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  1. Anyone else think the atmosphere at he king power is a bit sedate? Just imagine what VP would be like it villa were in this position
  2. I despair that we let people like Albrighton leave on a free. We are just the worst
  3. Genuienly not too upset about going down. Sick of watching dull dross for years, at least we might see some competitive football
  4. Why don't we abandon the concept of a single manager and just get a team of good coaches to multilaterally select a team? A Jeremy Corbyn approach to football.
  5. The most bizarre subs I've ever seen. I'm not in the 'Sherwood Out' camp. And I don't think this camp should exist at this point. But I am very miffed. Baggies is a must win. Both for points and for morale before playing the scum.
  6. My dad is gutted. He's an Oldham fan and they had a 20% next transfer fee deal with Man City. 20% of 0 isn't very much.
  7. Wouldn't have minded seeing Gil today. I wonder if Sherwood will ever explain the reasoning behind this vendetta.
  8. GET IN. Will be celebrating tonight despite our result.
  9. Yuck, could be in bottom 3 by close of play. I think we'll win 3-1 though.
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