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  1. You’ve got a point, but it only goes only so far. You’re right, there were a lot of resignations, which maybe tells us a few things. But you can’t deny that going into the election, which had he won he’d have kept the same people on, many of the cabinet were there because...Abbott, McDonnell, Long Bailey, that really really dim one -Burgeon?, Dawn Butler Ian Lavery, Barry Gardiner and so on - basically not much different in lack of ability to the Tory clowns.
  2. blandy

    U.S. Politics

    That 0.4%, if that’s right, still equals over 100,000 dead people. Somebody’s done a really, really bad job to have that many and rising, fatalities from a virus that has a tiny-ish fatality rate.
  3. I doubt it would have been much different. PPE shortages - no different, business relief - no different, lockdown the same, lockdown timing maybe better, maybe the same, maybe worse, care home protection - unlikely to have been any different, Nightingale’s the same, ventilators the same...Government unity, probably worse, part time PM - probably the same or worse - Corbyn was a part time oppo leader, after all. Media strategy. - probably equally but differently bad, etc. Labour’s front bench was largely woefully incompetent too, nearly all the capable ones were as exiled by Corbyn as Johnson has exiled any capable tories. Tendency to want to control things via a tight circle and favoured, unelected advisors - the same. But regardless of all that, ultimately huge numbers of people considered him totally unfit to be PM, so it’s all completely irrelevant. Now Corbyn has gone, better more able front bench types, picked on talent, not loyalty to the 1970s throwback, have a chance to enable people to see a valid alternative to the fetid, rotten, lying, cheating scumbags we’ve ended up with.
  4. Yeah, it's like saying my neighbour was a nice guy, lent me tools and lawnmower and helped when....and apart from the murdering his wife bit, he was a good guy. That said, the war was happening with or without him, the USA was invading regardless and he was one of the fig leaves. The major major part of the responsibility for the deaths lies with the likes of Bush and the new American project people. And Blair was urged on by the tories, criticised for not being more warmongery. But he still utterly wrecked lives and ruined what would have been a decent reputation. Which is something of a shame. He's probably the most capable PM we've had for a long time. Maybe Starmer will get the chance to reverse the trend of ever worsening PMs since Blair. Cameron was bad, May terrible and Johnson is the utter pits. Back to the virus, I was nearly certain Cummins was going to resign, because it was completely against the SPAD code of conduct for him to hold a press conference, so I assumed he'd have handed in his resignation just before it. But even though I know they care not a toss for the rules, and there's been evidence aplenty, I still didn't want to believe they'd so brazenly break them again and in full view of the press and public. They have to be got rid of as soon as possible, and Labour has got to get its act together sharpish. It's one thing having a good leader and some better front bench people, but there's still la long way to go. I'd love to emigrate, too.
  5. 100%. Also people say “debate me”. It started about, maybe, 5 or 6 years ago. Why? Debate with me. And back to your post, “protesting about restrictions....demonstrating against them”. They’ll at least never change it to “demonstrating government restrictions” because then they’d metaphorically (not literally) have let the beams cross and would probably turn bright tangerine and fat.
  6. The person whose idea it was and who started it wants it to stop after Thursday. They're right.
  7. Do you reckon Boris Johnson and some of the other ones defending Cumquat knew in advance what he was going to do - gave him the nod to go a-wandering? So that's why they're coming out with all this utter garbage? There's no way I can see that Johnson at least didn't know about it in advance. Otherwise Cumquat would be gone already.
  8. I dunno about superior, but Hendo’s goes better with some stuff than Worcester sauce does and vice versa. During this clampdown I’ve been mostly having soups for dinner and tend to rotate between hot chilli sauce (mostly with red or orange soups), hendos with green coloured soups and Worcester sauce with pale coloured soups. So pumpkin soup + encona, pea soup + hendos, leek & potato + Worcester for example. I’m simple folk, I keep to the rules (albeit I made them) and while I don’t have, quite, 27 different sauces to pick from I am nevertheless able to enjoy a cosmopolitan, dare I say sophisticated range of tinned soup and condiment clampdown combos. Embrace the margins.
  9. It appeals to lots of people from across the spectrum, or at least it did until they found out that nurses n'that y'know....matter. But anyway, it's one of those things, as you say Gov't did to appeal to a perception people had of "benefit scrounging health tourists" - whatever the reality. And I wonder who perpetuated that line. There was also the (fair) line that "loads of countries do it". Which is harder to argue against (whether they're wrong, too, is another matter). On the old folks point - quite a number of them may have paid almost no tax (income tax) their whole lives - maybe housewives who never had a paid job, then in retirement get their pension - they've obviously contributed to society via childcare etc. but an immigrant coming here at say 20, to do a job and work and maybe go home at 60 will contribute 40 years of taxes and no years of "taking", compared to the retired housewife who "took" for 16 years as a child and then another 20 as a pensioner and "gave" next to nothing in revenue. It's not logical at all in that regard. The notion that you should have to live somewhere for a while, a few years, to qualify for all the benefits and perks is not wholly without some merit, not as an economical argument, but as a principle for immigration, perhaps. Ideally that wouldn't be the way to do it, but a lot of people will like that incomers have to earn the right to get full perks by being a good citizen for a while.
  10. A dead cat, it might as well be. That @bickster has just said that putting sultanas and other fruit (sultanas aren't fruit, they're the devil's dangleberries) on chips is something good, but a nice gravy is bad. The prevert!
  11. Jebus. WTAF? Some kind of weird that is. And you have the cheek to dis the gravy
  12. They chose to join together from separately run, whereas we'd be choosing to seperate from jointly run. Reverse process.
  13. blandy

    The Quiz Thread

    16, with 3 of those being fairly guessy. Half way through I thought I'd be lucky to get 4.
  14. It's all good stuff, or at least I accept it as valid. But it remains as valid with (say) 500 MPs as with 650. All of it, IMO. 18% of the MPs is 117. I dunno if that's how many Scots, welsh, Irish MPs there are, but the MSPs etc are by and large doing stuff those MPs used to be responsible for. Brexit and this virus are further separating the 4 parts of the UK. I'm more with Chris to be honest. I think the UK needs to be run less, much less, by Westminster centralisation and much more by regional government. Of course, population-wise England is by far the largest chunk compared to Scotland etc. and there are arguments from each quarter that they're hard done to, compared to the next quarter - the English claim they pay for the Scots, or the Welsh say they're told what to do by people miles away who have no understanding, or whatever... Some stuff needs to be done "for" all parts - defence is an example, or national infrastructure or international trade or energy capacity, maybe, but the majority of stuff, I'm far from sure can't be devolved to the regions/nations. The tories love central control of everything, keep the power away from nasty Northerners, or Welshers or Scottishists who don't share their (far from) "ideals" and might want to do socialist community stuff like helping people or not being utter bastards.
  15. It's entirely subjective, I suppose. I think that with the devolution of power to first Scotland, then NI & Wales, then to City mayors that part of the workload and jobs have essentially been seconded out. I think that this will only increase over time. Next, looking at the perhaps 3 different main roles of an MP - to represent their constituents - well as above, quite a number of constituencies are now to large extent represented by MSPs NIA members, Welsh parliament members. etc. Second part is to be part of parliaments role, and many here are just lobby fodder - do what the whip say. Many many of them contribute little or nothing in that regard. Lastly, their party role - "your job and duty is to support the leader of the party..." This can go eff itself, from my perspective. Why do you think 650 is exactly the right amount? "Because that's the number we'e always had?" is about the only reason I can think - I'm sure you have better?
  16. I agree with all of your post, except the bit highlighted. I think there are too many in the Lords, as you say, but also too many in the HoC. A reduction, done properly, would be a good thing. When originally proposed the tories did shenanigans to target Labour seats, which as you also say are now tory seats, hence the call it off plan. But were it to be done properly, the whole thing needs an overhaul, and that includes the voting system.
  17. Someone on Twitter, let’s not say who to preserve his anonymity, I’ll call him pchris56, posted a picture of some sort of mushy salady stir-fry type “meal” with actual celery, actual visible evil rhubarb pieces in it. He seemed proud of what he’d gone and done. I can’t wipe the horror from my mind’s eye.
  18. blandy


    I just plonked 2 seeds/stones in a pot, covered with a polythene bag on a windowsill and one grew.
  19. Agreed. And also Finland. Only that also wasn't UBI. The trial organisers get quite miffed when people say it was a UBI trial. The results were that when unconditionaly, without having to apply for it, they gave unemployed people money, it largely helped them and was positive for many when compared with the comparison group of unemployed people who didn't get it. It didn't solve problems like lack of employment opportunity and the organiser said it resulted in outcomes which could both be validly used to support the case for genuine UBI and to support the case against.
  20. The best. Anchovies, Olives, Capers. Napolitana. Wins every time.
  21. Did I? Fair enough, I can't imagine anyone liking doing that! I like it and other hot sauces, but wouldn't want to sup the stuff neat. There can't be much left of your insides.
  22. Dunno. The places doing the worst are the ones with throbbers as leaders - Trump, Johnson, Brazil (Bolsanero), Putin. It could lead to those types of bells being replaced by the opposite type - more consensual types. Merkel, Ardern, etc.
  23. One of your rasher comments, that. Take it back.
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