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  1. Cheers I hadn’t heard of Heels but having read a synopsis I’m all over that. I’m sure quite a few people on here will dismiss it when they find out what it’s about
  2. Yep, 2 nil is by no means safe. I can immediately think of the mentioned draw in 2010, the Javier Hernandez hat trick in 2012 and of course that bloody FA Cup game where Van Nistelrooy came on and killed us. On the subject of Ronaldo, I'm pretty sure he scored more past us than any other Premier League club. We are truly cursed against Man Utd in every way possible.
  3. I think you might mean 2009 One of my favourite ever away days and on my 25th birthday. You have to go a further 14 years back though for a win over them at VP (apart from their reserves in the league cup once). What's most frustrating about the endless shitty results against them is the amount of times we happen to take the lead.
  4. He also scored another decent strike against us at 2 goals down with 10 minutes to go in 2010. They somehow managed to draw the game. I'm convinced that there is absolutely no set of circumstances that can lead to us ever beating them at home again.
  5. We must have the worst taxation to public spending ratio in the developed world.
  6. I'd like to think that we'll all be clambering to get Leon Bailey into our teams soon.
  7. 5:30pms are so much better for atmosphere than 3pm.
  8. We have to use attacking wingers with the wealth of talent we have. Our bench was crazy strong on Saturday. I think he went with 5-3-2 again because of how good we looked first half against Chelsea although I 90% put that down to how easy it was to cut through midfield with that Saul having a mare. Hopefully it's back to wingers, the only issue that gives is accommodating Ings and Watkins.
  9. Hopefully they play that Saul fella. The source of nearly all our joy the other week.
  10. If that’s not a pen then where’s the yellow card?
  11. Apart from Ashley Young. He’s the same age as me and I remember it being on. After that he used to be on the Central match live on a Sunday.
  12. Now it appears to be sold out I do have a spare if anyone is looking for one. £25 FV.
  13. Took Toney out. Of course. It was to facilitate Ronaldo along with my wildcard so hopefully it pays off.
  14. Apparently he's not actually a City fan himself. A big like Greg the Baggie Evans that we have.
  15. I love how ridiculed they're getting from all quarters but best of all their fans really can't take it. Enjoy all your lonely soulless trophies that nobody even cares about it
  16. I think Napoli have spurned about 971 guilt edged chances at the moment. Finishing is abysmal.
  17. How easy is that to do though considering it’s practically impossible to speak to the ticket office on the phone these days.
  18. Jesus! What they gonna claim next? The Rotunda? The tv show Brum? My Nan?
  19. Blue Moon is hilarious. They genuinely believe there's a media conspiracy against them that is constantly pedalling falsities about them and all their business is in actual fact whiter than white and above board.
  20. Could you imagine if Tolkien grew up in Manchester? Hardly anybody even knows he grew up in Brum.
  21. Happy to take one for the team and fully absorb West Brom/Sandwell.
  22. If Manchester gets the Monkees then Brum gets Zep.
  23. None of those beat Duran Duran's 100 million or Sabbath's 70 million record sales was what I believe Seat was replying to. Although the Bee Gees (Isle of Wightian Aussies) do. You could do a similar list for Brum. And the Mancs can get their grubby mitts of the Charlatans too.
  24. Without a doubt. Lived there for 7 years and generally loved it but they certainly do have delusions of grandeur.
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