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  1. Micah Richards

    What a good player he is.
  2. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    Well I DO go to the games but am still racked off I can't watch them in full after at least ... would that be so hard ? What about if the Club make the game available a day or do later in the uk ? Possible or not allowed ?
  3. All games streamed live overseas next season!

    What would happen if the shit hit the shit fan ??!!!
  4. Steve Bruce

    Maybe not the first hoof for me but definitely the first half will be enough to see whether things are going to be different. Unreasonable ? No - because the things people will be looking for are simple tangible things - as you've outlined earlier- getting the midfield up in support of front players, cutting out the keeper/Baker hoof, getting on the front foot, and of course playing at least 4 players in a truly positive role... Simple enough things to look for and if he is interested in being more creative he will have these things in place from the Off.
  5. Steve Bruce

    I'm not taking sides I think both have merit but I remember commenting on here after the Boro friendly that I was massively concerned that despite the general optimism everywhere the actual performance was alarmingly like the previous year. I was very very concerned that RDM had got absolutely nowhere on changing our losing mentality. And I think performances bore that out. Yes we didn't lose many and yes late goals cost us, but we never felt right. So whilst not s shambles, and while yes, had a few of those early games gone out way we might have been okay, I DO think we were still close to freefalling. And I say that as someone who stuck out for RDM being given more time. Whilst I can't necessarily support it with Stats, and whilst I have strong reservations about zBruce, it does FEEL like we have a lot more character and resilience now.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Yeah I see it but don't see it - what's the point ? That he did a good job ? He did. That he did better with Cardiff than Bruce did with us ? Yes he did ... but - so to speak - so what ? It would only seem relevant to me if someone had said Warnock record last year was worse than Bruce's- then I could understand someone quoting that. But other than that, to me, it's meaningless. To put it another way I'm sure lots of Managers were outperformed by lots of other Managers last year - so what ? I can see why some want Bruce and why some don't - but I can't see what Warnock had to do with it.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Bit of both for me TRO - yes those up top need to do better but the Manager could ( I think will ) tweak his tactics to get more support - and closer- to help them do so. He is learning too ( I hope) and maybe sees he has created some of these issues by focussing backwards instead of forwards ( pitch wise) . Lansbury and Hourihane were used more constructively in this regard in the final game. They can relieve pressure on the defence by helping the attack.
  8. Steve Bruce

    I'm not at all sure what relevance it is that Warnock did a really good job at Cardiff ?
  9. Steve Bruce

    Not for me - it's the Championship, not the Champions League, IMO Bruce has already overdone it on the need for a holding Midfielder - fine, as Jedi is good at it use him for it when fit, but let's not go searching for another one. We need creativity, and goals- woefully short on both last year.
  10. Steve Bruce

    I would say 99% of players in the Cgamponship have those abilities. I certainly don't see many of our best 15 players lacking much of them and can't agree with those who think our players are poor. So I'd say it's almost ALL down to a Manager to get those things happening. Thankfully Bruce has done that in the past, and showed signs of it here - only signs though. So there is hope, and, IMO, enough reason to give him a go. But, as I said above, all those things will need to be on show from early on, together with points, else he'll walk the plank.
  11. Steve Bruce

    I'm okay with Bruce having a go but it HAS to be in respect of Automatic promotion, not the play offs. And this is crucial IMO because it very much determines how long he is given. If - as it surely must be - the aim is automatic promotion he HAS to average 2 Points per game, pretty much from the Off. That might sound tough to us, because we are accustomed to failure, but it's what any side wanting to win Leagues has to do. Yes there can be a few games grace but it will be very clear, very quickly, whether we will be hitting that target. The alternative, where a Play Off place is considered even as part of the target, dilutes things awfully. I mean look ok at us this season, how poor for how long yet still in with a shout in April. In other words accepting from the Off that a Play Off place is ok means he would be allowed a far greater amount of 'iffy' results, especially early on. We can't have that. And that's not to mention a place in the Play Offs guarantees nothing anyway. It HAS to be 2 points a game from - pretty much - the Off.
  12. Tony Xia

    If true I don't blame Xia one bit - we have a first 11 as good as any in the League, and have another 4/5 good enough for the Squad - so we need 3/4 and need to get rid of about 14 - cant blame Tony if that's how he sees it too.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Indeed. In a way I think RDM was similar to Keegan at Newcastle. It was all about 'touchy-feely let them play' which, had the blue touch paper lit, might have been exciting and/ or interesting......but there was little of the nuts and bolts stuff needed when things don't work ( again, a la Keegan). Now we have more in the way of nuts and bolts but only damp squibs !
  14. Steve Bruce

    I change my overall opinion depending on the overall picture and on balance I think Bruce should stay. I change my micro- opinions depending upon the last thought I had !!
  15. Steve Bruce

    I've said repeatedly I see merit on both sides and agree with much of this - however ( in my view) although I said we got rid of RDM too soon I do recall his last few games we were looking increasingly confused and ramshackle. Whereas with Bruce, whilst I have major issues over his tactics, we were arguably reasonably stable. Not a ringing endorsement (so the Pro Bruce might not like it) but not a total write off (so the anti Bruce might not like it lol).