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  1. My daughter has put in the fridge some "vegan special cookies" that I need to stay away from. Wonder why?
  2. I live deep in titanic land and mistakenly ordered that shit in a pub once. **** sake.
  3. Can anyone help. My grandson likes big open world racing games, Forza on the Xbox one is a favourite. Can anyone suggest a racing game that fits for the switch. Prefer it to be cars, not trucks.
  4. words removed tend to blame others for their word removed ery.
  5. **** raging. Can't believe anyone would say quarter anything other than k-water. Even if it's an accent thing like the Geordies and scotch who type out in an accent, still **** wrong.
  6. Seat68

    U.S. Politics

    MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY. Breitbart have consistently pushed a far right agenda that is regularly debunked. If they are correct it's accident rather than design.
  7. Not to shit on your enjoyment but for me it's the worst film ever made, admittedly Mission Impossible 2 gives it a run for it's money but I remember watching it and wondering, is this a spoof?
  8. She isn't obscure, as big as Eg White as songwriters go.
  9. 2 of us and suggested we watch stuff on my phone, that was met with nope. Don't have a great signal either or a way to cast to a telly. I am in Cumbria in my motorhome hence me having limited options.
  10. Elbow are a weird one for me. They all seem thoroughly decent, but I absolutely detest their music. It's dreadful.
  11. I am basically without telly until Saturday and as a result am at the mercy of dvds from a charity shop. Today I watched Legally Blonde 2. Jesus Christ and the wee donkey it's bad. So utterly bad.
  12. Blur hadn't started their second wave? They were balls deep into their second wave when is this it was released.
  13. The accent interlopes into Stafford here, it used to bother me massively but now I accept that Stokies are afforded freedom of movement, unfortunately.
  14. Leave my motorhome with a man to get a full refurb. Fly off to Vegas with my wife and daughter for 2 weeks and aside from a house nothing much more. Would take a voluntary job somewhere as I would drive myself crazy sat at home watching homes under the hammer.
  15. Deon Estus, the bassist, and arguably the third member of Wham! has died.
  16. Yeah me too and long enough ago that I can watch it and not remember too much of it.
  17. Tonight I will be watching Wire In The Blood. A charity shop has made me rich beyond my wildest dreams of avarice.
  18. They make music for people that when asked what music they like say "anything that radio X play".
  19. I am in an enclave of Cumbria and can only get BBC1 and BBC2 on my telly. The DVDs we have with us are Paw Patrol and In The Night Garden. Today I am walking to a charity shop and seeing what wares they have something tells me it will be season 4 of Desperate Housewives.
  20. Buying beyond anything good I am more than guilty of. I have a pre order for an album coming on Friday by a country singer called Toby Keith, even the friendliest of critics say it's been close to a decade since he released anything stellar. They are wrong of course as his last studio album was excellent but nothing close to his glory years.
  21. There are certain bands that do, or did continue to sell even when their considered good period has long gone. It's as if people have said I am in this too deep, I have to continue to buy this stuff as I have their other albums. U2/RHCP/Coldplay/Oasis. That's an axis of bad that the western world seems to think are/were of a quality. Appalling nonsense, but easy targets. So properly over rated, for me at least it's Radiohead. It's part me not getting them past their first 2 albums and part far too over rated.
  22. Never found. It is still keeping me awake. My most complex record is a **** Pooh Sticks album. Empty tracks for no bloody good reason. Pointless. I may be wrong but I think either side is at different speeds. Arseholes. I love the album mind.
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