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  1. Indeed it has. Engels looked like more of a footballer, but having a CB who is - almost - dominant in the air is still a fantastic asset. I like Hause, he defends ok, and he wins headers. Someone should tell him he isn’t Glen Hoddle though and that we have 10 other players who can pass the ball better
  2. “Trying” ? .....testing their resolve surely ?
  3. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    And the first time I’ve had a bet on that happening
  4. I was suprised how quick some were on his back at the game, and suprised when I saw some of the comments slaughtering him in here.....glad that quite a lot at the game and on here seem much more ready to give him a chance. I liked that he never went missing ( CH ?), always showed for the ball, looked to release people going forward where he could, and put as much as a physical shift in as a non match fit player could do. I thought Nakamba was helped by his efforts.
  5. Didn’t I tell you last week it might all look very different by tonight ? A Win and a draw and both after being behind
  6. Yes it was a moaners special tonight. On the players backs right from the off. Let’s hope the Win stops all that for a bit.
  7. Yes I accept all teams do it to an extent but Atkinson had no control whatsoever. Shocking performance from him.
  8. Just back !? Just leaving the Car Park ...admittedly I’ve been sat on VT
  9. When was the last time we scored from an assist from the GK, to CB1, to CB2, to CB3 ( and possibly back to CB 2) ?
  10. Wow just seen Reinas save back. Thought it looked good at the time but never sure from the Holte - fantastic. Interestingly watching him warm up he was practicing exactly that. Nyland shooting from the byline, he’d save it then turn 45 degrees and save one from straight on. I haven’t seen a GK warm up like that before, then he repeated it in the game
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