours into this to witness the finale it could have really
  10. Agreed. I don't expect miracles but I would hope to be hitting full steam come November and pushing the top 4 coming up to Xmas. I would start to have my doubts if he doesn't have us up and running by then.
  11. At this point right now, I don't think I could have asked any more of the guy. Couldn't give a toss if some are more sensitive to his Tweets than others either. IMO he's done just about everything he can to put us in a position to bounce straight back up with a significant investment on almost entirely new team with what looks like two more signings tomorrow. It is the Villa after all so we'll probably screw it up but a big thanks has to go the Chairman for giving us the best platform possible. Over to you, Mr. Di Matteo.
  12. Powerful and pacey striker who scored 19 goals last year for £11m. Can't argue with that.
  13. I suggest you look up the definition of an excuse.
  14. Think he has potential but it's the one transfer I felt with we might regret - didn't need a fancy keeper this season, just a solid one with a bit of experience. Gollini might develop to the extent he is an international regular but the points we've dropped already might prove crucial come the end of the season.
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