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  1. Games do not get much tougher than this one. We travel to second placed Manchester City tomorrow evening and they will go top of the league if they beat us. They have won their last five league games, have gone unbeaten in their last nine and have kept a clean sheet in seven of those last nine league games. Our first team have not played since they lost to the current league leaders on 2nd January, having since been isolating due to a covid outbreak at the club. Whilst they have been on an impressive winning run and looking increasingly like potential league champions, we have not even been tr
  2. Three games in hand of the three clubs who are currently above and behind us and four in front of Wolves with four games in hand (mind the gap). Given the three games we have to make up are Manchester City (a), Newcastle (h) & Everton (h), a reasonable return of 4 - 6 points from these games, would currently see us in 6th - 4th place. Top half looks a realistic target now (a gap could soon develop between the top and bottom half), anything more could see us dusting off our passports next season (for one of the European competitions). This will all be dependant upon whether this break
  3. Given the choice, I would prefer Kane up front. I admit that Rooney looked the better prospect in their early years in the game, but Kane overtook Rooney for me as he developed more as a player in his 20s than Rooney did, in my opinion. I have been keeping up. He would have struggled to do much worse than Cocu had been doing. Being caretaker manager (or one of them), is often easier than having the job full time. I had actually expected him to make a bigger impact than he has to date, but hope given time he can stabilise the club and get them looking up, rather than down.
  4. He was at his.best when he was a youngster (when he was on the losing side against us in the Youth Cup Final and for a few years after that). He didn't "kick on"" and was much the same player during the rest of his playing career, for me he peaked early, rather than at 26/27 as is the norm. In my opinion, he doesn't stand out as one of the greatest English strikers, when compared with strikers like Kane now, or the likes of Shearer, Lineker and Greaves in the past. He will also have a very tough introduction to management at Derby, who have sadly gone backwards since their play off final
  5. That sounds remarkably like us too. I hope that we are thinking along the same lines.
  6. A good shout, I had been thinking that as well. He's a young box to box midfield player, who was previously linked to Manchester United and Liverpool, at a higher fee. Potentially, a smart bit of work by Brighton at £5m, according to Talksport's South American correspondent, Tim Vickery. Might well have been worth a cheeky bid and a place on our bench.
  7. John

    Louie Barry

    Welcome Scrooge! It is a matter of opinions really. I thought Barry's goal just shaded it myself . I understand 100% where you are coming from concerning how some teams hijack polls (like Arsenal are perhaps doing with the player of the round now). I doubt either player will be that bothered about these polls, what they did on the day and their reaction to doing it, will be what they remember most in the coming years. Best of luck to both players in the future. That said, it was rather nice that we were able to make our votes count on this occasion.
  8. John

    Louie Barry

    3% up, but it is not over until it's over and I hear the Crawley lad has claimed "electoral fraud".
  9. John

    Louie Barry

    He's on 18% with James Justin now, joint second to Nick Tsaroulla of Crawley on 28%. I have voted...
  10. According to the BBC Football site (see below), the kids are not being asked to play again because, "it was felt unfair to ask Villa to follow the same procedure in a Premier League game because it would affect the competitive balance of the competition." Was it even under consideration by someone? It has not been previously in the PL. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55617486 Or do we? Will enough of our first team squad be available by then? Do we know many players being unavailable, is actually too many for a game to go ahead? Or are there different numbers for differen
  11. Whatever happens in the future, these young lions will always have last night. They all made their first team debuts together and worked tirelessly for each other and for the shirt that they wore. Whether they go on to play again for our first team (which I believe more than one, has the potential to do), make a footballing career as a professional elsewhere or do not quite go on to make the grade, they will always smile and be rightly proud of how they performed last night against the current league champions. This really was Roy of the Rovers stuff! What a tremendous display our young l
  12. The only positive that I can see is that the club will get the BT cash, which would not had happened otherwise. It will be a positive for the young lads, so long as they are not really put to the sword. Given what we did to their first team, I fear Liverpool will see this as a way to get some sort of revenge (although I don't see there would be much, if any to be had by going for a really big score). The only point that I differ on, is that I along with a few other fans, would have desired a cup run (so long as that run ended with us picking up the trophy). Come on you Villa lads, we are al
  13. 9 points from the those five would do nicely. Anything more would be a very big bonus.
  14. I do hope the under soil heating doesn't breakdown.
  15. I didn't see us as the underdogs tomorrow, with home advantage and Liverpool's current form. As for last season, Liverpool didn't do anything for us, they did it for themselves. They prioritised another game and showed a total disregard for the FA Cup, by fielding an entire team of kids against us. It was their choice last season, we have no choice this time.
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