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  1. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Junxs asked "where did you hear this" could you give us the source of this report? Could Boro have simply matched our bid to leave the player with the choice of who to move to? Have we actually made a bid for him or did we try to take him on loan again and could this lead to us matching their bid before a deal to Boro actually happens (if we have yet to bid for him)? If we bid or have already bid for him will the bright lights of Middlesbrough turn his head and have they offered him a better wage/signing on fee than we are or would be prepared to? Time may tell...
  2. Jack Grealish

    The long will he or won't he indecision concerning Jack picking England over Ireland seems a touch irrelevant now as he has not been getting regular games for either England U21s nor Villa lately. Last season proved to be a lot harder for Jack than we and I guess he had anticipated. He now has to work at his game and to consistently produce the sort of display that he did in that FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool or at least something near it. He has shown he has the ability to play a big part in helping us to get out of this division and had a choice of two international sides who were fighting to get him to turn out for them not too long ago. I'm sure Jack will not have enjoyed sitting on the bench in Poland and at Villa Park. During this close season and the season to come Jack needs to target starting every game for us and showing not just occasional glimpses of the talent he has but 90 minutes of it. Given his ability that should be well within his reach. I'm sure that Jack realises that he cannot afford to let another season pass him by.
  3. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Yes I agree that would be worth a look although Hourihane and Lansbury should tick the creativity box for us if they were given the freedom to move further up the field. I would rather see us signing a winger as well as a forward. I feel that should we sign Johnstone, Terry and either Ledley, Jackson Irvine or another CM on loan then we could add a forward and a wide player or two on loan to the mix.
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    We did not score enough goals last season although our strikers did lack service. I would therefore not say no to bringing in a striker on loan. Kodjia scored goals for fun last season but when he is absent where will our goals come from? Hogan has yet to show for sure that he will do the same for us as he did for Brentford (although injury impacted on his chances of showing that last season). Who knows if McCormack will be selected to play for us again and if he is whether he will be fit enough to get over his fence and if he does manage that whether he will be anywhere near the player he was for Fulham? Gabby is way past his best and is seldom up for it other than when he comes on as a late substitute against Small Heath. Davis and Hepburn-Murphy have clear potential and should get odd games this season to show they can score the goals we need in the longer term but can we guarantee they would do so on a regular basis if they were called upon to do so over a lengthy period this season?
  5. Tony Xia

    I heard him yesterday on Talksport. Matt Scott admitted he was wrong when he said that Tony would not have the money to buy the club earlier and then made a general comment about what he sees as the Chinese government's current preference being for investment at home rather than abroad. Northampton were mentioned as a club recently taken over as were WBA but Scott used us as the most high profile team likely to be impacted upon by such a change in policy. He clearly has a chip on his shoulder having gone out on a limb about Tony in the past and having been proved wrong. He is looking for bad news from any potential source that he can use to get even. Terry signing and Villa going back up this season would not help his argument make it so Villa!
  6. Jordan Amavi

    If they think he can do a job for them then that proves that he is worth significantly more than 6m Euros!
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    The sort of players John Terry might have a word in their ear about joining us if only for a season on loan but with a view to buy perhaps when we go up?
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Clive James, Lloyd, Anderson, Woodward and Dunn (posthumously) would no doubt suggest that is being a bit harsh on Clive's in general.
  9. John Terry

    Yes I think both players felt we would be loathe to sell them and it was about money (in John Gidman's case he had found that other players were on a lot more money than he was and he more than doubled his salary on moving to Everton). They went to the boardroom with an us or him (Ron Saunders) ultimatum and were shocked when the manager was backed and the club accepted their transfer requests taking in excess of £2m for them both in combined transfer fees.
  10. John Terry

    Can I suggest? "Right round round round" - You Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive) - 1984.
  11. John Terry

    As I recall he was dumped by Villa along with John Gidman.
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Just did the predictor for the coming season (a touch early given in/out transfers will have an impact on the performances of clubs) but why not go early ? I had us finishing second on 93 points to Fulham for automatic promotion (I would prefer top spot but would shake hands on second now) . The play-off teams were Sheffield Wednesday (3rd), Reading (4th), Boro (5th) & Leeds (6th). Small Heath ended the season 20th (with hindsight I was clearly way over generous with their predictions)!
  13. John Terry

    So funny!
  14. John Terry

    Dave Mackay joined Derby from Spurs when aged 33 and was made team captain by Brian Clough. They were promoted as champions in his first season for them and he was also named joint footballer of the year. Might JT currently be thinking about taking a shot at doing something similar with us?
  15. John Terry

    I don't think lack of fitness was the main reason he made only very limited first team appearances for Chelsea last season. I would suggest it was more likely that Conte did not see him as a first choice for their defence (they had a few more options than we have) so played others there instead.