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  1. I would be shocked myself, but I've been shocked already this season, by points being picked up unexpectedly by teams around us, against teams that they were expected to be easily beaten by. We need to start getting a couple of those results too. I suspect that Burnley will be soundly beaten tomorrow, I'm hoping that this one, along with others involving fellow strugglers, will go our way.
  2. I raise you, an open necked brutus shirt, gold medallion, oxford bags and burgundy platform shoes (Erdington disco chic)
  3. I would like to see a picture of the lad, on the pitch, holding up our shirt, having signed his contract.
  4. No signings or strong links yet this morning? I would like to think that we can get Samatta and young Barry done today. I would then be satisfied, if we brought in another striker and a wide player. Anything more would be a bonus, anything less, represents a tremendous risk.
  5. We need someone up front for the next three crucial games.Given the potential of a delay in issuing a work permit, could we still be without a striker for one, two or all three of these games?
  6. I would certainly hope not. Jack is not a winger. He shouldn't be playing wide or as an emergency forward. He's wasted there. We lose too much of what he does best for us, when we play him out of position. He's one of the best midfield players in the league. That's where we should always be playing him. He is the player that pulls the strings for us in the middle and who makes us tick. If we need another winger, we should buy one along with a striker. Let's stop messing Jack around, play him in his rightful position and let him lead us to safety from the middle.
  7. He might be the one, that we think that we might get later at a lower price. If so, we may well be disappointed. Other clubs will be looking at him as well and might beat us to the punch. Hull might be reluctant to lower the fee until deadline day, on the assumption that someone will eventually crack and meet their asking price. That would be too long for us to wait, unless we have other forwards due to come in first and he is the icing on our cake. If we want him, let's meet their price, assuming we're not too many millions apart.
  8. This is the first of three games, that may well decide our PL future, or lack of it! Since last weekend's debacle, we have signed a keeper that we can rely on, assuming that he has retained much of the ability and confidence that he previously had. Turning to the other end of the field, as yet we have still not found anyone to lead our attack. In Dunk and Webster, our hosts have two central defenders, that would prove difficult for most strikers to get the best of. However, how will they cope with our invisible target man? A win would take us level on points with Brighton and would be likely to lift us out of the bottom three. A point would keep us in touch with the four clubs that are just above us and might keep us above Bournemouth. Our last league victory at Brighton came in 1981. We won there earlier this season in the EFL Cup and drew there in 2016. Brighton have not beaten us since 1980, although we have only played them 9 times since then. Overall, we have won 10 and have drawn 6 of the 19 league games, that there have been between the two clubs. Another win, or at the very worst avoiding defeat on Saturday at their American Express Community Stadium, would do nicely - Just do it for us Villa! Or do we need the winter weather to cause the postponement of our next two league fixtures, until we have completed our transfer window business?
  9. Here's some great Villa signings to cheer us all up :
  10. He might well be right given he will have seen more of him, but I have liked what little I have seen of him myself and I think that he could well develop into a decent striker. Might be a risk worth taking.
  11. I'm disappointed that I have yet to at least read that, "Villa are reportedly preparing/readying a bid for a striker". We really need to have someone in to play up front, by the weekend. I hope we are in for an amazingly big signing, but in the interim surely we can bring in a young striker with potential, who could in time prove to be a shrewd investment and might potentially do a half decent job in the next couple of games. Someone like Shankland from Dundee United for example, would probably be gettable, at a reasonable price.
  12. He plays football like a man possessed, is good with crosses and has a team spirit. The fee wouldn't be too high, more like a medium price. i hear he's great in the box too, ghosts past defenders and I'm confident that he could conjure up the ghouls we need. We could do hearse...
  13. Vangelis has somehow found his way home, at last then. One for those of us, who can still remember the early eighties!
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