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  1. Stevo985

    General Chat

    If you drink tea with three sugars then you don't like tea.
  2. Stevo985

    General Chat

    I made tea at work the other day for myself and a couple of colleagues. One of them, a lady that works for me, asked for 3 sugars. There is genuinely a part of me that hates her now
  3. Stevo985

    Scott Hogan

    Nah, like I said earlier. We want him to score a few. Enough to entice them to buy him. But still get relegated, and THEN he never scores another goal for them.
  4. He's scored one. For Wales. It's not hard to see why. He's probably the worst fullback, attacking-wise, in the league. Attacks die with Neil Taylor. The way Grealish and Targett linked up last night was very very good and it literally would not happen with Neil Taylor in the team
  5. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    He'd cost us almost as much as Grealish would cost whoever he ends up at. Maddison is a superb player. I said earlier in the season he was better than Grealish. I think Grealish has overtaken him now but there's not much in it. They're both ridiculously good players who the England team should be built around for the next 5 years. It won't though. it'll probably be built around Jordan Henderson and Ross Barkley
  6. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    Two games. Sherwood was in charge for the QF against West Brom. And by all accounts his influence at half time in the Leicester game the round before turned the game around, even though he wasn't technically managing the team at that point (watching from the stands). Lambert was only in charge for the 3rd and 4th rounds IIRC. And this is coming from someone who HATES Sherwood. I think he's the worst manager we've ever had. Literally ever. But to take away any credit for getting to that FA cup final and give it to Lambert is rewriting history.
  7. Loads. Because Taylor can defend better, apparently. It's not even true, but even if it was it wouldn't make him a better option than Targett. So many things Targett did last night I turned to my mate and said "could you ever imagine Taylor doing that?!"
  8. Seriously? I thought they were pretty decent last night. Not the best I've seen but miles from the worst. They were loud.
  9. If anyone still prefers Taylor over Targett then you need a **** brain transplant. Taylor could play for another 10 years at peak fitness and he wouldn't offer the threat Targett offered last night.
  10. Same. it was a brilliant atmosphere. Leicester fans very much included
  11. *absolutely shit most of the time
  12. Predicted almost as soon as it had happened that Cardiff would try and get out of paying the money. Sadly predictable.
  13. I'm on one about this ex now. If I did the bit in bold then it was me being self righteous and superior, thinking I'm right. Obviously I think I'm right. Why would I think something if I thought it was wrong? Everybody thinks they're right until someone shows them theyr'e wrong. Apart from women.
  14. Stevo985

    General Chat

    Your bulldog is **** awesome (no that's not a euphemism)
  15. Stevo985

    Dean Smith

    I don't know why. Maddison was their best player, and was brilliant all night.
  16. Something like that. It's mad. I really don't think he's much good but he pops up with goals a lot. He's worth having in the team just for that to be honest.
  17. Quite impressed with what I saw. Such a shame for him (and my nerves) that he didn't bury that tap in.
  18. He's absolutely shit. But somehow he scores goals. Wonderful composed finish for the winner.
  19. Maddison was quality to be fair. Not as good as Jack mind you.
  20. He's genuinely one of the best players in the Premier League. And he plays for us
  21. Stevo985

    Ørjan Nyland

    Fair play to him, absolutely excellent performance. Three superb saves in there. Contrary to most I actually think the one on to the bar was the weakest of the three. The first one early on down low to his left was far far better.
  22. Just got back. What a game, what a night. Absolutely buzzing for everyone.
  23. I'm expecting the atmosphere to be pumping tonight. As long as we don't do anything silly early on I'm hoping for a special night.
  24. Something about the way he's holding that sign annoys me irrationally.
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