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  1. terrytini

    John McGinn

    With people struggling to replace the phrase “ Stevie Bruce’s Man” in his song, I’d offer up “ worth an Extra Man”.
  2. terrytini

    John McGinn

    There was one bit, first half, where he did his One Man Army thing on our left, put someone through who lost it, then just ‘ appeared’ wide out on our right. Breathtaking..literally and figuratively! Id swear he’s got a Wormhole out there he uses to get about so often and quickly !
  3. terrytini

    John McGinn

  4. terrytini

    James Chester

    Very composed, read the game well, back to near his best. JT, another CB next to him rather than Jedi, and crucially much better defending ahead of him, (helped by taking the game to the opposition where possible and by not surrendering possession when under pressure).....all helped.
  5. terrytini

    John McGinn

    Surely a pit bull with two legs is less superb than a pit bull with the regulation 4 legs ?..
  6. terrytini

    Yannick Bolasie

    Agree. Just been watching some reruns on people’s YouTubes and on TV....Tammy has a right go at him after chasing down 2 plAyers only for it to be wasted because Bolasie idling.....again with Hutton, they nearly scored....and I recall another two in the game. He put in one brilliant ball, but his laziness and lack of commitment nearly cost us. Needs to raise his game about 100%.
  7. terrytini

    John Terry

    Yes. Also, notable that the Subs warmed up with the First 11,:ive always wondered why they just used to prat around in the corner. About 1/3 of the warm up was talking.......never seen any before....... The shooting drill was the front 5, and Birkir, working the ball betweeen them before shooting, instead of just pot shots, and JT was very animated with the Back 4.
  8. terrytini

    John Terry

    He was first out, laid out the cones and bibs. Got good applause to which he responded. First time I’ve ever seen/heard a Number 3 get cheered lol. ( for anyone interested in such things, our pre match warm up was significantly different than previously).
  9. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Best part of today, other than actually seeing us play football !......the amount of times we defended from the front and from the middle, frequently leaving Swansea players with nowhere to go. I recall watching RDMs Villa against Boro in the per season friendly, and thinking we looked quite pretty, but fragile, particularly mentally. Turns out, we were exactly that. Recall Bruce’s first game v Wolves and posting on here that it was non footballing garbage. Whilst some agreed a prime criticism was “ he’s only had a few days what can you expect”........yet it turns out that performance was not untypical. Today I saw only 5 ‘hoofs’ ( one of which was Axel clearing lines), I saw frequent occasions where all our outfield players were in their half, our holding MF being allowed to cross the halfway frequently, McGinn given full licence to rule the midfield, several good attacks stemming from players thinking twice and passing instead of booting, good movement, great commitment, and decent chances. Oh, and everyone playing in their positions, even following substitutions. Im no expert, but I trust my first impressions, I think we can look forward to the rest of the season and, although 2nd is likely out of reach, we will put in a good challenge, and, I’m sure , certainly finish in the Play Offs.
  10. terrytini

    Jack Grealish

    Yes. Like the oil in an engine.
  11. terrytini

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Yes. But not like today (IMO).
  12. terrytini

    Jack Grealish

    Played well, I don’t share the criticisms at all. Im not sure how relevant it is whether he looks like a £30m player, or a Premier League player, or last seasons pkayer....he played well enough.
  13. terrytini

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    His best game for us. Makes you think doesn’t it ? He was Bruce’s player through and through, yet Smith has got a performance from him way better than anything Bruce did.
  14. terrytini

    John McGinn

    He gets up and down the pitch faster and better than I get up and down out of a chair. Excellent.
  15. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Yaaaay !