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  1. Ingram85

    WWE: General Chat

    I’ll watch it Monday evening. The build up has been terrible. The AJ/Joe segment on SD was excruciatingly cringeworthy. For such a fantastic roster the product is in the toilet.
  2. Ingram85


    They look like those old height correcting shoes but for chavs
  3. Ingram85

    What Album Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Loved their stuff that was in a Ghost Story. Is the whole album good or just the bits I’d have heard in the film?
  4. Ingram85

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Looking forward to this, could be getting all 3 shirts at this rate. Well, if they are in stock at least.
  5. Ingram85

    Steve Bruce

    I’m happy at the moment as the pressure is on Bruce in a good way, he either gets results or the new owners will be on him and questioning it. As a manager he had it relatively easy under Xia for all his bluster, I don’t think the new guys will be quite as gentle. That’s how it should be. Can only be good for us as a club. If he stays it means he is doing a good job and I’m happy.
  6. Ingram85

    Ron Saunders in care

    Thoughts with the Saunders family, well before my time as a fan but you discover as you grow up about him and what he did for this club. My Nan is in a dementia home and while she is being looked after, is safe, fed, watered, relatively happy and content it is still heartbreaking to see the person that bought my dad up, looked after me and my brother all the years we grew up, it looks like Nan, still occasionally says the same things that makes us laugh but it isn’t Nan anymore. It’s **** horrible. Hate dementia. For me it’s possibly worse than cancer as it’s the whole frog not realising it’s being boiled aspect. Cruel. Sad news. Wish him all the best and you just have to hope he is comfortable and safe, that is all you can do.
  7. Ingram85

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It looks bloody great as expected but so far I don’t like the look of the new lead character much and somethings just not grabbing me yet like the first one did. Hasn’t got that feeling RDR had. Can’t put my finger on it at the moment. Maybe a bit unfair as the first was lightning in a bottle so a follow up wouldn’t be as special and sparkly I guess and we’ve only got curated trailers to go on so I’m sure once it’s out and I’m playing it I’ll feel different and will be loving it.
  8. Ingram85

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Thought I’d watch a few ‘scroll past’ shows that everyone probably sees on the lists but never really watches just to see if they were any good. - Final space - shite, thinks it’s funnier than it really is. Trying to be Rick & Morty and Futurama and completely missing the mark on both counts. Shouty lead character is crap. 3/10 - Helix - good and shite at the same time but shite too regularly so I gave up around episode 8 of season 1 - a generous 6/10 - Zoo - Laughable. Utter crap. 1/10 I may go back to Helix but probably won’t.
  9. Ingram85

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    A stone cold classic from my early childhood, I vividly remember me and my little brother dancing around the living room to this like idiots around Christmas time 1989 aged 3 and 4 while mom put the tree up listening to this. My dad recorded us doing this and we had a family tape for years of various moments between Christmas 1989 until my birthday in April the next year. Sadly the tape was lost years ago and I had completely forgotten about this song until just 15 minutes ago when Match of the Day played it during their first video bit. Made me feel a bit melancholy and wistful if I’m honest. Mad how a song can instantly plant you in a forgotten time and place and bring old memories back.
  10. Ingram85


    **** spuds and their new stupid **** shite fart pain replacement stadium. **** Levy. **** Sugar and his shit beard. I hope Poch, Kane, Lloris, Trippier and Alli all leave. Stupid **** club. Word removeds.
  11. Ingram85

    Joe Bryan

    In Cider sauces?
  12. Ingram85

    Joe Bryan

    Fulham can have him, double what we paid though as he is ours to sell if he has signed the contract.
  13. Ingram85

    Jack Grealish

  14. Ingram85

    Jack Grealish

    If he was staying or wanted to stay he would have said so on his various social media sites. Declaring your love of the team you support with a picture of yourself once a week is easy. Also easy is just saying “I want to stay”. His silence on the matter speaks volumes. Either he is off or keeping schtum to drive up a massive new wage off us.