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  1. Surprisingly good isn't it? I'm off to see them on Friday, hope it's a good one.
  2. Primal Scream, 5th October, Maida Vale yay, I wonder if it'll be 'best gig ever scream' or 'car crash abomination scream' that turns up?
  3. Hello everyone and welcome. With all the music chat appearing in the things you don’t get thread, general chat etc, I thought a thread for general music discussion might be useful. My intention with this thread is that it would be different to the “what song/album I’m listening to” or “new music” threads as it wouldn’t be video after video which, sometimes, I find a bit of a pain to scroll through. More a place where we can chat broadly about whatever band you’ve found a new appreciation for, which band you should have liked in theory but never could quite get into, whether you’ve just seen a BBC four documentary and you had no idea that singer was on that particular drug at the time, whatever... By all means link a video to back up why you think that song by that band you like is great...but generally just chat I was thinking. This thread may well die an early death, but I thought it was worth a go. So there’s this band Coldplay who look like they might be going places...
  4. basically people its a thread for original songs covered by other artists. they may be brilliant or shit but post them on here.
  5. I could swear we already had one of these, but a quick search yields no results. Anywho, having only just realised that kingysilver's band had an EP out last year (that I totally forgot to look into until yesterday ) and having already been enjoying juanpabloangel18's musical endeavours for some time, I'm keen to have a listen to some more output from our VT brethren. So I invite the creatively-inclined amongst you to hawk thyselves in this very thread. All abilities/styles welcome, even if it's something as basic as recreating the works of The Wurzels through jug-blowing (I'm looking at you, Farmer Eames).
  6. Not quite 2022 yet but here's what to look forward to from Adrian Sherwood Not listened to it all yet but it does seem that the Horace Andy album is finally going to be released and its the first track on the On-U Sound Sunday Roast Xmas Special, hosted by AMS himself (as he does every year) and he previews what is coming up in the next year (and very often doesn't ) Full show here It's not all that reggae stuff either. EDIT: 2nd Jeb Loy Nichols album produced by AMS sounds nice New Mark Stewart album and a new PIAB Vol 8 Brand New African Headcharge album First new Tackhead Album for 30 Years - OMFG! The track he played on this was in collaboration with LSK but definitely has Skip McDonald in Little Axe mode written all over it Even more amazing than a new Tackhead album a brand new Creation Rebel album, thats 40 years since the last one and that sounds brilliant Unreleased material from Andy Fairley (Long deceased Bristol poet and On-U artist) that they just found on hard discs - the track on this show is phenomenal, spine tingling stuff Unreleased Lee Scratch Perry track will be on PIAB Vol 8, one they held back from the last recording session featuring LSK and Skip McDonald Hell I'm not even half way through it yet and I'm VERY excited already
  7. I only ever use Spotify to discover things I've never heard before I decide whether I want it or not. I doubt the new rules will affect me that much tbh. Like D1 I do like some of the apps, I use Pitchfork / Guardian / LastFM ones mainly
  8. Where's the junglist and the dubsters at on VT? Gimme a holla, I know you're out there somewhere, what's your preference? I love downtempo, electronic, dub, reggae, uk hiphop, jungle, anything the NME aren't keen on, looking for some more reggae to discover at the mo, I've rinsed the Jah Cure album to death now.
  9. OK, this may die on its feet, or end up being just me, Xann and theunderstudy (same thing, I suppose). But this is the place for "classical" (in its widest sense) music discussion - what you like, what you hate, recommendations, questions, general chat. Me? Currently grooving on that Stravinsky box set I mentioned in the "cheer you up" thread. Anybody else listening to this stuff?
  10. dAVe80

    80s Party!

    Inspired by the 80s music challenge thing that's going about Facebook at the moment, let's have an 80s party! Post your favourite 80s tunes, and let's dance! Only one rule, songs must have been originally released between 01/01/1980 & 31/12/1989. Other than that, have at it! Lets kick things off...
  11. They don't make them like they used to. Sort of tune that @Seat68 will appreciate I imagine... Loved this show as a kid.
  12. I was wondering whether this should go in the Gig thread, but thought it'd be good to separate this purely to talk about what your biggest regret was in terms of bands you never got to see, passed up the opportunity, saw them too late etc etc. Obvious one for me was Prince. I had the chance to see him while I was Uni. However, being a poor student, I couldn't spare the money to go so had to pass. A few years later, once I was out of Uni and back working, he announced his piano tour. Went online as soon as the tickets were due to go on sale, only to find that he'd cancelled the tour as he was unhappy with how much the promotional companies were charging the fans for tickets (very admirable, of course). He'd said that he would rearrange the tour at a later date, and then unfortunately he passed away not long after that. My absolute hero and I never got to see him live. Had a couple of chances to see Rush when I was younger too that I passed up. Shame.
  13. From their youthful photo. Done this before but not for a few years. Ten to get, starting with 1.
  14. I just asked the three women at work that sit near me what their favourite christmas song was. They all said Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas'. I got annoyed and told them they did't know what they're talking about and they're not talking to me now I'm sure this thread has been done before on Christmas's past but I couldn't find it. So what's you favourite Christmas song? It's got to be Slade for me
  15. Well, as it’s 2021 it’s time for a thread on music due to be released this year! what is everyone looking forward to getting their ears wrapped around this year? Personally looking forward to the new releases from Shame (Drunk Tank Pink - due in a few weeks), Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (SHYGA! - due early feb) and the Courting EP (Grand National - April) would also love some new material from Do Nothing, after their brilliant EP Zero Dollar Bill in 2020.
  16. Anyone tried it (invite only at the moment, and no I haven't got any to give yet)? It's effin brilliant. Thousands and more thousands of songs and artists right at your fingertips. Excellent audio quality and for those of you who know me, it takes a bit to get my approval. It's a streaming service but buffering doesn't exist. Feck knows how they do it. The only thing missing is a client for a mobile so you can listen on the go and not only at your computer. It's free with about one ad an hour as far as I can tell. Completely ad free cost you about a tenner a month but you can listen 24/7 either way. I sound like a sales drone but this is exactly what I want from an online music service. And yes, It works on a mac! :winkold: Edit: Forgot the link http://www.spotify.com/
  17. Suspect this has been done to death on here over the years, but do you have one? Doesn't have to be technically I guess. I enjoy Van Morrison for some reason, and I'm not sure he's up there with Aretha Franklin and what not Guess I've always had a slight pull towards Otis Reddit, Sam Cooke and Freddie Mercury when it comes to more awesome voices.
  18. Pagoda Park, that takes me back. The Powerhouse (became the Ritzy I think) then Wobble and the one by the Market open until 6am, Tin Tins?
  19. OK I'm a bit bored between meetings today. Let's start a new thread... You're the DJ at the party. The ibuprofen has kicked in, everyone has had a couple of sherries, and it's time to get everyone on the dance floor. Tell me what two songs you're playing to get them up? Two songs that are gonna work together, and make it impossible for them not to dance, and keep them there. I'll start us off, then let's hear yours?
  20. sne

    New Music 2020

    Start the year out with something catchy from Norway
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