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  1. They are a sight indeed. Wonderful. Main issue was them feasting on roadkill and being so slow to take off that there was a risk of hitting them. Here’s one I took earlier
  2. Have a massive like. Though to be fair my time in SA the main road dramas were wedge tailed eagles, dead roos and overtaking road trains.
  3. X X I or TTI are pretty frequent on my journeys - more so than staggered merges, I reckon. But as bad as the words removed zipping down to right to the end and then expecting to get let in are the authorities who leave those big massive overhead signs on saying "slow down Fog [or whatever]" when it cleared ages ago. Twunts.
  4. Staying at the Savoy, I believe.
  5. When I used to live in Cornwall, Camborne (and Redruth even more so) were proper Banjo playing grot-holes. At least Camborne had a night club which was OK-ish.
  6. Yeah, that works in a two lanes into one, both lanes going at the same speed situation. But that's not (if I understood right) what was being proposed for a 3 lane into one scenario, and talk of whizzing down to the end of the lane being closed off and then pulling into the open lane. But basically in dense traffic, which you get when there's lane closures on a busy highway, people zooming down right to the end of the closed lane(s) are words removed and should be shot.
  7. The dynamics don't work like that. When people whizz down to the end of a closed lane and then, at the last minute want to filter to an open lane it means that lane's traffic has to stop moving, given a medium to high density of traffic (which there almost always is when motorway or Dual carriage ways are partially closed. When the traffic stops, all the gaps close and it ripples right down. Then when johnny pillock has been let in, it starts moving again, and that ripples back up the line. Leading to a bigger build up of traffic and longer delays. All to let one numpty push in. Then repeat. The only way it can go smoothly is for traffic to keep moving, which means no whizzing down the end and trying to push in. People who do that are complete words removed. First against the wall come the revolution. Instead, they should filter at the first opportunity and maintain a gap to the car in front to keep the traffic moving to everyone's advantage.
  8. They think JC will break up the Union, ruin the country financially and destroy the Labour party..... Er, actually, they should be in favour of that, shouldn't they - basically like a tory, only destroying the other party, not theirs?
  9. Yes they have. You can go on the website and get one
  10. blandy

    Tyrone Mings

    Dear God! all these XTC puns all of a sudden.
  11. blandy

    Would You...

    Look at him with his sausage roll thumb
  12. Oh yes they do. You're right of course that "money troubles" are gone, but they will absolutely care about the finances of the club, about complying with the rules, about not wasting the chance to build the club in a way which is effective and cost effective. You're right that they are very wealthy, but I'm pretty certain their also highly competent businessmen, and that type tend to give a lot of attention to money. It's terrific that we have wealthy owners prepared to invest in our club, but TBH all I've wanted from whoever owned the club as long as I've been a fan is that they do the best they can to responsibly run the club, to make it the best it can be, for the sake of the club. We had a chairman in Ellis who failed because he was small minded and conservative, unable to see opportunities when they arose and who was rather keen on using the club for his own purposes, then a well meaning, but very naive owner in Randy Lerner, who lost interest when the shine wore off, and then a chancer and now, perhaps, finally, we've got some people who are right for the time and the climate of English football. But we'll see.
  13. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    Another way of looking at it would be "Guns". The Police need all that stuff in large part because of whoppers with freely available assault weapons, perhaps?
  14. His agenda is to be PM. That’s it, that’s all there is.
  15. There's always the option if you've got one of those smartphone thingies of using a translate app - point the camera at the letter and the app translates it into english. I did it recently for a French Tax return form and it's like a magic thing. Er, back on topic, um, Teletubbies!
  16. If Gove becomes minister of telly and culture.
  17. If you follow the advice Jimmy it will help you, or if it doesn't work it'll help with further diagnosis.
  18. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    The "whales" thing wasn't a mistake. He did it on porpoise.
  19. I think it's a good idea. Example: Currently a politican may be interviewed when, say, a building has burnt down, or a company appointed to run ferries or etc. Then the interviewer asks a question and the politician rambles on about the budget for this or that has increased under this Gov't...and the opposition opposed moves to...and whatever. If at the start (or before) the interview, everyone is told that the purpose of this interview is to understand what warnings were given to the Government and what action was taken... then that could lead to everyone being fully aware that in an enquiry into "who knew what, when" rambling on about budgets is not answering the question and allows the interviewer to remind us and the politician of number 2 "not answering the question". It'll be really helpful for example with the likes of Johnson and Farage, who are now saying totally different things to what they said a year ago. "Last year you said this (play clip) this week you said this (play clip 2) - What factors made have made you change your mind from "we can get a better deal than Norway" to "we must have a no deal Brexit?"

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