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  1. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Thanks @Reivax_VillaI hadn’t seen that. Im reassured by that. He’s explained what’s what as far as I am concerned, he’s said as much as he can dare say without slaughtering the players or attacking the previous Managers style. I’m going to put myself firmly in the camp of giving him next season. We aren’t going anywhere the last ten years or so, I think he knows what h3 wants to do, I think it’s what we need, and I’ve no reason to think anyone else would, or wouldn’t, be better or worse.
  2. terrytini

    Pre-match thread

    Last 5 games Form, when we’ve been at a worst, we’ve still only got 2 points less than Sheffield United, Baggies, Boro, and Derby. Only 1 less than Leeds, Blues, Forest and Swansea. Every team will have some good and some poor runs. Our good one starts today ! UTV !
  3. terrytini

    Pre-match thread

    You miserable sods ! Getting hammered, not going, season over ? WTF ? Its Saturday afternoon, it’s a Derby, we are in touch with the Play Off places, it’s football, it’s Villa ! Cheer up ! 4-2 Villa .
  4. terrytini

    Dean Smith

  5. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Good post @Merson08 but the Wigan score is the wrong way around
  6. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    It’s pretty horrible isn’t it ? Ive seen all but one game under Smith. I’ve seen us play better football under him than for many years. So I have some ( diminishing) confidence that what we are seeing is temporary. However, I’ve seen football as poor as anything as well. Im as mortified as any as to why the approach has changed but ultimately it can only be one of two things. EITHER A the players can’t play how he wants, as consistently as would be needed (over 90 minutes or over multiple games ) - particularly without Jack and Axle - So he’s playing what he thinks suits them best ( which, given they were assembled by Bruce, resembles Bruce’s teams) and they are doing it to about the same standard as they always have. If this is so, I think complaints are futile. Cries of “ put the kids in” are based on very little player assessment, and, putting them into the team at the wrong time would be counter productive. Arguments about which Left Back, or which DM etc, are really the “ two bald men arguing over a comb” type. Hopefully he knows who he wants to work with come the summer. In this scenario, the only thing that will affect performances in the short term is the return of Jack. For those that argue one player shouldn’t make such a difference I’d say ( a) it is self evident, under two Managers, that he does and (b) it depends on the player and the type of team he influences. Only a summer clear out and all it entails will change things. OR B the players CAN play how he wants, consistently, but either..... -he's decided to play like this on purpose, so this IS how he wants, - unrealistic in my view, only really supportable if you rationalise it by the “ can’t handle a big club” nonsense, - or he can’t get them to do so. In which case we are back to waiting for the clear out. Having seen the good and bad, I’m going to go with ‘A’. Particularly as I recall Bruce saying at the start of the season how it was HIS intention to have playing a more front foot style, only for him to also quickly abandon it. Im afraid we have players who were bought to play a particular way, and have shown for many months that without that bit extra ( Jack, Snodgrass, Kodja Of old) neither that way, nor the players that play it, can compete in modern football.
  7. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Please yourself what you think but don’t call it ridiculous just because you disagree. I can’t be arsed debating it but your point is utterly irrelevant in my view. All I’ve done is list the points totals for each Manager. That’s a factual record of how they did. If you wish to relate to comfort levels etc that’s up to you.
  8. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    I’ve done it as if it were 3 for the purpose of this comparison.
  9. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Atkinson got 30 points from his first 19, although he had the advantage of pre season) goal difference Plus 5 Little got 26 from his first 19, goal difference Plus 8.These results straddle a summer/ pre season/ transfer options. Smith has 29, Plus 7. Ron Saunders got 30, with Plus13. He had a full pre season. Basically, Smiths record so far stands comparison to any of them except Gregory, and it’s not far off as good as any of his ruivals since he’s been here.
  10. terrytini

    Tyrone Mings

    Or apostrophes.
  11. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Some of the football is dreadful. Far worse than his first month or so. Having said that there’s a difference between the team that beat Boro so convincingly and yesterday’s. Nyland, Axel, Jack, Elmo, Bolasie, Chester - now Kalinin, Hutton, Jedi, Elphick, Mings, Kodja. Regardless of the different reasons for these changes there’s no question that in terms of possession/ passing football that first group, not including Mings but including Nyland, were considerably more comfortable with the ball. Even watching us warm up is significantly different, the fast passing game they play looked intricate and clever for several weeks, on Saturday the Warm up was as poor as the game ! And it’s quite a change personnel wise. In particular Jack and Axel were, crucially comfortable on the ball in a Smiths first couple of months. We simply haven’t bought enough players who can play proper football over the last three years. We tended towards the grafters. So missing even one or two is enough. For the first eight or so games we all but eliminated the “ channel ball” from the full backs, and the hoof to the isolated striker. I’m sure there are good reasons it’s changed, and the lack of sufficient quality ball players is a big part. Having said that, Smith has had 19 games. Over those 19 games Leeds are Second, have 35 Points, have scored 29 and Conceeded 26 , plus 3 We have 29 points, scoring 36 and conceding 29, plus 7. Given the miserable situation Smith came into, compared to Bielsa starting the season with Leeds, I’d say that’s not bad. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. And, in my view, a million miles away from meriting discussion of his position. Take it one step further, if we had Won that One game against Leeds, rather than them, we’d be 2nd in the table of results since Smith arrived, on 32 points with Leeds but with a better goal difference. Those who choose to think things are poor will no doubt do so regardless of this, but for those hoping for some reasons for optimism I hope it helps !
  12. terrytini

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Utd

    @OutByEaster?that match report is wonderful. If you aren’t already employed in some capacity as a writer, you should be. It was like the cigar and port after a marvellous dessert following a rancid dinner. And “ he was always a step ahead or eight seconds behind, I couldn’t tell which “made me choke on my coffee. Brilliant. Thanks.
  13. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    I’ve little appetite for posting these days but I thought I would just pop in to say this. Whilst I share the disappointment that there has been a drop in performances after a decent start, i think it’s worth pointing out ( although I’m sure I’ll be told it’s not !) that Smith has had 18 League games from which we’ve got 28 Points. In the same period Leeds, a decent benchmark ?, have accrued 34 Points. We were leading Leeds 2-0, and they won late on. Whilst im aware of the “ if my granny had nuts ..” etc line, it’s the case that had we Won just that 1 game, against Leeds, our record under Smith would match them.....it’d be 31 Points each. Now, if you want to be pessimistic, you can pick holes in that. But if you want something to feel positive about, it shoukd help ! Long way to go !
  14. terrytini

    Pre-match thread

    Anyone driving the School Car Park is CLOSED ( it’s been reserved for 70 coaches). There is limited parking on the Moor Park Car Park right by the school.
  15. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Sorry I make no apologies for stating a fact. Nothing holy about it. ” To hell with stats” ..........says it all really. This seems to be the in thing. If you don’t fancy some facts, ignore them. I will be the first to say our defence is poor if we start conceding significantly more goals than others. Im happy to comment on a poor performance in any one game. But it’s you, not me, that’s ignoring the 3 clean sheets and the two other games where we Conceeded just 3 goals. My point has simply been that ( again) sincecSmith took over our defence has stacked up. Its even been said that only looking at Smiths time is daft...! On that basis, if we play 1/3 season under Manager 1, and conceed 100 goals, then 2/3 under Manager 2, and conceed None, wed go into our last game “ with a crap defence” because we have to count the time of the previous bloke. Plain nonsense. You agree, do you not, that prior to last night our defence under Smith has been bettered by only 2 Clubs ? Oh, no, you don’t, because you want to ignore stats. Yes, they went through us like a knife through butter. Does not mean our defence is crap, any more than them conceding 5 means theirs is. It poured with rain after the game, does that mine it rains all the time ? You are right, upcoming games will show whether our defence is useless or not. I am very confident, based on what has actually happened since Smith joined, rather than on how I feel about last night, that those games will show our defence is no worse than most of our competitors.