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  1. I agree 100% with the above which I've put in bold. I also agree that West Ham will take some confidence from last night, but we did our bit for Southampton's confidence last weekend. I therefore have my fingers crossed for a Saints win in Stratford on Saturday and for Liverpool winning at Watford on the same day. That would leave us outside the bottom three, with a game in hand on Sunday.Perhaps I haven't quite given up on other results helping us, just yet!
  2. John

    John McGinn

    I suspect he will be eyeing a start against Chelsea. He is probably looking at a place on the bench at Wembley! What we really can't afford to do, is to rush him back and risk him missing more vital games at the end of the season as a result. John's return can have a massive impact on our hopes of staying up. I can wait until the Chelsea game, but I doubt that will be quick enough for John.
  3. For once, I'm glad that Liverpool got their customary late goal and a win.
  4. Like 99.9% of us, I would gladly swap a win on Saturday for 14 league points and safety, but that's not on offer. Manchester City have done the double over us already this season and have scored 9 goals, in doing so. To say that, this is not going to be easy, is therefore a bit of an underestimation. The bookmakers, pundits and pretty much everyone else, have already engraved our opponents name on the trophy. Those Manchester City fans who do decide to turn up, that have not as yet become so blasé about domestic cup finals, that they don't bother to go to them, will do so expecting to win at a canter. Their fans also expected the same in 2013, when Wigan lifted the FA Cup, that had seemed to be bound for City's trophy cabinet, before that cup final. Lightning couldn't strike twice in 7 years at Wembley, could it? We have met Manchester City three times in this cup competition. We have won twice (4-2 in 2012 & 3-0 in 1984) and have lost once (0-1 in 2000). We have won the trophy 5 times (in 1961, 1975, 1977, 1994 & 1996) and have been beaten finalists three times (in 1963, 1971 & 2010). Our opponents have won this trophy 6 times (in 1970, 1976, 2014, 2016, 2018 & 2019) and were beaten finalists in 1974. A win for our opponents would see them lift the trophy for a third year on the trot, we ourselves are not infrequent visitors to Wembley of late, having made 5 visits since 2015. We are the top scorer's in this season's competition with 19 goals so far, our opponent's have scored 12 times. Just win it for us Villa! Failing that, give us 110%, give us something to shout about and make Citeh know that they've been in one hell of a game...
  5. Nice idea about making a surprise selection, like we did back in 1994. Trouble is Graham Fenton is 45 and past it now.
  6. Does anyone else have the feeling, that a lot of our players had one (or both) eyes on next weekend's cup final yesterday? Or is that just me looking for any sort of excuse, for why so many of them didn't turn up yesterday? After all, they had been as bad at Watford and Bournemouth, in earlier away games and we didn't have a cup final to play the following week, to give as a possible reason for those none performances. I'm sure they will be up for it at Wembley, but they really needed to be up for this cup final as well! We will not be playing Southampton in the final either, so we need to be up for it or we will be in for another uncomfortable, embarrassing and demoralising 90 minutes in North London next Saturday!
  7. As it happened about 20 years ago and given that you had thought that the former player looked in his 80s, Harry was the most likely of these two. Harry Parkes would have been 80, twenty years ago years ago. Jackie Martin passed away in 1996 and had been born in 1914. My late father went to school with Harry by the way. I wonder, did any VTer's go to school with any of our former players?
  8. That's what they are relying on with us as well, it will be a real pity to disappoint them!
  9. Couldn't believe the price myself, either. The bookies are not wrong too often, but seem to want to bet against us this time. I hope they have the odds very wrong this time. Let's bust a few odds on punter's coupons, this weekend!
  10. Yes, I had thought about Harry as well. You have made a very convincing case. I had wondered about the signature, but had been swayed by the location. I guess we may never know for sure. I think however, that you might just have hit the nail on the head. Nice to see both old boy's getting a mention. By the way, I didn't try on quite that many boots, but I did spend a very, very long time looking at the photographs of Villa teams that Harry had up on the shop walls.
  11. There are some great interviews with former players, shots of Villa Park and a bit of a first team training session, available on YouTube, if you search, "Aston Villa League Cup Final Build Up - 24th Feb 1971". It's among the many Villa offerings from "Villa Boy". Search if you have a spare 16 minutes It's great stuff for the first 13 minutes and there is a lot of other good Villa stuff available there, as I'm sure most of us well know, but I thought that I would mention this, just in case somebody hadn't seen this one.
  12. I've done a bit of detective work on this (the location fits, as does the timeline and the autograph just might). How about John Martin (Jackie)? He signed for us from Hednesford Town in 1936 and made 53 league and cup appearances, scoring 22 goals. He also played for Villa during WW2 53 times, scoring 15 goals (including 13 games during seasons 42-3 & 43-4). He guested for a number of clubs during the war (including Forest, Spurs and Portsmouth) and appeared in two War Time England Internationals, scoring once. He left the club and retired from football in 1949, and became a HEITS in 1996.
  13. That would be good, because we need them to take maximum points of those two. I had been going on what Jose had said after the game, that he would miss the rest of the season.
  14. Can't help thinking what a pity it is that we weren't playing Spurs this weekend (when they're without Son), rather than last Sunday. As it is they play West Ham and Bournemouth, in the coming weeks and their lack of a striker may well help our fellow relegation strugglers, get something against them. Still we can't rely on the results of others, we need a couple of wins quickly, to make a safety target of 38-40 points look more attainable, than it does now.
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