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  1. Absolute shocker this weekend for me. Was waiting until this morning to change my team but some family stuff came up and I missed it. Was potentially going to wildcard too - had a plan for Ronaldo and Lukaku in and would have captained the latter. Instead I have neither of those guys, subs in the wrong order, and Antonio as my captain... a great move in the last GW but not one I intended this, then the clearing in the woods goes and gets sent off!
  2. The pace of the game doesn't change by passing the ball to a fast player...
  3. Yeah he's not like the ever-reliable, infallible and completely faultless John Stones... (More broadly though I actually do agree with your point!)
  4. It's not a binary thing. He's a good defender and a leader. But his lapses in concentration like that are **** infuriating.
  5. So Xbox still has the same database as touch? I like the portability of the tablet but think you can play Xbox on it, so would be interested in giving that a whirl if I could essentially get an improved version of FMT that way. If it's the same though then there's no point.
  6. I can usually remain fairly impartial when others are frothing with rage at the ref, but this bellend certainly does seem biased towards them.
  7. I do get what you mean - I was just being an arse Fwiw I echo @villa4europe's suggestion about FM Touch. That's what I play and I think the balance is largely really good. Just wish I could load a bigger database and selection of leagues - I know my tablet could handle it so that's the only part that's a bit shit.
  8. Yeah it's like being a... football manager
  9. I'm waiting to see if anything pops up in interviews over the international break that suggests whether Ronaldo will indeed take pens off Bruno. If so, I'll make that trade - will mean taking a hit on points though to shift a striker out, but I've still got Ings and he needs to go before the forthcoming games anyway so I can at least sort that at the same time. Annoyingly I used my two transfers last week, one to get Tsimikas out and then I thought I'd swap Buendía for Benrahma... that first call was fine but the latter was a disaster!
  10. You might be, but I'm tearing my hare out.
  11. A lot of people seem to be: a) Judging his character based on a video of an incident from twelve years ago. b) Judging his playing style based on a video of an incident from twelve years ago. c) Judging his ability based on one match last night in which he was playing out of position at the heart of a dodgy defence in one of his first matches back after a serious injury. For me, and I watch Dortmund regularly, he's not the monster some are assuming him to be, but yes he is a physical presence in the middle. Unless his injury has seriously affected his performance levels (and I think it's far too early to tell properly, but I'm sure our sports scientists would have a better idea) he'd be a cracking signing for us on a short term deal - I imagine his wage demands are high but hopefully not astronomical. Bags of experience at the highest levels, a good influence on the pitch and on our youngsters, and definite ability in terms of passing and shooting from range. He's also good in the air. He'd play in front of the defence but my concern would be runners getting in behind him - he's definitely not the quickest. Providing we had the right shape and awareness to prevent this being an issue, without opening up the wings to attacks (our central midfielders often shuttle out wide to support with this when needed but may need to defend a little narrower) then it would be an excellent purchase.
  12. How are we expected to hit the target without him?
  13. He was responsible for the delivery of said tackle. Good player though!
  14. I really dislike PSG. But I can't deny that seeing Messi and Ronaldo in the same team would be fascinating. Who would have ever seen that coming into recently? Not that I think it'll work in a sporting sense in context of their competitive goals - considering their squad, I'd argue M'Bappé offers them more than Ronaldo. But of course it'll be excellent for their sportswashing exercise. Instagram followers are more valuable than human rights, after all.
  15. I see Ørjan Nylund had a stunning debut for Bournemouth tonight.
  16. Extra points for the Shelley reference but minus points for the misquote.
  17. Smith-Rowe on my bench for this GW so he better not bloody do anything against Chelsea!
  18. Think he might mean it shouldn't be an acceptable reason why Michael gets misspelt?
  19. Yeah, barber shop by the look of it.
  20. Post of the year. Stuff like this and the memberships fiasco really aren't being run well at the club.
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