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  1. PompeyVillan


    It's a bit early yet, but I couldn't help but send a screenshot of the league table to the Wolves mate who has been barraging me with 'mind the gap' stuff for the last few years.
  2. I've been to Europe quite a few times. Even in France they don't do things properly. Spain is hot, the food is amazing but they sleep all day and don't do any work. Germany has a serious superiority complex, they pretend they don't hate immigrants, but I think they hate them as much as we do. And we won the war. Scandinavia is ridiculous, at £10 a pint of beer they're all obviously lying when they say they are really happy. Portugal is hot and boring. Belgium claims to make the best beer but it's cack compared to ours (this is the only thing I've written a that isn't a joke). Ireland isn't really in Europe, apparently most of the Irish live in America anyway. What's the point in the Austria and the Swiss? Most of Poland live in the UK.
  3. I sense that could be the case as well, because as we know, the electorate are stupid.
  4. She's a hateful word removed. I mocked her return to cabinet duties by joking that she would resign in disgrace again before too long. It goes to show how messed up a leader Boris Johnson is when nobends like Amber Rudd are taking the moral high ground. But the bigger story is that the Conservative party are taking a pretty gross lurch towards the extreme right. Johnson is a dangerous Prime Minister. I can almost feel a new political party emerging, consisting of the more moderate Tories the actual Conservative party is becoming the Brexit party/UKIP. Which is ironic really, because for years the Tories have been terrified of UKIP taking votes from them, and now they are UKIP..
  5. I downloaded an android game the other day called Alien Shooter. It's great fun, really 'addictive' gameplay. Every 5 minutes you are bombarded with advertising for gambling websites. You get in game bonuses by spinning a roulette wheel, you can spend in game currency to have another go on the wheel. You can spend real money to buy in game currency to spin the wheel or to upgrade your spaceship. You can upgrade your spaceship for £3.99 and then £9.99 and then £29.99. I saw an advert for a £99.99 bundle. What the actual fudge? It's obviously not worth spending so much money on what is an arcade game you play on your phone. But people obviously so. The game is ridiculously fun, but it gets quite difficult if you don't spend any money. I mean, it's possible to win, but it's a grind and it's difficult. It's a thinly veiled gambling app. It would be so easy to click 'buy' when you lose, they flash it up in front of you every new times you lose. I didn't because I'm a cheapskate, but I can see why people do. I've come to think that these sorts of things are morally questionable. It feels a little bit like when a drug dealer offers someone free drugs, they know they'll be back for more.
  6. In which case the country really has gone to the dogs. That will signal to me that the country is veering towards fascism. There may be a minority of right wing Brexit extremists that take the streets and cause trouble. But I would only expect a minority.
  7. It's hardly tyrannical for the government to know where you live, is it?
  8. I think what they could do though is take votes away from the two main parties and I should imagine they would take alot more votes from the Tories than Labour. I read somewhere that the majority of Labour supporters voted remain by a clear majority, but I can't back that up. I also think this is why Johnson is being so authoritarian and pro No Deal, so he can recover some votes from the Brexit party. What he risks doing is losing all of his remain voters to the Lib Dems and still losing a lot of voters to the Brexit party. Will the Brexit party win an election? Holy crap, I hope not, but this is a mental country.
  9. I've just opened your world up to something wonderful, you should be very happy and thankful.
  10. She will have the last laugh when she hoovers up a sizeable chunk of previous Conservative voters in the upcoming election.
  11. Well it seems spending on public services is back in fashion. This is a move purely intended to steal some of Labours thunder in an election campaign and a smokescreen for the oversrching plan of crashing the economy and selling off the crown jewels to American pharmaceutical conglomerates following a no deal Brexit. Johnson's leadership style reminds me somewhat of Joffery Baratheon. I think I should make that into a meme.
  12. Johnson would be absolutely crazy to kick those 21 out of his party. He would potentially lose control of parliament completely. An election would happen sooner rather than later, but in the meantime parliament could do all sorts. I guess it will anyway. He's also kicking out some really high profile figures, that will really upset some of their colleagues and party stalwarts. By doing so he is simply underlining his lack of authority. Because MPs will rebel in weak governments. So if Boris doesn't win himself a really solid majority, which he doesn't look like doing. The what is he going to do? Expel anyone that votes against the government? Also, what sort of right minded person would want their country run by such despotic, bully boy tactics? I dunno, what a mess.
  13. Corbyn's credibility is shot, he'll never convince those undecided moderate voters to go for him because he's got no charisma. The best thing he could do now is to unexpectedly step aside, and allow a new leader to contest the upcoming election. He's the boogeyman that the opposition use to scare voters, and it works. I'm not sure who the next leader should be, but someone palatable enough to the Corbyn acolytes and the middle ground voters that are being lost to the Lid Dems really could sweep up in an election. IE be the broad church that Labour claim to be. But I fear Corbyn is too stubborn to give up his leadership.
  14. Am I correct in thinking that Gove has suggested that the government would ignore any parliament ruling that blocked a hard Brexit? Wow. Brexit is anarchy. I wish Brexiteers would stop for a minute and open their eyes. They've become so obsessed with this Brexit idea that they're willing to sacrifice literally anything in the persuit of it. It's like a weird cult.
  15. I don't think it is an overreaction to be a bit twitchy. That performance and result against Palace was really poor. We can't play that badly too many times again this season otherwise we almost definitely will be in a relegation fight. It is still early days but the signs are not wildly positive, we keep making mistakes and our early run of fixtures are against teams we need to take points off. If we're not careful we will give ourselves a mountain to climb. I am not certain where the goals are going to come from and the 'blend' of the team didn't look at all right against Palace. Against West Ham I would go for solidity, bring the experience of Elmo back in and drop Luiz back to the bench, if Nakamba is fit I would like to see him play because he is a defensive minded player. West Ham are not the best defensively so I'd be happy for us to be very direct like we were against Everton. A win would make everything feel a bit better. At the moment, it's difficult to see it.

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