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    Jed Steer

    Big lol at people claiming he is shit as if being a top half championship level keeper is anything to be embarrassed by. We need to improve our back up keeper position obviously but Steer is far far far from being a ‘shit’ goalie.
  2. I’m just as angry at Labour as I am at the Tories and the cretins who vote Tory with the state of this forsaken **** country. Never has such a wide open goal been offered before but we have the most ineffectual limp dick opposition in all of UK political history. It’s embarrassing.
  3. Ingram85

    Energy Bills

    Outside of banana republics and the obvious big names, has a developed country ever shown more disdain towards its own citizens than in the UK?
  4. Well they all seem to definitely bloody have one so maybe they need to make sure they haven’t took it literally.
  5. Can we stop buying players who are made of pipe cleaners and and sellotape please.
  6. I haven’t noticed any trend? It’s been a daily average of 30-35k cases and 150 deaths for about a month or more now.
  7. People who take football as a leisure activity (at any age) seriously. If someone’s crap then tough ****, at least they are there doing it and trying at least. A lot of frustrated ‘I was scouted once’ legends in their own minds playing and expecting everyone else to be at their level. Don’t even get me started on parents putting pressure on their kids or lamenting their lack of skill. It’s all seriously **** strange how serious people take a way to keep fit and have fun.
  8. New Direct tomorrow. I don’t expect to see anything new apart from the possible catalogue update of GB/GBC/GBA/N64 games to the online service. Otherwise just updates on Dread and other stuff due out before Christmas I’d imagine. Part of me hopes for something special though but it’s Nintendo so never get your hopes up.
  9. But not in this case, if you zoom in then some of the peas are see through, you can literally see the chips through them.
  10. With regards to my post, Im hoping it was plainly obvious I wasn’t being serious and it was purely for effect. I don’t think for a second anyone actually thought I was recommending him to do what I said?
  11. Had no idea who Dan Lambert is/was but man he is brilliant on AEW. You can tell he is having loads of fun and is just running with it. His promo against Jericho was great. As was Jericho. Great stuff.
  12. Reminds me of road trips down to Newquay with my mates on our early holidays without parents. So many music memories from long car trips.
  13. I hope OVO isn’t on the list. They’ve been pretty good for me the last few years.
  14. Arkane are one of those studios that I deeply respect but whose games just leave me completely cold. The first Dishonored was the only game I’ve got more than 25% through, great atmosphere but fell off it quick. I can see they make great games but they ultimately do nothing for me.
  15. Lunar - Lunacy. Don’t like the word and the connotations of it but it’s a word that has its historic roots in the way people believed the phases of the moon affected peoples minds.
  16. Miller & Carter is where a lot of people think they need to go for a great steak. It isn’t. It’s overpriced crap. It’s the beef version of Nando’s. I’ve been 4 times in my life due to people birthday or whatever and haven’t ever had a good meal there.
  17. Chris Kanyon’s story is one of the ones that truly gets me upset. I saw the video of the chair shot Taker gave him. The whole thing felt like a punishment for being gay. It’s disgusting to watch and has made me lose a lot of respect for Taker if I’m honest.
  18. Ah man that’s disappointing to hear. I was gonna pick it up after finishing LoS. I may still do but could be good to temper expectations going into it.
  19. No but I know the story. Anyone sticking up for Flair or Dreamer is an idiot.
  20. A real shame when the people you remember from your early years start going. Its been a crap day today ain’t it blimey.
  21. Yeah only about a minute away just up past cocks moor leisure centre. Right by the canal as well!
  22. Finally, finally pick up the keys to our new house on the 27th. It’s been a journey getting to this point. I hate mortgage brokers. Especially Irish ones named David who work for Countrywide Conveyancing Services. Anyway, can’t wait! A new start for me, the missus and the step lad and a house we can all finally call ‘ours’.
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