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  1. I gave the Grealish thread a quick look. **** hell, the weather has cooled down haven’t they got dogs to walk.
  2. Thats a good point. Dave being Dave, I suspect you are closer than me.
  3. There is that. I have very little by them in all honesty where as the Deal sisters I have a lot of so my ranking is based on that.
  4. Breeders Kelley Deal 6000 The Amps right?
  5. Totally. Some off topic people too. Who quite frankly should be better.
  6. I have zero interest in rugby but the mast olympics introduced me to Rugby 7s and I love it.
  7. That’s unfortunate. Her routines were pretty good but just couldn’t get the landing. Still one of the greatest of all time though.
  8. Odeon Luxe here in Stafford does it for 9.99. Thats a very good deal. Just checked. It goes up after September.
  9. I think that was where a dutch rider went. Its ridiculously impressive but also absolutely terrifying.
  10. Watched the mountain bike race. Nope couldn’t do that. Fantastic to watch. As for Peaty, Usain Bolt of the pool.
  11. Sticking with power pop. Silver Suns greatest tune.
  12. Stumbled on this, nice bit of power pop.
  13. Ah. I read If chins could kill a while back and must have forgotten.
  14. Really? I don’t see it. I would take the first film as a remake at a push, genuinely didn’t know Evil Dead 2 was.
  15. Caution. Its ok to have caution when lives are involved. I still treat the figures with optimistic caution but its still early.
  16. Evil Dead is almost untouchable. You have Evil Dead 2, one of the greatest movies ever made, definitely the best sequel. Then you have Evil Dead. I struggle (in the sense I don’t want to) find a film that has more iconic scenes. Army of Darkness, the third film then takes the entire story out if the cabin and turns it all on its head.
  17. Who in their right mind, and I stress the right mind, would employ this guy.
  18. If you are a vodafone customer you can get discovery+ free for 6 months.
  19. I tell you what this site needs, an area devoted to talk about football.
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