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  1. Thanks for the memories? That will be like the US Army thanking the Vietcong for the memories. It was a joke of course.
  2. He said the horse has bolted as well. He knows his time is up. He is as good as gone. And now AVFCTranferTweet is reporting him gone, it is pretty much nailed on. That guy always has his finger on the pulse.
  3. Pretty much confirmed he is off. Talking past sense. 'They will be in the prem league next season and loved every minute of it.' Goodbye Paul. Thanks for the memories.
  4. So apparently Graham Taylor has been on Radio WM suggesting that a deal to sell Villa has already been done.......
  5. Sounds like Kozak will be only incoming according to Kendrick. We'll see.
  6. James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey 1m Writing an #AVFC transfer story for tomorrow's mirror, expecting at least 1 in and 1 out I hope it isn't Kozak.
  7. Wasn't it Southampton linked to him as well as us ?
  8. Looks like the club brought in the legal department. Was always gonna happen Exactly you can't go spouting shite about how "the club had entrusted her with the information" and not expect to get in trouble from Aston Villa. I suppose this one can be put to bed now i think. As all we've really done is got our information from a straight up liar. The "information" has mainly been obtained from FCN and their chairman, local German press, local Japanese press etc. Nothing to do with anybody from Twitter. Similar to the Belhanda saga, people thought that was just made up from Twitter but it was based on genuine articles with credible quotes and sources. Let's just wait and see ey. There has always been interest in him. But some of the information said person spouted on twitter was a little far fetched to say the least. That is being very kind.
  9. Just to clarify that when I was originally told of our interest back on the 16th June, I was informed that this possible deal would always be on the back burner until after the Germany Tour. Paul Lambert liked him before he had even signed for Nuremberg and has had him watched a fair few times. But, according to the person who originally informed me of our interest, this was always only going to come to the fore once players were sold and still even then; it still might not happen. But, just take that for what it is. I am not a genuine ITK, but I was passed on this information a while back off someone I have complete trust in and he was kind enough to make me aware of our initial interest and enquiries. I hope we get him as he is some player.
  10. Could see it being true, but that account is full of it. Always plays it safe and goes along with little bits of rumours he reads without giving too much away.
  11. Just been round to see Joey and this is what he had to say......
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