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  1. PompeyVillan

    Jack Grealish

    A player is worth what a selling team is willing to sell for and what the buyer is willing to pay.
  2. PompeyVillan

    Conor Hourihane

    No way would he get the same amount of goals in the PL, but he's easily good enough for a PL squad. Have a look at a few lower half PL squads and there are some average midfielders knocking around.
  3. PompeyVillan

    The Bundesliga Thread

    That Jadon Sancho looks a bit good. Scored yesterday and set up a few. Never seen him before, but looks like a massive prospect, England should cap him asap I don't know whether he's eligible for anyone else. Looks like Man City have lost one there, apparently he left city due to lack of promised game time. He's only played a few games for Dortmund, but looks the part. Also, the confidence to do that at 18 is incredible, I think that shows that he's not happy to sign a huge contract in England and be forgotten, he wants to play and develop. Sorry if he's already been discussed in this thread...
  4. PompeyVillan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I think Bruce is thinking it's not worth risking him let him rest.
  5. PompeyVillan

    Josh Onomah

    Did well. Good to have in the squad, nowhere near a first team player
  6. PompeyVillan

    Lewis Grabban

    Inspired signing for where we are. If we don't get promoted I'd like us to go all out to sign him.
  7. PompeyVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    Can't expect any better than that. Good performance and result. We can still say 'Lets see what happens" for another few hours.
  8. PompeyVillan

    Pre match thread

    That lineup is designed to rest some key players.
  9. Gotta assume they're innocent then, thank goodness we didn't execute them.
  10. PompeyVillan


    Yup, he's done amazing things for which he should be applauded. However, his legacy is tarnished as far as I'm concerned by basically refusing to win anything.
  11. So if Theresa May and Amber Rudd didn't know what was going on in regard to the Windrush saga, does that not make them both grossly incompetent? They've both said 'sorry' but neither have taken any responsibility. There's a damning video of May on anotherangryvoice blog saying something along the lines of its better to 'deport first and investigate later' in regards to making mistakes with deportation. And another of her talking on question time during the Labour years damning a Labour minister for not taking responsibility for the actions of their department. She's basically a massive hypocrite, alongside with being incompetent, callous and dishonest. I'm not a fan.
  12. PompeyVillan


    I believe the Russian state to be an enemy of the UK. For what it's worth, I should imagine that the British government consider Putin's Russia to be an enemy too.
  13. That's disgusting, 'Try to be Jamaican' is an admission that those being deported are British. Thing is with the Conservatives is, they'll try to get away with being complete words removed unless there is public outcry.
  14. PompeyVillan

    Money - Making it and saving it

    I've seen on Judge Rinder that if you draw up a paper contract with the Mrs where she agrees to pay you back, it's legally binding as long as it makes sense. So she can't leave you with the debt, and if she does you can go on Judge Rinder and be on the tele. (Don't take my advice I have no idea what I am talking about, look into it)
  15. PompeyVillan


    I cant believe the Sky commentators are buying into the Wolves hype. They've had a good season and deserve to be promoted, they're clearly the best team in the league. However, they've not kicked a ball in the Premier League and already they're being spoken of as a top half team. I understand it to an extent, because the bottom half of the PL looks very poor to me. I just hope Wolves enjoy their own hype, implode and suffer consequative triple relegations.