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  1. Here’s a few answers for you: It’s a forum for discussion, and this is the John McGinn thread, and he’s probably our most valuable player at a time when prices have gone through the roof, so people might want to discuss the possibility of Villa bringing in £60m/£70m+ for a player and how that could be reinvested, even if we’d rather keep him. Or, you know, you can just say ‘STFU’ and we’ll lock the thread if you like?
  2. Rob182

    Douglas Luiz

    'Luiz from outside the area' is looking like a safe bet lately!
  3. Ah, the classic ‘hiding an erection’ design.
  4. Rob182


    It’s way too early to say he won’t make the step up. If there’s a couple of injuries then he will be used, and he may well chip in with goals and assists much like Grealish and El Ghazi have done without looking like our best players for most of the time. Jota’s main problem is his lack of pace. He looks extremely sluggish, but he’s a clever player who can make things work without skinning a player Gabby Agbonlahor style.
  5. Rob182

    The NSWE Board

    I’d be worried about players like Grealish & Mcginn wanting to stay in the Prem if we dropped. I don’t think either would want another promotion battle when they’re good enough for top half Prem sides.
  6. Unfortunately it's not just a Harry Redknapp brown envelope of cash with a dog's name written on the front. I think the training needs to be bought through one of the companies providers. Dammit.
  7. We just had a meeting with one of the senior bosses, thanking us for our work, telling us how "Out of all the teams, yours is consistently the highest performing, the 'shining light' of our project, we really want to express our thanks for how well your team has performed this year, especially considering the.... news", and on top of that, the guy at the very top who basically pulled the trigger on us is apparently coming to the office to thank everyone for their hard work tomorrow. I'm glad I'm working from home tomorrow. I can't stomach another insincere pat on the back, knowing that we'll all be out on our arses next June. I might give Dr Tony a call.
  8. Rob182

    Tyrone Mings

    After the commentator mentioned that, I watched the next few corners and there were at least 3-4 of our players who, like Mings, weren't actually man-marking anyone, and were just defending zonally instead. So I'm not sure that the commentator was exactly right with what he said. Whatever our strategy, hopefully opposition managers and players don't figure us out.
  9. I'm being made redundant next year. My company has a good redundancy package, of which, part of it is that they give you £2k funding for training. I'm wondering whether to just complete a load of courses/qualifications in my current field of Anti Money Laundering/ Financial Crime, or whether to use that to train in something completely new. The one criteria they've given us for the training, is that all the training we do must be with a view to getting a job in that field. Ie: I couldn't do a plumbing course AND a Financial Crime course, unless I could prove I was applying for some weird job that utilised both skills.
  10. ..and you've enjoyed working in Ultimate Outdoors ever since
  11. Rob182

    General Chat

    I particularly enjoyed Rebekah Vardy saying 'I can't believe you did all this while I'm heavily pregnant'
  12. It's great isn't it? A few years ago, a game against Man Utd was often lost before the players were out of the tunnel. The fear that they put into other sides meant that mistakes were made, decisions went their way and as the clock ran down, you just expected them to score one or more goals. Now, it feels like everyone in the league is looking forward to playing the team that we've all hated for 20 years and are now finally experiencing what it's like to be a poorly run team.
  13. After the Liverpool game, they have a fair few 'easy' fixtures (Norwich, Sheff Utd, Brighton etc), but I can still see them struggling against them! Even though we should probably hope for them to beat the other relegation favourites, I'd still enjoy seeing them get turned over by the bottom sides. I'm seeing a lot of arguing amongst their own fans now as well. I sit by a handful of Man Utd fans (all Birmingham born and bred, obviously), and 1 is a strong 'Ole In', 1 is a firm 'Ole Out' and the other seems to sit on the fence. The guy who wants Ole In has been tweeting for weeks about how Ole needs a whole season, at least, and that their problem is the squad and Ed Woodward. He keeps tweeting a new list of 'players to sign in January' every week, probably based on who has looked good that weekend. Of course, last week he put 'McGinn if we can tempt Villa to sell' in his wishlist I'm just really enjoying them not having everything gifted to them, like they had in the Fergie years.
  14. Auxillary: supplementary/ additional
  15. Rob182

    Tom Heaton

    Villa have tweeted that he should be fit for the Brighton game. Awooga!
  16. Not the first time in this thread, you seem to have completely missed the point. I haven’t listed those players to show that Steve Bruce signed bad players. I’ve listed them to show the money he had available to him, in response to your post that, presumably, was a defence of him having a lot to spend, as you made a comparison of the spending done by Bruce and RDM.
  17. Do those figures only take into account transfer fees? Because if they do, that’s missing a huge chunk of money that he had at his disposal, that went on wages (and potentially loan fees) for Johnstone, Snodgrass, Terry, Tuanzebe, Bolasie, Onomah, Grabban, El Ghazi, Abraham & Moreira. You’re right, that RDM waste a huge amount of money at Villa, and if he was managing (and making the same mistakes at) a club in the Prem, we’d be talking about him too. The thing with Bruce, is that he failed at Villa. By the end everyone (who wanted to) could see his flaws. He’s an arrogant, short-sighted, tactically terrible manager who keeps his reputation intact by blaming everyone else, going on the defensive and getting his media mates to back him up. Who remembers him coming out with “Who else can they get that’s better?” whilst doing terribly for Villa, and then all of the journos agreeing with him, despite the fans knowing that it was the worst football we’d seen since McLeish, Garde or Lambert’s last season, and he probably had more money to spend than those managers, and whilst in a worse league too.
  18. Whereas, in reality, he was the mastermind who: - Threw away the play-off final by playing with little attacking intent - Started a season with 1 senior centreback, sending our other one away on loan - Spent £12m on Hogan, and then never properly fit him into a team - Had a go at the fans on a fairly regular basis (such as ‘that’ll shut them up’ comments after an amazing win against the mighty Rotherham) - Brought in a load of loans and old players, giving Villa no future sell-ons or, realistically, a plan for the following season - Played Jedinak at centreback, Tuanzebe at rightback, oh and threw Chris Samba upfront - Kept touting the ‘no money’ line, despite spending loads on fees and wages - Started his last season as one of the promotion favourites, and then won 3 of 11 games, largely against lower half opposition So, yeah, no one is saying he’s the worst manager ever. He had his positives, for sure, (he stopped the RDM rot, he signed McGinn, some of his loans were great (Snoddy, Terry, Tammy)), but there is also a LOT that he did wrong at Villa, which is why people don’t speak too fondly. But, of course, you know all this. So I’m not sure why you’re concocting this idea that we think he’s the worst manager ever. He’s crap, that’s all.
  19. I don’t know about ‘constantly doubted’, but he often misses simple passes and fluffs his lines with shots and crosses. But he clearly shows a mental strength to not let it effect him because, as you said, he carries on and gets the assist/goals. Against Norwich he was actually fairly poor, in my opinion, except for his assists. I watched the full game back yesterday and there were many occasions where he became the weak link in an attack. I’d still rather have him start over Trez/Jota currently though, because as others have said, inconsistency is natural.
  20. Our goal difference right now is a really promising sign for the season ahead. I guess this comes with the territory of being a team that wants to our score every opponent, as opposed to a team that wants to sit on a 1-0 for dear life. 10th Bournemouth 0GD 11th Wolves 0GD 12th Man Utd +1GD 13th Sheff Utd 0GD 14th Brighton -2GD 15th Villa +1GD 16th Newcastle -8GD 17th Southampton -7GD 18th Everton -7GD 19th Norwich -11GD 20th Watford -16GD At this early stage of the season, we’ve basically got an extra point over all of the teams below us, due to goal difference.
  21. I might be wrong, but I see Rafa as more tactically astute than Bruce's tactically absent. Obviously they both play a defensive style, but Rafa's achievements with it dwarf Bruce's, so when looking at whatever they were good & bad at last year, I would expect the 'bad' to remain bad, and the 'good' to get worse I'm sure I read from somewhere that at Villa, Bruce didn't even attend the majority of the training sessions. I always get the impression that his tactical approach is pretty much "Give it to [insert players name] and let him whack it at goal". For them it'll be Carroll, for us it was often Snoddy.
  22. We would be happy with the points haul, but I doubt we'd be optimistic for the season ahead. Playing negative football can only get you so far, and for so long. Look at Pulis, I'm sure his Baggies team beat a few big teams too, but then when your tactical options are 'defensive' or 'ultra defensive' your options are somewhat limited. I'm sure Newcastle will pull off a few more unexpected wins this season, and yet they'll still probably be in a relegation battle because they'll fail to beat all the 'lesser' teams that come to play them.
  23. The 'two first team players' in the Statement is referring to Nakamba and McGinn. The club kind of ignored the Konsa chant, perhaps in the hope that fans would sort it out themselves.
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