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  1. Thanks for the memories? That will be like the US Army thanking the Vietcong for the memories. It was a joke of course.
  2. He said the horse has bolted as well. He knows his time is up. He is as good as gone. And now AVFCTranferTweet is reporting him gone, it is pretty much nailed on. That guy always has his finger on the pulse.
  3. Pretty much confirmed he is off. Talking past sense. 'They will be in the prem league next season and loved every minute of it.' Goodbye Paul. Thanks for the memories.
  4. So apparently Graham Taylor has been on Radio WM suggesting that a deal to sell Villa has already been done.......
  5. Sounds like Kozak will be only incoming according to Kendrick. We'll see.
  6. James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey 1m Writing an #AVFC transfer story for tomorrow's mirror, expecting at least 1 in and 1 out I hope it isn't Kozak.
  7. Wasn't it Southampton linked to him as well as us ?
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