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  1. I know it’s in bad timing and it’s a horrible thing that has happened but every time I see Alec Baldwin, I cant help but say his name in the style of Team America
  2. Yeah that’ll be ace, bet we get a fair few down there. I’ve put it in our group as we are all nearby and loads are up for it
  3. mikeyp102

    Louie Barry

    His priority isn’t Villa though, he has to look after his and his clubs interests. Barry, would still be learning a lot from this, hopefully gets some game time and then in January, when we can, we recall him and get him out somewhere else.
  4. Apparently been training with the first team.
  5. Just caught up on it after having a hiatus. I see what you mean. It’s the most unbelievable stuff ever. None of it could or would happen.
  6. So no Robson this time, so we’ll be having Youngs again no doubt. He’s called up 2 youngsters but can’t see them getting game time. Nice to see Marler back but surprised by some of the omissions especially George who has been in good form recently. Still need to build a centre partnership, for as good as Manu is, he’s had a lot of injuries and it’s a risk resting our entire game plan on him.
  7. I’ve watched it all, but couldn’t really get into it. I’ve seen online people raving about Boseman as Starlord, but I found it a bit too self righteous. Agreed about the pushing the multiverse a lot though. Whilst I can see the merits, if they bring back “dead”characters I’ll be a bit annoyed.
  8. He worked very very hard, put through a couple of really good through balls and the most impressive was his off the ball movement. First half especially, he was pulling his marker out of position all the time and then moving into space. I think he’ll grow because of this game.
  9. Wasn’t at the races, looked to take a knock as well.
  10. If fit can see him starting today, Smith seems to like to test the younger lads in derby games
  11. See above, my friend did it yesterday and they helped straight away
  12. There have been quite a few changes to the team tonight
  13. I wasn’t that impressed by bond and the other 00, I thought they made her ineffective, all brawn.
  14. I don’t think the bolded bit will even cross the mind of many footballers.
  15. mikeyp102

    Louie Barry

    I hope he was just drinking coke
  16. Seems Iroegbunam impresses people every game. Wonder if he’ll get a few first team minutes this season. Seems a perfect fit
  17. So any pubs Shirley way that show the Villa?
  18. Free Guy is really fun, and clever concept. And the odd little poke at Marvel and Star Wars as all owned by the same group. Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds, but he is so good at doing it.
  19. I thought Bogarde had been training with first team as a cb. Perhaps they now see him there. We have a lot of competition at cm
  20. Sturridge will score 4 in 2 over there and then get injured
  21. Just our luck that Kane gets a hattrick and his form up just before playing us
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