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  1. Still can’t decide whether to get the home or the away!
  2. Yep, it’s what I call a ‘clear out’ dump. You know you’ve had one when you’ve broke the water line and made new land. Your left feeling utterly revitalised and psychologically feeling about 3 stone lighter. On a par with a ‘Ghost Poo’ or as I’ve started to call them a ‘Maddie’. You know you had the dump but there’s no trace of it on the paper and it’s already disappeared out of view down the pan.
  3. I’d love a proper yellow kit again instead of the day glow Tour De France style kit we had when we went down. I loved the ‘85 and ‘91 yellow kits we had, the less said about the Diadora and Hummel efforts the better. A modern take on using the ‘85 colours would be lovely. Just don’t want another white or black kit.
  4. “I believe in Gods and Devils and seen supernatural stuff” ”Wrestling (an actual thing) is for kids who believe in the tooth fairy”. Im going with wind up merchant . Fair play Ruge. Unless your not and I still love you anyway!
  5. My mockery and ridicule isn’t exclusive to Christianity. It applies to anything that believes in invisible pixies, fairies, gods, prophets, Loch Ness monster etc... @Seat68 I can watch people wrestle on telly or live. I can prove it exists. But yeah, mock away, you have to be a bit self deprecating to be a wrestling fan anyway. I seriously don’t hate or dislike anyone who has chosen to follow a religion. I hate the religion itself and the indoctrination from an early age that muddies logical and clear thinking.
  6. People can believe whatever they want, people are free to mock those beliefs. People can ignore those beliefs. People can discuss those beliefs. People can agree with those beliefs. As long as the person themselves isn’t the one being insulted and just the belief system then go ahead and mock away. Religions are myths and legends that some people still choose to believe in while others are unfollowed and have died out.
  7. I’m going to write a book about a story about a man made from choc ices and cheese strings who made the world and everything. He had some good morals that anyone could follow really, kind of like, accepted by society morals, not strictly from his teachings, stuff anyone knows anyway really but yeah, they are still in the book so count right? He was also a completely genocidal maniac who spoke mainly in riddles. He had children made from breeze blocks and kangaroo spittle who spread his message. I have no proof of their existence but hopefully thousands of years from now some people might still believe. Who knows. All the genocidal stuff might be excused as ‘mysterious ways’ or ‘trials’ because after all, there were some good morals in his teachings so he wasn’t all bad. Oh and anything you succeed at in life he will take credit for as well. Again, can’t prove he actually existed but there is a book that says so at least!
  8. Long day at work today, Long day tomorrow (13 hour shift) but off Monday and going to my uncles 75th Birthday. Hoping the hot weather lasts until then.
  9. Would it really have changed your thinking if she had bothered to make some shitty small talk? It’s probably just as hard for her as well, hence why she dropped it off and went as quick as she could without saying a word.
  10. @snowychap I’ve just re read my post and realised I said they spend thousands every month when I meant hundreds. That person has been in services a while.
  11. Wouldn’t be able to say what the breakdown is but other than fags and a small mobile phone bill, everything will be catered for by us. The rest is disposable. What it needs is capping at a certain threshold. I know it’s that amount as we argued it to the commissioners as a justification for why the client should be paying the rent or at least the majority of it when a potential accommodation place was being sorted out (now fallen through because the social worker argued it was unfair to pay that much). It’s a career in avoiding adult responsibility for some. Not all I hasten too add, I’m just focusing on the bad eggs in my posts here. As for the flat, it was for one person who had a child come every 2 months for a weekend. In Birmingham. Yeah I forgot about the housing benefit. I’m not saying this is common place but it’s happened a few times now and I’m also certainly not saying that unwell people should go without or have to live in dumps but I’m just saying that the balance is completely out of whack when I can’t afford anything close to it despite working for a living but some get it on a platter at a reduced rate.
  12. A lot of doom and gloom about Disney but for me the only thing they have done wrong so far is allowing RJ to **** the bed with TLJ and still let him have his trilogy. The bloke is an absolute tool. I’ve enjoyed everything else. R1 was fantastic and Solo & TFA were both fun.

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