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  1. Really not keen on either to be honest. Poor effort following last seasons success.
  2. Don't think much of his Walkman though! Hardly slimline!!
  3. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    Are you forgetting they took Gardner off us? Imagine how we'll all feel when he makes the Championship team of the season!!
  4. "Way aye pet, all the sauces for Mr Bruce".
  5. Time this gif resurfaced I think, as always liked it following our victory at Sheffield Wednesday last season:
  6. Leicester must be laughing all the way to the bank here! 80m for Maguire, dear me!! Just think if this time next year someone offered us 80m for Mings. It would allow us to buy four Brentford players FFS.
  7. Your next toilet visit will be punishment enough mate!
  8. Mmmm, tough one this for different reasons. Strength, power, pace, agility etc. It's therefore a toss up between Fatima Whitbread or Kris Akabusi.
  9. ferguson1

    Ezri Konsa

    Do do do, we have Ezri Konsa................................... ok maybe not!
  10. Agree on both points. He could do very well next season and yes, he does look slight at times. It's been a big criticism on here that he doesn't impose himself or gets a tackle in. However, during the play off games and the final, I thought he did very well closing down and putting a foot in.
  11. Disappointed if has signed a new deal etc. I really wanted him here and think he would have been a very significant signing.
  12. His goal last season against the Albion at Villa Park, wow! What a belter that was and still makes the hairs stand on the back of your neck when you see it hit the bag of the net.

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