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  1. New Razr revealed. Specs are ok, looks wise it looks smart but that battery size kills it for me as does the £1500 price tag. https://www.techradar.com/reviews/motorola-razr-2019
  2. Same as my bike, crowded paths? I go on road. Clear paths? I use the path. Police dont care as long as you arent being reckless.
  3. Bit worried about this if I'm honest, is there anything we can do? VT send his IP address onto the Police? See if they can do a safe and well check? @limpid
  4. Balfour Beatty. Cheap contract specialists. They are in my area and outside the house replacing everyone's gas pipes. Its absolute carnage. Im not making it up when I say it looks like a DMZ zone. No pedestrian access to pavements around the works meaning people with pushchairs or wheelchairs have to go onto the road with no barrier/protection but the workers make sure their lovely blue barriers protect themselves. Been like this for nearly 3 weeks now and they have only just got to my house. Havent been able to use my scooter for work as cant get it out so missus has given me lifts and had to use taxis when she cant. I also dont understand why the autumn/winter? Gas has been off since 6am and they reckon it'll be back on this evening. **** freezing outside and not much better inside. Mud and rain everywhere outside. Broken concrete slabs everywhere. Just do it in the summer. It's a thankless job anytime of the year with the chaos its causing but they havent helped themselves at all. Nowhere to park the car, cant get my scooter out, using the neighbours drive to get to our front door as our entry way is blocked plus stuff I've mentioned above. It's a **** mess done completely inefficiently at the wrong time of year. I dont blame the ground staff, it's the managers and supervisors who decide all this. Cant wait for them to finish and **** off.
  5. I always sold consoles to fund the next gen one. Wish I didnt have to but I'm not made of money. I do always wish I'd kept my gamecube and games though.
  6. Anyone received their green third shirts yet? Quality any better than the home/away?
  7. God damn Scuba Steve. My favourite VT moment.
  8. I know, people emotionally reacting to a bad result like a human being and posting it on a villa forum. Madness isnt it.
  9. Bored of this crap now. I know I'll be happy with 17th come the end of the season but it's looking bleak. We need the transfer window to open asap.
  10. One in Kings Heath is shit. The one in Moseley is worse. There isnt a single good gents barber in moseley. Fino was decent a year back but the guy they have in at the moment is terrible. There seems to be a current trend where barbers have to fade everything or use texturising scissors. Just cut my hair. Nothing fancy. Job done and I'm on my way. Turkish barbers are the worst for pissing about doing pointless crap.
  11. I still see lots of assumptions and guesswork here. Why do the cops need to be named yet when they could be 100% innocent. Tasers are used as a last resort and when officers feel their lives are in danger. I dont know the facts, I dont know if Dalian was a danger to others or not. I'll wait until a decision is reached before throwing the cops under the bus and declaring Dalian an innocent bystander.
  12. There was on pokemon under the name 'Alex'. If you look closely though at the top of the cartridge some kid has written 'Daniel' on it which set my OCD off a little bit but then I actually thought it was quite awesome, makes you realise these little pieces of plastic have had lives of their own.
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