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  1. Well, I hope kappa do better next year. Abysmal effort this year. As bad as Macron.
  2. Ingram85

    Dean Smith

    For me he's fine barring if an utter complete downward trajectory in performances happens. If he doesnt add a striker in Jan and we still struggle for goals then he will have questions to answer for sure.
  3. Ingram85

    Dean Smith

    Our performances are fine for where we are and need to be, it's just the lack of goals that are worrying me. We create the chances just fine, we need our finishers/attackers to wake the **** up more. Do that and we will be absolutely fine.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/andreasvalls/?hl=en
  5. Other half's mom bought over some polish chocolate for me recently from E. Wedel. It was literally only chocolate and hazelnuts in a massive rectangle slab in a white box but it was absolutely amazing.
  6. Crunchie Wispa/Wispa Gold Fry's Turkish Delight Topic And occasionally a Caramac but not sure that counts as chocolate. I do miss loads that they don't make anymore though, Marble, Dream, Secret, Fuse, Boost Guarana, Snowflake, Wispa mint, Crunchie champagne etc... the one I miss the most though is Spira
  7. I'm not even bothered about it anymore if I'm honest. It'll be shit quality, have a wonky badge and dodgy shoulders, there wont be enough made to buy one anyway and it'll be £50-£60. I'll leave it this year altogether.
  8. I'd say so for the fresh seafood, whiskeys and scenery but it's not quaint or picturesque like Glen Coe or a bit further up, its very much a rough and ready typical working harbour town and busy ferry port but the views of the hills and islands mixed in with the working side of it is great. You can do Oban itself in a day or less tbh though as theres not much to it unless your going to visit the islands or go for treks. I wouldn't go back specifically unless it was part of a trip that incorporates walks, boat trips, tours and seafood/whiskey etc... as it's a hell of a long way to go even by train for not a load of things to do if that makes sense. I'm not trying to knock it, it's worth a visit I'd say but it's not amazing.
  9. Didnt realise tinypic had gone the way of photo bucket. Anyway, me and my brother as kids, must be about 1990ish? Bustin' out our matching ghostbusters cartoon shirts. One of my favourite pics of us as littlun's. Posting it as he has just had his first child 2 days ago and he's a dad and I'm an uncle now. Massively reminded me how much life has changed now. A whole 'nother life ago.
  10. The Cube, The Game, Carlito's Way
  11. Yep, it's on when I'm washing up, driving, walking, gardening. Obsessed with the bloody thing.
  12. It's my favourite of his from the 90's for sure. I'd add Ghost in the Shell and Princess Mononoke to the 90's list as well.
  13. Opened the page and saw old auntie shagger Morpheus was quoted and panicked for a moment. Weird times back then, weird times.

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