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  1. As it happened about 20 years ago and given that you had thought that the former player looked in his 80s, Harry was the most likely of these two. Harry Parkes would have been 80, twenty years ago years ago. Jackie Martin passed away in 1996 and had been born in 1914. My late father went to school with Harry by the way. I wonder, did any VTer's go to school with any of our former players?
  2. That's what they are relying on with us as well, it will be a real pity to disappoint them!
  3. Couldn't believe the price myself, either. The bookies are not wrong too often, but seem to want to bet against us this time. I hope they have the odds very wrong this time. Let's bust a few odds on punter's coupons, this weekend!
  4. Yes, I had thought about Harry as well. You have made a very convincing case. I had wondered about the signature, but had been swayed by the location. I guess we may never know for sure. I think however, that you might just have hit the nail on the head. Nice to see both old boy's getting a mention. By the way, I didn't try on quite that many boots, but I did spend a very, very long time looking at the photographs of Villa teams that Harry had up on the shop walls.
  5. There are some great interviews with former players, shots of Villa Park and a bit of a first team training session, available on YouTube, if you search, "Aston Villa League Cup Final Build Up - 24th Feb 1971". It's among the many Villa offerings from "Villa Boy". Search if you have a spare 16 minutes It's great stuff for the first 13 minutes and there is a lot of other good Villa stuff available there, as I'm sure most of us well know, but I thought that I would mention this, just in case somebody hadn't seen this one.
  6. I've done a bit of detective work on this (the location fits, as does the timeline and the autograph just might). How about John Martin (Jackie)? He signed for us from Hednesford Town in 1936 and made 53 league and cup appearances, scoring 22 goals. He also played for Villa during WW2 53 times, scoring 15 goals (including 13 games during seasons 42-3 & 43-4). He guested for a number of clubs during the war (including Forest, Spurs and Portsmouth) and appeared in two War Time England Internationals, scoring once. He left the club and retired from football in 1949, and became a HEITS in 1996.
  7. That would be good, because we need them to take maximum points of those two. I had been going on what Jose had said after the game, that he would miss the rest of the season.
  8. Can't help thinking what a pity it is that we weren't playing Spurs this weekend (when they're without Son), rather than last Sunday. As it is they play West Ham and Bournemouth, in the coming weeks and their lack of a striker may well help our fellow relegation strugglers, get something against them. Still we can't rely on the results of others, we need a couple of wins quickly, to make a safety target of 38-40 points look more attainable, than it does now.
  9. Twelve league games left and we will be a point clear of the bottom three before this game, assuming Manchester City don't do West Ham a favour tomorrow. We last won at Southampton in 2013 and drew there on our last visit in 2015. We owe them one, following our dismal home defeat to them before Christmas and for some dire away defeats that we have suffered there in the past (1-6 in 2015, 0-5 in 1987 and 2-6 in 1967). Overall, we have won 25 and have drawn 21 of the 69 league games, that there have been between the two clubs. A win would bring us within 3 points of our hosts and we would have the better goal difference. A draw should keep us out of the bottom three, with Watford visiting Manchester United and West Ham at Liverpool, this weekend. We do really need to avoid defeat and begin pulling away from the bottom three. Having lost our last two league games by the odd goal, we need to stop the rot now. Just win it for us Villa!
  10. John

    John Terry

    JT must stay! I'm happy that he's on board and I'm confident that Jack and the rest of the players, would be likely to feel like that as well. Now is the time to back the team on the pitch and the management team off it, to get us out of this mess, rather than to turn on one or more of them. What good would that really do now?
  11. Another late goal won it at Villa Park yesterday, but this time the boot was on the other foot and the late winner left us devastated, rather than ecstatic. This was a good game and we shouldn’t forget that Villa made a big contribution to that. A point would have been well deserved and it would have seen us, view the game much differently at the final whistle. As it was two stoppage time goals, at the end of both halves, did for us. How did we come to be a goal down at half time, having dominated the first quarter of the game and having had the best of the first half? Tyrone’s tonsillitis couldn’t have struck him down earlier during the winter break could it? How did Spurs not have a player booked, when we had two of our players shown a yellow card? When will VAR begin to give us decisions, rather than conspire to rob us of crucial points? VAR did something that it is normally very loath to do yesterday, it chose to overturn a referee’s decision. It was brought in to prevent clear and obvious errors. It took over a minute to find a reason to award Spurs their penalty at the end of the first half, that in real time neither the crowd, the players nor the match officials, considered was a clear or an obvious penalty. VAR is fast running out of time to even out its decisions over the course of the season, to prevent it being seen to have had a significantly negative influence on our relegation struggle. The point that we had in our possession, as the game went into the last minute of stoppage time, might well have proved crucial at the end of the season, we now have to hope that dropping it doesn’t come back to haunt us in May. On the bright side, we are still outside the bottom three and will hopefully have Tyrone back for the next game and McGinn back, in around a month. We will win games if we play like this and can tighten things up at the back. To quote Jose, “I think they did not deserve to lose” and I agree with him. Spurs are a top side and we had them on the ropes early on. Had it not been for a late error we might have claimed a point. Four more wins could keep us up and I’m not yet quite convinced that is beyond us. Our defence had always looked susceptible to being hit on the break yesterday and so it painfully proved. We really can’t afford to be without our big hitters. We are already trying to cope without John McGinn and our already fragile defence looks incredibly shaky without Mings, who organises our defence so well and is so often what holds it together. Let’s not be too harsh on the player who came into the side in his place and was asked to fill his role yesterday. He did make the challenge that VAR chose to award a penalty for and it was his late lackadaisical mistake, that resulted in the late winner that so cruelly robbed us of the point that our overall performance had deserved. Let’s not forget that he also scored our equaliser though and we will need him, in games that are to come. My player ratings from a game that was entertaining for the neutral, but had a devastating end for us was: Pepe Reina – 8 – MOTM – Pepe was so unlucky to have ended up on the losing side yesterday, having kept us in the game until the last minute. Stood no chance with their first, third and was so unlucky with their second, when having dived to his right to save Son’s penalty, the striker was first to the rebound. Saved low at his near post from Bergwijn after 59 minutes and dived to his right 2 minutes later to keep out a Song effort. He parried a 70th minute cross at his near post from Aurier, after he had made his run behind Targett and saved a 86th minute shot from Son with his legs, to spare Baston’s blushes, before diving low to his left to save a 92nd minute shot from inside the box from Lo Celso. Frederic Guilbert – 7 – Made a well-timed 48th minute challenge on Bergwijn, who had run from inside his own half into our box, as he was about to shoot. Ezri Konsa - 5 – Ran back to challenge Dele Alli, after he had run onto a ball that had gone through him and Reina then did the rest, coming out to block his 73rd minute shot. Bjorn Engels– 5 – He experienced the highs and the very lows of football yesterday. Bjorn finally scored and was credited with his first Villa goal, when he got up well to head Jack’s 53rd minute corner into the right-hand corner of the net. He had earlier conceded a penalty, when he chased back into the box to challenge Bergwijn, who had run onto a 43rd minute long ball from the half-way line, having left our defenders in his wake. He then made the late schoolboy error that cost us the point, that we had fought so hard to win, when he looked to control a nothing ball played towards him in the middle of the park, rather than just hoof it forward. The ball ran agonisingly under his foot and allowed Son to run clear to score their third. He also blocked a 41st minute Bergwijn shot with his body, that VAR spent a full minute looking at, in the hope that it had struck his hand! Kortney Hause – 6 – The best of our three central defenders last night. Did well to get back to block Dele Alli’s 15th minute shot on the edge of the 6-yard box, after El Ghazi’s loose under hit back pass, which had been intended for him, was picked up by the midfielder. Got in another block on the 34th minute, as Moura was about to pull the trigger at the near post and blocked a 41st minute Dele Alli shot, when positioned inside the 6-yard box. Got under a 58th minute Targett corner and his header therefore sailed well over the bar. Matt Targett – 7 – Made a well-timed 27th minute challenge on Aurier, as he was about to cross at the near post. Looked good last night and was our best defender, for me. Anwar El Ghazi - 7 – Hit a 4th minute free kick harmlessly over the bar from around 30 yards. Picked up Reina’s kick on the half-way line and ran purposely forward before hitting the 9th minute cross that Alderweireld turned in to give us the lead, under pressure from Samatta, behind him. Hit a powerful shot from outside of the box, that moved late and that Lloris saved with his hand, and then with his face on 37 minutes. Headed a bouncing ball, from a mistimed header from Engles, that Lloris easily clung onto on 64minutes. Danny Drinkwater – 5 – Unsurprisingly, given his lack of matches he’s still not up to pace yet. He is showing some signs of improvement, but can we afford the time it may take to bring him up to speed, given our present predicament? Douglas Luiz – 7 – Looked very good at times yesterday. Jack made a nice 18th minute run from just inside our half into the box, before finding him in the centre of the area unmarked, but his attempt on goal was blocked by Davies. What a difference another goal would have made then! Jack Grealish – 8 – Given little to no protection by referee Atkinson, who contented himself with telling his opponents how many times they had upended Jack, rather than giving them a yellow card. Made a run into the box and his 10th minute shot was deflected wide of the near post off Dier, ran into the box again a minute later and hit a shot just wide of the far post from the edge of the box. England’s midfield can’t do without him and nor can we. Mbwana Samatta – 8 – Was a thorn in the side of the Tottenham defence from the 1st minute until his 83rd minute substitution. Kept working tirelessly throughout. Headed a 22nd minute El Ghazi cross wide of the near post. Did well to chest down a 51st minute cross for El Ghazi, who shot straight at Lloris. His presence did much to unsettle Alderweireld, when he scored his own goal and he worked very well as a lone striker. He has hit the ground running. Substitutes: Marvelous Nakamba – 7 - Replaced Drinkwater after 60 minutes. He won the ball well and was determined last night. Must start the next game, in my opinion. Mahmoud Trezeguet – 5 - Came on for El Ghazi on 70 minutes. Didn’t make any significant contribution during the time he was on the field. Borja Baston – Replaced Samatta on 83 minutes. Not on long enough to gather a rating on his debut or to make any positive impression. Stay up Villa! John Lewis
  12. John

    Scott Hogan

    I hope that he comes good too, it's just a pity that he's doing it with them. I can understand that they might want to sign him permanently, but if so, we shouldn't be doing them any favours fee wise. They wouldn't do us any favours and if anyone matched their offer, I wouldn't be selling him to them. Can you imagine if the situation was reversed, them being willing to sell Bellingham to us, if we matched another club's bid in the summer? As far as mates and the team that occupy the dark side of the city, is concerned. I treat them as two totally different things. I have mates that are Noses, but that doesn't mean that I have anything approaching acceptance, for the so called football team, that they chose to follow. They feel the same about our team and in my opinion that's fair enough. I'm old enough, to remember when they were in the higher division. Those were dark days, as has been any day since, when they have drawn or beaten us. Order has been restored now and long may our dominance over them continue. Back on topic, I look forward to Hogan scoring plenty of consolation goals between now and the end of the season, during Small Heath's slide down the table, and to him earning a move somewhere else....
  13. Clubs will try to buy our best players for peanuts, if the worst does actually happen, but I don't see our owners being taken for mugs. I think they would demand top dollar, for the players that you mention. That would be £100m for Jack, £60m for Tyrone and £60m for JMcG. If clubs want them, we need to adopt the Daniel Levy/Brentford pricing strategies, but we won't need to, because we're staying where we are and so are these players.
  14. Played in the same cricket team as Nige myself, he was a very good fast bowler and could have played cricket professionally as well in my opinion, had he not been such a good footballer. Nice bloke too.
  15. Nigel Spink was rather good.
  16. We face another crucial game on Sunday afternoon and with just 13 league games remaining, this will be one of 14 cup finals that we will face, in what is left of this season. A win would take us 4 points clear of the relegation places and it would move us above both Bournemouth and Brighton. A draw would take us 2 points clear of West Ham and Watford. We last beat Spurs at Villa Park in 2008 and we last took a point from them in 2012, since then they have won on each of their last 4 league visits. Overall, we have won 50 and have drawn 34 of the 147 league meetings, that there have been between the two clubs. At least our visitors won't have Harry Kane, to score his customary goal or goals against us, this time. Spurs under Jose will be hard to beat, but they might just be a little less likely to go for the jugular, than they might have been in similar circumstances under Poch. They might look to hit us on the break and allow us more possession, than some teams have done. They also need a win, but like us they might settle for a point. They have after all, drawn 4 of their last 5 away games and this includes league games at Norwich & Watford. We will need to reproduce the performance, that we gave to knock Leicester out of the cup on Sunday. We are capable of doing that and a win would take us so much nearer to safety. It would also leave us with increased confidence, that when Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal visit, we can so the same to them. Just win it or draw it for us Villa!
  17. There will be some fire sales at the clubs that end up in the bottom three, so I would start by having a little look at Cantwell & Buendia at Norwich, at Rice & Bowen at West Ham, at Webster & Maupay from Brighton and at Ake from Bournemouth. Likewise clubs that don't get promoted may be willing sellers, so I would look at Cairney at Fulham, Phillips at Leeds, at Benrhma and Watkins at Brentford and at Bellingham at Small Heath (just because we can and because it would so annoy them). I would look at adding 3-4 players costing £20m and upwards to our squad. Some of the names above are highly unrealistic targets, but that doesn't stop other clubs being linked with our captain.
  18. Don't give up on either yet. Who knows Kate may be well up for Rehab Friday at Snobs.
  19. Jack might just find himself playing in Europe with us next season. Newton Heath are no certainties to qualify and we have a shout at qualification, at the start of next month. It's a long shot, but stranger things have happened over the years.
  20. Sources at Newton Heath have clearly had a word with their many friends in the press and media, with a view to unsettling our Jack. They don't care if that has a negative impact on the rest of our season (in fact that would be a bonus for them, as it would make a cut price deal more likely). Their objective, is to do the bidding of a club that sells them papers and generates a lot of clicks. They are therefore more than happy to print or to discuss on radio or television, the prospect of Jack moving from us, to what they consider to still be one of the big boys, that they endlessly drone on about. In doing so, they have at least unsettled some of us fans, if not Jack. How much would we want for him? More than they have to spend. We need to go all Daniel Levy on them, if they ever make that call...
  21. Agreed, but I think Barca and Real, might want to see Jack doing it at international level and in the Champions league, before they look to bring him in. After a couple of years, with us (hopefully) or a top four club, they would probably have to pay double what they would now though. Ever the optimist, how about Jack staying with the club he supports for the next two years and then telling those Spanish clubs, "Thanks, but no thanks, I would rather stay and play my Champions League football, with Villa against you next season" .
  22. They have been going on about this, on Talksport this morning too. Maddison might sign another contract and would be likely to cost too much, so let's move on to our second cheaper option, Jack instead eh? They really suffer from delusions of grandeur don't they? They are not the same team, that they were 20 years ago and they don't have Fergie anymore! Jack isn't Dwight Yorke and our owners are now looking to build us a team around Jack, rather than being solely motivated by making money (they have a bit of their own already!) If we are relegated, then Jack will have a queue of top clubs, looking to take him off our hands. We might just stay up though and add quality players to those we already have, in the next transfer window. Jack might well play for England in the Euros and as a Villa boy, he might rather like the idea of sticking around and leading us towards the top six. For now, he has a successful relegation fight to lead the club through and a Wembley final appearance to make for the club that he proudly captains, and has supported since he was a boy. We are no longer a feeder club for what is now the second best team in Manchester. They don't have the same pull that they once had, they are likely to finish outside of the Champions League qualification places again. Jack won't become unsettled by rumours of their interest, he won't demand a transfer and he will not be taking a walk in one of our owners rose gardens, any time soon. Newton Heath are still as annoying as they always were though, if no longer sadly for them, a big enough club for our Jack!
  23. I'm sure they would help us, if the boot was on the other foot...NOT! Regarding that Peaky Blinders scarf, I hope the BBC take them to court for infringing copyright.
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