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  1. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Brilliant lol
  2. terrytini

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    Please tell as I’m puzzled also....especially now it’s acquired an air of intrigue !
  3. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Yes I think that scans better lol.......do the Pros have somebody doing this for them ? It’s not as easy as it looks..( or is it).
  4. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    So what exactly have you got against Hutton, Elmo, Taylor .....etc
  5. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Now.......that’s tricky........er.........ok......good call Nbergy-V....
  6. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Ha nice one eggsy..
  7. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Yup, not that you’d think so reading this lot sometimes !
  8. terrytini

    End of season awards/POTY

    Chester. I think 40 games of Jack he’d walk it in this form, and we’d have won the League, but he can’t get it with 20 odd games. Chester is - although flawed - classy, composed, and of course ever present. CB is difficult with different partners and he’s handled that well too. A shout for Snodders and his will to Win, and for Terry who has helped us finally start to shake off our acceptance of mediocrity and our timidity on the pitch.
  9. terrytini

    Henri Lansbury

    Thought his goal at least deserved a mention......great pass out wide and immediately set off on the run that led to the header.....very impressive especially given the state of the game and him having been sidelined for so long. Showed good skills, good brain, good commitment....which is a credit to him. Also another good example of how - for the most part - Bruce successfully gets players attitudes right.
  10. terrytini

    New Manager Speculation

    I’d agree but I’m pretty sure he has bette4bthings to do than read our witterings !
  11. terrytini

    New Manager Speculation

    There are loads of reasons why I might not only not fire them but could even reward them. Pit totally depends on their performance and the reasons for their failure. I don’t want to argue with someone who has just said I’ve only done one nonsensical post !...but that seems absolutely obvious to me. To reference just my own career I’ve missed innumerable targets, as well as surpassing them, and I’ve had staff do both as well. I can’t think of a single occasion when missing the target was considered the be all and end all.
  12. terrytini

    New Manager Speculation

    I’m glad you weren’t my boss then......setting a target is one thing....very sensible.....Sacking somebody simply because they don’t reach it - which is clearly what you are inferring - is bonkers.
  13. terrytini

    Jack Grealish

    Enjoyed his performance again today. Metronomic in terms of keeping us flowing ( yes flowing !)
  14. terrytini

    Josh Onomah

    I was thinking that. Josh motm for me - his best game for us.....if we got that as a starting point every week he’d be good for us.
  15. terrytini

    Steve Bruce

    Good stuff again from Bruce. Onwards !