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  1. So, that Dean Smith fella eh ?
  2. “Red States” experiencing a significant upturn in cases. Already. Salutary lesson to all rational people.
  3. Yup. In all respects, Premier League or anything else, it all boils down to the severity of the disease. None of us know for certain how bad it will be, but it is how bad it will be that will define everything else. Or to put it another way, at one end of the scale we have events that barely affect life. Far across at the other extreme we have existential threats. It would be just as daft to suggest football ( or anything else) would carry on under the latter as it would to suggest it should stop for the former. So the reality is just a question of where we are on that scal
  4. It doesn’t make a scrap of difference whether Clubs will go bankrupt. Just like it doesn’t make a scrap of difference if the Pub, or the Cinema, or the Builders Merchant go bankrupt. If the illness is severe enough, that’s what will happen. If it isn’t severe enough, it won’t.
  5. There are alternatives. And if those alternatives aren’t welcome, ( politically or ideologically )increased taxation done properly shouldn’t require the destruction of our infrastructure or of people’s livelihoods.
  6. I think the debate on how it is all paid for will be as fundamental as any other part of this crisis, so I’d expect it’s inevitable this thread will include arguments about it. When that happens I will join in ! But for the present I think it’s safe to say there’s plenty of money, and plenty of alternative credible economic theory, around. Not the least of which is known ( somewhat oddly, as it’s not new) ‘modern monetary theory’. Whether we see the political or ideological will is another question. It’s usually easier to convince ordinary people to stump up.
  7. It’s very affordable. I could say more. Indeed, I thought I did.
  8. Because money is all pretend ! I pay you, you pay me, we pay him. Round and round it goes. Largely a convenient illusion. But notwithstanding that it can be afforded with relatively modest taxation ( especially if we finally embrace the idea that there’s a lot of money in the hands of relatively few) over a long period. Then the only issue is whether the Markets will be happy with it and, by and large, they will be. Remember it’s only a couple of years back we were told there was no money for the very modest proposals in the Labour Manifesto versus Theresa May. Ye
  9. This, this, and more this. Without it, everything else is irrelevant.
  10. Interesting in many ways, and unsurprisingly disturbing. Good to see an effort has been made to shine a spotlight on the Area. Oddly the Report is written as if all Care is in Private Ownership, whereas many Care Homes are Council run, and aren’t mentioned. In those cases of course, staff absent through illness would be on full pay. Its also interesting how mild many of the criticisms and observations from staff members are. I have heard much worse. Now, is that because staff are reluctant to speak out formally, or some other reason. In any event i5 makes the issue seem less serious
  11. So, 45 days and 152 pages later, anything changed yet ?
  12. I think you are in for the shock of your life. We’ve have barely got started, in my view. Though I do agree it is opinions only at this stage, anyone who says they know is fooling themselves.
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