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  1. Looks like the poor result against Pakistan has given the England team that wake up call. Batting is superb. Top the table now.
  2. I agree, my mate has been saying how great Wan Bissaka has been all season, but he didn’t really shine. What a goal by Foden. Shame we couldn’t hold on at 10 men though.
  3. I personally volunteer my lap for Mallory Edens
  4. I’ve only seen a couple of times, but not overly impressed. Decent going forward but looks very weak defensively.
  5. And like the men’s team they get all the luck
  6. You do know it’s not the start of his managerial career? Was useless at Cardiff. Agreed with the sentiments of him as player though
  7. The players from brentford and Philips from Leeds. Have people seen them play a lot. I don’t really pay attention to the opposition players unless they really stand out when playing us. Probably just my ignorance as I didn’t always know who we were playing, just knew when we had home matches
  8. Well according to transfermarkt.com Elmo played RB for Egypt back in 2008 so I’d say he has always switched between the positions. Elmo is a good squad filler, definitively not high up on the list of replacements as he can cover a few positions.
  9. How exciting would that be though. Think I might get sacked though. Finding out about a signing at 3 in the afternoon, and like Wesley being like who, spending the rest of the afternoon talking about him, fining our about him. Then back in work the following and talking to the other fans in the office and seeing who he found the most interesting stats and videos etc. Then the next day starting all over again.
  10. Parts of Gavin and Stacey are excellent. Real laugh out loud stuff. I too hate Corden, Gavin and Stacey is before he got too famous and stuck up how own arse. I think the Christmas one they do this year may ruin it as Corden will now be ooo look at me
  11. Thanks, had just found a link. What the hell is that ref playing at, how can he say he can’t hear the bell. What a joke
  12. BBC have really annoyed me about this. No match reports, no updates and you have to search for even the results. I get they are trying to promote women’s sport, but a small reports on the U21s wouldn’t go amiss
  13. I hadn’t paid attention the league, just know someone as a Chelsea fan moaning about Sarri. Those results are mental though, for a team to still get third after that. Definitely agree with the Kante thing. You have the worlds best holding midfielder, you don’t play him anywhere but holding midfield. Be a very big gamble for lamps to take the role. Think he’d bring through a lot of the youth though, especially with the transfer embargo. A midfield three of Kante, Loftus Cheek and Pulisic is still better than most in the league.
  14. Is he? I don’t know what he did in Italy, but his selections in England were very strange.
  15. Hagi’s son is playing for them. If he’s half the player his dad was they’ll have a good player there.
  16. Has to wait until his son visits again to turn his computer back on.
  17. Absolutely, and I was probably flippant saying they don’t care about money. They are very successful businessmen and won’t want to lose money. I just think they won’t baulk at prices to get the players they/manager wants. But yes for the first time it looks like we are being run very well, with business plans in mind. I think no player is guaranteed starter, to really challenge he positions we want to get to then we should have 2 top players in each position. Yes it’s long term ambition, but the owners look like they want to make a statement straight away.
  18. Starts today. Looks like a lot of teams have players who have already full international caps. Could be some exciting football on show.
  19. Our owners don’t give a **** now about money.. wouldn’t be surprised to see our transfer record be broken another couple of times this window. We needed to get one striker in, but if at the end of the window Tammy is available I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go for him as well.
  20. He’ll have one more fight and then have Wilder. Wilder already has Ortiz lined up. AJ has his rematch. Don’t think it will happen, but Fury Whyte would be a good one next.
  21. Don’t agree with that result, Galahad looked to have that. Warrington wasn’t his usual self. Never seen a boxer look at the result sheet before like Galahad was trying to do
  22. I hope Bilic wastes all their parachute payments to make them worse. Funnily enough the full kit rocket polishers have gone back into hibernation
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