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    27% of adult Israelis between 18-65 are stoners, putting Israel on the podium of World cannabis prevalence in bronze position. Anyone care to guess who's got gold?
  2. Ring necked parakeets are seriously one of the most numerous birds in South and West London. You get massive raucous squadrons of them. They're sometimes quite tame in the central London parks. Tone's right, they're destructive. The allotment folk don't like them. Richmond Park is the best for diversity of escapees. Macaws and cockatoos flying about.
  3. Didn't know they were Russian. Seen a few since lockdown. Leftfield taking on Bosch, but they have two sphynx cats, what can you say?
  4. I've seen Wu-Tang, but I'm not the patient
  5. No, no, no, no. Wouldn't do it to you. It would utterly defeat the point of the exercise. It's really really not meant to be painful, quite the opposite
  6. Bit harsh Drones with megaphones and sweary operators first, perhaps?
  7. Fascinating as it is, add what we already know to the mix and it actually throws Theresa May's government under a bus.
  8. It's loose in a care home My other half is visiting. Test came back positive from a long term disabled chap that passed a couple of days ago . A few residents have been there decades, they are like a family to each other. Not only have they lost their friend, they're now dreading to see who else will show symptoms? Awful stuff.
  9. I wouldn't want to comment on numbers cos they're all over the place. They do make a lot of medical kit everyone's been short of, as well as being their usual well organised, funded and modern medical selves.
  10. Hahahaha - It wouldn't be the end! It would be a beginning! Bickster's buying Jazz and I'm streaming Chinese Hip Hop because I can't buy it. Nobody ever thought this would happen either.
  11. That Covid can do the wealthy makes it more likely that something positive might happen, as far as future outbreak containment procedures and resources go anyway. The big wealthy will resist necessary changes to an economy for Momma Earth, cos they got there by hook or crook and want their cash, so f*** you.
  12. Sod off. You're not allowed exit until you've got bombed and listened to Cypress Hill
  13. Kremlin's well connected, and it's not just Banks. Heil - Had a choice, let's mix it up. I used to find RT's interpretation of events hilarious. Then the BBC stopped reporting on things like riots outside Downing St, and starting editing out the glorious leader's hungover gaffes.
  14. Met Honor Blackman about a decade ago. She was nice, but quite confused. Thought she had dementia, but saw her on telly after looking more together. Guessing she had meds issues, or perhaps a urine infection the first time?
  15. Gift from a resident of New Hampshire. She's sent some good loungeware since we told her to stop sending bloody awful American sweets
  16. What a f***ing joke nation we are. Who's after Raab? Jim Davidson?
  17. Lord Bath was a total philanderer, but probably wouldn't deny ever sweating. He also allowed the UFO Club residency at Longleat. If all royal residences hosted club nights I think the UK would be a better place.
  18. ... drinking White Russians and sitting in the Sunshine listening to Afrobeat. My Blitz Spirits have been vodka and Kahlua. She's out on the frontline. Loads of people are dying. Strange times.
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