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  1. Steve Bruce

    Well I will try to be positive God Knows it was rough enough getting here. First half a little more pace, little more purpose. I thought Bruce was mad giving Samba a trial but he was excellent. Terry genuinely does exude authority. We will certainly be tougher with him around. Very composed again on the ball. I don't like Birker but to be fair he did offer movement, it may trouble some teams, Jake looked good. Bree is better than Hutton. Im afraid that's all I can think of. After an hour the guy next to me turned and said " it's exactly the same isn't it ?".... the guy behind and his mates joined in " how come every team we play plays better football than us ?" By 75 minutes it was a general conversation, Sadly they were all fair comments. My view is we simply have too many good players to completely mess up. But st the moment that's the best I've got, And why Davies on for 5 minutes ? Why Tish on for 30 seconds ? And finally - has ANYBODY got the first idea what 'shape/ pattern ' we were 'trying out' for the last half hour ?
  2. Walsall a 18th July 19:45

    Like their little 10. How come every team we play has a crafty little number 10 but we've got Birker ?
  3. Walsall a 18th July 19:45

    They are. Its not too bad to be honest. I wish he'd use Lansbury properly though. It looks like he trusts him to win the ball more than Hourihane but he's wasted back in his own half. Its not great but there's a bit of mobility and a bit of passing.
  4. Tony Xia

    Is the symbol at the end off Graham Nortons Chair ?
  5. Tony Xia

    Nurse !!
  6. Ahmed Elmohamady

    It does. And it's a fair negative. On the other hand he's been promoted. And the other way means simply hoping a player will do the job. I don't see either as great, but I prefer the former. I certainly don't see why it should be thought significantly worse as a plan.
  7. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I'd prefer us to buy those players who increase our likelihood of going up rather than who might be ok if we do.
  8. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I still don't see it. This argument means you have to find the youngster, hope the youngster is good enough, get promoted, then hope the youngster is good enough to play in the Premier League. Id rather spend the £1m or whatever then sell him.
  9. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Well I agree 3-4 years is a lot but presumably if we went up it enables us to get our money back ?
  10. Ahmed Elmohamady

    It neednt be though. We were good under Sir Brian with a three. If done right - not like the botch job in January - I could see it could bridge the gap between Bruces cautiousness and the need to get midfielders up the pitch and actually playing with the strikers.
  11. Ahmed Elmohamady

    Pictionary ?
  12. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I don't understand when people say this. Surely you don't expect us to be able to buy a squad full of players who WILL be of use if we get promoted ? That implies having a Premier League squad whilst in the Championship - not feasible surely ?
  13. Ahmed Elmohamady

    20 crosses? Thats more than we've put in in four years I'll take that. And the fact that he couldn't penetrate the iron wall of Luna is to Lunas eternal credit !!
  14. Ahmed Elmohamady

    I think hoping for 3 or 4 quality signings likely to start ahead of the £100m or whatever's worth we already have is maybe hoping for a lot for a mid table Championship Club ?