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  1. I'm troubled, because I don't don't Theresa May has a mandate to pull us out of the single market. I voted on the a simple in or out, not the terms of exit. Theresa May has no idea what the country really want. Nobody does, so perhaps she should consult parliament and get get picture on what the people are telling their MPs. Or call a general election, that she'll probably win and then press ahead legitimately with a mandate from the public. Basically, sod her. I accept Brexit but I don't accept her Brexit. She's talking bollocks.
  2. Viewing / Buying a house

    Boiler, guttering and roof are good calls. We moved in and had to replace the boiler which is is couple of grand. Old solid brick houses tend to much more expensive to heat, bear that in mind as an ongoing cost.
  3. Tommy Elphick

    He's no Nathan Baker.
  4. Gabby Agbonlahor

    It's not fair on us for Bruce to keep to keep fielding Agbonlahor.
  5. I was saying the other day, although the NHS and social care is an obvious win for Labour, now more than ever they need to make it their number one issue along side Brexit. As has been hinted at earlier, even confused Conservative voters consider the NHS middle of the road and want to protect it. In fact they need it and need Labour more than they realise. It's getting them to realise which is the problem.
  6. Conor Hourihane

    Seems like a good fit for us, he's been performing well for Barnsley.
  7. The Red Cross actually said there was a humanitarian crisis, not that they drive people home from hospital. There is quite a difference. For shame I give the closest large hospital to me Worcester Royal as an example of under funding and over stretching. It results in people dying in the corridors waiting for treatment. So, whether the RedCross embellish a bit is neither here nor there to me. But personally I think humanitarian crisis covers it quite well. And it makes me beyond angry.
  8. Can we add 'NHS dismantling' to the thread title?
  9. Awol, you're jumping the gun somewhat.
  10. Irreverentad's Relationship Advice Thread

    I know it's frustrating, but imagine how it must be for dad if he is so scared to challenge his son. He will feel partly responsible for the boy being violent, and maybe he is, but ultimately brother in law needs to take some responsibility for himself. It must be soul destroying to be so scared of your own son. I'm not condoning it, but dad must feel like he is doing the right thing.
  11. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I'm not sure why I liked this, but I did. You're a dirty dog.
  12. What's Sir Paul McCartney doing in the ol' ISIS costume? I knew he was a bleedin' racist. Get back to where you once belong!
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    Today will be a crushing reminder of how far we've fallen. We'll be routinely spanked by Spurs second string.
  14. We don't even know what teams are involved.
  15. Tony, I know my following point is unrelated to the point you were making, and you were being tongue-in-cheek but your use of 'remoaners' allows me to make a point I've been pondering (which isn't really directed at your or anyone on VT, just in general). It's important in my opinion to remember that regardless of whether someone is a red, a blue, a yellow or an 'in' or an 'out' there is commonality in the key underlying issues that underpin both sides of the debate. My feeling is that both sides, pro and anti Brexit are concerned about the same issues. A lack of work, job security, low wages, younger generations being poorer than older, declining public services. Inequality. It's just that both sides see different solutions. The government needs to recognise this and more broadly we do too. So really there aren't really two 'sides' as there is in a general election, because we all know with with GE we get a chance to change in 4 years time. Brexit will be a one off and it won't be benched like a manifesto pledge can be, it's certainly happening. So whilst I know 'Remoaners' is tongue in cheek and it doesn't offend me, I do think we need to careful to not polarise this debate too much. Because I suggest the electorate want the same things, but they just can't agree on how to get them.