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  1. What kind of stuff do you use it for?
  2. As if that's some kind of criticism
  3. Ah man I loved ISS. Always used to play as Mexico.
  4. Nah I'm with villalad. He's shit until he scores a hat-trick in every game, and the opposition have to be at their very best or it doesn't count and reflects badly on Haaland himself.
  5. Avoid android tablet because the apps are typically built for mobile rather than tablet? That's the main thing I've read against it. The Lenovo looks good. Is it mainly value that would make you get that over an option like an iPad air, or are there other advantages? Appreciate the advice - @Genie too.
  6. I've not owned a tablet before but I'm now considering getting one as I think I'd like to buy FM Touch (don't have time for the full game but it seems Touch offers a bit more to get your teeth into than Mobile) and it'd be useful for watching some football and bits of other catch-up TV on around the house, as I get the TV to myself increasingly less these days. I've never owned anything Apple but it seems they set the standard. However, the new Tab S7 looks good too: it comes with the stylus and I could get the keyboard cover with it for £714 from Currys at the moment - would rather not s
  7. Similar here. Watched it on Friday night last week, after quite a long week at work, and it had me in tears (and rage) by the end, especially as he was talking through the events. I have two young daughters so it really hit home for me. I like true crime stuff generally but do wish I'd not have watched that one. Horrible.
  8. Bloke could at least smile. Good idea for a thread.
  9. "Extemely silly" Not saying it's particularly accurate, but the wide areas they cover I imagine have quite varied climates too. Of course there's variation in Russia for example, just as there is across North America where it's mapped onto.
  10. Buy Ross Barkley. Give Smith a lifetime contract. Ollie and Ezri for England. Knight Jack Grealish.
  11. They still finishing outside the top 4 then? Said it before and I'll say it again: they're a mess, but that isn't happening.
  12. Reminds me of living down the road from Lincoln cathedral. Possibly my favourite building.
  13. Even with ten men and lacking fitness, we should still be playing 15-20 yards further up the pitch.
  14. Oh Jesus he actually is making a defensive substitution.
  15. Best take Kane off now and get Coady on the pitch.
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