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  1. Ingram85

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Plus you’d think getting it on sale quicker would help a cash strapped club get a few more million in the accounts too
  2. Ingram85

    World Cup : Group D (Arg, Ice, Cro, Nga)

    Fantastic. Curtains for them now.
  3. Ingram85

    Football Kits 2018/19

    Those Krasnoyarsk kits are fantastic! Awful but fantastic!
  4. Ingram85

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    People need to chill about Russia. They beat the Saudi’s and Egypt. Hardly a conspiracy lol.
  5. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    @TheEgo I’ve had my dinner and chilled out a bit since earlier
  6. Ingram85

    World Cup : Group H (Pol, Sen, Col, Jpn)

    Bit harsh. Poor performance for sure but first game nerves and all that. It’s one game. Overwhelmed by occasion perhaps? They definitely need to improve and quick though.
  7. Ingram85

    World Cup : Group H (Pol, Sen, Col, Jpn)

    Im sure glad I don’t live with the other half yet, I can escape the anger tonight. Very poor. Slow, lethargic and bereft of any energy or creativity. They just have no idea how to deal with Senegal’s strength and determination.
  8. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    Self improvement is a long term ongoing process. Made harder by being a Villa fan. I’ll be peacefully content by the time I’m 97 I think.
  9. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    It was nothing personal bud, your sign off was what lit the touch paper I did, it was ‘94, I was 9 and my dad took me to get the black/rainbow muller goalie top. Met Doug in the car park and then Bozzy was in the old club shop. He was probably smacked off his tits on reflection but I was 9 so wouldn’t know. Bozzy not Ellis btw.
  10. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    It’s not discussion though, it’s akin to chat bots having a never ending unresolved conversation. But cheers anyway.
  11. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    Omg, I wish people would stop saying “you’ll hear more soon”, “trust me”, “I know people at the Villa”,“believe me”, “it’ll get worse” etc... you all know sweet f*** all so stop trying to sound like Detective Frost with your ‘definitive’ posts.”My cousins mate knows Howard Hodgson” so what? I once met Mark Bosnich and Doug Ellis on the same day. The link? We both know nothing about what’s happening inside Villa Park. It could very well go that way but trust me and believe me, you don’t know for sure that it will and you all sound like dozy self important twonks.
  12. Ingram85

    Tony Xia

    So who is everyone going to follow after the crumble? Wimbledon style Villa team? Kiddie Harriers? Solihull Moors?
  13. Ingram85

    Rogues Gallery

    Who you supporting Sne?
  14. Ingram85

    World Cup : Group G (Eng, Bel, Pan, Tun)

    Can only beat the teams in your group. We have 3 points. The others I mentioned don’t. Nor do spain or Portugal. Let’s enjoy it eh?