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  1. I wouldn't under estimate the star wars appeal to kids, theres not a kid I dont know who doesnt like star wars. He's lad is crazy about it too. Toys, shirts, bedsheets, lunchbox, bag etc... it's no different now, he and his friends love it.
  2. Found a youtube channel that makes me laugh. Two middle aged brummies in a shed talking about mainly 80's retro/collector stuff. Been watching for a few months and I think it's to blame for the increase in my nostalgia pangs recently. https://www.youtube.com/user/80smagazine
  3. I thought that was a good trailer and actually has me cautiously excited. Wont go to the cinema to see it as TLJ was the film that killed my hope for these films but yeah, enjoyed all the trailers for this. Maybe I'm just a massive pleb because I love all the fan service and as long as its better than TLJ, that's all I ask for to round off this disappointing trilogy.
  4. I think @A'Villan needs to put a pic of himself in the Rogues.
  5. New Snickers crispy are quite nice. Nowt wrong with a bountie and the dark chocolate ones are nice too.
  6. Foldable Moto Razr being unveiled on November 13th.
  7. What the **** is wrong with people. Dark times we live in. Maddening.
  8. Glad action was taken, zero tolerance with this stuff is the only way. However, bit unfair for WMP to comment on the 'Villa Family' as if we are all doing it. It's one fan and he was dealt with. No need to stir up a social media circus.
  9. If Ninty dont do a GB Classic anytime soon then this thing will fly.
  10. Right, Mods?! Ban this filth. I've had enough now.
  11. Ingram85

    New Music 2019

    New Machine Head is unsurprisingly absolute dog shit. Flynn is mid fifties now, still dresses like a hobo crossed with Mr Slave and is desperately trying to relive his nu metal heyday. The lyrics on their new track are an absolute train wreck. He has gone so far beyond that the decent band members have since parted ways and left him to it as they clearly think he is a clearing. Last ok album was the blackening and I didnt buy it, the one before it I did get and that's the only album of theirs I ever bought and thought was pretty decent. Was never a fan of much else of their stuff, first two albums get highly praised but I thought they were meh, blood sweat and tears is a good track. Im just amazed they have survived and are still going in any form.
  12. The C word (lolz) shouldn't even be uttered until after bonfire night at the very earliest and even then I'd kind of want to punch you in the throat.
  13. Or at least the nearest weekend. The 16th is way too late. I went to one in bromsgrove last year that was decent, Sanders or Sandhurst park I think it was. My local one as a kid was Cofton Park but they havent done it for years now I think.
  14. Talk about sparklers melting kids hands off and your neighbours setting fire to their gardens because the councils are skint and cant afford a proper bonfire or something.
  15. Ingram85

    General Chat

    The dad from the Beethoven dog films is now 84. Wtf.
  16. Does Jack have a proper face yet?
  17. MGM and a Villa Lion? Might just catch on that...
  18. I know the sentiment of what you are saying but it's not fair to lazily say "classic VT lol". There were a lot of people doing that, but there were plenty more in support of the deal urging it to get done. I also think a lot of those negative posts were a daft emotional defense stance in case he didnt sign rather than an attack on Mings himself.
  19. Ingram85

    Memory Lane

    Ugh, this topic needs elevating to a higher level after the last few posts.
  20. Ingram85

    Memory Lane

    I think it should be legal where one day a year you can go and visit places you grew up in lol. I think I'm reminiscing and getting nostalgic about my childhood too much the last few years. Like to an obsessive degree. Makes me sad sometimes. It cant be healthy. Probably why I'm such a maladjusted adult.
  21. It's still the exact same game just with blurrier graphics so if you didnt enjoy it first time round then you still won't now.
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