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  1. Search for villa Click the competition bit, select premier league, do the same for Norwich and sheff utd, then do Huddersfield in to championship
  2. That's what I thought too, not real superstar in the making CB which is unusual for them, good midfield and that frontline...crutone on the bench too, pinamonti injured and that Monaco €40m kid not in the squad
  3. The FM player in me thinks that Italian team is loaded! Usual for me trying to see them in real life, kean for Italy, Vallejo for Spain, zivkovic for Serbia, aouar for france Ze Germans looks like a quiet squad by their standards so I fully expect them to win it
  4. Do it yourself on the editor, really easy Or have a look in the steam workshop
  5. No, I think depending on the next manager he'll think he has a real chance there (especially if it's frank because it's obviously foreign managers who prefer foreign players...) he doesnt, he might "make it" as their 3rd or 4th choice
  6. Rewatched war world z last night, I've read the book and it's obviously very very different and misses the point really but it's still a good film with some good takes on the genre, Pitts armour is a bit daft Have always thought they could do another film or a series of films set in the same world with a complete different story and characters, would probably lend itself to a large cast tv show too
  7. I'll be honest and say I only found out yesterday that they finished 3rd ahead of world class wonder boy poch Half arsed players, want away superstar, absent owner, media wrote him off straight away...Finished 3rd in the league behind 2 incredible teams, cup final defeat, cup final win He wasn't as bad as the English will enjoy making him out to be Disclaimer - I have no interest in watching Chelsea so I don't know how true this boring football stuff is
  8. villa4europe

    Ethan Ampadu

    Yep, if the right loan deal is staring you in the face then you're going to take it, tuanzebe out of contract next summer on loan again for example, a loan to buy that shifts a load of expenditure in to next year's FFP figures as another This kid though I just don't get it / see it, he's ready to be loaned out, will probably go the same way as Ake* but I don't see the benefit to us if it's just a straight up loan deal *at the moment it's maybe a bit early to say with odoi but I think Christiansen is the only player to come through Chelsea ranks since Terry which when you consider their dominance at youth level in this country and some European success is an embarrassment verging on a disgrace, can't see them carrying it on for much longer, they'll want some more coming though and he will be one primed for it
  9. Friendly tournament this summer with bayern, real Madrid and fenerbahce
  10. Didn't want aguero... No icardi Argies are still a mess then
  11. I think he deserves a shot at Chelsea, don't think he'll get a fair one and I think he'll fall short but still give it 1 year there trying
  12. Haha no.... ronaldos "leadership" like his face when he didn't get best player at the nations league? It's ok though cos he posted on Instagram all his personal achievements just to remind everyone how good he is
  13. villa4europe


    I do and I don't! I don't think they're that good and I don't see what they will do this summer that will make them 14 points better But at the same time I do see the teams above them getting worse Bit like Leicester winning the league, no one really seems to talk about how the big boys were that year were **** dreadful, think someone could benefit in a similar way next year and sneak 4th, wolves have to make sure it's them
  14. Finished good omens Its ok, it has some big problems, the main story is just ok not a lot more, the majority of the secondary characters are shite, Jack Whitehall and the witch stuff did nothing for me at all, what saves it are sheen and tennant, both are superb, look like they're having great fun and they get the balance between them spot on worth watching for them pair alone
  15. villa4europe


    I think it's starting to look like a big year for them, if they are serious about CL and think they can get it then it's not next year or within 3 years, Chelsea and utd looking probably as weak as they will, arsenal are arsenal, another top 7 finish and nuno will attract interest, so will neves The race for 4th could be even more of a shambles than last year, they have to capitalise
  16. Chelsea have problems far bigger than the manager, remind me of us under Lerner but with better players so they are getting away with it Fat frank won't solve their issues and with him being so young still he has to believe his Chelsea chance will come one day down the line, it doesn't have to be now under these asshole players, absent owner and a transfer ban, should stay where he is and do the same thing again next season with derby @useless I think his problem in the playoff final is he changed the formation and tactics for the Leeds away game which worked a treat for him and then maybe due to inexperience decided to stick with it for us rather than revert to what they knew (not that their usual tactics helped in our league games)
  17. I want to know how they will capture the agony of trying to get that little word removed round the back of the cable car office at the golden saucer between the original and the HD game I don't want to think about how many hours of my life I've lost to him but seriously the golden saucer could be incredible, it'll be interesting to see if the various mini games get remade too (or if for nostalgia they keep some of them the same)
  18. along with gold and Sullivan leaking stories to the media that they're going to buy messi
  19. have a look at the graffiti promo @Teale's 'tache looks like the kappa logo will be higher up, based on that i would say above the PL / sponsor logo
  20. i just cant seem to post pictures there's an absolute beauty of a barca training top (assuming its a training top based on the price) on the nike website, reminiscent of their 97/98 away sash kit, probably barcas best bit of kit since then (95 -00 barca had some really nice kits IMO the sash one was one of my favorites ever though) and i cant post it
  21. not just keepers, sunday league you float the ball towards your slightly unhinged overweight CB who wants it a bit more and then some, he's running over a 5 year old to win that ball let alone a 7 stone wet winger who's ended up marking him somehow its definitely easier when the tactic is just put it in the mixer and let the attacker go win it
  22. in Germany they have the rundfunkbeitrag, 18 euros a month to watch TV / listen to radio, that 18 euros a month gets spread across 9 terrestrial TV stations which then also split in various ways regionally and all of them have adverts, all of them have pretty good streaming services too, so basically 200 quid a year for subsidization (the rest made up from advertising) they do have far far more content though, especially sports, satellite TV seems to have less of a monopoly they counter the not watching tv / watching netflx argument by going in pretty hard on radio, your car has a radio, your mobile phone can play radio etc everyone has radio unfortunately the letters they keep sending me explaining all of this is are in German and I cant read German so I haven't got a clue what they're on about
  23. think there's a discussion to be had as to what "doing a Fulham" actually means Fulham's promotion team included 7 loan players, they bought 1 of them after promotion, they bought 12 players, sold 1 released 2 and loaned out 3 more, net spend of about 110m we go promoted with 6 players on loan, so far 1 of which we have bought, we have bought 3 players, sold 1 released 8 and loaned out 0 net spend of around 30m (and I hope we sign hause and mings meaning 2 more loanees returning, maybe maybe tuanzebe too) agree we need to do it carefully still but you can see we need bodies! at the moment we have a player turnover of -11, Fulham started the PL with a turnover of +2, I don't think for a minute that we're buying or loaning that many players but we still need more
  24. 3 episodes in to when they see us, if it wasn't for Chernobyl id be declaring that as the best mini series id seen in a while if you watch it and like it watch the documentary and watch 13th, this isn't an isolated event and its still happening (what is happening with minor crimes shown in 13th is mind blowing)
  25. "Record deal" and I think based on previously released figures we know we've been paid £8m a year before so it's definitely more than that 2 shirt sponsorship deals, the fancy international TV hoardings this year too

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