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  1. U.S. Politics

    I think you misunderstood me. Black and minority people in many parts of USA feel persecuted. Their oppression didn't end 160 years ago, it's ongoing as far as many are concerned. The statue is a reminder of that, to them. If they felt fairly treated, the statue could be accepted as a part of history.
  2. U.S. Politics

    If African Americans and other minorities were not institutionally marginalised then perhaps they'd be willing to see an old statue as a part of history. However, it isn't part of history, it's a reminder of both historical and contemporary oppression. As ever, context is key.
  3. U.S. Politics

    Whilst it seems virtuous that America prides itself on individual freedom to say what you want and carry weapons etc, all it ends up doing is empowering nutjobs like that Nazi coward in the video to whip people and ultimately incite racism and violence. How can it ever be okay to turn up to a 'protest' armed to the teeth with assault rifles, concealed pistols, riot shields, batons etc? That's not democracy or freedom of speech that's a recipe for civil unrest and anarchy.
  4. U.S. Politics

    So armed militias were marching alongside Neo Nazis and the KKK? And the President goes out of his way to publicly defend them. And yet unnamed Mexicans are bad hombres, bad dudes.
  5. U.S. Politics

    Ok thanks for the reply. I would say that evidence doesn't at all prove that Momentum are a violent organisation but this thread isn't about Momentum, so I'll leave it there.
  6. U.S. Politics

    Can you point me towards some evidence of Momentum being violent. Via PM is fine.
  7. Worthy GIFs 2017

    Good to see Boris Johnson still leading by example and biking to work.
  8. British gas hike prices by 12%, shows you how much respect big corporations have for the Government. I'm holding fire for a bit, to give the government time to respond, to make good on a promise they made, their manifesto policy to implement an energy price cap. Wrap up warm Grandma, winter is coming.
  9. I wouldn't quite put them at extremists as such since they're wise enough to play a long game. However, make no mistake about it, if they could slip it past the public tomorrow they would privitise every public service, errode workers rights completely, abolish trade unions, reduce tax for the rich, give banks carte blanche to gamble with taxpayers money, do away with consumer protection and product safety, willfully promote inequality and elitism. As well as eating babies and usurping the Queen to be replaced by Rupert Murdoch. Thatcherism has been aggressively instilled as 'the only way' and cleverly tied with the concept of democracy. The truth is, Thatcherism serves most people quite poorly and a few incredibly well. My feeling is that tolerance for the status quo is waning.
  10. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    There is now officially a Mrs PompeyVillan! Oh and I'm 11 and a half years in. No rush!
  11. U.S. Politics

    Why would the rest of his address be reported on while he overshadowed it by politicising in a distasteful way? A president praising the boy scouts is hardly newsworthy. #fakenews?
  12. When your car gets clamped

    Sounds to me, sorry Dem, that if you want fair treatment you're going to have to threaten and be prepared to take legal action. Which is expensive. These words removed can seemingly act with impunity I suspect they'll give you "What are you going to do about it?" type responses to your legitimate complaints. Another example of how our country exists for the profit for the wealthy, not for good of it's citizens. Whilst I don't want people to park illegally, I don't want them to be bullied and extorted because they've made an honest mistake.
  13. Jack Grealish

    His greatest asset is being fouled. Hopefully he can improve on that this upcoming season.
  14. Data security

    I've used Dareks Boot and Nuke before, which is bundled with Hirens. Seemed to work. That a few holes in the HDD should do the trick for a home PC.
  15. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Went on a pub crawl in York a few months ago, great boozers, can't remember what it's called but the old fashioned tiny pub in the city centre that serves amazing pork pies was memorable. It's in the CAMRA guide. York and Sheffield are spoilt for pubs.