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  1. I will but I don't think it will work This will be the tournament where the penny drops that the beer and good weather are what makes them good rather than the football
  2. We'd be the 1st academy to make a final I think, that's the salt in the wound it seems like the academies pay it lip service as well as the normal teams not bothering because they're pissed off
  3. But if he wants to convince his new best mate Robert to join the villa he's more than welcome... Played 1 won 1, we're basically the bigger better club
  4. Blown away Christmas coming to Netflix in November
  5. Why does the board still consult fergie? Sounds to me like a PR exercise, whenever they make a decision they know the fans won't like they tack his name on it to try and appease them
  6. In reality I don't think we fully understand what he does day to day but the health of our club is night nad day compared to anything we've seen in the last decade A few bad results and everyone gets the same treatment
  7. Nah I was the vending machine or then vodka coke at the bar Red stripe was my local nightclub - mirage in Kidderminster
  8. You could say that he oversaw the academy infrastructure do over too which at the moment looks potentially huge for us and would be something that would make our owners very very happy
  9. I've been 4 or 5 times, it's still the only nightclub in brum I'm going to go to, it's just harder to have a good night in there whereas 15 years ago it was brilliant every time You're right it feels really young, been in there a few times where its so busy at the bar that it's impossible to get absolutely smashed blind drunk in there and the bar isn't that cheap anyway so that magic of old snobs has gone, the music has obviously changed too and new music is shit... I've walked out when Kanye came on The sports bar part of it is OK though for a beer Edit - old snobs and no moshing... Almost embarrassed to say that there was a time where snobs almost went like a leisure centre where you didn't walk out you got asked to leave, rather than going down the slide backwards it was moshing in a gang, usually to a libertines song, don't look back in to the sun was home time
  10. We've spent so much money and not fallen foul of FFP, look at our rivals and detractors with all this nonsense about us failing and them coming for us and if this happens we're in trouble blah blah blah The man knows it like the back of his hand, he's in complete control of it all I could understand Newcastle wanting him for that reason
  11. £15m for Nakamba is worth breaking ranks for
  12. I've never heard holocaust used in that way in my life, not sure if that's a northern thing or Bristol or local to where he is, it's not like a common thing that he knows he should say but it's just slipped out like you could say excuse pardew for his raped him comments, that's not particularly pleasant but that is common "how was football" "I had a holocaust of a game" Who the **** says that? That's not a thing anywhere surely
  13. I didn't live in brum, snobs in the week was only if I'd seen a band somewhere else in the city that night Had a few nights in the barfly too but they weren't as good
  14. Said in another thread there's a difference between being the stand out best player and our play going through him I don't think he'll see as much of the ball as grealish but I'm hoping statistically he does better which will obviously catch the eye
  15. Spurs look shit but are only 2 points off 4th Nuno should be OK for a while yet Already seen the same being called el sackico
  16. Finally put down cold war* for long enough to start RE village Its a beautiful looking game, great setting, plays great and I'm really enjoying it, its bizarre though! Calling it RE is a massive stretch, it should be a different franchise * the cod games that are by treyarch have a levelling system that gets its claws deep in to me, get 2500 headshots and you get a different colour gun... I can't help it, I can get obsessed chasing it, never got in to zombies before but outbreak is good for me I enjoy that, would say I've now played more zombies than multiplayer, only done level 1 of the campaign despite it apparently being very good, not even tried some of the new multiplayer stuff like firestrike or whatever its called or warzone, there's a lot of game in there... Unfortunately also loads and loads of battle pack loot box bullshit thrown at you too, there's so many options for customisation Bit like gran turismo where it's not really my game but the way it levels and then customises and the routes you can go get me more than the gameplay
  17. Moss for me The shape of the man winds me up, when he makes a shit decision (about every 5 minutes...) I can't help but immediately go to the size of him, the age of him and the perceived lack of fitness and it being blindingly obvious that he shouldn't be there and just how unprofessional the whole thing looks
  18. Yeah I'll worry about Smith being like MON when he buys a new RB, makes him one of our best earners and then decides to play Nakamba there every week instead
  19. Not an April fools... WB is apparently looking at all their properties to then make a crossover fighting game, the rumour includes batman, gandalf, shaggy from scooby doo, Fred flinstone, Harry potter, mad max, Johnny bravo and tom & jerry
  20. Saka cost arsenal £0 and I ignored £75m pepe on the bench... Like I said I looked at the value of who played vs the value of who played If you want to look in to the value of the 25 man playing squad then go ahead, you won't get the answer you are looking for in the games vs Chelsea, Everton, man utd, spurs or arsenal and maybe wolves too ill also throw in man City, Liverpool, Leicester, West ham and suggest that we have the 11th most expensive squad in the league Like I said our spending is mid table
  21. Doesn't matter, that's the value of the players that each team used The fact that we had to spend that money over a shorter period of time to quickly assemble our team whereas the others have had a few years longer and time to settle is not a stick to beat Smith with The "we've spent £350m" criticism holds no weight because in reality that is mid table spending and we are mid table
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