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  1. I heard or read somewhere that he didn't observe Ramadan at Wembley, because he wanted to be at his best. Against West Brom he said he didn't feel like himself. He also said he hopes God will forgive him. I'm pretty sure McGrath is absolutely delighted with the guy, he scored at Wembley!
  2. Try watching the Barry Bannan interview with auto captions on.
  3. I'm intrigued by this and I think it's almost certainly going to succeed.
  4. I've seen an interview in America with Wes Edens and it's about a new sports channel in the US which is all about sports betting alongside sports coverage. He's bigging it up, about how betting increases engagement, he thinks it's a good thing. I think if we get a nice offer from a betting company, we'll take it.
  5. Amazingly terrible news. A big lesson to learn from though. I should imagine we've paid him off either in full or agreed to pay a significant percentage of his remaining contract. I wonder whether this is going to some sort of smart accounting that allows us to report a lower wage bill next year or some such?
  6. From a marketing perspective surely kids kits should be sold at cost price? The kids are the future of the club, we should be encouraging as many as possible to support the club and wear the kit.
  7. How can it ever be a lie? 'Austerity' is a semantic construct to describe the Conservatives willful dismantling of public services and social support. They implement 'austerity' whenever they are in government. They've claimed to have ended 'austerity', when in fact they've continued to implement 'austerity'. What is the tangible defining line for where 'austerity' begins and ends? There isn't one. They might come up with another word for it soon. It might be that they're making 'efficiency savings', more likely that they're 'implementing the will of the people'. Whatever. All it ever ends up with them mucking the country up. Sorry, off topic.
  8. With this leadership contest it appears to be, 'Who can tell the biggest porkies?' in order to please gammons.
  9. I've left the Labour party. I agree with so much of Labour policy, but the leadership, stance on Brexit and the utterly toxic infighting between members and supporters is something I don't want to be part of. I also didn't want to vote for them in the EU elections and wanted to be honest about it. I'm not abandoning Labour, I just don't want to be a part of it again. Or any political organisation, it creates a rigid mindset that is unhealthy. The only other party I would consider voting for would be the Greens at the moment. I love the freedom to be able to express that view without feeling disloyal.
  10. I don't think he's good enough for the Premier League.
  11. I'm interested in ticket pricing I'd love to see a full Villa Park each week, but it won't happen if tickets are too expensive. I'm also interested in their plans for the stadium, if they have any. Renovation of the North Stand has been on the agenda for years.
  12. It's a yes from me, we've never had VillaTalk representation in the squad.
  13. That's because the females are not always female.
  14. What striking about that interview, is the interview itself. Not often you will see a chief executive sit down with a manager and do a joint interview. I think it shows a massive show of faith in Smith and also shows that they trust each other enough to give the same message across in an interview regarding the future of the club. I think that's one of the fundamentally beneficial things about having a head coach over a manager. Smith undoubtedly has a significant influence over the club's strategy, but ultimately it's not up to him to, it's up to the team of three, the CEO, the sporting director and the head coach. It's seems like a good model for us, a club that have lurched from one failed strategy to another with each different manager.

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