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  1. Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, is coming to switch at the end of the year. Very excited to play this.
  2. His first speech... "Unite the country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn". Ffs. Boris Johnson is the leader of this country. Jesus wept. This feels worse then when I woke up to the news that Cameron had won, that Trump had won, that Brexit had won, that May had been elected. It keeps getting worse and theres no end in sight.
  3. Coupled with the sorry humanoid excuses of sentient spaff creations who think their neighbours and local residents want to hear some god awful r&b or dance music blasted out with all the windows open on a hot day.
  4. Calling @Demitri_C https://m.shop.avfc.co.uk/stores/astonvilla/mobile/en/product/aston-villa-training-top---navy/267169?categories=training
  5. Brutal. I know where the Solway Firth is but I didnt like the celtic slant to his voice at the start but once the song kicked in and got going I really enjoyed it. Anyone worried about another 'poppy' single after Unsainted needn't have worried. I'm at maximum anticipation now for the new album on 9/8.
  6. Bast in my glory, that was my bes set of puns. Now shu and geb out of here you crazy nut.
  7. Any idea when the away shirt is going to be available to buy? Also, any dates for the reveal of the 3rd kit?
  8. Ankh just another thing, has he been to see any flats yet?
  9. 1ngr4mITK on twitter says he is due to sign in the next hour but has been stuck outside the VP gates for ages due to our 'no horn no entry' policy. Security guard says he just needs to toot an come in.
  10. Is Ozark s2 worth watching, I loved the first season but have just had no impetus to watch s2 so far, not even sure why.
  11. That liverplop shirt reminds me of the old 90's windows background editor when you could make you own grid pattern wallpaper
  12. Think The Witcher is shaping up quite nicely if I'm honest, really looking forward to it. Knowing Henry is a massive fan of the games/books hopefully means he knows what's needed to help bring Geralt to the screen. I've read there are plenty of monsters too that the trailer only showed brief glimpses of one or two.

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