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Ratings and reactions: West Ham 1-2 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Dunne
    • Collins
    • Walker
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Heskey
    • Bent
    • Agbonlahor (gor Heskey 78)

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looking forward to MOTD then.

2 wins in a row and came back from a losing position, we're getting there at last. stuck a fiver on us a t6/1 when west ham scored so shall enjoy a free beer tonight as well.

top half - and stoke at home next week with the pressure off, suppose we'll probably bugger that one up :P but good chance of 3 in a row and shooting for a solid top 10 position rather than worrying about the bottom.

Time to enjoy the win now!

glad Gabby got the winner as well.

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man of the match by a country mile... darren bent

i think with walker overlapping downing it created several openings and split their team time and time again

today though the following should be learnt

friedel really needs replacing, really really. i have been saying it for a couple years we need a replacement and today it was painful the amount of flapping, coming and stopping and back pedalling, indecision.

collins and dunne, if one goes for the ball the other HAS to stay on his feat. not both keep attacking the ball and both missing it.

heskey, please god no. as a battering ram for the final 15 minutes then fair enough but from the start? he was terrible today

NRC i can forgive the shit performance today as he has been good before. but today he was utter crap bar 1 shot towards the end.

well done to

ashley young, still fell over too much but when on the wing he was great, he drifted into the 'hole' when gabby came on and was shit as was gabby, he went out wide and we score. nice to see him pull silly faces to the wet spam mockneys when we hit the winner.

downing, when walker overlapped he looked very good, still runs away from any challenge which annoys the tits off me and also is better on the left

gabby, came on knowing how important it was to win and despite being put on the left of midfield where he has been shit all season, he scored.

good lad. you can see it means a lot to him.

luke young and kyle walker - both attacked and supported the midfield, a few times they were doubled up on and were beaten but the both did the business today, especially youngs defensive qualities and walkers attacking

petrov kept thing ticking over in the middle, not outstanding but kept it moving and held it together while NRC kept giving it away.

GH has to get a 10 despite heskey becasue we won, and his sub scored the winning goal.

please get shay given, kyle walker and a decent left back, add in 2 top players to the team and people like ashley young will want to stay and we can play football how GH wants it played, on the floor with decent possesion, controlling the tempo.

well done for battling away and a big yay for darren ' scores week in week out' bent

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I kept an extra eye on Bent the whole game and i have to say the runs he is making is top class...it's not a coincidence he has scored so many goals at evry club he has been...he will get 20+ goals for us next season...just what we have been crying out for since yorke left.

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My heart is still racing. We were brilliant going forward but same old story at the back. Walker really is a brilliant attacking full back, if he can be a bit more responsible when he has the ball and improve defensively, he'll be immense.

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Glad of the three points which should make the rest of the season easier.

Both defences were abysmal in the first half and fortunately West Ham continued that form in the second.

Much brighter second half from us (at least for the first 20 of it).

Thanks to Gabby as I thought we'd duffed up our chances.

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Great day made even better by Blackpool slipping into the relegation zone, and us over taking sunderland!

Loved it when the sunderland fans were given Bent abuse for joining us and Bent said

"People have asked why I swapped a top six club for one currently in the bottom four. But I believe Villa are in a false position, they have been sixth for the past three seasons."

Get in!

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9th! I didn't realise there was a top half to this table. Happy days at last, but the best is we are above sunderland and blackpool. Stick those comments of holloway and bruce back down their throats.

I may even stay up to watch the last game on match of the day. We are always last!

Bring on next saturday!

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