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  1. Tegis

    Leeds United

    Whooops, quite the slip right there
  2. Picking up 3 new chickens. Fresh eggs every morning, just lovely
  3. 2 hours and nobody made a buttplug reference. VT is slipping
  4. Tegis


    I forgot about that. Total change of direction, and effective as hell
  5. 1. Devin White or Hockenson. Looks like sure bets the pair of them 2. Ed Oliver. He falls and we get a DT with LB athletic ability. 3. Haskins, would be nice. 4. Lock. QB name or not, looks like a typical Elway pick, and has all kinds of boom or bust potential.
  6. 10 days to go. Questions from last years thread. 1. Who do you realistically want to take? 2. Who do you think you will ACTUALLY take? 3. Who do you think might fall to your spot who you would take instead? 4. Who do you want to completely avoid?
  7. Tegis


    Max-Dustin Israel-Kelvin That was a pleasure to watch. Warriors!
  8. "Trevor Lawrence threw for 7,600,000 miles" Shannon
  9. He really is a highest grade thunder word removed
  10. And now I'm on the Pixel XL 2. (Finally at normal pricelevels) All the same stuff but faster and better camera.
  11. New unis, The Saskatchewan Roughriders by the looks of it
  12. Tegis

    Crypto currency

    Speaking of, what the heck happened 3 days ago?
  13. Tegis


    UFC stockholm ticktes sorted. Some solid fights on there. Injury bug, please stay away. Bea Malecki is solid from the neck down
  14. I just got a like from a 10 year old post. I came
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