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  1. Sad to hear that we have lost another World Cup winner this afternoon. Norbert “Nobby” Stiles has passed away today (aged 78) following a long battle with illness. Nobby suffered a minor stroke in 2010, and was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer. Nobby was a vital cog in both the England and Manchester United teams that lifted the World Cup in 1966 and the European Cup in 1968. Nobby was a real hard man, who was able to mark (sometimes literally) an opponent out of a game. He did so notably well when marking Eusebio in the World Cup semi-final. He will always be
  2. Wolves fans are a deluded lot. Their highest ever attendance was 61,305, our record is 76,588. I think they have a problem about Villa being the biggest club, with a significantly bigger stand. Here is an image of 28,000 yam yams trying to fit into their South Bonk:
  3. It was the biggest stand in England back then, as you rightly said it held 28,000 (sometimes a few more, for whom the turnstile didn't turn, I think).
  4. We welcome Southampton to Villa Park for a high noon showdown on Sunday. We really need to bounce back after losing our unbeaten run last Friday, if we are not to run the risk of losing the momentum that our great start to this season has given us. We need to ensure that our first defeat of the season, which was also the first time that we had failed to win, can be looked back on as a blip, rather than as the start of a slide down the table. A win would maintain our position in the top four with a game in hand, but a win may well be as hard to come by as it proved to be last Friday night.
  5. For a moment I thought that would probably be that then, but then I remembered our last home game but one. If we are both in for him, then send Kulig a DVD of the 7-2 game, that should make the lad think twice...
  6. Tremendous. The replay of the winner shows just how mighty the Holte was back then and still is. I'm proud to have been one of the many in it that day, shouting "Villa, Villa, Villa" what a place to be and what a time to be have been there!.
  7. Yes, it was a rare treat to be able to watch that game again on MOTD that evening. Barry Davies saying, "just listen to this crowd now, getting behind Villa" as George Curtis took the free kick, that produced our winner. A real "jumpers for goalposts" moment!
  8. Unless Sky/BT are not making public the amount they are charging the PL to put these PPV games on, because it is such an eye watering amount that it would eat up the £4.95.
  9. Martyn Ziegler's very interesting report on yesterday's meeting, from The Times today: "The Premier League has earned more than £5 million from the first two weekends of pay-per-view (PPV) matches but clubs have agreed to review the price after accepting that demanding £14.95 per game has been a PR crisis. At a meeting today the 20 clubs decided to stick with the fee for the next two rounds of matches but agreed to review PPV pricing after the international break, with a decision due to be made on November 5. It is highly likely that the PPV fee will be reduced to £9.95 to fall in line wi
  10. I was fortunate to be among the then record 3rd Division Villa Park crowd of 48,110, that gathered to see us take on promotion rivals Bournemouth on 12/2/72. We were top and they were second, a win would have taken them level on points with us, with a game in hand. Ted McDougal put the visitors in front during the first half, before Geoff Vowden equalised on 72 minutes, heading home a Chico Hamilton cross. Andy Lochhead scored our 75th minute winner getting his head on a George Curtis free kick, before hitting the falling ball on the volley into the net. This was a tremendous game, and I will
  11. Just ignored things then. Just heard them say this on Talksport. I wonder if it went to a vote?
  12. I hope it isn't the future. Those two clubs would admittedly make more money and do make more money for Sky/BT, but it is not really "fair" on the rest. Although football like life isn't always fair.
  13. Whatever the price is it still won't be "fair" to every PL club's fans. The likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea, never seem to be off either Sky or BT, so their fans won't need to pay for many PPV games. The rest and particularly clubs like WBA and Burnley, will seldom have their games shown, so they would be expected to pay through the nose to see their games on PPV. Fair doesn't really matter too much to the people who run the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United though.
  14. We were the big fish in a small pond then. I still find it astounding that given the start we've had we have been not selected more often by Sky and BT. Perhaps they think that of the clubs outside of those they put on week after week, we are among a handful of other clubs that will attract decent PPV income for them. They would rather fleece us than their precious Liverpool and Manchester United viewers.
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