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  1. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    But before the worst happens the missus/husband takes up with a wealthy sugar daddy/ mummy so when the owner comes back she/he’s slung out ?..........but she/he’s not met all the family yet......so she/he might not fancy staying ...some of those kids are just loopy.......and there’s thousands of them !
  2. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    Well that depends. Firstly on how much you are borrowing vs house value. If you are borrowing against your house value to buy your house you may be ok - although many thousands that do this lose their homes every year. If you are borrowing against the house to pay monthly bills that’d otherwise default I’d suggest you aren’t ok ( again though depends partly on equity). In either case, you could still be on bother if the value ascribed to your house falls significantly. So let’s hope for you, and the Club, it’s none of the risky scenarios.
  3. terrytini

    Jack Grealish

    Sorry couldn’t resist it. Really though, interesting Post
  4. terrytini

    Jack Grealish

    Interesting...you play basket ball....?
  5. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    Fair point @Rob182. Given that point I will revise my view to say I think it is both doubtful and likely that someone would disclose it, and both doubtful and likely that there are any.........that shoukd keep me out of trouble !
  6. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    I doubt that. Very few creditors would have an interest in publicising such problems. I’m not sure the opinion that unpaid bills would be in the media is sufficient to back up your reassurance that “ every bill has been paid” ! Every bill might have been paid, but might not. There could be awful gremlins waiting ahead....it’s happened to a million businesses before. Or it might all be ok.
  7. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    Do we know every bill has been met ? That sounds as much guesswork as suggesting they haven’t. And I have to say, whilst the word “ Administration” features in discussions about our finances and future, the fact that the month mentioned changes doesn’t do much for me !
  8. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    Agree. With the best will in the world, whilst the degrees of problem may be anywhere on a scale, all is clearly not well. He can’t come out and say that. But if he spoke and didn’t say that he’d be hammered ( and probably have to lie). Or whatever he said would be meaningless. We don’t need him to speak, we need to hope he is acting.
  9. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    I can’t argue with the idea of waiting for real, factual info. But on the other hand I can’t argue with those that think it might never come and dig stuff up or hypothesise themselves either. Inagree each to their own, but I’m afraid for me that report - if it’s based on anything material - actually confirms one of the poorer scenarios.
  10. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    And “ people who live in glass house shoukd remain on good terms with the window cleaner “.
  11. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t bring that dog in here mate “ always does it for me.
  12. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    Well @Jareth....whilst I share your view that one or two people may have over reacted - at this stage - ( although to my mind you have under reacted ) I have absolutely no idea how you view that article as “ nothing to see”..... £5m “ assured” is a tiny drop in the ocean. ” Confident of paying this months wages and tax “..... well whopper dooo ! A month guaranteed ..... ” working hard to source outside investment”......pretty much confirms the worst fears of many in that (a) he hasn’t got it himself and (b) hasn’t got any yet “ money to keep the club running at least another month” .......you are comforted by that ? “ Yes Sir you are cured, these tablets will keep you alive until the end of June “ ..... ? ” problems are far from over “ speaks for itself And we are “ hoping to avert Administration “. Blimey......you call that nothing to see ?
  13. terrytini

    Fixtures 18/19

    I hope this info is ok here...seemed the best place. A few were interested in the Away Scheme last year but couldn’t get in. Ive not seen this elsewhere but on contacting the Ticket Office to enquiry about renewing membership ( as nothing’s been put out) I’m told 1: those in the Scheme have until 29th June to renew 2: on 2nd July it will be open to ST holders for new members. 3: The cap is expected to be 1600-1700 - as there were about 900 members last year that means any ST holder who gets in touch early enough shoukd get in 4: The fee is £25 but no longer do you automatically get sent a ticket ( and claim refund if you can’t go) you now have a window in which to select your seat ( hooray !!) and buy. Hope that’s of some use
  14. terrytini

    Tony Xia

    I believe..... I believe there is a monster, hiding in Loch Ness I believe they faked the moonshots and will one day confess I believe it was the mafia, that murdered JFK And I believe that Elvis will return again some day I believe it was a Spaceman, that built the pyramid And I believe that Qatar really had the best Cup bid But when I try and tell myself the Doctor isn’t broke, My heart wants to believe it but My head says it’s a joke......
  15. terrytini

    Time for a takeover

    This is what I find most saddening. There ARE. At least 30-40,000 and probably many more. Wouldn’t it be great if someone, anyone ( but people like the former Governor of the Bank of England spring to mind) with the necessary contacts and knowledge could engage those people ? When Lerner put us up for sale I tried myself, but you can’t even get a hearing without either personally knowing the people or having substantial funds up front. I couldn’t and can’t help thinking that as a minimum there’s a sum of money to be tapped into from fans. Who knows for sure how much ?