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  1. I can’t get past the mono badge. Ruins it for me. If the away had a normal badge it would be a stunner.
  2. Any truth to the ‘he himself wanted to go to Spurs for 25m and was angry he couldn’t’ bit I’ve read a few times in here though?
  3. Is the Spurs thing a year ago true?
  4. Is ‘Fer Nino’ the Spanish for Ben Mee?
  5. Everyone concerned with his age lol. He’s 29 not 79.
  6. I mean that’s one way to stop him scoring against us I suppose. Great signing. Welcome to the Villa.
  7. Those Palace kits are dreadful. Look like crayon drawings. Saints away looks better on the players, the collar is a bit plop though.
  8. Getting sick of reading this bull****.
  9. Bet Southgates office is all covered in class 5 free roaming vapour right about now.
  10. For this gen’s kids it’s like when we were kids and Yorke did one.
  11. I love Ollie but could he become complacent if he feels he is undroppable? We need to offer him competition at a similar level to keep the competition for places and keep players striving to perform. I still don’t know why we can’t play both up top. I still don’t understand why people think £40m is too much.
  12. I feel for all the littl’uns who have just all had their new home and away Grealish shirts completely shat on and had their summer holiday slightly ruined (and also for the parents spending the money on the shirts). Im gutted he’s going, just wish he hadn’t done a delph this time last year. He isn’t a club legend at this point no matter what anyone says, he has come close but hasn’t done enough to solidify that legacy, he could have been one but will now forever be a ‘what if’. Said it before, I won’t boo but I won’t cheer him whenever he makes a return to VP. I also hope the club don’t fawn over him when he goes, a simple one sentence ‘WWE future endeavoured’ style quote is all that’s needed. Oh well,
  13. Invisible Man (2020) An alright film held back by massive plot holes and incredibly stupid characters making incredibly stupid decisions. Could have been amazing if not for some hokey decisions in the script.
  14. Car people of VT. Am I imagining this or did Lamborghini do a weird basic everyday affordable car back in the day. Maybe golf sized? 80s/90s. I may be confusing this with another brand that has a similar looking badge? I definitely haven’t dreamt the car. I may have got the Lambo part wrong.
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