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  1. I don’t see that as sad. Ejecting bigots is good, it being reported is good. The only way it would be sad would be if one took it to imply we are the only Club that has bigots. We aren’t, they all do, if things were working as they should there would be many more stories of people being ejected.
  2. Great example. It was actually incredible that the TMO thought that pass wasn’t forward. So much for TV replays !
  3. Nah, can’t agree. People can’t keep saying it’s fine in theory when it’s crap in practice. Its a complete shambles. It was always debatable whether it actually WAS ever that crucial to get everything “ right”.....but this doesn’t tackle everything, it’s clearly used arbitrarily, it’s unaccountable, it’s inconsistent, it’s hugely unpopular ( not sure I’ve ever heard a louder chant than against it today).
  4. VAR is an absolute shambles. Before it arrived my concern was it might give TV viewers some fun but would be dreadful for actual spectators, and so it is. Celebrating a goal is the ultimate buzz at a football match. It was always tough if you started to celebrate then glanced over at the Offside flag - but you had the opportunity to do just that. This, is nothing like that. Ive yet to talk to a single fan at a game who doesn’t want it scrapped. Take today. Their goalie doesn’t appeal. The defenders don’t. The Ref and Lino give nothing. Not a single fan was worried. The players, on both sides, thought it a goal. So, where ( regardless of whether you think there WAS a foul) was the Clear And Obvious Error ? There wasn’t one. And I’ve rarely seen such anger from fans. We aren’t paying £500 a year to wait for a guy on an industrial estate to tell us what we’ve seen.
  5. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Deano is doing very well. 5 Wins and 2 Draws from our last 9 games, with 22 goals scored. I like that a lot
  6. Yes he was. He plays a different game to pretty much everyone else we see.
  7. Agree ...we need 3 more wins and 3 draws in 2019 from 12 games. The best bets for those Wins includes Brighton. We can lose against City, Liverpool, Wolves, United, Chelsea and Leicester without it mattering. Not that you will see that reaction on here ! As it happens I suspect we will get a couple of good results from those free hits, and a couple of poorer ones than hoped for from the so called “ easier”fixtures.
  8. Just a quick shout out that some have been singing an offensive song with racist overtones about JK for some time now - without such a furore. Just in case any readers are amongst those that sing it, could you please stop this one aswell.
  9. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Smith sees them both in training. I’d hazard a guess he’s seen enough to suggest Davies isn’t the answer, else he’d play him. Just a guess though. Davies has never looked like a goal scorer to me. In any event I’ll trust the judgment of the guy who sees them up close. I suspect a fit Kodja could well find himself starting a game very soon.
  10. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Must admit to wondering this last season aswell. Like a slightly slower, more skilful, Agbonlahor with a brain... ....or like Henry if we are lucky. It’s one I’d be interested to see for sure. Doubt we ever will though.
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