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  1. The Run In

    vs Norwich (h) 2-0 vs QPR (h) 2-0 vs Burton Albion (a) 2- 1 vs Reading (h) 2-1 vs Fulham (a) 2-1 vs Small Heath (h) 3-1 vs Blackburn (a) 2-1 vs Brighton (h) 2-1 The toughest game might well be Fulham away but it might look increasingly like a straight shoot-out between us both by then and I think we would be up for it if that was the case.
  2. The Run In

    I think they might be up by then and we might be already in the play off's or at worst they might need a point to go up and we might need a point to take sixth so we get another game on SKY against them that ends up a draw that suits us both.
  3. & the 5-0, 6-0 League Cup/Simod Cup home wins in 1988 (we scored 13 goals in 3 games without reply in 6 weeks against them back then).
  4. Ross McCormack

    The club were prepared to give Gabby yet another chance so I wonder whether we might be willing to give McCormack one if he shows some sort of willingness to want to play here again in the summer. Otherwise, I think we face paying his wages (or most of them) to any club that will take him on loan next season or having him doing a Gabby (picking up his wages without earning them until the end of his contract).
  5. Pre-match thread

    On April Fools Day at 15.00 we welcome Norwich City to Villa Park. Our visitors were relegated alongside us last season finishing one place as well as 17 points ahead of us. They were also one of only two teams to taste a league defeat at Villa Park last season going down 2-0 thirteen months ago. This season they are 6 points above us and that lead could be down to 3 points after this latest meeting between the two clubs. They last won at Villa Park (3-2) in 1992. We have won 4 and drawn 3 of our games at Villa Park since then. We have won the last two home games and will be looking to make it three on Saturday week. Two games stand out for me against Norwich. The first is the 1-0 1975 League Cup Final win at Wembley against them that gave us our first trophy for 14 years as well as the first of 4 between then and 1982. The second is our 4-1 win at Carrow Road on the last day of that same 1974-75 season when we were promoted as runners-up to Manchester United with Norwich in third which is coincidently the same order that all three teams occupied at the end of the first Premier League season in 1992-93. We have won our last 3 home games and 5 of our last 6 games in all. Another home win would dent Norwich's play-off hopes and would leave us just 7 more wins from what could yet be a very unlikely top six finish. Another win, another clean sheet and another 2-0 home win would do very nicely!
  6. The push for the Play offs ?

    Steve Bruce talked about our promotion prospects on BBC Radio WM this morning. He said, "The disappointment for all of us is, is what might have been that horrible, horrible January what we had you know, even if it we'd have just been bang average it would have been interesting because you'll see now the tickly bit is here and how strange it is and if you can put a run together at this time of the season, so we're not going to give up but we'll see where that takes us." Sounds like he has been having a bit of a look on here doesn't it?
  7. The push for the Play offs ?

    Where would the fun be in dong that? If we do win the next six then I would back us to win the last two and the play-off games but we would still need all of the teams above us to not go above 75 points or hit 75 and have a worse goal difference than us (which along with us getting 75 points in the first place is among my doubts). Given a choice, I would take a guarantee of automatic promotion next season over an unlikely run for the play-off lottery this season but there are no guarantees. Until we know for sure that it cannot happen I will cling to a 1 - 5% hope that it just might and give thanks that we are looking at the top of the table rather than the bottom now.
  8. The push for the Play offs ?

    I think we just might be 8 ugly wins away from sixth spot as long as those teams that are still currently above us get increasingly nervy in the run in. It most likely will not happen but it just might. I had another shot at the predictor as recent results have shown that I had been over generous with the results of other teams and had us ending the season 3 points clear of Fulham and Wednesday!
  9. Pre-match thread

    Not this season. Possibly next?
  10. Conor Hourihane

    Nice to see him in the squad. Sign for Villa and MON takes notice!
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Rafa would go if they stayed down but I think they will go up. I think Brighton will as well in second but there is still an outside chance that Huddersfield might catch them. So we both have the two teams at the top currently finishing in a different order.
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    If we stay in this division I doubt we will have any serious challengers as such but the following clubs could well be in the running for 2nd or a play-off place: Brighton/Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield Weds and Fulham (if they do not go up this time) along with Norwich and those teams that come down. Bring them on!
  13. The push for the Play offs ?

    Did the predictor myself just now and I ended up with this: # Team M. W. D. L. Goals Dif. Pt. 1 Newcastle United 46 33 5 8 90:37 53 104 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 46 29 10 7 79:38 41 97 3 Huddersfield Town 45 30 6 9 64:47 17 96 4 Leeds United 46 25 7 14 63:45 18 82 5 Sheffield Wednesday 46 23 10 13 60:46 14 79 6 Fulham FC 45 21 15 9 77:48 29 78 7 Reading FC 46 23 9 14 59:57 2 78 8 Aston Villa 46 20 13 13 53:45 8 73 9 Preston North End 46 18 13 15 62:57 5 67 10 Derby County 46 18 13 15 48:43 5 67 11 Norwich City 46 18 12 16 74:66 8 66 12 Barnsley FC 46 17 13 16 67:65 2 64 13 Brentford FC 45 17 8 20 61:61 0 59 14 Cardiff City 46 16 11 19 59:63 -4 59 15 Queens Park Rangers 46 15 9 22 47:61 -14 54 16 Birmingham City 46 12 14 20 45:69 -24 50 17 Wolverhampton Wanderers 44 12 12 20 49:58 -9 48 18 Ipswich Town 46 10 18 18 43:57 -14 48 19 Burton Albion 46 12 12 22 42:60 -18 48 20 Nottingham Forest 46 12 10 24 61:76 -15 46 21 Blackburn Rovers 45 10 15 20 51:66 -15 45 22 Bristol City 46 11 11 24 55:66 -11 44 23 Wigan Athletic 46 10 14 22 39:53 -14 44 24 Rotherham United 46 4 6 36 33:97 -64 18
  14. Thanks. We spend the money because we can. Not spending it in past seasons is among the reasons we are down here with them. Supporters of some other teams see Newcastle and ourselves as big clubs who are only here on a brief visit before normal order is resumed. I hope that they are right. Some of their fans also appear to have a Small Heath sized chip on their shoulder before and after they play us which is a pity because teams like Saturday's visitors along with others were once seen as big clubs who were also on short stays outside the top flight.
  15. Pre-match thread

    I am confident that the force will be with us at Wigan. Hope your enjoy your day at the O2.