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  1. Yep. Furthest north from them was Northwich. With Joy Division it was a split of Macc and Salford, but even then neither are Manchester.
  2. Literally what I've said there. Top line fact, bottom line speculation.
  3. Would he want Jack at his main rival though? On a separate note, from my time working with Manchester City, it'll be really important to their owners that this happens. When they were being held to ransom over Lescott, it was the case that because it had been so heavily publicised, the owners couldn't be seen to not be able to get him. Garry Cook was told to sign him at any cost, as it was a matter of pride. They ended up paying about double what everyone was expecting.
  4. Jack was at dinner with Harry Maguire last night. If Jack does stay, old Slabhead may have had a hand in it...
  5. I'll say one thing, IF he does end up staying it'll be a MASSIVE statement of intent from the club.
  6. I don't know. I've also heard release clause but that could just be speculation.
  7. I was told this morning he'd be going if City offered £100m. I'm not one for ITK tittle-tattle so you can take it or leave. Personally, I think he's gone.
  8. Anyone still want Adidas doing the next Villa kit?
  9. Bonkers isn't it? Like that floppy-haired cum biscuit is some sort of master negotiator.
  10. There was once a photograph of him looking a bit funny whilst holding a bacon sandwich. Imagine how bad the pandemic would have been if HE was in charge?!
  11. Word's got out that Farage is busy with his new TV show instead of patrolling the Kent coastline in corduroy trousers and a wax jacket. The word removed.
  12. Our house was so hot last night, when we woke up this morning all of the fish in the kids' aquarium had died.
  13. I hear you completely. I enjoy FUT but the gameplay is frustrating and it has a large element of pay to win. Last year I played it as a Road To Glory and really enjoyed seeing how far I could get without buying FP. I managed to get to Div 4 and was comfortable there. This year I've made it to Div 1 (this week!) but I dunno if I'm a better player this year or the cash I spent has given me far better players than I would have had.
  14. Talking about the Villa kit... No, literally talking about the Villa kit - https://www.spreaker.com/user/14275486/rob-warner-kit-design
  15. We had a large one of those in our bedroom while living in Vancouver. The houses there are wooden, so in a heatwave it's absolutely bonkers. The machine was ok for an hour or so, but the water seemed to warm up too quickly and then it was just behaving like a regular fan. It worked with like a freezer bag-style ice block that went into the water compartment.
  16. Ideally Begum turns up with a ticking backpack and neither of them get the passport.
  17. I'd always say to go bigger on a kids shirt. Not only for growth spurts, but also in autumn and on dry winter days he can wear it over a sweatshirt instead of under a jacket, so he's still showing his colours.
  18. Thanks mate, that's really kind of you to say. I try to present my thoughts without claret and blue specs on! In terms of Gymshark, they don't have any experience of designing and making kit or trainingwear, or the logistics of supplying such huge quantities to both the club and to retailers (remember they're an ecomm business first and foremost). The multisport brands I've worked for have an entire division of people just concerned with ensuring the clubs get what they need when they need it. It's a huge undertaking and one which I think Castore underestimated with Rangers. It'll be interesting to see if they've remedied that before signing all these new teams. Hope you've had something to eat since you posted this! Sadly, I wouldn't have time to design anything for fun at the moment. My kids are 5 and 3, and I either own or have a stake in 3 businesses, so time is at a premium. If it was a legit "live" project, though, I'd find the time for it! Sorry! Yes, I do. Huge catchment area, big history, celebrity fans, Villa Park - there's a lot to work with. That said, if we were to sign up with Adidas I think we'd be a Tier 2 team just like Leicester and Leeds. The big question with the likes of Nike and Adidas is whether we're worth the same time and effort as the like of Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid etc, and we all know that right now, we aren't. I saw the designs before Christmas of the season they were launched. Exactly as ended up on pitch, but with Fanatics logos all over them. They were shared with me by a designer at Fanatics.
  19. I'd prefer Hummel, from a purely design point of view. They do a great job, they genuinely care about every team they dress, and the Chief Brand Officer is a close friend of mine. He was my Marketing counterpart at Puma when we were doing all the Cameroon, Italy, Spurs, etc. He's a very smart guy with a strong belief in big ideas and innovation. I'd also be straight on the phone to him, begging him to let me design it! As a realist, I'd prefer whoever would offer us the most money. So long as they get the right shades of claret and blue and don't **** about with the home shirt too much, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Looking at it as a somewhat informed fan, we're in a funny spot where we're not going to get a megabucks deal like Utd, Liverpool etc. They sell millions of shirts worldwide and we just don't. An ideal partner would pay us a good sum of money, maybe incentivised on Euro qualification etc, but would help to position us as an attractive club from a brand POV. Back when Lerner bought the club, I created a presentation and arranged for it be sent to people in the club, that talked of positioning Villa as the quintessential English club. Historic ground opposite Aston Hall, the most England internationals, a lot of young English players, founders of league football. Just go out to the world as an international club that evokes the best qualities of "Englishness". It could be massive in Asia. Sadly, I never got a call back. If I were designing/marketing the kit now, that would still be how I'd approach it. In terms of fan input - I wouldn't be in favour, to be honest. If the club and brand are doing their job properly it wouldn't be needed. Plus, you'll always get differing opinions based on what individuals prefer. There's a saying in our industry - a camel is a racehorse designed by committee. Puma's kits - Italy home and third were great, all those one with the country name written on the front were shit. It would be unprofessional of me to comment. On a separate note, I often find your posts to be perceptive and well informed.
  20. You think Macron were shit, and Nike's deliveries were bad, Rangers had Castore shirts arriving in their club shop with Umbro backneck labels in. Their fans HATE the product. Superdry are absolutely on their arse, so there's no way they're getting near a Premier League club of our level. Uniqlo could afford it, but it doesn't suit their business model. Individual sports makes sense, but team sports would be a leap for them. Umbro wouldn't be able to afford us now either. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hummel have a go at getting back into Villa. They've got the ambition and they're growing as a brand.
  21. I just think the 3 stripes on a Villa kit doesn't look right. It looks like a West Ham shirt.
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