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  1. I spoke to the Ticket Office last week and was advised it is under Review. One consideration is whether to scrap it altogether as, quote “ lots of Clubs have no separate Scheme”.....by which I assume they mean they would simply do a graded “ history based” set of purchase Windows.
  2. You did indeed, of course, my error. I meant to say you could join the Scheme if not already being a member, ( ie it wa open to new applicants). But my Brain went all jumbly.....
  3. Don’t want to get ahead of myself as nothings signed but if we do get another GK I wouldn’t feel bad for Steer. He has played a major role in us getting promoted. He’d have no trouble getting a good move to another Club now. If he stays, He would be our No 2, a position he was okay with previously, he will be in the PL, he’ll be on a decent contract, and he’ll have a fair chance of playing, certainly in the Cups. That ain’t bad !
  4. I hope this doesn’t sound critical but I’m suprised to still be seeing people say this. I think it’s been very clear from everything that’s been said they intend to build a side to challenge, not just to take part. That bit I’d say is evident. To add a personal opinion, it’s my view these guys are so wealthy there’s no way they are doing this for money. They want the thrills, they want to sit with the King, they want to join in the whole jamboree. What do you get for the billionaires who have everything and who love Sport ? A famous old Club with massive potential for a bargain price. They aren’t daft, they won’t go mad, it’ll all be planned and controlled, but it’ll be ambitious.
  5. Get away with you ! Tremendous signing if it’s happened.
  6. Sounds promising then.....quite a statement it would be !
  7. Fair enough we’ve signed a few nobody would’ve predicted. But it’s maybe early days to second guess a particular philosophy ? What we definitely DO know is both Smith and Purslow were sure who their targets were so certainly for me I’m happy to sit back and watch what they do... ...I’ve every confidence they have a very very definite plan.
  8. I’m convinced they’ll sell however many they put on sale.
  9. terrytini

    The pitch

    Not speeded up either. All done in one day, by one man, John McGinn.
  10. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    So, anybody wishing we’d got rid of Bruce and brought Dean Smith in ? Oh.....

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