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  1. Just read that the lead singers dad who was also their “roadie” died of a heart attack just a few hours after their set finished . he was standing just in front of me , wearing a “spangled” T-shirt looking like the proudest man on the planet , after the set finished I saw him talking to people in the crowd thanking them for watching his son / the band shocking to think he was dead 2/3 hours later
  2. I wouldn’t mind being shit at poker and winning in excess of a $2,500,000 in prize money . don’t like the new hair fwiw and shout out to me for getting 5 points tonight with Tagging
  3. He wasn’t at Isle of Wight far as I know , might have been an old one you were watching ( I don’t own a football shirt so not guilty fwiw )
  4. Wandered into a small side tent at I of Wight … caught a band called “Spangled” The band look like they are made of of people who failed the audition for the Inbetweeners , but boom they kicked , kinda a bit of a buzzcocks type vibe with a very energetic lead singer who has that right lead singer swagger without being the full Gallagher cock probably where I find out they’ve been around for years , but for now they feel like a great find
  5. At the Isle of Wight festival , fairly near the front for the James set … some Instgrmana wannabe pushes past everyone , gets into position and starts doing her poses… does her photos looks at them on her phone and sees me In the background of every photo looking pissed, tongue out , sticking my fiingers up tuts loudly And storms off My work Here is done
  6. On the chocolate conversation ….If you put the chocolate in the fridge and have the will power to stick a piece in your mouth and let it melt rather than chew it , then all chocolate is good , apart from Herseys of course… there is something positively rewarding about melting a slab of Toblerone in your mouth and just being left with the clump of almond nougat and honey .
  7. Yeah there was a touch of irony about having a few thousand cars idling on a motorway in the name of reducing carbon footprints i guess if you were on the clockwise side of the M25 and drove to the next junction and got on anti clockwise just to run one over , the police might take a dim view , but if you clipped one with your car I guess the only crime would be if you drove off and it became some form of hit and run ? thing is , people are becoming more aware of carbon footprints and the like .. in my line of work a lot of what I’m doing is about the packaging as much as the the flavours because companies are aware it’s an issue to consumers …then these sort of people come along and set the cause back 10 years cause everyone **** hates them
  8. Carling is what I use to clean my teeth with after a night out on the hoy
  9. Going up town in a few weeks with Mrs H and some friends ..was going to go to Duck and Waffle , but this place does look tempting
  10. reminds me when we were a the cricket once . play was a bit slow , We'd had quite a lot to drink chatting quietly amongst ourselves and we were talking about what to do for my 50th ( a couple of years away at that time) we wanted something unforgettable , talked about various options , all dismissed as not exciting enough , so I said " maybe go to Thailand and get banged by a lady boy ?" a bloke about 10 rows in front turned around and kinda shouted back to us " done that mate , its not worth it " probably also explains why I wake the family up when I come home from the pub in stealth Ninja mode
  11. Meat feast topped with another Meat feast is the correct answer
  12. Surprised you didn’t have to show your passport to get in those clearings in the woods glueing themselves to the motorway probably live on Daddy’s trust fund and come from Ripley
  13. sounds like I should start a VT market place selling keys for lamp posts .. I'd make a fortune
  14. I saw them at a festival in Madrid in 2018 , they were way down the food chain , sorta ok but take away the bangability of the lead singer and i didn't think that much of them they seem to be massive now , maybe I should give them another listen
  15. the day I stop doing the "Police squad" freeze , whilst events carry on in the background behind me , is the day I'll finally get bored of teams meetings sadly our cat died a few months back , so I can't get it to walk past the screen whilst I'm " frozen" any longer , tried it with the fish , but they just sorta flopped about a bit gasping for air like an American after walking up 3 stairs
  16. one of the James gigs i was at , he was on the barrier leaning into the crowd and i was sorta holding him up with a few mates ... he waved his mic in my face so i had a bit of a sing into it Hoping to go one better this time and have a dance on stage when he invites a few people up , if I can get anywhere near the front that is
  17. we are civilised folk in Surrey , we wouldn't do anything so uncouth
  18. a lot of councils will bend to light pollution and green concerns if you write to them , some of the roads around my way they switch them off at 1 am until around 6 am using a key to open it is probably not legal , but if you open it , its literally just a fuse box type RCD switch that you can flick , in and out in 5 seconds failing that there is a light sensor on the top , rumour is you can shine a laser pen on the sensor and trick it into thinking its daytime and it will switch off ... presumably you'd have to have the laser on some form of tripod and keep it permanently pointed there though !!
  19. some of the houses near me cut their lawn about 8am on a Sunday morning, that may be a respectable time for them but 8am on a Sunday can sometimes be 2 hours after I've got in from a night on the hoy and yet if I was to go and cut my lawn at 2 am , 2 hours after they've gone to bed , I bet I'd be the bad guy
  20. on a light theme ....there is a street light outside our house that thankfully stopped working for about 5 years , technically its the councils responsibility but they said as we lived in private road it was nothing to do with them , fine by me I love the blackout ....few months back my neighbour who is one of those annoying practical men that can do things I can't like change a lightbulb , was up a ladder and repairing it ... anyway , 99p on amazon later I got one of those keys that unlocks the panel and I flick the switch and turn it off , few days later he's back up with the ladder checking the bulb etc thinking something must be tripping it . TBH i've kinda got used to the light now , so I'm not fussed , I just like going out there every now and then and flicking the switch and watching him up the ladder with much amusement , i even go out there and give him a little wave and ask him if he's figured out what's causing the problem
  21. I paid £15 for 3 pints and pint of diet coke for me , that's positively cheap for around my way Chertsey are sponsored by the local sweet shop , wasn't drinking as its a school night so when it was my mates round I got him to get me some pick n mix
  22. I’ll be drunk from Friday morning until Monday morning so it won’t really matter , but Supergrass , shed 7 , James , Primal scream , Razorlight , lightning seeds , snow Patrol , Kaiser chiefs are all decent enough to keep me going … and being an 80’s child I’m partial to a bit of Duran Duran , though they have a new album out which sucks big time so have to hope they limit it to a token one “new song”
  23. Went to my watch my local team Chertsey Town tonight , half way through the second half the bar staff came out giving everyone free slices of pizza … a 6-1 win a free pizza , whats not to like
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