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  1. It's a disgrace, how about talking to Tory remainers that are ditching the Conservatives for the Lib Dems in their droves? It made me a bit angry to be honest, the presenter was saying things like "The North East are disgruntled with a political system that they feel has forgotten about them". And then they talk to two 2017 Labour voters in a pub that say that they're now going to vote Conservative. Basically, the narrative that they're trying to spin didn't make sense to me. I dunno, I can't understand what the BBC are up to, to be honest. All I ever see is this obsession with Labour leavers. It seems to me that they're not trying to represent an election narrative, but they're trying to create one.
  2. Bit late, but last Saturday I saw The Tallest Man on Earth at the Town Hall. It's in my top 3 gigs I've ever been to, he was incredible. I've followed him for a decade and to see him play live was really special. His guitar technique and song writing is unparalleled, he is a genre in his own right. Anyone into the lively folk vibe, should definitely give him a listen.
  3. This is the perfect allegory of how he and the Conservatives run the country. I laughed my tits off at this, the clueless, privileged twot has never mopped a floor in his life.
  4. I think today there were signs that we're a newly promoted team, who are still forging our indentity and bedding new players into the team. We've perhaps been riding on the crest of a wave so far this season, with the novelty of being in the Premier League driving the players on and the elation of being promoted still fresh in the memories. We have been an unknown quantity, for ourselves and our opposition so we have probably been difficult to plan to play against. Three loses on the spin have done a bit to bring us back down to earth a bit. The Premier League is an unforgiving place and unless you take points off the top teams you will find yourselves having to beat everyone else to remain competitive in the league. Today we missed a few players through injury, and that slight sparkle that we've had in our play previously wasn't there at all. We showed worrying qualities, or lack of quality. We made so many unforced errors, or at least errors of our making. We gave the ball away so often. McGinn and Nakamba were particularly guilty and Douglas gave the ball away leading to a goal. We lacked Grealish's inspiration, and we so obviously lacked quality in the front three. We have no alternatives to what we have up front, so we will have to persevere and hope they improve. If not we're in for a long season. In the first half, Wolves set the tone for the game and in the second half they tired a bit, probably because of the amount of games they have had to play. They didn't blow us away, but we never looked like we could win that one. We are probably where we should be. Nobody expected an easy season, and this is definitely one of the 'downs' and we'll have a few more of them to go with the 'ups' that we have had. It isn't time to panic, but it is important that we improve. We're not particularly good away from home, which puts a lot of pressure on us at home now. It's going to be a slog of a season, but we've shown qualities in other games that show that we can stay up. And that is ultimately our aim for this season. We could do with the 'luck' side of the game going for us a bit more too. We've been shafted by VAR so far this season and now we're suffering an injury crisis that we don't need at all. Hopefully the international break gives us time to recover and recouperate after a bruising three games. Onto Newcastle, a team with their own problems, a cabbage of a manager and a run of good form. Not an easy game, but there aren't any easy games anymore.
  5. We're definitely underdogs for this one, but I think this squad have guts, we've competed well in every game so far. Hopefully we can push Wolves and get a result, it'll be a tough game without Heaton, Grealish and Engels. On the plus Douglas and Wesley will be buzzing from their international call ups, we're probably more disciplined without Grealish in the team (so hopefully harder to catch in the break) and we've have some encouraging performances in recent weeks. Wolves line up looks strong. Not looking forward to seeing Traore again.
  6. That's not going to happen, the noises from the club are that we buy young players we can improve, give exposure to and then if necessary sell on for a profit. We are reluctant to 'overpay' (which is objective really) for players, unless it's absolutely necessary. Mings arguably, and justifiably was a case in point, we needed him, but actually the fee we paid for him, now and England international, wasn't ridiculous. If we establish ourselves as a Premier League club with the above stated successful philosophy, then don't you worry, we will be able to beat rivals and even in some cases top teams to these sorts of players. Douglas Luiz and Wesley are good examples. Neither are likely to get a senior international call up without the exposure we have given them, and obviously their positive performances for us. Given that we've invested heavily in the squad in the summer, I can't see us making one big signing in January. It'll be more of the same. Which to be honest, based on what I've seen so far would be superb. Another point is that the competition for the top dollar, ready made, low risk but high cost players is ridiculous. We can't compete in that market, we've only just been promoted. After the pain of Ross McCormack, Micah Richards et al. I am more than happy to back our current approach.
  7. Bloody Hector, we've gone from having never had a Brazilian player to having two Brazilian internationals. That is an incredible early sign of the potential of Wesley and Douglas Luiz. They just need caps now to confirm their status. To say I'm impressed is an understatement.
  8. Thing is, the people receiving benefits absolutely will not be voting Conservative, so this news will mean nothing to them in terms of voting intention. It's there to appease middle England conservative voters into thinking that they're doing their bit for the poor. I saw a chart on Twitter the other day that showed all constituencies listed in order of most deprived to least deprived and who they voted for in the last election. As you can imagine it was very red on one side and very blue on the other. The more deprived an area is, the more likely it is to vote Labour and visa versa. You can understand why when we see how the poor and less fortunate have been treated by the Tories.
  9. You don't physically assault someone else's child, that's appalling behaviour. You do need to find out what happened, if your son instigated the altercation then it changes the situation slightly. Either way, as an adult you don't allow a situation to escalate to the point where there is an assault. If it turns out this bloke has assaulted your boy unprovoked you absolutely need to involve the police.
  10. PompeyVillan

    THE Pint

    Does anyone do any beer club subscriptions? I've recently joined Beer52. I've been quite resistant to it for a while, because it isn't cheap but they send you such unique beers. I've tried Flavourly as well, but I didn't look like the type of beers they spend.
  11. Thanks Snowy, I've found some interesting analysts through the account you've quoted.
  12. That is an interesting point, however surely the Brexit party have done their homework on this? I think they'll be taking votes from Labour and traditional Conservatives. What remains to be seen (see what I did there?) whether Labour can convince remain supporters of another referendum is their best route to remaining in the EU. I think it is, partly because the Lid Dems policy lacks any sort of pragmatism.. Let's be honest, Lib Dems policy is pie in the sky. It could only be implemented if they win a majority (which ain't happening), and even then, they would revoke article 50, put their fingers in their ears and pretend that the last three years didn't happen? Ironically for hardcore remainers, the worst choice if you want to remain in the EU. Especially if it takes votes from Labour in constituencies that Labour can win, and let's the Tories in unwittingly. A people's vote is the most realistic route to remaining in the EU, even then, it's fanciful. Ironically, I think you could argue the reverse with the Brexit party and the Conservatives regarding leaving the EU. However the Brexit party are promoting a different flavour of leave, the full blown no deal, wreck the country stuff and that's remarkably popular. I tend to think the 'traditional' demographic voting trends will change a bit in this election, but not dramatically enough to 'end the two party system'.
  13. The hilarious irony is that Trump's endorsement of Johnson will do him absolutely no favours and Corbyn and Labour will relish his criticism.
  14. I also have a bit of a think before each election about what is important to me. I'm struggling to imagine a time where public services are not the #1 priority for me. I have friends and relatives that work in hospitals, schools and for the police and fire brigade and I work in SEN education myself. The privitisation and chronic underfunding of these institutions is alarming. It really is. Unless you're extremely wealthy then these services are essential to you too. They need looking after and the current government are degrading services to the point where they can privitise them, primarily the NHS If you don't think we're on that route, then think again. Phase one has happened, degrade services to the point where they're not fit for purpose. Phase two is the referendum and Brexit, enable a situation where privitisation can occur. Phase three isn't far away, a free trade deal with America, or wherever, that is economically really positive for the country, so privitisation can be sold to the public as a by product of our prosperity. So, for me and many others, Brexit is important. But it isn't #1, and nor should it, because whatever happens post Brexit, we need a government that's going focus on the priories in the country. Not hostile environments, universal credit or fox hunting. I will be voting Labour, but in all honesty, I will be doing so with a lot less enthusiasm as I should. But they're the best bet for me and my priorities at the moment, in my constituency which is comfortably Conservative.
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