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  1. But, you just did ask. We have done very well with developing our own players over the years. Players such as Brian Little, Gordon Cowans, Lee Hendrie and currently Jack spring to mind, but you are lucky if you get 1 or 2 top quality players in a decade really (unless you are Brentford). We needed a lot of players at the same time, so had little choice other than to pay the big bucks. I hope we can continue to produce one or two gems in the coming seasons.
  2. Tyrone laughs in the face of any competition. I hear The Emperor rang this so called pretender to his crown, on hearing news of our reported interest in him last night and told him, "I'd much rather see you on my side, than scattered into...atoms." All hail the merciless one!
  3. I was not intending to imply that he was disloyal as such, few players demonstrate much loyalty to a club these days. We are very fortune that we have one currently in Jack that does. Benteke was a star with us and Villa fans (including myself) will always look upon him fondly, for what he did for our football club. He would probably have maintained his status in the game longer had he chosen to remain a big fish in a smaller pond, than the one that he chose to move to, but he had an itch to move on that he felt he had to scratch. He rolled the dice and lost. He would probably have rolled it sooner had he been able. We were as reliant on him, as I think he was upon us. We did everything we could on the field to make chances for him, his new team didn't play to his strengths and he became a shadow of the player he had been, as his confidence fell dramatically. He will probably look back at his years with us as being the best of his career. I will look back at him as one of our very best centre forwards. Sadly like Tammy, his Villa days are behind him (in the case of Tammy, hopefully not permanently) and we are left with happy memories of them both terrorising opposition defences. We go again with our brand spanking new forward(s)!
  4. I rather hope that he does. I think we might have stayed up that season had he stayed, but it's water under the bridge for him and us now.
  5. Le Tissier was too good for Southampton and Jack was too good for us, but they were loyal and stuck around. Benteke wasn't good enough for where he went and he isn't good enough for us now!
  6. Agreed 110%. Benteke scored goals for fun for us, but always thought that he was too good for us. When he left, I said that the grass is not always greener away from Villa Park and so it has proved. He's now not a regular starter with Woy and has lost his place in Belgium's international squad. He's also now not good enough for us! Let's continue to focus on players like Maupay that are.
  7. I think that Sheffield United could afford them both, if like us they were prepared to spend all or at least a large chunk of the extra income that promotion has given them. They instead seem more likely to bank most of it and to hope that the players that got them up, can keep them up with the help of a couple of additions to their squad. Their aim is to survive a relegation battle, where our aim is to avoid one, by paying the money to build a team that can fit into the PL more comfortably. They will have the bulk of that money should their team take the drop at the end of this coming season, thus securing their long term future. We have owners that are looking up the table at where they want us to be, rather than at the bottom six positions where Sheffield United's officials anticipate being. I hope that Maupay's choice does end up being between Brighton and Villa. If so, I rather expect to see him in a claret and blue shirt within a few days.
  8. John

    Ethan Ampadu

    So be it. You have to wonder whether we ever really wanted him on loan. Perhaps the player chose Leipzig because he likes a German wurst and a bier, or does Frank still hold a grudge from the play-off final?
  9. If it's a choice between Brighton and us, then I agree. Brighton is a nice enough coastal resort, but their football team are likely to offer Maupay only a one season short break from the Championship.
  10. John

    Douglas Luiz

    All of our dad's are or were. I know I am one as well. There is a nice three bedroom penthouse at Little Aston Hall for only £995,000 on the market just now Douglas, get it bought and get yourself signed sharpish young man!

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