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  1. We along with other clubs were interested in him, but he chose Bologna and signed for them for a reported £1.5m last August. At that money he was worth a punt, but is he worth around 10 times that now and even if he is, would he want to join us now any more than he didn't want to back then? I doubt this is a runner.
  2. It is a bad run and if it persists it will impact on our team's confidence, but we stayed up in 19/20 and we will do so again this time, with points to spare. I think a challenge for a place in Europe is still more likely than a serious relegation battle.
  3. John

    Louie Barry

    Last time we should do Ipswich any favours, it's as if they hold a grudge against us for some reason....
  4. Given we have beaten them the last three times that we have played them, have recorded clean sheets on each of those occasions and beat them 3-0 on their own patch last season, I would not expect that too many Gooners would see this as a gimme. We will not arrive there on the back of a win, but we should have and although Coral make us 13/4 for this, Arsenal after a poor start to the season will begin the game only 3 points ahead of us, at best. I'm hoping to see a bit more of this:
  5. I think they will go for the best of the players that are outside the top six in January. The likes of JWP, Sarr, Coady, McNeil, Dunk, Toney and perhaps even a cheeky bid for Super John/Watkins from us. I trust we would tell them what to do with any bid, as would their potential relegation rivals. They can then focus on building a team that is capable of making a promotion challenge in the summer.
  6. With 10 minutes to go we all probably thought: & then it did. We simply threw it away and didn't the Dingles love it? By the way, its all very well booking the scorer for celebrating with his fans, but what about adding some time, given how long it took for Wolves to get back into their half after their third and what about booking their keeper, who ran the length of the pitch twice to get in amongst their celebrations?
  7. I think they would need to force people into their stadium at gunpoint to attract that sort of gate, they wouldn't do that would they... or is that part of their plan? Back to our ground. Safe standing in the lower tiers of the Witton & Holte Ends and we will have a 50,000-60,000 capacity once again. I would think that once the tests have been carried out, that could get the go-ahead.
  8. Especially, if they don't let them see/give them a tour of Newcastle.
  9. Ashley must be laughing all the way to the bank.
  10. I would like to think FFP would block them doing that, I did say I would "like to think", it didn't stop Citeh.
  11. Terrific result and "team" performance from our boys. Same old Solskjaer, always whinging! He never gives their opponents any credit, moans about our goal being offside, blames Klopp before the game for referees not giving them their usual ration of penalties and then they miss it.
  12. I did have the pleasure of seeing Jimmy play. He always seemed to score against us, but there again he scored against everyone didn't he? He would make my all-time England every time, I thought about picking one. A great player and such a laugh on the box. Should have had a knighthood, as should have Bobby Moore, but what they both had was the respect of those that really mattered the football fans themselves. Jim will be much missed. RIP Jimmy and thanks for the memories.
  13. John

    Louie Barry

    I really hope we have inserted a minimum number of starts or playing minutes into the deal, particularly if we are paying 100% of his salary. Yes, I doubt that anyone at Ipswich would argue with Jedi, when he tells them exactly what he expects them to do as part of the loan agreement.
  14. John

    Louie Barry

    Ipswich simply need to be told to start using him or risk losing him. He went there for game time and would arguably got as many minutes with us in cup ties, when we rest our usual starters. I'm sure there are other clubs out there that would give him games in the New Year. We could even sound out the likes of Nigel Clough at Mansfield and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink at Burton, who as former strikers themselves, might well pass on some good learning points to him. Like another player that we loaned out to Notts County in the past (who did get games with them) whatever Louie may currently lack strength wise, he compensates for in ability, in my opinion.
  15. John

    Louie Barry

    The new Ipswich owners have backed their manager with signings and they are still in the bottom four. Cook may well have decided to rely on his more experienced players to keep him in a job and that decision doesn't seem to be working for him. Perhaps a new boss, would recognise that Louie has something that their more experienced players lack, the class and the ability to win League One games for him. We may soon find out. By the way, here is my response to villalad21's stunning post above:
  16. 5 points out of 15. It could be more though, perhaps we should:
  17. Axel will get better the more games he plays with us in my opinion. He has stood still at his club and has not played often enough in the PL for them to grow into it, following the end of his previous loan with us.
  18. I remember him and his son. Looks like he had a few quid on Bayern in this one:
  19. Our 1887 FA Cup Winners: Frank Coulton, James Warner, Fred Dawson, Joe Simmonds, Albert Allen; Richmond Davis, Albert Brown, Archie Hunter, Howard Vaughton, Dennis Hodgetts; Harry Yates, John Burton.
  20. I have a silk scarf that my grandmother gave me, that I tied around my wrist (old style) for all of our cup finals and Wembley appearances from 1975 to 2000, and we went all of those games without defeat until the 2000 FA Cup final when the good luck finally ran out. It still makes the odd appearance at big games, although it's been a bit hit and miss since then.
  21. This will be the third book by Brian that I have in my collection. The first two were excellent reads and I'm sure this one will be too, with topics not covered or not covered in the same way in it. Brian is my favourite ever Villa player. I was at every game that he played at Villa Park from debut to testimonial and at a number of his games at neutral/away games, including the LCSF & F replays when his hat-trick at Highbury and his brace at Old Trafford won us the cup. I told him when he signed his last book for me, that he's probably heard it a lot, but he's my favourite ever Villa player. His reply, " I don't hear it very often these days" with a smile and a hand shake.
  22. Interesting to see that of those of us that have voted so far (29) nobody has gone top six (which shows an acceptance that this is currently something for us to aim towards) or bottom three (which is real progress). I think 9th-13th is a realistic expectation and I would welcome a top half finish.
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