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  1. Degrees are too expensive, but not plentiful. I suspect there is a generational aspect to some of this, but please feel to slap me down. I think there is a tendency for older voters to view Education as a means to producing 'workers' to feed the capitalist system, it's purpose is to 'train' people for jobs. The value of most courses is judged by some in their clear and obvious path into a 'job'. Younger people view Education as a means to further themselves and pursue an avenue of interest and expertise. Many view this in terms of improving future job prospects, some do not at all. Again, feel free to slap me down, since I'm nowhere near student age, but I think older voters are slightly bitter at the opportunities that young people have now, because it wasn't like that in their day. They faced elitism and an uphill struggle to attend university, or maybe they didn't. It's certainly not common amoung 'working class' rural folk from the West Midlands to have attended university until 15 years ago or so. For most people, even the academically able you went to school and then you got a job. As far as I'm concerned I believe it's in the Conservatives interests to keep people away from university. They want to promote both intellectual and class elitism. So of course Theresa May is seeking to divide people over university courses because it's been a key draw for the opposition.
  2. Sam Johnstone

    I'll let him off.
  3. The VT Musicians Thread

    So far as I'm aware Rosewood which is used on pretty much all Gibson fretboards is now a protected species, but this isn't an issue unique to Gibson. It sorta happened overnight and every guitar manufacturer has had to either 1 pay a premium for rosewood and pass that cost onto the consumer or 2 find alternative material (Pau Farro seems to be the replacement Fender are using). I went to Guitar Guitar last week and played a Gibson Les Paul Tribute which is one of the lower priced American model. It was the only Gibson in the store worth the price. The rest are meh, okay but expensive. It's a shame, because I have an Epiphone Les Paul and I've always wanted an American Gibson, but the quality is meh for the price.
  4. What you eatin' there then?

    We had a ready made Italian style sausage and pasta bake from Aldi the other day. It was exquisite. Genuinely the best 'ready meal' I've ever tasted. It was perfectly seasoned, herby rich and lovely textures. It came in a sort of bamboo baking tray. If you get the chance to try one, do it. Genuinely restaurant quality meal. And for what it's worth, I think I'm a decent home cook who can make food full of flavour, if not with finesse.
  5. Axel Tuanzebe

    After one game it seems to me that hes a center back, who can play at right back. He defended well yesterday, seemingly in the right place at the right time and athletic enough to get up and down the pitch, but not really willing to overlap and cross the ball. You could probably play him in central midfield and see how he got on as a defensive midfielder. He looked useful yesterday, but I think we lost something by not playing Elmo at right back.
  6. André Green

    Arguably, you could say his body is overdeveloped for his age. He's built like a middleweight.
  7. Callum O'Hare

    He should be taking Onomahs place in the squad.
  8. Birkir Bjarnason

    I'll add to that. I'd only play him as a defensive minded midfielder. He doesn't have the quality on the ball to play further forward like he did today. When he does, he gives the ball away consistently.
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Fulham v Villa

    He doesn't want it enough in my opinion.
  10. Jack Grealish

    He's half the player Jack is, but we have won games with him in that position. Against Fulham however he'll have to work his socks off, not fade out the game and look happy with a few nice touches here and there. The alternative is to play Grabban and Hogan up front together in a 442, go all out. Swap Thor in for Jedinak to give the midfield more energy and composure and put pressure on Fulham.
  11. Racism

    For goodness sake, slavery is funny. I mean, it's not really mocking slavery though. It's just a laugh, and if it happens to offend people then that's their problem. It's 'just banter'.
  12. Gun violence in the USA

    I find it really hard to not be flippant, because of the absurdity of the situation. This is no argument from the pro gun lobby apart from the pig headed, selfish 'protection' nonsense they spew every time an innocent life is taken by a gun. I guess I'm pig headed, because to me the answer is so simple. If people don't have mass access to incredibly dangerous weapons, then they can't use the weapons to kill people. Because of the widespread ownership of weapons, I guess it would be political suicide for any politician at the moment and nigh on impossible to put the genie back in the bottle and put in place restrictions.
  13. Jack Grealish

    I suspect his brother still does. If he does, then Jack needs a pat on the back. Not just for the elegant prowess he has on the ball. He's always had that. He's kept his nose clean and knuckled down. He works incredibly hard in every game, tracks back and does the dirty work. And you just have to look at his calves to see he works hard off the pitch.
  14. Aston Villa Home Support

    Thing is, the atmosphere is only good all around the ground when we play Brum.
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    I think we should be favourites to finish 2nd. That's not arrogant, we've won our last 7 games, and we've done so playing consistently well. Yes, we've edged the odd game but it's a run of form we've not experienced for a long time. We've strung together unconvincing sets of results over the past season and a half, but nothing like at the moment. Yes, it's too early to work in absolutes. But at the very least we should be in the playoffs, and we should be aiming for 2nd and making Wolves feel uncomfortable. Caveat, I am still buzzing from yesterday.