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  1. Fair play for standing up to take a pen. Should’ve been 5th though. Never get the logic of not letting your best takers go first.
  2. deeps

    Jed Steer

    We need a number 2 GK in Jan
  3. Need HT as this is not working in the slightest
  4. I think we’ll see him play more than expected.
  5. It’s still going to hurt when I see him in that shirt. Feels like a break up when your ex said, she’s “felt this way for a while” and you feel the last few months were a lie!
  6. Think 3 more signings like this will help lift the place on the Jack news too.
  7. Sigh.... football is soulless
  8. Hope the good news this morning isn’t a sign of us getting a low blow later
  9. How do Sky post an article saying we have accepted the bid, then say we declined to comment?
  10. It’s bugging me more than it should. With the season starting for us 2 weeks today for him to leave now is a massive slap in the face. I will lose some faith in the owners too if this goes through. It’s hard not to. I remember when they came in we heard a lot of “buying players who we can build, develop and raise their value”... guess it means no matter who steps up next could be off if the £’s is right? Lets hope this has an ESW ending. I can’t see it myself.
  11. Transfers like this weaken the league. Every time we have a player in our hands this mob pop up. Bored if it (I’ve had a drink or 10)
  12. Agent has played a blinder. If way it’s pay day for him and Jack
  13. Mr. Stark... I don’t feel so good
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