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  1. Yes and I have to agree with that list. Guardians is not only for me the best Marvel film but the best Star Wars sequel as well it really has the same vibe and energy of the original trilogy.
  2. After the dullness of Black Panther (and its poor CG), Captain Marvel, and the film not needed in Black Widow, it is so good to see Marvel back on form. Loved it. For me Shang-Chi is the best Marvel film since Infinity War (if you count the Spidy films as Sony )
  3. You can't even put an official complaint in against refereeing like that. Borderline corrupt decision making. Seriously oe of the worst I've seen in years. Disgraceful from Atwell. Schoolboy errors defensively cost us. McGinn was brilliant.
  4. We must really rate these kids coming through.
  5. Sinisalo MOTM for me. But for his saves this could have been a bad result. Saying that a good few wrong decisions from us in their final third.
  6. This ref has decided he now reffing a London club so giving them everything now.
  7. There was a few times the ball came loose and he went into centre back mode and stayed back rather than press it down. But like you say out of position. They do lack the leadership a Revan or Keisler gave them last season. Bogarde isn't a right back. Their inexperience in the final third showing at times by wanting to go for glory. But that'll come. Caleb started a bit flat and lazy too I felt but has grown into it.
  8. I thought Swinkels was on the flat foot alot first half. Fulham starting th first half same as first half. High tempo and attacking our flanks.
  9. Yeah we've got Feeney playing central defence at 16 and it shows. 2 bad backpasses to Sinisalo.
  10. Like th first team the midfield so far is the issue. Fulham so far cutting through our midfield like a knife through butter.
  11. Anyone else not had their membership pack yet?
  12. True. Especially as Raiola wants €820k euros a week for Harlaand!?
  13. That's just lazy from Kappa. Same template for all three kits just change colour and chest design. Seeing the away top in the flesh Saturday on people I really don't like it at all. It is in no way shape or form a nod to the 82 top. It's dark red wine rsthe than Villa claret on white the stripes are far too thick don't continue on the arms or back. It's a fan designed top. Horrible. I'd say one of the worst away tops we've had in a while. Last season's was gorgeous. Just get those thin lines on white and bingoz a great away top. These all three kits are an afterthought from a supplier knowing their contract is up so thought "what's the point in trying". 82 tribute away top my arse. It's awful, like someone wanted to a homage but rather than use rotar pens used felt tip pens. The home kit is just last year's but with more stripes. And then they decide to mix off green with dark blue but have the lines on the arms still white!? Three poor kits in my opinion. After such beautiful home and away kits last season. Bye Kappa, don't let the door hit you on you arse on the way out.
  14. Well Kane is staying at Spurs, so I guess they'll go all out to hijack MBappe deal or Harlaand now
  15. Ah Glen Whelan, taught Anwar all he knows about taking a proper penalty.
  16. Now you're being silly. Everyone knows that Strikers go for more. £175-200m or other clubs can GTFO!
  17. Is chef Tom Kerridge on co-commentary for Sky?!
  18. Was impressed with him when he came on yesterday. Was direct, surprisingly pacier than I thought, and he won practically every header.
  19. Thought they were the better team and bullied us first half hour. Wilson was a lucky boy not to get a red when taking out Ings off the ball. But then we stopped playing their game and hoofing it and started to actually play to feet and pass and move and then there was only one team ever going to win in. Martinez a lucky boy for that penalty shout. Young is 36!? Was superb. As was old bald eagle Cash, and Ramsey looks better every game. Special mention to Wesley, who I felt was superb when he came on.
  20. Jim Shooter, who created Secret Wars, has said that Marvel Studios are developing a live-action adaptation. A return of the Russo Brothers to the MCU?
  21. Last summer we saw so many first team players post Instagram posts of them doing fitness regimes whilst on holiday. Hardly any posts from players this summer, the only one I can think of is him how followed the oil money. The fact they were so up on showing how fit and committed they were last summer yet not this summer, on top of what seems to have been such a laid back organised preseason, from organising such weak opposition compared to last summer, to the timing of coaching staff leaving, doesn't look good to me. Either Smith has got lazy or he's been told he's surplus to requirements as someone else is coming in and wants his compensation. Something just doesn't sit right to me this summer on alot of levels.
  22. This is what pisses me off about our result. We had a real golden chance to go out there and prove we weren't the Jack Grealish show and failed miserably. If we'd had win yesterday and the result stays the same today the boost it would have given us would have been big. As is it's an afterthought to this circus show
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