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  1. Er no, just commenting on the players that we appear to have been linked with!
  2. Wouldn’t be that bad if these are the targets in question.
  3. I know absolutely nothing about this fella but reading some of the comments on here, I’m excited. Hopefully a couple more new faces before the Watford game and we’ll all feel a bit more positive.
  4. Agreed, hardly worth making serious suggestions or attempting a joke. Someone will always shoot you down.
  5. Ok. As previously said, I trust our management team to choose the right players.
  6. I mentioned him a couple of days ago on here and got shot down. I think he’d be excellent.
  7. Wrong Sarr! We’re currently linked with the Watford Sarr. I trust our management to get the right players in and balance the squad.
  8. First real test for these guys. Please don’t get fed up but come out fighting. They’re shrewd in business so I do trust them to get the deal possible for the club but I then hope FFP permitting that they sanction a spending spree like no other.
  9. We wouldn’t be looking to replace Jack with that ‘one’ player because he is unique. What we would be doing is looking to buy 3 or 4 players in varying positions, which would ‘hopefully’ improve the team. It’s a gamble for sure but what can we do if he wants to go? I for one don’t want another ‘Yorke’ situation. No good for the squad if he hangs around sulking. Sarr, Cantwell, JWP wouldn’t be the end of the world. Would love Bissouma to be in our thinking though.
  10. I had to present her with breakfast first because if you awaken it without a good reason, then it’s death by a 1000 cuts. Appears you got a better response though. He’s staying
  11. Not ITK here but……….I finally plucked up the courage this morning to ask Mrs F if Jack was staying or going? Mrs F replied with “what you going on about” ? She’s claims to be right about most things so I honestly don’t know what to make of her response? Think he’s staying though.
  12. No mate, you’ve missed a helluva load of controversy! Firstly, our club shop have ran out of the letter ‘E’ so you can’t have a Gralish shirt printed. Then a VT source from here saw a truck arrive at Maine Road at approx 1.00pm containing many letters for printing but what looked like an extra order placed for ‘E’ letters. We’ve therefore gleaned from today that he’s off. Bad times.
  13. Holding Jack’s other slipper Cinderella style?
  14. If we end up with a pretty big hole to fill on our attacking left side in the next few days, I would love us to bid for Allan Saint-Maximin. The state Newcastle are in, I’m sure they’d be tempted if a sizeable offer was made. Pedro Neto would have been a good option also but believe he’s still recovering from his terrible knee cap injury and not training yet.
  15. Love the fact he’s acknowledged Dean as “Gaffer” still and thanked him publicly for his coaching education. Dean deserves the recognition and respect.
  16. Exactly this, which is what I was implying yesterday. Either way, we need a speedy resolution before the season starts and not another “Yorke” situation.
  17. keep going mate. I can’t talk though and reading your earlier post re crisps is exactly me. I’m about 14 stone,, size 38 waste and just don’t have the will power after a long slog at work.
  18. Ahhh, I get my years mixed up from time to time, apologies. Yes, Ron’s second season! Just brilliant stuff and 30 years is just frightening.
  19. Planet Doughnut. They have expanded greatly over the last couple of years and now have a few other stores in neighbouring towns etc. Think they even do delivery possibly? Very, very good quality and as you say good size doughnuts. We always grab a box when visiting Telford shopping centre or Shrewsbury.
  20. For what it’s worth, I really think he’ll give us another season or two to see how we progress but if the unthinkable happens and he does decide to go shortly, then it’s not the end. Gutting yes, but not the end. With maturity, I learnt to live with disappointment better. Many moons ago when I was a teenager, we sold David Platt to Bari after Italia 90 for £5.5m. A record sale for us at the time. I was fuming, downbeat etc, how could the club I love do this? Then Big Ron did some wheeling and dealing that summer and that season we played some of the best football I had ever seen at Villa Park. Close to winning the league with such a good brand of football. Really don’t think it’s been bettered since by us on a consistent basis? Yes, very different times now but should we receive £100m plus for his sale, then surely we’ll improve the team overall with three or four quality additions and not just attempt to replace his position on the pitch? The big test will be how NSWE and Smith react to any sale? Do they get down in the dumps about it or come out fighting and show Jack and the rest that we still mean business. Like I say, I think he’ll stay for now but interesting couple of days ahead. As a fan obviously, I couldn’t leave us if I was still wanted. Looking up at the Holte with fans singing your name week in week out. It doesn’t get much better does it.
  21. Was very bored last night and ended up watching a couple of old films/favourites of mine - Duel and Westworld. 70’s classics for me. Both have that tension in a film, without the need for gore and guts.
  22. Waistband whip every time. Public toilet etiquette could be a standalone thread!
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