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  1. I would back him to get our stars into shape. He would have them shooting day and particularly at night.
  2. Not us in the case of Alli, sadly he turned his nose up at us when Spurs matched our bid.
  3. We might get McKenna for that, but I think they were after £10m for him in the last window.
  4. I suspect those prices are the papers ideas on how much Brentford would like for those players. I would like £9m for Scott and £6m for Ross as well but that is not going to happen either.
  5. You can't always get what you want. Those sort of fees would price them out of the market in my opinion. I think that you would do well to get 50% for the above players still if you don't need to sell......
  6. I doubt if that is our plan or at least not our entire plan but they have players that Dean knows well and it would be silly to ignore them if Dean thinks they would fit in and do a job for him here. Most likely Brentford would be willing sellers at the right price as well.
  7. I would have thought Henry would have been a similar price given his injury record.
  8. John

    Pre-match thread

    Yes I can appreciate that and recall trying to cherry pick games for my son (it was a bit easier back then, than it is at the moment). It does seem a bit like cruelty to children sometimes to see them sitting through some of our recent performances. I wonder if all of our players are aware of or care enough about the impact their level of performances have on the kids who come along to see them. I hope our performances improve quickly so that you can feel more confident about bringing your daughter down to our games.
  9. I'm sure they were. It may be a case of us still trying to bring in our primary targets before we give up on them and turn to our back up options.
  10. John

    Pre-match thread

    This is a game we really need to win. A win will put us above our visitors and it will keep us 5 points or less off 6th, but more seriously a win is necessary after the last two none performances our team have produced for us. It's the least our team can do for us! Hull have not won at Villa Park since 1967. We have won 13 and have drawn 8 of the 27 league games between the two clubs. Our visitors have won their last 6 league games though and we have not won a game at home since November (5 games). Nothing less than a win will be acceptable!
  11. He would cost a lot of money as would Powell but that is the type of signing I would like to see us consider to give us a little more creativity in the final third. That said, we would then need to move on and look at where else we need strengthening because the team we have are proving more fallible than I had thought possible. By the way, Rico Henry probably put a few thousand on his price with his goal yesterday as well didn't he? We could have done with a bit of that at Wigan.
  12. John

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Promoted teams don't lose 3-0 at Wigan. What happened to the team that outplayed Derby, Boro and Albion away? Five points off sixth place still, but it might as well be fifty the way we are playing! One win from our last six league games. That's nearer relegation than promotion form. We have spurned a great opportunity in recent weeks to make a run for the play off places if not the automatic spots. Desperately disappointing stuff isn't it?
  13. John

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    So much for a dry January for me as well!
  14. John

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    To have lost/got stuffed by a team that could not buy a win before we turned up like that is a disgrace.