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  1. PompeyVillan

    Dean Smith

    I do sense that it will take some time for the VP faithful to become comfortable with modern football. Over the last (X amount of) years the best football we have seen has been fast, direct football. Getting the ball forward quickly when possible, counter attacking and lots of balls into the box. That can be quite exciting to watch. But it's not effective if your opposition are good at keeping the ball, it's wears you out. It's an established Villa habit to have less possession against any half decent team, especially away from home. As such, when we were playing the ball around at the back yesterday I did hear some anxious "Don't mess around with it" type comments. And a few "Get it in the box" comments. That's the thing, we've been punting the ball forward from defence when under pressure for years, we're used to it, even comfortable with it. But it's less effective than being able to pass your way through that pressure, if you can you often find a midfielder with space to advance the move. I always have a chuckle with my mates, when we played football as kids we were instilled with the motto "if in doubt, kick it out", and were wildly overpraised for punting the ball out of play when under any pressure. I think this mentality runs deep. So it can be a little bit unnerving to see our back for try to play the ball around when being pressed, but I think it's important to let it happen. It almost goes against the grain. I think if we can see some success this way it will help with the development of our style of play. I have to say, I flipping love it. Tuenzebe and Chester are both capable of playing the ball around, so it seems a good fit. Please god keep Jedinak away from this type of strategy though. I am longing for the tipping point where Villa dominate games in midfield! Crikey I don't think I've ever really seen it, where we keep possession and use it well, probe defensives as well as trying to catch them out with fast direct football (that we're already quite good at). It'll come, but the green shoots of change were there for me yesterday and it fills me with hope.
  2. The thing is, the truth will come out and one day this chap will absolutely gutted when he learns that we won't be murdering and enslaving the commonwealth. Afterall, "Brexit means Brexit". Which now I've learned has come to mean "Brexit means whatever ignorant fantasy you want it to be"
  3. PompeyVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    I also think it's well worth pointing out how collosal our support is. It made me chuckle when Swansea fans sang about our support being flipping shoddy. When was the last time they had a 40k plus attendance at home in the second tier?
  4. PompeyVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    A special mention for Bolasie who was absolutely woeful when he came on.
  5. PompeyVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Good result, some good individual performances, a slightly sketchy team performance. A few glimpses of what is ahead and a few glimpses of old, bad habits. There hasn't been enough time to really change that much, but the team selection and the new manager bounce worked.
  6. PompeyVillan

    Scott Hogan

    I think he will start tomorrow.
  7. PompeyVillan

    Croatia v England/Spain v Engaknd

    Most apt in an andykeenan thread.
  8. PompeyVillan

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    Quite an important role then. I hope he's up to it.
  9. PompeyVillan

    Christian Purslow

    I'm glad he sat there and was part of that, otherwise Smith would have had to answer questions about FFP and the club structure. He's quite convincing isn't he?
  10. PompeyVillan

    Croatia v England/Spain v Engaknd

    How good is Joe Gomez? If Liverpool can leave him on the bench then they must have some squad.
  11. PompeyVillan

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    I'm a little bit 'iffy' about this appointment. It seems he has had mixed success when involved in transfers. He's never worked in England. Part of it is that I don't really know what a sporting director does. But then, did anyone know what our director of football did? IE, can thus guy be crap and our team still be good. I dunno.
  12. PompeyVillan

    Dean Smith

    Well, I've not been banging on about it on here, but I've been singing Smith's praises for a while. I've said to friends and relatives for ages that a Premier League club should take a punt in Smith. I didn't think he would consider coming to be honest, he's built a good squad at Brentford, who are in good form, capable of promotion this season. He talks well, confident, he answers questions without having to resort to clichés. I think the thing that in my mind clsrifies how confident I am about Smith is that to me Bruce had a glass ceiling due to his style of play, that was top of the Championship, bottom of the Premier League. If we wanted to progress after promotion with Bruce, we would have had to sack him. I see Smith as a Premier League manager in the waiting, he can get us up, keep us up and improve us once we're up. Deaaaanooooo!
  13. PompeyVillan

    Sir Doug Ellis

    RIP Doug. FFIW it's important to be respectful on a personal level, but it's not disrespectful to discuss his impact on Villa. He isn't view fondly from a footballing perspective for all that many people but as a person there are some nice stories of his kindness in this thread.
  14. PompeyVillan

    John Terry

    I think he has the attributes to be an excellent coach, assistant manager and then manager. Something I've learned from a character similar to JT is that the respect he commands is hard earned, it isn't freely given. It doesn't come simply from being a really good player, there are loads of really good players out there. What makes JT a bit different is that he seems to get the human side of leadership. Something I also thought Bruce would have done well. I think he'll be able to understand what makes different people tick and find ways to get the most out of them. I also think he won't be worried about telling players that they are not meeting expected standards. It will be a bit different for him being part of the management, but I sense he will take to it well. He's got plenty of capital with the fans which will help too. I'm pleased that we're willing to give him the opportunity.