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  1. If you used Chrome, they will already be synced. I think Lastpass can do this for you and keep your passwords not locked to a single provider.
  2. Landlines were usually much clearer than early mobiles. Early mobile calls got much better when ETACS changed to CSD (9.6k digital channel) and again with HSCSD (14k channel). On mobiles, static is introduced to the call as people get weirded out if it's not there. (All from memory so I may have misremembered some of the details.)
  3. You should speak to your local official supporters club.
  4. They haven't sold quite that many. They have to allow 25% of the ground for FA Cup games and allow for other people with a "right" to get per match tickets (members, lions clubs, cubs, etc). I suspect the most they'll sell is about 28-29k
  5. He is and was rich. Last summer he had no access to cash. Your opinion doesn't change the facts. He will be significantly richer when they buy him out - his shareholding is probably worth about £30m at the moment. I don't know what you mean by "wannabe", but he'll be one of those with £30m more than he has today.
  6. Yes, especially as it's only likely to be another 7-8k.
  7. So he's worth more than £8 If they want him to go sooner, they'll have to buy his shares. I can't see him selling them cheap. His share will continue to dilute, but the value of his shareholding is likely to stay the same or even increase. I don't like this repeated theme that he has no money. He had no liquidity for a time, he's still rich compared to most.
  8. He still owns more than 15% of the club.
  9. This season Kappa and W88 are principal partners. Luke is a partner. Last season Luke and Bet32 were principal partners.
  10. Please can me discuss the sponsorship deal in another thread and keep this one about kits please?
  11. Match forums are up. PM any errors. https://www.villatalk.com/forum/590-season-201920/
  12. Please read the instructions at the top of this forum.
  13. I really don't like the round badges. Never have. Harking back to former glories. Let's make some new glories..
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48598551
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