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  1. Wrong choice in the summer. We can't get rid after seven games. It'd be mental. They made the choice, their first choice too we are told. Have to stick with it now.
  2. Well let's hope we can improve our away form to get a few draws then rather than losing every game.
  3. Of course not. Only teams who can't win football games are involved in them. Oh.
  4. Well it's already moved from 'relegation battle' to 'serious relegation battle'
  5. Oh come on that's not fair. It's not exact minutes at all. It's 85,86 and 87.
  6. I like this thread for the nostalgia
  7. How the hell are we going to reach 46 points when we lose every game away and at best draw at home? Ipswich away on Saturday, so that'll be in the relegation zone after eight games.
  8. Well done, Robbie! Another point towards safety!
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