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  1. Snow Watch!

    Back to work tomorrow, I'll give myself a couple of hours to slide to work I think. Not looking forward to it.
  2. Preppers

    You better have a few of them, those little tins don't last long. I might have to take a trip to the supermarket.
  3. Spotify - an online music service

    I'm embarrassed to say that my top artists of the 'year' are similar to what they would be 10 years ago. I need to branch out a bit, I'm becoming my dad. Although I listen to lots of eclectic music styles I keep going back to NOFX and Green Day.
  4. Snow Watch!

    Snow day tomorrow for me. It's the right decision the roads in rural Oxfordshire can be treacherous in mild amounts of snow. It's sub zero now and more snow is forecast.
  5. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    He doesn't care. I think he's actively provoking a conflict so he can deflect attention away from things back home and stoke up the nationalist sentiments.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Similarly, "It's a free country".
  7. You'd have to question the intelligence of those commentators that bombastically proclaimed the UK had a strong hand in the Brexit negotiations. Plenty of right wing politicians were doing it to get in with the Brexit F-Wit brigade. You know talk about Agincourt, Crecy and that sort of nonsense. May was intelligent enough to realise that the UK position was untenable and quite unconvincingly proclaimed over and over that 'No deal is better than a bad deal'. She didn't believe this herself, it's wasn't going to fool Europe. 'No deal' Brexit was never on the table. Therefore the only card the UK had to play would never be played. And the EU knew this and also know that UK needs a decent trade deal to prevent financial meltdown in the UK. So they can quite happily make demands knowing that the UK will be forced to accept them. There's been no negotiation. It's a simple, one sided settlement. Such a stupid idea from the start.
  8. Haven't you heard, they're terrorists that wouldn't start a nuclear war and communists out to destroy the economy. So say the Establishment.
  9. What's cooking / VT cookbook merge

    I think if they're expecting you to provide them with a specialist diet which is different to yours then they should take some responsibility for it and come to some compromise with you. I can empathise with them, eating meat all the time is unsustainable. We now do one or two vegan nights a week. It's a bit of a struggle because even the best vegan recipe is improved with meat in my opinion. But yeah, it's good to get lots of veggies in.
  10. U.S. Politics

    America is the home of rampant capitalism, it's so sad that many Americans voted for trump thinking he would stick up for the little guy. It's absurd, he's a billionaire who has so little on common with many of his voters. Cutting taxes and repealing affordable healthcare isn't going to help those on the breadline is it? We've got a struggle on our hands in the UK, trying to temper NeoLiberalist dogma, I feel sad when I think of the inequality in America.
  11. Ratings & Reactions: Leeds v Villa

    I'll take a point away to Leeds, who played well. It keeps us in touch but puts pressure on us to win the games where we are clear favourites. It puts us, for me, as clear playoff contenders and unlikely to achieve automatic promotion.
  12. Match Thread: Leeds v Villa

    The one positive is that it's only 1-0 and whilst Leeds had dominated, they've not blown us away. They've pressed us well, we've given them far too much time and space. Wheelan hasn't got the legs to keep up and Hourihane isn't involved nearly enough. Anomah is having a stinker, lots of misplaced passes, he needs pulling.
  13. Match Thread: Leeds v Villa

    We've been absolutely shite so far. Shameful performance. Not enough effort, energy or quality, which is unforgivable.
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Cling film. I just had that horrible situation where the cling film has been cut badly and become twisted and the 'end' isn't consistent all the way along the tube. I spent 5 minutes trying to correct the issue before throwing the tube on the floor, stomping on it and throwing it in the bin. I won that one I think.
  15. Looks like we've been fleeced. Paying for ongoing and not yet started building projects whilst we'll, of course, be ineligible for any funding. The pensions thing, do you think Nigel Farage will get one? I don't know whether you call that irony or not.