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  1. Ah, all research in vain . And I keep blanking out that Saunders was "not part" of 82
  2. Looks like United in the background. We havent had the 82 boys together at other times right?
  3. It was during the lap of honor I think, no TV for that.
  4. THE man in charge when the Villa found it's way to me. RIP big man, and thank you!
  5. Peyton's Places is pretty darn good. Love the old origins of football
  6. Three nervous laugh-likes from three swedes....
  7. Major conservative play-calling yesterday. Trying to protect him I guess. Word is that Scangarello wanted to take a knee at the end but was overruled by Fangio. Good one by the head coach
  8. Uhm what? Thats a cut off tackle without going for the ball. As clear as it gets (Except for yours last year)
  9. You are joking??? PI You are joking??? ICED You are joking??? WIN What a shitshow Good on McMoney, slap Fangio for me
  10. Jesus christ, getting bailed out by penalties, and then blowing it hard
  11. Here comes our patented 4th quarter crapfest
  12. Fangio you chicken shit, that was set up for McManus
  13. Disaster series. Can we please put a safety on Ekeler?
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