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  1. McGinn was like a man possessed. I have not seen such a gutsy performance from a Villa player, it was phenomenal. The amount of times he burst into midfield and beat several players and moved the ball on was incredible. He contested everything, and won everything. Wow. The first half was like a bad dream, very frustrating. Alot of credit goes to the players today for digging in and finding a way to win. You could see how hard they were all trying.
  2. Looks like his style of play is starting to take shape. He is capable of getting the most out of good players although our style of play is heavily reliant on Jack's creativity in the middle of the park. I think our big squad weakness is that we have nobody else that can really play that role. That's not really Smith's fault but it is a worry. We're weak at full back and out wide as well, although Kodjia came on today and did well. I said while he was at Brentford a while ago that I thought he would do well in the Premier League, let's hope he gets that opportunity with us. If we keep churning out results like that, he will.
  3. A win, 5th in the table! The dream is back on, a tough, tough game next week.
  4. Surely they would be desperate for a general election, so that they can begin the revolution?
  5. All in favour of european elections, but not general elections or by-elections, it seems.
  6. You have to be joking? Jack has the worst hair and facial hair I have never seen.
  7. Why are so many working people living in poverty? We've had a Conservative government for too long.
  8. It sounds like anxiety to me. Which everyone suffers from. To be obviously so anxious and still achieve what you set out to do is amazing. It's also brave to share your experiences of anxiety. It's so easy to be hard on yourself. I became aware of a book a while ago called The Chimp Paradox. I bought it for my wife, who is a worrier. She didn't apply it chapter and verse but it was a good tool for understanding anxiety and worry. She called her chimp Bepe
  9. Aye, it's a Google assistant more than a useful speaker. However the Google Home infrastructure is cool, you can hook up Google Chromecast audios to any audio output devices that you have, as well as Google home devices and group them together. You can activate these with your voice. For example, "Hey Google play Led Zeppelin on downstairs speakers." Then all the grouped devices will play music in sync, activated from this little pod thingy. It's cool because you don't need to shell out loads of money on new hardware if you already have decent speakers around, you just hook up a Chromecast audio. That's how I intend to use it, I was delighted to be able to get this because I'm doing up my house with this in mind. I'm just trying to figure out how to get a Google home attached speaker in the bathroom ceiling. I like the idea of casting audio books whilst on the crapper.
  10. https://www.spotify.com/uk/family/
  11. Spotify are giving away a Google home mini for new and existing Family subscribers. Just claimed mine, couldn't believe it.
  12. He's got a mistake in him, bit I can't help but feel that it is through a lack of experience. The mistakes can be coached out if him. He overplays at time, and that decision making can be improved. His defending is mostly pretty damn good and I like a defender that can play the ball.He hit a few decent diagonal balls today, gained possession in the defensive third a few times, won pretty much every challenge and got caught in possession and gave the ball away in a dangerous area. Mostly really good, but the mistakes could cost us.
  13. It's counts as a shot on target, but he failed to keep a clean sheet.
  14. I thought he was decent today, took his goal well and played with real confidence. I'd sign him for £6 million, I think that represents good value for a player of his ability.
  15. I think the government could say tomorrow that we've left the EU, but actually tell a big lie and keep us in the EU. I would suggest that a good 80% of the people that voted for Brexit wouldn't notice that we'd actually remained. Let's just call it a day now, shall we.
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