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  1. terrytini

    Dean Smith

    Not just that. Look at today’s line up. Steer. Elmo. Jedi at CB. Taylor. Adomah. Kodja. Whelan. That’s 7 of the 11. Just a few months ago many many people would’ve seen those names on the Team Sheet and despaired ( in some cases with more reason than others). They ( apparently) had no fight, little skill, no desire, etc. If you’d said to even their biggest admirers that they’d be playing quality, entertaining, winning, pressure football, you’d have been laughed at. No pre season. No big budget buys. Very few of his own players. Absolutely outstanding job he’s done.
  2. I love Wins like that. We weren’t at our best, we were against a determined opponent, but we created tons of chances, Steer only had to make one save, and we never looked in trouble. The stellar performances are thrilling but workman like ones like this are satisfying and have been all too rare for a good few seasons.
  3. Monty Python did a version of that showing the arrow splitting the Apple to great applause and cheering... the camera pulls back and there’s about eighty arrows stuck in the Boy, the tree, the ground...... thankfully those days seem to be behind us !
  4. Damn. Anyone know how I can lose about 8 stone, 30 years, grey hair and a wife by 1pm ?
  5. Must admit to finding it very funny. I rarely watch Premier League but it’s never a bad time to chuckle at United. Last 9 games, 2 Wins, Conceeded 19....... Its just our luck to be out that League when they’ve had their turmoil. Well just get back and Fergie will take back over from his old folks home and they’ll start beating us every time again......
  6. I can’t help wondering, so if anyone knows,.......who scouted him and McGinn ? We were a Club in crisis yet somehow we found these two ?
  7. The degree to which he’s upped his game, especially in the last month, is testament to his natural ability and work ethic, which really looks like it’s been tapped into properly now. If ( if) he continues on the upward trajectory he’s on we will have one heck of a player. Love watching him. The key, in my view, is that with him, Jack, and McGinn so dangerous, none of them can now properly be double marked. Loving it.
  8. What’s a huge blow ? Has something been put out saying he is out ? I’ve not seen anything.
  9. Interesting how we all see things differently. To beat Boro would mean three times in a season. Over the years I’ve found that doesn’t happen much, regardless of the relative standards of the two teams. So I’m actually more comfortable with games against Leeds, Sheffield, the Baggies, and Bristol, than I would be with Derby or Boro...despite watching us destroy that latter two each time. But it doesn’t matter, it will be what it will be
  10. Or play out a Cup Final....Bert Trautman for Man City ? (Mind you it was only against Blues. He’d have probably been okay in a wheelchair and anaesthetised....)
  11. My elder brother repeatedly dislocated his shoulder playing football. Used to pop it back in and carry on. Sometimes he’d be sore afterwards, other times he was fine.
  12. They are. Unless it’s Leeds, Boro, or West Brom.
  13. I can’t recall anything quite as bonkers and joyous as that. Utterly mental. It was the perfect 5 minutes.
  14. @turvontour....yes, but not just because we are likely to Win....just that we and loads of others are in contention, that there’s genuine jeopardy and genuine dreams pretty much every week. Also, probably more contentiously, I like the football more overall.
  15. Lol. When I renewed we weren’t really close to getting promoted, but I guess/ I’m sure I’d have renewed anyway.....without even thinking why ( which certainly explains anyone who renewed in the latter days of Lerner !)... I suppose the answer is it’s the heart when you renew and the head when you are sat at home musing on life in the higher League and somebody posts something that triggers a feeling.
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