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  1. Ingram85

    General Chat

    I'm bowing out guys, cheers for the last 11 and a bit years. Merry christmas. See you around. x
  2. Ingram85

    Dean Smith

    About Grealishs return to the team coinciding with an upturn in our results? That's true but it still doesnt detract from Smith's performance, nor does that post say so, so not those exact words unless I've missed another post? Not having a pop either
  3. Ingram85

    Dean Smith

    Is that what every single poster who is open to a change of management is saying? No. People have different opinions, no need for posters like yourself and others to post stuff like this.
  4. Ingram85

    Dean Smith

    I havent read anything like that. Smith did great last year, wasnt perfect but you cant knock the guy who got us promoted, it's a memory that will link smith and Villa with the fans forever. That can never be taken away. BUT I dont want to go back to the championship and with Smith in charge during this PL season, we are going straight back there. I would be far more behind Smith if he changed things around, made sensible subs with time enough left in the game to have an impact, drop players who aren't performing, anything really. He is very stubborn and has very thin skin when it comes to people questioning his tactics. But I do like the bloke. I support Aston Villa not Dean Smith. IMO, Smith isnt good enough to keep us up. If he loses to Norwich I'd be looking for a successor. If he gets points on the board and gets some effective reinforcements in in Jan then great but his tactics and subs will still be the same. He isnt willing to change things that enough is clear. I'd take Rafa tomorrow. That doesn't mean I hate Smith, he will always be a Villa legend for last season alone.
  5. Crap all round apart from Grealish's goal. Smith isnt at the level required to keep us up in the PL. I want to give him the Norwich match but I wouldn't blame the board for making a hard decision before we even get to that point. But then I'm talking shite so what do I know.
  6. Never did I say what you wrote was wrong or a load of shite, I just gave my opinion. Clearing.
  7. Smith isnt a PL manager. I will always be grateful to him for getting us up but theres no problem with the club identifying that he isnt up to the job at this level and moving on. I support Villa not Smith.
  8. Jack will be off, maybe even in Jan, he has to be thinking about the Euros and next World Cup. Will be sad to see him go but cannot begrudge it whatsoever.
  9. Fair play to him, sticking up for us on final score and praising Grealish.
  10. Ingram85

    Wesley Moraes

    I support Villa not Wesley FC. He's a striker who doesnt score goals or works to get goals.
  11. But its not about goals, it's all about hold up play and looking strong this season apparently.
  12. He's got the Norwich game for me. Anything less than a point and I'd sack him.
  13. Nice bloke, turned us around and got us up, will always be a legend for that but he is just so vastly out of his depth in the PL and appears to have lost the players as well. Well, apart from his love child Wesley.
  14. Jesus Wept lol. Embarrassing. Suppose we need to wait for the Watford game yeah?
  15. Ingram85

    Wesley Moraes

    Cobblers. He's a striker who doesn't score. Well, apart from some scouse toddlers of course.
  16. But, but, the teams around us, Leicester and Sheff Utd are amazing, Southampton will be different etc... yeah ok. We are embarrassingly shit. Deano isnt adapting or learning at all, I do like him but not at the cost of his thin skinned stubbornness costing the club long term. Get Rafa in now.
  17. Re: PS Classic, if you get it for £20 or less it's worth it. Paying more then it's not. Some very poor game choices.
  18. Just finished ep6 of Witcher, its finding its rhythm now a little bit more and it feels like it's getting more assured and confident of itself as a show with each episode. For a first series and having to cram a lot in I think it's done well. For sure the time jumps could have been better signposted and some of the acting/dialogue is a bit meh at times but overall it's a 8/10 so far. Yen is such a great character in this once you get past the jarring change in character looks, her arc is really interesting and the chemistry with Geralt is definitely accurate. Hoping Triss gets more involved in the next season although I'm not overly enamoured with her casting choice, but willing to give her a chance. Dandelion is great as well, looks and accent wise completely different of course but the core of the character is definitely there. I hope they do a few more seasons with a bigger budget. I want to see Novigrad and Vesemir. Plus I want them to go in more of the game direction with Ciri rather than the books. Fingers crossed. 2 episodes left which I'll finish off tomorrow.
  19. Having an indian mixed grill tonight for the works christmas do in moseley.
  20. Really enjoying The Witcher. It combines the books and games very well all while doing it's own thing. Very impressed with it but I can completely understand why any newcomers to the universe will be like 'eh'?
  21. Nope. Yens are magnificent. Watch it.
  22. I dont class Die Hard as a christmas movie at all. The recent Narnia films have Santa in it and he gives them all presents and that's not a christmas film at all either. Weirdly though, I only watch the Harry Potter films around christmas time so what do I know?
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