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  1. It’s like a minefield. I’d be tempted to get one but I want one that is just a straight pass through, I’ll have to check out reviews. I have a 14” Sony Trinitron which looks good apart from its slightly too small and the image is warped and every time I change the settings to sort it out it never saves my settings so it’s a pain in the arse every time I want to use it. So I don’t. But I can’t moan as it was a freebie. ideally I want a 32 inch one with a screen I don’t need to recalibrate each time I turn it on but they are getting rarer than rocking horse **** in the UK plus people
  2. I don’t have component inputs on my tv. How would those cables look on a modern 4ktv with a component to hdmi pass through box I wonder?
  3. God you’ve just reminded me how bad PoW in Moseley is these days. Full of clearings and it’s like a bloody shanty town. Shame.
  4. To anyone thinking of getting a Carby adapter (£70) or EON GCHD adapter (£105) for their GameCube. Don’t bother. Get a GC compatible Wii (£20-30) and a £8 wii2hdmi adapter from eBay or Amazon instead. Hardly any noticeable difference at all. Complete waste of time for me personally. Not worth the extra money at all for absolutely minimal gains. If you’ve got a framemeister, OSSC or MCable then yeah you will see results but they are all mega bucks themselves and that’s on top of the adapters. Around £250-£350 for excellent quality or £40 for very good quality. Go the Wii and wii2hdm
  5. Any other complete and utter nonsense you want to make up and post here? Anything? Huh? What’s that? Thought not.
  6. When I go on my break and everyone gets all the fish sushi and spicy Mexican chicken with sour cream and lime dip starter at M&S. Stewards.
  7. That narrowboat and isolated living sure does sound more appealing with each passing day after reading stuff like that.
  8. Over before tea on day 2. Bit of a farce.
  9. India’s current run rate suggests runs are available? Maybe it is just poor technique against spinners, a tough pitch and a bit of luck.
  10. One of the worst I’ve ever seen at this level. Abandon it and make the last test the decider?
  11. **** sake.That's got to be it now surely?
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