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£90 to book a 90s gig


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Nirvana £30 + Radiohead £30 (as long as its after 1995) + Pulp £20 +Elliot Smith £10 (The only one of those I never saw)

I also think having Lauren Hill and Tori Amos in the £10 section is hilarious

There are some people out there that would pay more than £90 to smell the used socks of Jeff (1 album, best song a cover) Buckley. I'm not one of them


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29 minutes ago, NurembergVillan said:

I'll kick it off - Oasis, Blur, The Prodigy, Shed Seven, and as it's the 90s I'd spend the last tenner on a wrap of Billy.

Pink Champagne, Sir?

Lovely :)

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apart from shed seven there's no one in the £10 section that would open for my headliner...

Oasis, the verve, prodigy and then where the **** are ocean colour scene??

and then you realise that you're pretty much at the Knebworth line up anyway which was the perfect 90s line up

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