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    U.S. Politics

    thoughts and prayers.
  2. limpid

    Science Thread

    I'm not really sure why the idea of sudden global magnetic polarity change has caught on in the mass psyche, Full explanation with citations. https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4728
  3. I'm pretty sure they announced this as a bit of deflection from their massive data breach.
  4. No, but if I find myself in a tube station at midnight....
  5. You are right. £50bn for the bank recapitalisation scheme and £50bn to buy RBS. I guess those two amounts happened in separate months.
  6. I don't believe this. The banks were bailed out to the tune of £500bn within a few months. Perhaps they put it in a column in the spreadsheet with a different name.
  7. Depends if there are any viable antibody tests available by then.
  8. limpid

    U.S. Politics

    It's so that someone with bigglier words can do the um talking thing, right?
  9. Paste the link without formatting. It's an option in your browser. Or click "insert other media".
  10. See the bottom right hand corner not watching? That's me that is.
  11. They are probably posting links to them rather than uploading.
  12. I'm not sure if I'm missing something. Doesn't it say just that? I've increased it for Full and Established members,
  13. I can;t decide whether to get the OnePlus8Pro now, or wait and see what Google will do for the Pixel 5. I really want a Pixel, so I'm trying to wait....
  14. I have two deliveries overdue from Hermes. One is from the US - it's arrived in the UK on Tuesday and is just "in London". The other, I've been promised by Wednesday - which means Hermes haven't even collected it yet a week from when the collection was booked.
  15. It's likely the 4A will have the same camera as the 4. I've not owned one, but it reviewed pretty highly. As did the OnePlus8. I have the OnePlus7pro and I want something new, but I'm waiting for something that makes the change worthwhile. The 4A might tempt me, but I'm waiting for user reviews first.
  16. The 4A will probably be half the price
  17. I don't. I think that considering that there is an increased risk of death, permanent lung damage or even amputation that many players will choose not to risk their livelihoods (including the youngsters) and I'd be surprised if their and the clubs' insurers saw it any differently. The sport of football can't be socially distanced, therefore shouldn't happen until we no longer need to socially distance.
  18. Pixel 4a should be available next month. The OnePlus 8 is also a good bet. Both are very clean android experiences with no bloatware and both get speedy upgrades - the Pixel for 3 years, the OnePlus for 2. Neither has Bixby.
  19. So when you said that you "don't see the problem"; you do see the problem. I can't see Sky/BT paying to cover kids matches.
  20. If my employer suggested that I'd tell them where to go. That don't get to dictate where I live or who with.
  21. Personally, I couldn't own a watch that has a battery life so poor - and yes I include all the Android Ware watches in that too. My smart watch doesn't need charging or battery changing ever., but there is a separate thread for smart watches. Samsung probably make the worst Android devices you can buy, but again that's off topic.
  22. As long as they aren't in skimpy clothing, it's all good.
  23. Please stop with posts about how clearings in the woods get to run countries and retirement ages.
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