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  1. To be fair, he did say that we were a big club and should be in the PL. He also referred to how good we were in his playing days. Both Heskey and himself, were all about Liverpool yesterday. That's what SKY wanted, if not they would have not had Emile alongside him, because he doesn't talk about us like someone, who once played for us. What Souness said about Jack could be good or bad for us. It could make his moving less likely in the next window or it might knock a few million off his fee.
  2. We are not the only ones that are worried : http://wfcforums.com/index.php?threads/relegation-picks.56885/page-18
  3. I suspect that Bournemouth are done. I doubt that they will get more than 3 or 4 points, at best from their remaining games. I would expect Watford to beat Norwich, to draw with Newcastle and to lose the rest. That would give them 32 points. If they get any more points, it would look grim for us, if they got less, we would really have an opportunity to scramble out of this. I think we can beat Palace, we would then need to find another 3 points or 2 and hope that Watford suffer some heavy defeats (and that we don't), to the extent that their present 3 goals better goal difference disappears. Could we get 2 or 3 points in total from our games against Everton, Arsenal and West Ham? I wouldn't want to bet against us!
  4. Why ask for that much, surely £20m would be more than enough? When players do leave, we need to do a Daniel Levy/Brentford on buying clubs (namely we fix an above market price and we stick to it). Back to today's game. We put in a shift and were not humiliated, as many of us, had feared that we might be. Liverpool don't lose home league games, even when they aren't at their best. Hopefully the boys can take some confidence from this one, into our remaining games. We go again.
  5. So far so good. A long 45 minutes to go. Don't let it go horribly wrong. I would be over the moon with a point and so far, we're worth one.
  6. We would need to be able to replace those players that leave. A wage cap would impact on our ability to get decent replacements and on how many of our new signings made over the past 12 months, we would be able to pay within that wage cap.
  7. The football league want to introduce a £18m wage cap for clubs in the Championship next season. James Sharpe reports in The Mail today that the PL may potentially reduce parachute payments. What a season to be in relegation danger. Just our luck! Link: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8491111/Relegation-Championship-just-not-worth-thinking-Dean-Smith-Aston-Villa.html
  8. John

    Pre match

    Records are there to be broken. Liverpool have won their last 23 home league games and are unbeaten in their last 56. We have gone 8 games without a win. Everything points to one of those records going this afternoon doesn't it?
  9. It did us for at least a point at Arsenal too, as Sulberto21 said above.
  10. Yes VAR still owes us. We got a point back against Sheffield United, but it also cost us a point at Palace. If we do go down by one or two points VAR will have played a part in it. 35 points has been enough for safety in the last 3 seasons. Another 8 points seems a long way off, but it wouldn't be 8 if VAR had not cost us points.
  11. You got your wish. If Norwich were going to finish above us with a win today, we would deserve to go down. I had written off Norwich, as it seems they have themselves. My focus was on staying above Bournemouth and not letting the clubs above us (including Brighton), build too wide a gap between themselves and us. We now have to set our sights on Watford and West Ham alone.
  12. Wins for Chelsea, Manchester United and Norwich today, would be nice!
  13. We are 3 points short of what I was thinking that we might get up to now. If we get nothing from the next two games, the deficit will be up to 4. Teams around us, have also under performed, but a gap looks increasingly likely to develop now, if we do, as anticipated get nothing from our next two games, we would then need the bulk of the points from our last 4 games. That would be a very big ask, we really need to pick up unexpected points and the sooner we do, the better. It's looking bleak, but there is still a smidgen of hope.
  14. Only on the proviso, that they hurl it down their necks before kick off though! I suppose another night of frenzied street celebrations had to be postponed in a hurry, due to last night's result. Let's hope we can make it a sobering weekend for them as well.
  15. Where's VAR when you need it again? Surely a stud was off for their winner? I guess we can't rely on everyone else, losing every game, even against Chelsea when they're expected to. At least we've moved up a place...
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