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  1. Having kept a keen interest in his various suggestions over the last couple of years, I have found that his hits exceed any misses. That is why the majority of us sit up and take notice, when he recommends a player.
  2. John

    Tyrone Mings

    So he should and Jack should too. Will my outrage be parked, 50% parked or total outrage in a couple of hours? Time will tell.....
  3. & sometimes that number gets a bit high... (I should know) Despite that, I wish Ashley well on his return, hopefully he can defy the years and show us some of what we took such pleasure in seeing from him all those years ago..
  4. John

    Tyrone Mings

    Tyrone has a good game and may be dropped. Phillips has a good game and keeps his place, because Henderson still isn't fit. I get the feeling that whatever they do, the "wally in the waistcoat" will play his "usual suspects", as soon as he possibly can. So much for playing well enough to keep the shirt.
  5. John

    Tyrone Mings

    Tyrone deserves to start against Scotland following his last performance. It doesn't make sense to rush Maguire back, just because he wants to play. Give him 25 minutes at the end, to prove his fitness, but don't let him walk straight back into the team.
  6. It could be Amazon or one of these two guys.....
  7. For me, he wanted away and he got his "dream move" which was away from us. He used us a stepping stone to Old Trafford, as did Bosnich & Yorke before him. I will always remember his days with us fondly, but I'm afraid that I am with The Joker on this one. Gordon Cowans was different in that he always was a Villa man and he was still young enough to perform well at a high level. It doesn't always work as Andy Gray demonstrated when he came back to us and Bale also did the same last season at Spurs. Like Benteke and Milner, Young has moved on. We thank them for their service, but we don
  8. Yes, he would tell them what a great time he had after leaving us and would offer to put them in touch with his agent.
  9. I like all those Saturday 3pm kick off's, just like it used to be. Pity they won't stay like that for long. Our first game should be live, but I guess TV's first dabs might be: Norwich vs Liverpool, Spurs vs Man Citeh, Brentford vs Arsenal & shock/horror Manchester United vs Leeds (it's not still the 1960's you know SKY/BT).
  10. The promoted teams often line up like lambs to the slaughter, against the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and the Manchester clubs, on the first day. I'm guessing we may be away at West Ham or Newcastle.
  11. It is about time that they got round to doing one for us. I'm sure it will be a tasty combination of sweet success and glory. The Small Heath version will obviously taste and smell like sh**, so the knuckle draggers will love it...
  12. Or he could just have been having a round of golf on a very good golf course.....
  13. Targett doesn't need someone to challenge him, at most he needs some cover following Taylor's departure. He was one of our most reliable players last season and his first team place, is not a position that we need to fill, in my opinion.
  14. Wayne Rooney makes a good case for Jack's selection today in "The Sunday Times
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