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  1. TRO is a much valued member of this site. You have a very similar writing style
  2. Welcome my friend, almost everyone here is ok I think every Villa fan has everything crossed for Bailey's fitness Did you and TRO go to the same school?
  3. Exactly this. Dean needs to find the chutzpah to move one of either Ings or Watkins to the bench
  4. I certainly don't want Dean sacked. First because I think he's a good manager and, second, because I'm convinced we would get Lampard in and he isn't
  5. Easy. 433 with Bailey left, Buendia right leaving the decision to play Watkins or Ings up top as form dictates. I maintain that 352 is not for us and sucks balls.
  6. People will be if we lose this one People are dicks mind
  7. I think it's fair to to say we've been shit all over the pitch!
  8. It always happens. We always seem to follow a top win with a shit show
  9. 3-5-2 isn't working today. Need to choose between Ings and Watkins and then get some width or we are not going to trouble spurs
  10. Let's be honest, Gabby is as thick as pig shit. He knows next to nothing about Villa, Leeds or any other subject you may care to mention.
  11. Wow! Spurs look terrible! Not only that the players don't look like they care that they're terrible
  12. Yeah, think I'd bring on Traore to do Traore type things
  13. In the case of this game, we all have such low expectations that I doubt it ruins many weekends!
  14. Are the missing words 'thoughts' and 'blow'?
  15. When you say Stoke do you mean Burnley? Its easy mistake to make
  16. That's a strong Chelsea team but whatever team they play will be. They've spent hundreds of millions making sure there are very few weak links in their squad
  17. Ok, let's drop this shitty three at the back system, we don't have the players for it! Bring on Bailey and Buendia and get this shit done
  18. I've gone for an optimistic 8 points. A couple of wins and a couple of draws. I think we all know who the loss is against
  19. I **** hate five at the back and suspect we will get smashed playing it. I very much hope I'm proved wrong!
  20. I'm sure it's been mentioned already but the phrase 'life hack' makes me unreasonably angry.
  21. Yes, but it is kinda fun guessing who'll be first to suggest Dean be sacked for not switching to a back three or something similar
  22. The fun of Maths. International breaks throw up the oddest and most pointless of conversations. Nearly time for the Chelsea game thank the lord!
  23. Reminds me of the dodgy fairground dodgems murals you get of Elvis etc.
  24. This is where I'm at, though I'd only call anything below 17th 'devastating'. Feel that we will probably take half a season to settle the squad due to injuries/internationals/poor pre season/changes in coaching staff.
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