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  1. Old Snobs I used to get 5 shots of vodka in a pint glass topped up with coke for 3 quid
  2. The new Snobs is... not very good. I went once, on my 30th birthday. And whilst obviously I'd feel old if I went to the old Snobs at 30 years of age, there would still be some older folks in there. In the new Snobs it was all a very very young crowd. I felt totally out of place
  3. If anyone has seen the movie "The Founder" then they'll know all about this. I assumed it was going to be (rightly or wrongly) a fairly feel good story about how a company was built from nothing. It is horribly depressing
  4. I'm sure it's not as bad regarding the tax implications etc, but I read something similar about TFL and Oyster cards. I don't think it was in the billions but it was certainly in the hundreds of millions of unused cash that was on Oyster cards, most of which will never be claimed
  5. Maybe, but the way the club is run is totally different than Bournemouth. They don't tend to do bad signings Brentford are a fascinating club
  6. I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews for it suggest it's absolute toilet
  7. The correct answer to "Who is the worst ref in the Premier League?" is Kevin Friend
  8. Oh I was a Snobs man too. Snobs on a Wednesday and Ramshackle on a Friday. But Snobs tended to be saved for school holidays given we'd go on a Wednesday. Ramshackle was far more regular just because we'd go on a Friday
  9. Season 3 is better than 2 in my opinion so stick with it even if you think the quality drops a bit in S2
  10. Well I guess when it was built it was called The Ricoh. It's never been called anything else to them so it's kinda just stuck. I guess if the Emirates got renamed to a different sponsor tomorrow a lot of people would keep calling it the Emirates for a while
  11. If it was 18 years ago then yep that would be around the time I was going regularly 2002-2004
  12. I'm going to see them again next week...
  13. They count Leicester as their biggest rivals I think. We're right up there as well obviously. I don't think anyone else particularly register as a rivalry
  14. The best player to pull on the shirt in the last 30 years moved to the league champions for a British Record fee. I don't know why people thought we wouldn't talk about him
  15. Exactly. It's not so much that you're meant to do it, just that it's your responsibility to see it gets done. I'm in procurement so we have lots of things we have to get from suppliers, like information, or delivery dates etc. The number of times the answer is "Well I emailed the supplier but they haven't got back to me"
  16. The old Academy was where I'd use mine (with the same excuse as to why I had a printout) Ramshackle on a Friday night. Unreal scenes
  17. Havertz captain wasn't a terrible shout pre-gameweek, just as Lukaku captain wouldn't have been if he was playing (I'd have had the armband on him) It's bad luck that Salah is just Salah. He's absolutely extraordinary this season. His current rate of point scoring would but him at 451 points for the season. I think his previous record (and the FPL record) is 301... ish. Can't quite remember but I remember it was just over 300 points and he's the only player ever to have scored 300+ points There's no right way to play FPL. But if you haven't got Salah this season you're doing it wrong
  18. I've said this before but I cannot take a Man Utd fan seriously. If I'm talking football with someone and then they reveal they're a Utd fan I honestly just glaze over. It's not fair really because some people are obvious genuine football people who support Man Utd. But my assumption is always "this person doesn't really know what they're on about and they have a warped perception of what being a football fan is"
  19. A friend of mine used to get freebie tickets to Old Trafford from a supplier so I've been there a couple of times (Usually for the Villa fixture but once we got relegated I went to the Utd West Brom game) One occasions a few people got up and left on about 70 minutes in front of us (it was 0-0 by the way). Some bloke behind us stood up and gave them absolute pelters "BYE THEN! Call yourselves fans? Walking out on 70 minutes. Embarrassing!" etc etc 5 minutes later he got up and left as well
  20. They looked absolutely shit But this has happened before but they always seem to pull a result out of nowhere and it saves Ole Wouldn't surprise me if they hammer Spurs at the weekend and everyone thinks they're back
  21. Nah. If it's your action, that's not good enough imo. Your responsibility is to make sure that's done. Fair enough it might be their fault, but if it's your action you should be following that up. The amount of times I'm running a meeting and someone's action is, I don't know, "Make sure prices are corrected in SAP". And the answer I get is "well I sent that team an email asking them to do it but I haven't heard anything back" winds me up. **** call them and make sure they've done it. Or get a reason why they haven't done it.
  22. Oh yeah it looked great. It's just the thought of a bouncer these days accepting a printout as ID
  23. Jones doesn't have to be in danger of getting hurt for it to be a red card. If you push someone in the face then they're not going to get hurt but you'll be sent off. It's violent conduct. The fact he only kicked the ball is irrelevant. It's clearly a petulant kick out. He should have walked
  24. Ronaldo's should have been a red. I don't know the reason for not giving it, if it was because it was Ronaldo or Man Utd or what. But it's a red card
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