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  1. Im not sure it really matters if it was a result of unfortunately deflected missiles. It wasn’t Ukraine that launched the missiles and sent them close to the border enough for a deflection into Poland.
  2. The fact that it did or didn’t happen is a side issue. We have a poster on here who literally typed that using the term ‘Darkie’ isn’t racist. There’s no misconstruing that. “Darkies. Racist “.
  3. Ingram85


    There’s a boring thread for that.
  4. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon chap.
  5. Woah. That’s unsettling. Nervous times now. Selfishly I’m glad my missus family is on the western side of Poland but it’s still bloody scary and horrible for those in that situation. Russia done **** up.
  6. “Darkies. Racist “ “Darkies is a slur. Of a kind.” Oh sorry, it’s all us misinterpreting your sage like words yet again. How foolish of us.
  8. I love Rich Hall to bits but I wasn’t a fan of his Otis gimmick. It wasn’t advertised as such either which is why I didn’t enjoy it.
  9. Worst gig I’ve ever been to was Rich Hall. He was doing his Otis Lee Redshaw music redneck schtick and it was just shite. I was really looking forward to it too. The one I wasn’t really looking forward to as I find the pub landlord stuff a bit meh but had me in bits from start to end was Al Murray. Really funny guy.
  10. No animal that looks like Gerry Francis could stake a claim at coolest animal.
  11. Koala’s are by far the best animal.
  12. Whole of society is messed up. Everyone hates each other. Every different subculture of society has its prejudices. Non of it is exclusive to white people although it is also obviously more prevalent. Not to pick on Islam but I’d say that specific cultures issue with the LGBQT+ community is just as prevalent as our inbred dumbass racist white people if not more. It just makes me depressed to think about it. There are so many issues to sort out and overcome culturally and globally that it’s overwhelming. Scarily I don’t think it will ever get better.
  13. Ingram85


    I was bullied at school, I also bullied others because of it. Not proud of it and if I had the chance to now meet those I’d upset as a kid back then I’d sincerely apologise profusely and try and make amends somehow. I was also lucky that my Dad is absolutely batshit mental. Most of the time he’s a likeable nob but when I was getting bullied he bided his time and waited for the kid after school, asked me to point out who was doing it, grabbed him by the throat when no one was around and said if he messes with me again then he’ll kill him and his family then set the house on fire. Terrified the poor lad. You know how Jimmy Bullard looked nervously scared of Big Dunc? I felt a bit like that. The kid didn’t speak to me for over a year at school then one day he randomly came and apologised and while we didn’t become best friends or anything we actually got on well after that. He even came round for tea once and felt better after my dad said he would never actually do such a thing. 23 years later my Dad is still mental but thankfully his days of threatening school kids and their families with death and corpse burning are behind him (I think). Although he has a 3 year old grandkid now so when he gets older I expect Dad to go full on Gran Torino if anyone messes with him. Mad old bastard.
  14. Benzema moaning about Ronaldo lol The sex trafficker, woman abusing serial fraudster moaning about suspected rapist. Go Football!
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