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  1. Steve Bruce

    I agree I was trying to think how they may see it. For me yes, they are taking a huge risk. If you believe, as I do, Bruce will have us way off the pace, then the risk is in keeping him. I just wonder if they think it's beyond anyone else just as much as him, if that makes sense,
  2. Steve Bruce

    If we finish 6th and don't get promoted will you be happy ?
  3. Steve Bruce

    Probably needs 2.15 or so per game from here on in for Automatic promotion. Which would surpass anything he's ever done . In fact it's equivalent over a whole season to getting 100 points which doesn't happen often !!! On the other hand it's a tall order for anyone.......so maybe the Club have already decided there's no point gambling.
  4. Steve Bruce

    We need to Win the next 5 on the bounce to get to 2 points a game....
  5. Steve Bruce

    We have to Win the next 5 to get to 2 points a game !!
  6. Steve Bruce

    I've no problem with any of that but it's not surprising you are more forgiving if you'd be ok with 6th. Im afraid for me anything less than top 2 is a big failure considering the time and backing he will have had. And to finish 6th it means we can be as low as maybe 12/13th even as late as April. Our sights should be higher . In my view.
  7. Steve Bruce

    Totally agree. It reminds me of years and years of watching Inger-Lund qualify for competition after competition playing variations of poor football and being told " it's the results that matter" ... ...and everyone who was anyone saying we will come unstuck as soon as we play anybody any good because we have no real fixed idea how we play, we chop and change, we don't look after the ball, we rely on individual flashes of skill. Its a lower level, with lower level competition, and we have the huge advantage of some of the Leagues best players, but ... ...Feels just the same to me. Sorry if to some people that's "Moaning".
  8. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    All fair enough but they are a pretty poor side on s poor run/ and the fact they were above us says as much about us as them tbh. I agree this "because we are ACFC " is meaningless. We are just a second tier side with a history as things stand, And there's an argument that we are the Championship equivalent of Galacticios...
  9. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    Always makes me chuckle when you post having just got home and I'm still in the car park lol. It certainly is another 3 points and 6/6 is always an acheivement. I think we probably did edge it. Im pretty sure that's not going to be anywhere near enough myself - try as I might to hope for the best !!
  10. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    A slight improvement on the usual garbage. Very good effort from the players, battled well. Two well taken goals. Not within a million miles of being good enough for Top 2......and that was his fully rested best 11.
  11. Steve Bruce

  12. Steve Bruce

    Bruce has managed to get a good effort from the players in a hard fought win against a poor, out of form, Forest side. Im pretty sure as long as Kodja plays - effectively created both goals today - that paragraph will be applicable to quite a lot of games this season. I am also pretty sure doing so means he will remain our Manager , so we will get the stability wanted by some, and avoid the press saying nasty things about us. I think he will almost certainly improve on last seasons League position. Im equally as sure we will be in the Championship next season but Hey !! I'm going to celebrate the Win and look forward to Tuesday night.
  13. Steve Bruce

    You are usually very good at ensuring people's recollections equate to the reality..... My recollection is that there were certainly some saying they would take a defeat "if it meant Bruce got the sack" which is of course an entirely different thing to " wanting us to lose " in the same way that some people were happy to take a defeat in the Cup " if it means we win On Saturday ". The sentiment may still displease some, but let's get it right !!
  14. Steve Bruce

    No question for me it's a decent squad and a very good first 14 or so. No Manager ever gets it completely 'right' with transfers - and all are influenced by player demands etc, but within reason the recruitment has been good. Nothing wrong with a few old hands either. But.. Time has all but run out on choosing the right combination and having the right approach to complement those players.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Because he's making it up as he goes along as all Managers tend to once they are in decline