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  1. Don't forget our 5 League Cup wins! You have won most recently at Wembley though so will play in the top flight next season leaving us in the second tier for at least another year. Winning things does not make us immune to disappointment as Fulham may now find out in the future. Thor like us is upset about yesterday's result as last night's lightning strikes demonstrated.
  2. John

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    William Hill have us as joint second favourites for next season at 8/1 with Stoke 7/1 and WBA also 8/1 and they are seldom wrong are they?
  3. John

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I really hope that we don't. £30m would not even buy Jack's right leg surely? A fee might help with FFP but it won't help us to get involved in any race for promotion. I would like to think Jack might stay for one more year and that we could try to build a team around him. There again, I also liked to think that we would not be facing another season in this division before yesterday.
  4. You just wouldn't let it lie would you? I agree what was said by our club officials then would have been better left unsaid. The EFL decided they were able to live with your arrangements and that should be the end of the matter yet you raise the subject once again. There has not been the sort of animosity between our two clubs that we reserve for Small Heath and that you reserve for the Baggies and now is not the time to gloat about our playoff defeat it's not big to do so. We know it was grim yesterday and that our club's future is at least in the short term outside of the top flight (as has your clubs been for more years than I care to mention in the past). You went up as champions and deserved to. What happens next season is open to debate I suggest something between mid table and the certain relegation fodder that you felt was destined for us is more likely next season than the push for the title that some of your fans are smugly predicting. I would have liked us both to have been promoted but it was not to be. I do not wish Wolves any ill next season. I wish them good luck for the future and they just might need it.
  5. John


    We really should not be having any sort of firesale if it's avoidable. Selling Grealish will weaken us incredibly. What do we need to do to meet FFP in any case? Are there any other available options of meeting it? What would be the penalty if we didn't meet it? Would avoiding any such penalty be worth letting the bulk of our first team go and leaving us as weak as a kitten next season?
  6. John

    Pre-match chat

    Hopefully our "old and tired" team can find the energy to win just one more game today and maintain Steve Bruce's 100% playoff final record. Carpe diem Villa!
  7. John

    Pre-match chat

    Let's get ready to rumble!!
  8. John

    Pre-match chat

    Record it and you can watch the bits you can't remember when you get back.
  9. John

    On The Pi55 My Lord

    A good shout. We did that one in 94 & 96. A decent boozer with plenty of room compared to the ones nearer the stadium. You can get the tube to Wembley from the nearby Preston Road tube station.
  10. John

    Pre-match chat

    Fulham fans have never seen their team beat anyone at Wembley!
  11. John

    Pre-match chat

    Only two more sleeps to go now. Sweet dreams boys and girls.
  12. John


    I have seen groups of Villa fans in the past with one spare in previous years at Wembley who are just looking to sell at face value and are not looking to rip off fellow fans. That would be your best bet early on in the day. Hope you manage to get a ticket.
  13. John

    Pre-match chat

    I hope you get the present that you want Del and a warm welcome to the sixties. My first Wembley visit was in 1971 as well Martin Chivers spoilt it. Wembley is a great day out as long as you don't lose but you have only once seen us defeated there and I fully expect your good run of results to continue.
  14. John

    Pre-match chat

    I did the same the day before travelling to the 82 final. A quick detour to the bookies on the way paid for my trip (22/1 first scorer and correct score double). Hope your dream comes true and eases the pain of not being there a little.
  15. John

    Pre-match chat

    SKY News have just had Diddy David Hamilton on backing Fulham for Saturday's game but then showed the above from "true Hollywood superstar" Tom Hanks. Way to trump our opponents!