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  1. DCL toe injury out of nowhere! I pressed the wildcard button earlier this week to make a bunch of changes (brought in Benrahma, Antonio, Lukaku and a few DEF changes to allow me to do it)…. And then the Ronaldo news happened and I changed my team round all over again to make space for him Oh man. What a mess. But, I’m kinda glad I did it. It feels ridiculously early, but I’m much happier with my team now.
  2. Yeah, I agree with that, I just think there are players out there of similar quality who we *could* tempt to come to us. It would just take a big bid. The allure of Premier League football and Prem wages. (Don’t ask me who, I just think they’re definitely out there! We shopped in the £10-15m market before and got Nakamba and Luiz, and I’m certain there are gettable DMs in the £25-35m market that would come to us).
  3. I thought Witsel was meant to have a bit of a bad attitude (although, admittedly, I’m going off information from about 8 years ago when we were last linked to him). If he does have a bad attitude then we should avoid, and I think Smith would too. If not then he could be a decent stop-gap. Although, saying that, why would we sign a stop-gap ageing player when we clearly have the money to buy a player of similar ability in his prime?
  4. JWP at £50m was not the right player at the right price, if that was the suggestion @striker. A great player, a set piece specialist, but not what we need (and especially not what we need to pay over the odds for). Had we bought him, we’d play one game and many would still be asking for a new defensive midfielder.
  5. I never said anything about Chuk being too young to stick around and play. I just said personally that’s what I would do. I’d loan him out as the next step in his development, as I think he’d get more games at a Championship club than he will here. ..and here’s an equally pointless counter list of successfully loaned-out youth players … Grealish, Bale, Kane, Tammy, Lampard, Terry, Beckham…. Etc etc.
  6. I’d loan him out personally. How many games will he get here? 10-20, including cup games, at a guess. Ramsey made about 25 appearances last year for us, but the majority were bit part <30 minute appearances. Our youngsters should be proving themselves in the Championship, if possible, instead of playing a handful of full games, first team cameos, and then the rest of the season rolling out for the reserves.
  7. It serves me right for being fancy and bolding a word.
  8. Cheers Blandy. So guys, what do we really think of Dean Smith?
  9. I’m finding this season a bit tricky already. How to fit Bruno, Salah, Son, Trent & Lukaku (when he me moves to Chelsea) in the team will be the real test!
  10. One thing that really bugged me around the Xia Era was that people immediately jumped to their conclusion just because of some of the things that are mentioned in that Al Jazeera video: Trusts, Nominee Shareholders, <5% owners that don’t need to be disclosed, companies based in tax havens etc. Admittedly, Samuelson’s presence (and then subsequently Xia’s appearance, manner and the subsequent unravelling of his backstory) made everyone start to believe, or at least question, what they had previously hoped was just rumours - but the opaque ownership structure and use of tax havens and similar things is extremely common in many massive and, seemingly, legitimate businesses. Even massive companies that we all use regularly use these types of arrangements, so that bugged me a bit. The twitter and Facebook wannabe investigators claiming they had the scoop. I specifically remember that ‘KeithVillan’ on twitter telling people to mark his words that Samuelson was going to asset strip us and that we wouldn’t be a club in 2 years time. Admittedly, that almost happened, but it wasn’t Samuelson stripping the club Keith you silly sausage, it was Tony!
  11. Preece tweeting the sick emoji. I’m guessing he’s seen a photo of him in a Man City top via media mates, or something similar. Be gone now Jack please!
  12. Preece tweeting the sick emoji. I’m guessing he’s seen a photo of him in a Man City top via media mates, or something similar. Be gone now Jack please!
  13. I can only assume it’s people with either anger issues, a real sense of entitlement, a lack of intelligence, or that they’re simply children. Throw in an addiction to social media where they always have to be online checking updates and then getting involved in arguments, and you have a mess for the eyeballs. I’m mostly ignoring twitter this week, other than to literally check for signing updates. It’s just not worth seeing all of these completely biased points which hundreds of people agree with. I just saw one about how City’s attackers played about 58% of City’s games last season, whereas Jack played 68% of Villa’s even with an injury….. nothing was mentioned about the City players injuries, nor was it mentioned that they probably played about 30 more games than us. Bye Jack. I hope you have a stinker against us, but I also hope you win some things. But then I also hope we win things and you come to regret leaving when you could have become a true legend. But mostly… bye.
  14. It’s not bullshit. Being a fan is different to being a fan that is a player. It’s their career and they may have held ambitions to win things long before they broke through to the first team.
  15. Villa twitter is a right embarrassment at the moment. No joke, some of our fans are looking like pathetic Arsenal fans, doom and gloom and constant whinging about how this will seal our fate and blah blah blah
  16. It’s very difficult to discuss these things whilst also remaining respectful for the player, the club and any other people who have been affected by the players actions. On one hand, something has happened, or is rumoured to have happened, and if it’s something so terrible then it will not go away. I know we’re not meant to discuss names of offences on here, but I do sometimes think that such serious disgraces NEED discussing, and that we just face the consequences afterwards. So.. With that in mind… I think everyone needs to know that a certain Everton player has done something utterly disgusting: . … . … . … . … It’s… Dominic Calvert-Lewin. I mean, just look at the state of that outfit. A tiny handbag, dressed like Snoop Dog with a pair of my grandads shoes on. We shall be censored no more! This needs discussing!
  17. We have foxes and badges at the bottom of ours. Not to brag, but we don’t find any dead animals. Just piles of shit.
  18. I reckon, without knowing, you’ve got a really annoying horse laugh or slip out massive rasping farts all the time, something like that, and eventually she just snapped.
  19. I see no issue whatsoever with some guy seeing the vile online abuse people were giving that little crying German girl at the England game and him trying to raise £500 as a token gesture for her parents to get her something. I feel like I’m in the minority here, as I’ve seen so, SO many people on twitter moaning about it (and the fact that it’s ended up at £10k+). One response is “money should be raised for good causes!”... to which my response is, go on then. Start fundraising if you care that much to moan. Another response is “my kid cried at the football, can he have money?!”, and those people are completely missing the point. There’s a big difference between any old forgettable upset kid, and the abuse that this girl got.. being called a “little nazi c-bomb bitch” and other similar stuff all over Facebook and Twitter. If the guy does track down the parents, I’m pretty sure they won’t accept the max amount that it’s reached, and may instead donate it to a charity of their choice.
  20. My mate has just got a new job at Coinbase (crypto currency wallet, for those that don’t know). He doesn’t like the difficult targets at our current place (and tbf, if I was in his role, I wouldn’t like it either. It sounds very tough). He applied for this role a few months back and has got the job. The role sounds very well compensated. He’s currently a grade below me, and on around 7-8k less, but at Coinbase he will be essentially side-stepping into the same role he does currently, but he’ll be getting a 15k payrise, plus £10,000 of Coinbase shares every year, plus a monthly £90 ‘working from home’ allowance, plus a monthly £50 ‘wellness’ allowance (ie: gym membership etc) to spend (or not) on whatever you want, plus it’s completely remote working, so no office at all. It all sounds too good to be true! On the one hand, as they seemingly don’t have/need a local office, the money the company saves on that, they seem to be happy to throw at staff. On the other hand, crypto currency is very volatile, and I would be pretty concerned for my job security if I worked there, as a crash in the market could affect their business drastically, and I feel like all of the remote workers would be the first ones to get the can if they needed to reduce numbers. Anyway, I’m curious to see how he gets on there and if the targets and workload are bad, and if they’re not, I may be tempted to have a look there!
  21. I feel like I’d need a pay increase to be a life changing amount to make me move that far away. I’m talking, an amount that would see me able to live my life significantly more comfortably, whether that be through a better property/ generally better lifestyle etc. In GB terms I think I’d need it to be, maybe, 30k+ more, for example.
  22. Haha I wouldn’t say I’m upset about it It’s just one of those phrases I’ve never been fond of, I don’t know why, I think it seems a bit lah de dah. No need to change it
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