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  1. still probably my favourite england shirt from umbro can remember when it came out people were moaning about how simple it was and wasnt worth the money, it such a good shirt as a fan, comfortable and didnt make you feel like a pleb wearing it
  2. i think even though you have mcnulty at the start it can be hard to piece it all together, theres not a tony soprano or a walter white, theres not an in your face central focal point, there is a huge cast all having different story arcs and relevance and dipping in and out, it can seem slow and like nothing is happening but then once you know the characters a bit more (and there are several absolutely superb ones) and get what it is its a stone cold stunner the final series is rushed just to give an ending, what comes before it is good enough to get away with it
  3. yeah that was shit, VR heavy and some of that felt tacked on and close to shovelware to be fair they have days gone, ghosts, last of us 2 and death stranding to come out in the space of 18 months (??) maybe finally shenmue and FF7 too, which isnt bad but that felt like they have nothing to show and was doing something for the sake of it didnt even show MLB which i think comes out tomorrow (and is a big game stateside) or the new persona 5 game that was announced at the weekend, i think the main problem was just the general lack of effort
  4. thats where i think FFP comes in to it, you cant have £800m kit deals and then £20 kits but something has to be done, villa is £50 a season, i think when i went to the bayern stadium at xmas they were charging £70 for 2 year old shirts in a sale thats where i thought our deal with fanatics would be a bit more interesting to see if they replicated their $20 - $200 something for everyone approach to american sports
  5. i'll also throw in that the city kit is the only one to feature away shirts because the reality is they did **** all of interest with the home shirt so cant patch 6 of those together
  6. i do but my issue is with Nike rather than city nike did the collaboration with Barca, bremen and inter, think inter might have been to celebrate 20 years, barca probably something similar, you then throw in the PSG jordan stuff, they already cream fans out of hundreds a season with the kits and training gear, they dont need these limited edition cash cows thrown in too, especially when it is city and theres nothing special about their relationship, it comes to an end in 3 months its just mugging fans off, FFP in its glory
  7. mines breaking bad, got half way through season 2 twice and turned it off, i just dont get it those who havent watched the sopranos or enjoyed it do you watch goodfellas and casino etc? films from that genre, i would find it weird if you liked goodfellas but didnt like the sopranos
  8. talksport phone in on him tonight at 5pm (as well as other stuff such as darren gough naming his 5 best boxers in history) if you want to lose some brain cells
  9. thats what i meant by my comment about being suspicious over MPs changing their minds, the MV has failed twice already its now been pulled because she knows it wont pass, if by some miracle it passes by the end of this week we are supposed to believe the line that MPs changed their mind on it? thats bullshit, if MV ever passes its either because she's ran down the clock leaving us with a pick your poison scenario or she's made some promises behind closed doors that we will never know the details of its borderline corruption
  10. sony have their own live streaming update thing going on tonight 9pm our time called state of play, would expect with them not doing E3 this year and this being the 1st one they will do something special for it, days gone is pretty close to launch, the likes of last of us 2, GoT, dreams, death stranding etc all need release dates
  11. we're not allowed to change our minds after 3 years of having our eyes opened to how inept our negotiators are but within the space of 2 weeks after getting their bollocks tickled in a way that we will never be told the details of MPs can change theirs? i personally have no confidence in there being fair motives for some of these mind changes, it feels corrupt as **** to me
  12. in isolation what he said wasnt that bad, he cant judge jack properly because of the level of opposition he is playing against, fair enough the problem then comes with CHO, and with mount and then the fact that he calls up the likes of welbeck to fill squads and god knows how many players who dont actually play every week for their team and then also the fact that he might not name him to the squad but there is absolutely nothing stopping him from inviting him to train with the squad so that he can take a better look at him or that we are playing shite teams who are no better in quality than the championship so the bigger issue england have always had is you cant judge their ability in an england shirt during the qualifiers basically he took a sound argument but then disproved it himself with all his other actions and then the other problem which isnt talked about much, its the U21s Euros in the summer, should he be pulling rice, odoi maybe even sancho and maddison out of the U21s squad and naming them in the league nations final? or should he be looking at jack now and letting them take part in that tournament instead?
  13. firstly thats utter **** garbage secondly to celebrate their 6 year relationship get in the sea
  14. yep, they are saying the contract that everyone had signed was rejected by the PL and then the amended contract with a different fee structure had not been signed by everyone
  15. step 1 insurance, insurance says no then step 2 would be point the finger at another party* step 3 would then either be a) look at the human cost and take a judgement to stomach the costs (maybe asking FIFA for permission for it not to impact FFP) or b) get your team of shady lawyers to find a loop hole in the contract * its believed that they will submit something saying the PL had rejected the deal so in effect they are blaming them
  16. i think i finished it 2 weeks ago - full spoiler
  17. to be fair when was the last time some pro leavers were in here? its not really even debated anymore, all of the people in here are remain
  18. the cynic in me says he has the advantage of purposefully making the book different* and can gauge the fan reaction too * he wont ever finish the books
  19. yep, i really dont get it, go through the drive through and then sit in your car and eat your food? why? it makes your car stink and you have hardly any space, its what the restaurant is for and then you throw everything out the window? makes no sense at all
  20. i leave the UK on the 28th, got a meeting in Bonn to register myself as living there at 9.05am on the 29th, hopefully a short process! i think if there's no deal i've got to do more registering by the end of July, if Mays deal goes through i have 2 years
  21. i agree thats how it will go but people are on the attack after her awful speech last night and this is fuel to the fire, it flies in the face of what she said
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