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  1. Not every existing season ticket holder will renew. That may be due to choice or a number of other things that may include changes in their financial situation, a reluctance to be part of a crowd (having spent 12-months avoiding them) or sadly because they are no longer with us. I'm not sure that there is a waiting list as such, but I would guess there will be some seats available, although it may be necessary to relocate within the ground to get them together.
  2. Another late winner for them against us. Still at least we won the league games between us on aggregate this season.
  3. We travel to the soon to be former league champions tomorrow afternoon. Liverpool have lost their last six home league games and were slaughtered 7-2 at Villa Park earlier this season. An away win would give us our first league double against our hosts since season 1952/53. For that reason alone, we should give this game everything, because chances like this have not come about too often over the years! Liverpool will have revenge on their minds, but will also have the coming second leg against Real Madrid as a competing priority. Should they go out of the Champions League next week, the
  4. I agree we do tend to look through our claret & blue glasses a bit, when it comes to our former players. In this case though, Tammy is both young and good enough, other than in the case of Axel I don't think the same quite applies to the rest of our ex's. Whether we should go for one or either of them, is open to question, but we could do worse in my opinion.
  5. That brings back some memories. I remember being in The Old Contemptibles, that night with my mates and seeing Noel Blake with his girlfriend (who I knew). I had a quick chat and I think he had got the mistaken impression that I might be a Nose. On the way out, I grinned and said "Unlucky today Noel, loved you penalty by the way." From the look on his face, it seemed that I might have hit a bit of a raw nerve, so we didn't hang about on our way to the next pub! .
  6. 6 = Good. I thought that they both were, but Fulham for me, didn't quite test them enough for them to have been able to warrant a higher rating, in my opinion. Thanks for giving your opinion on this.
  7. Have we ever played as badly as this and won 3-1? I do not remember us doing so, myself. Villa were just lacking the deckchairs and the sand, to have been able to have been officially declared as being on the beach, for all but the last quarter of an hour yesterday. This was only the second time that we have fought back from being a goal behind to get something out of a game this season. It is also the first time that we have done so and won. There seemed little likelihood of the stalemate being broken until we gifted them the lead after 61 minutes, much to the despair of the Geordies,
  8. Fulham will be well motivated for tomorrow's game, as a win could well see them out of the relegation zone at the expense of Newcastle. We may well need a minimum of a point to climb back into the top half of the table ourselves, by tomorrow afternoon. Fourteen points from 14 games this year, is quite a slump and we need to record our fifth win of the year to prevent the early gloss of this season becoming dulled by a shocking finish to it. This season has been a big improvement on the last one, but let's not do a Palace and hit the beach as soon as we have reached the 40-point safety mark. Fu
  9. Sadly we have done a bit of a Devon Loch, haven't we?
  10. John

    Mile Jedinak

    No, he would find himself trapped on the wrong side of the gate after fitting it. The home owners would never get rid of him.
  11. I watched "Finding Jack Charlton" last night. So sad that dementia had robbed him of so many of his memories by the end. Some great interviews with Paul and Andy about playing for Jack and some great footage of the big games. I loved a moment when a reporter asked Jack what managing Ireland meant to him and he replied with a glint in his eye, and a big grin to the camera "Do you mean financially?" Catch it on BBCi if you can.
  12. John

    Memory Lane

    Subbuteo now do !
  13. John

    Memory Lane

    Subbuteo also did:
  14. West Ham 9pts from 16, ourselves 10pts from 16 & Bristol City 11 from 18. Games remaining: (West Ham): Reading (a), Villa (h), Everton (h), Villa (a), Man City (h) & to be arranged Arsenal (a). (Villa): Everton (a), West Ham (a), Bristol City (h) West Ham (h) Arsenal (a) & to be arranged Small Heath (a). (Bristol City): Arsenal (h), Villa (a), Man Utd (h) & Brighton (a). Quite where the five wins in a row came from for Brighton is beyond me. They were my relegation bankers before that. West Ham face three top half teams, 7th placed Brighton and us tw
  15. From the Guardian (link below): In the 100th minute, however, Mark Walters, the 18-year-old who had been thrust on in place of the unusually quiet Tony Morley, was brought down in the box by José Vicente Sánchez. After much gnashing and mewling by Barça, Cowans stepped up to take the penalty. He had already scored seven times from the spot that season. But this time he missed, Urruti making a good save. No matter, Cowans converted the rebound. Urruti blew a fuse. As Cowans tried to collect the ball from the net, the raging keeper gave him an almighty whack from behind and then ran around
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