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    Dean Smith

    I don’t think the squad can give much more, but just better organisation and decision making during games may have changed one or two results for us. Smith certainly has limitations and I think this league is a step too far for him unfortunately. Stick or twist in the Championship, I just don’t know. Personally, I think a change would be best just to give the whole place a lift.
  2. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I was chuffed when he joined us and still was at the start of this season, optimism I suppose. However, I truly believe that the current squad need a new voice telling them what to do now. I cannot say he has lost the dressing room, I just don’t think he is getting the best out of what he has.
  3. I agree in that it still bugs me that it was chalked off. However, then look at Sheffield Utd at home the other week and we dodged a bullet. Most things even out over a season. It certainly won’t be that Palace decision that sends us down.
  4. Really hope not, but just fearing ....................................
  5. As we were founded in 1874, i’d say 28 years ago is recent history for the club. Also, we’ve not had much to celebrate in the last 30 years.
  6. Don’t be daunted mate, just be you!
  7. Brilliant! One of best moments in recent Villa history
  8. C Doubt it. Trez cost us a reported £8m and Sheffield Utd’s opening bid for Swift this week is a reported £3.5m, so he’s unlikely to cost more than Trez. We should be all over these type of players.
  9. Mentioned him in the Championship thread a few days ago mate. We really should be snapping up gems like John Swift from the lower leagues. Really annoying that we don’t seem to exploit this area. With Wigan and many other clubs possibly struggling financially this summer, it’s the time to grab some bargains. Antonee Robinson to challenge Targett?
  10. Personally i’d be quite happy with Lolley, Gayle and El Ghazi as a front 3 in the Championship. Backed up with some of my other suggestions in this thread, we’d be pretty strong. Karlan Grant should not be ignored though if Huddersfield are relegated.
  11. Cannot agree more with the couple you mention above. Dwight Gayle is an absolute no brainer and would score the goals to fire us back up. Another would be Karlan Grant at Huddersfield, especially if they drop to League one. Two players that would be more than capable. Talking of Huddersfield dropping, Terence Kongolo is an option at the back, especially if Mings moves on. Matty Cash at Forest is improving every game at full back. Out wide, Lolley would be great on the left side. AEG or Jota on the other would be enough. In the middle, Massengo at Bristol City is one to keep a watchful eye on, as sadly we’ve missed the boat with Eze at QPR. Swift at Reading another useful player. Hourihane will probably hit double figures in the Championship though. The inevitable Grealish sale would be a huge void to fill and lack of creativity would be difficult to replace. However, Bradley Dack is an option perhaps with Blackburn going nowhere. We also need to keep an eye on top youngsters coming through clubs and poach them early. Derby have a few already with Bogle and Sibley doing well. Nathan Collins at Stoke. Fry and Tavernier at Middlesbrough. Personally I like players who know the league, will get us out quickly, but can then offer something to us in the Premier League. We’re still a massive attraction to a player and will be the biggest team in the Championship if we drop. Need to show everyone that the ambition is there to come back in one season.
  12. I don’t believe we could convince Poch to manage in a lower league, but I’m certainly not going to laugh or ridicule the suggestion. It shows club ambition to even approach his agent. That kind of ambitious attempt gets noticed in the footballing world. We need to show that we mean business and want to build something special.
  13. Gabby, Gabby, Gabby? Yorke, Deano, Atkinson. Carew and Benteke were unplayable at times though and a joy to watch when they were bang on form.
  14. Oh c’mon please. £11m is a lot of money and is was not spent wisely. The guy has not made a significant contribution to the side and has been a poor signing.
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