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  1. For me it looks a bit like this when I push the "volume down button". I then have to push the "bell" on the screen, once for vibrate, once more for complete silence.
  2. I dont agree with that. He was just bloody hard to hit. Trottier (who could handle himself with ease) said. "It was like hugging fog". Sure, cheap-shot him was always an option if the thought of Semenko ripping your head off while Mcsorley whacked you in the nuts was to your liking. Same goes for Yzerman and Probert, Bossy and Gillies and so on.
  3. Tegis

    Hi-Fi Equipment

    A friend of mine had a pair of Wilsons, not the WAMM of course but a WATT/Puppy. Stunning-ugly speakers. But my god do they sound good
  4. The face altering thingy on social media that shows you when you are old. Bore off
  5. Oh sweet lord Huddersfield, please let that be the one, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
  6. They have a FANTASTIC emoticon that would have been useful here a few months back. (and most certainly some time in the future)
  7. Yep, thats the oldest URL of the site when he hosted it at his university. https://web.archive.org/web/19980614185109/http://www.gbar.dtu.dk/~c937079/AVFC/index.html I think it was renamed to the Villaweb later on.
  8. Watched the super-over. Not understanding a bloody thing but I got what was needed from the commentators (Aussies I think so rather impartial). Tense stuff Congratulations!
  9. Tegis


    Faber at 40 Emmett has that weird death in his hands.
  10. Tegis


    So, ignore the early stoppage, but Ladd absorbed 1 punch 15 seconds in, after that cut, and folded like a deck-chair. She needs to get that diet under control, shes not that big.
  11. ^^^^ Probably the newest vid I've ever watched
  12. Tegis

    Douglas Luiz

    We could do with a acronym of Buy Back Clause to save some typing
  13. For pure athleticism, its hard to look past a decathlete. The number of grueling and technical abilities they go through is astounding. Some of them are so good they would compete with the specialist in a discipline. For a competitor, so utterly and massively ahead of the rest of the pack, past and present. I have to give it to Gretzky. Size and speed wasn't needed for him, just plain excellence.
  14. That is actually very disappointing.
  15. Tegis


    Weight-cutting, such a glorious idea. And yes, she's cleared to fight tomorrow
  16. Black-shirted goalies, as it should be
  17. You can choose from Jedinak, Trump, Boris or a toilet full of shit
  18. http://www.gbar.dtu.dk/~c937079/AVFC/index.html I signed up for the list in 95, was so proud of my fist mail-address aston.villa@swipnet.se Big decision was to use the digest or not
  19. Metallica yesterday. Solid as ever but nothing really surprising. Still a good metal night out.
  20. Tegis


    Santos tore his ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus in the first round. How in all its holy did he make it through that, and beating up Jones pretty good in the process????? Animal!
  21. I had to re-read the story, it's still epic
  22. That Mings-FKW-Kit-Train reveal. Textbook perfect

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