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  1. I know nothing else and don’t mean to pry but honestly, from my experience it sounds like something else is going on with him, is he struggling away internally without talking to people? Honestly, when someone has struggles mentally, the last piece of advice to give is ‘Man up’, if he isn’t coping mentally then the pressure of it all being on him now will just make it even harder for him. It’s a lot to assume from your post I know but he sounds like he needs more help than just financially.
  2. Anyone else playing Cruis’n Blast? I think it’s my game of the year so far!
  3. I’ve just booked it myself using the nhs app. Working for the nhs myself I’d have thought they’d be keen to get more of their employees boosted up quicker.
  4. I’ve been due my booster for nearly 3 weeks and a few of my colleagues at work who had the second jab a few days after me have had both the notification and the booster before me. Confused. They really aren’t rolling out the booster fast enough. A shame to see after all the effort that went into the vaccine rollout plus they aren’t doing a lot of vaccines at the moment day to day so you’d think the booster would be flat out. Worrying the closer to winter we get plus whatever the effects of the vaccine wearing off after time are as well.
  5. Got stock alerts for both ps5 this morning and Series X this afternoon, literally went straight to them within seconds, added to cart both times, sold out while I was trying to buy. I wasn’t even faffing around, went from getting to the alert to trying to buy to sold out within 2 minutes. Urgh. **** sake.**** Very and their crap services and **** microsoft for their crap store as well.
  6. Watched Batman Begins tonight. Still think it’s the best one Nolan made. Such a great flick.
  7. On the plus side you escaped having to go and see the word removed that is Seann Walsh. Small mercies and all that!
  8. People are really justifying Watkins crap season so far by blaming the other striker who is actually scoring some goals?! Ok.
  9. I’m drinking a lot of mikeller Blow Out at the mo, it’s a dry hop ipa and it’s bloody lovely, it’s a 9/10 for me and pretty much my go to for the last month. It’s a step up in quality from my previous go to which were a couple of different Beavertown IPA’s. I do find the more of these types of drinks I have it makes it harder to go back to normal stuff when I’m at normal pubs. It’s made me look like a snob now but I can’t go back to common swill that the little folk drink. Also had Heated Seats also Mikeller as well which id rate at 8/10, it’s really good but not as good as blow out. Both available at M&S at the moment so I don’t need to go to cotteridge wines for a bit. Both recommended.
  10. I read Queen as Keane but it didn’t matter as they are both bottom chowder.
  11. When I went as a nipper they had that room of mirrors that when you’re a dumbass little kid you think is a massive endless space. Then there was the Amazon jungle room and you got a little cup of proper hot cocoa without the sugar or milk added. Then it was a walk around the factory (I remember seeing my Nan as she worked there at the time) and a little bit outside in the gardens from what I can remember. My favourite memory though was my Nan getting endless stuff with her staff card, I used to love the bag of off cuts and misshaped stuff. Went a few years ago taking a few patients from work, it’s completely different but still quite good imo, there a little Victorian village which as we went at Christmas time looked great, you still get 3 or 4 bars of chocolate as you make your way around, you get to have a go at making some stuff in moulds, walk around a bit of the factory watching stuff get made and there’s a few videos to sit and watch with holograms explaining stuff and rooms to walk through with a jungle and river. I think it’s quite good. I just want the room of mirrors back.
  12. So they added a few new things to switch online, you think an increase of what? £5? £10? No, try £17. £34.99 lol, what a bunch of jokers.
  13. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered or Burnout Paradise Remastered would be my suggestions. Also, if he fancies something completely different either the new Hot Wheels game or the excellent Cruis’n Blast!
  14. Screw you guys, I’m gonna go on my pc and play some Cake 2
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