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  1. It could be an age thing but I just love Villa Park and would hate it if we ever moved. The red brick facade, stained glass windows, the mosaic, the Holte Hotel etc. It’s a unique venue. Obviously, we’ve lost some of it’s beauty and character over the years with poorly thought out refurbishments and cheap materials (ie the exterior of the Trinity Road) but it can be changed/altered again with any expansion consideration. The North stand will need to go completely but I would love the wrap around of three stands if possible, copying some of the Holte End look or at the very least consider the use of red brick and stained glass. I want that Tim Burton feel and Victorian Gothic Splendour everywhere! Below are elements taken from other stadia, some of which are modern and we can copy possibly? I just don’t want to see steel and ugly plastic everywhere. I do trust our owners to get it right though.
  2. It’ll be interesting to hear Deano’s presser tomorrow about who’s fit and who’s back safely from international duty. The biggest issue is surely Martinez but quite simply he needs to start regardless of fatigue. He’s that important and breeds confidence to the rest of the team. Wolves will be dangerous no question but I don’t believe they’re at the same level of that under Nuno. They lost a very good keeper in the summer, Boly, Dendonker and Traore aren’t regular starters so far this season, Jimenez is still feeling his way back and Trincao is out with Covid. So their only positive so far is the form of Hwang that I can see. Personally, we have to play three in the middle of midfield and get on top of Neves and Moutinho. If Luiz is missing, then it’s Nakamba with McGinn and Ramsey. Unfortunately, I don’t see Bailey, Traore, Sanson starting either due to fitness but let’s hope they make the bench. It’s then the issue of whether to start with three at the back and the Ings/Watkins combination? It’s not my preference but it’s exactly what I think Dean will start with. I’d rather we play a back four and two wide men next to one striker, especially when we’re at home but I don’t see it. Martinez Tuanzebe Konsa Mings Cash Nakamba Targett McGinn Ramsey Ings Watkins Subs: Steer, Hause, Young, Sanson, Buendia, Carney, El Ghazi, Traore, Bailey
  3. Solid Tom Hanks spooky comedy on this evening at 9pm (Horror Channel) - The Burbs. Now I probably haven’t seen this movie for 20 odd years, so be interesting to see if it’s still as funny as I remember.
  4. Meant to say this yesterday but anyone else think that whenever there are international games, Eran Zahavi (Israel) seems to score? Probably doesn’t but when I check the scores on BBC, his name always seems to appear. No doubt it’s just me losing my marbles.
  5. Would have loved to see a start for Watkins but it’s a good team to be fair.
  6. Hard to say but I think Carla and her team will do ok this season. The aim this season should be around 20 points.
  7. ferguson1


    Hi Genie, can’t confess to know much at all about gardening apart from the basics but we once were given a wedding rose climber as a gift and this has done very well since. Mrs F feeds it several times from April til September and it does look good. We know it was bought for us from David Austin Roses (Wolverhampton) and they have a lot of ideas/prices online, so not a bad place to start. Not cheap, but will give you a sense of price etc.
  8. Yep. Really don’t see them spending stupid high fees (ie £50m plus) on one player for at least 18 months/2 years. They need to build a decent squad and be competitive in the first instance.
  9. Exactly the sort of signing I can see Newcastle doing in January or the summer. Several £25-30m players each window to improve their league position and stabilise them over the next 18 months.
  10. 3-0 down at HT. Don’t know what has gone wrong today so far but we’ve had 61% possession? A lot to do if we’re going to get something out of this one.
  11. For anyone interested, we’re playing Reading away this afternoon (2.00pm). A win today will see us go 10 points ahead of Reading and most likely Birmingham City and Leicester City, who are all yet to win a point so far this season. It’s really positive to see us continue to grow the women’s team, as a winning mentality throughout the club can only be good for our future. It may even gain us some new fans longer term if media/TV interest continues to build with the WSL.
  12. Watched both today via Disney plus. Have seen them multiple times but never tire of watching them. Gene Hackman at his best.
  13. Watched James Bond, No Time To Die, this evening. I liked it, I think? I need to take it all in and perhaps even watch it again before I can make a true judgement on it. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone wishing to see the film, so do not read my hidden comments if you don’t want any spoilers. **spoilers**
  14. I agree that they’ll undoubtedly improve and will obtain some high calibre coaches and players but talk of them blowing away Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea is a little premature. It could take them up to 10 years before they are on that level, it may happen sooner or it may not happen at all. As some have said, just look at Malaga and QPR.
  15. Even if they do spend £100m or £200m every window, it will still take time to build a squad good enough to challenge the elite. The current squad is appalling, bar two or three players. Additionally, selling clubs will absolutely want to rinse them for stupid fees now. For example, if they went for Sarr at Watford, Adama at Wolves or Toney at Brentford, then these clubs would probably start the bidding at £50m plus. Imagine if they came in for our Martinez, Konsa or Watkins? Again, we’ll start talking at £50m plus but would push and push for more. It won’t be easy for them to build a successful squad, especially with FFP.
  16. Going to watch a few Basil Rathbone, Sherlock Holmes films today. Absolutely love them. Only 14 films made but Rathbone was the very best Holmes for me. I love the opening music, his bumbling but loveable sidekick Dr Watson (Nigel Bruce) and all the eerie locations. The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Scarlet Claw and the Pearl of Death, I think and perhaps time for one more.
  17. Will be very interesting to see how Newcastle develop over the next 12/18 months in the first instance. Firstly, they need to become competitive in the league and establish themselves as a top ten team. That won’t be easy. We’ve spent best part of £300m plus since being back and are still fighting our way into that top tier. Once they do that, it’s breaking into the top six and staying there. Big ask with FFP in play as Leicester have found out for example. They’ll need a massive overhaul of the training facilities, improved infrastructure across all youth teams etc, improved sponsorship and shirt deals, all of which takes time. A “five year plan” is very ambitious as we have seen and heard all before. Going back the first team currently, a change of manager is a must, if only to attract a better standard of player and to show they mean business. Conte? Emery? Or dare I say, Bielsa? Alternatively, would they go for a Gerrard, Lampard, Terry type? Doubtful though. I can’t see many current players lasting in that squad more than a year or two either, apart from perhaps Saint-Maximin, Wilson, Lascelles? I can see them picking up some of the leagues best players outside of the top six clubs initially to get them stable, ie Pope, Tarkowski, Aarons, Ward-Prowse, Sarr, Zaha, Toney, adding to that a few talented young buys from across Europe, ie Kamara, Isak, Botman, Damsgaard, David. These young players will come for the massively improved contract and improved profile. However, if Newcastle fans think they’ll be signing £100m players in the first two, three or four years, I think they’re going to be disappointed. It’s all very intriguing and something that I’m not jealous of. We’re in excellent hands right now and if any of our staff/players were poached, then at least we’re in a strong position to replace any of them. At least it makes the current big six look over their shoulder and be concerned. Let the fun begin.
  18. At least it’ll be someone different getting in on the “big six”. Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, may go into complete panic mode if Newcastle start poaching some of their top players and take over their position in the league. Quite amusing actually if they slap £100m on the table for Kane in January without blinking. They love a number 9 up there! As long as they don’t try and poach some of our best first team players, Martinez, Konsa, Bailey etc or they try and nab some of our top youngsters? Then it won’t be amusing anymore.
  19. Another old favourite on TV this evening - The Day Of The Jackal (1973), starring Edward Fox. Freeview channel 41. It maybe lengthy and perhaps slow paced for some but this thriller stays very close to the book, and is still a very enjoyable watch. Another favourite from a similar time, which I actually found on Disney Plus (Star channel) earlier today - The French Connection and The French Connection II, both starring Gene Hackman. Have loved watching these multiple times over the years and will be watching them both again over the weekend.
  20. Talking prison flicks, I’ve always enjoyed watching the Shawshank Redemption. Gives you everything that film. A guilty pleasure and I always watch if it’s on is Escape from Alcatraz. I do like a Clint Eastwood film though.
  21. I think the emergence of Archer probably spells the end of Davis at the club now. We also have Caleb coming through as well. Archer has been an absolute revelation this season and deserves his place in the first team squad.
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