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  1. So after many many years... Bill and Ted Number 3 is being made. Can’t help but imagine that is going to be a car crash waiting to happen
  2. A quick glance on wiki says he has had 2 arrest warrants previously. So you never know he could have abused them.
  3. mikeyp102

    John Terry

    Hause said at the weekend that JT is helping him out with his positional sense playing on the wrong side. On insta, Mings has put a coaching drill up run by JT saying how he’s still learning. It’s good to see that his coaching is going well, and the defence is improving.
  4. Wilder Breazeale confirmed for May, easy win for Wilder.
  5. mikeyp102

    Jed Steer

    Can’t post the link but express and star saying signed a 1 yr extension.
  6. We have one of the highest draw records in the premier league history.
  7. How are boro in the play off spots? They were awful. Everyone will fear us now!
  8. Just walks through games. Class act. Needed someone like him at the back for a long time.
  9. mikeyp102

    Dean Smith

    Spot on tactics today, boro were never in the game.
  10. mikeyp102

    Glenn Whelan

    Didn’t put a foot wrong.
  11. A friend of mine who is a blues ST said he’d heard he was sacked but I haven’t seen any reports
  12. I’ve heard he’s been sacked
  13. Every manager at some point has told their players to kick an opposition. This isn’t some big hate crime against Aston Villa, it’s a player going OTT, it’s a moronic brain dead fan and an idiotic steward
  14. Looked a bit jaded tonight
  15. He’s been class, but actually thought today hause was stronger. He missed a couple of headers and did try a few long balls that didn’t come off.
  16. By making the sacking when they did you’d think they had someone lined up. Odd that they haven’t made an announcement yet
  17. Ronaldo hasn’t even got a goal a game record in Italy yet... shit basterd
  18. I know people love to use the Swiss Ramble, but who is it? Is it just an accountant or someone within football? Do they know all FFP rules are just guessing?
  19. Had the least amount of touches for the most part. Then we change Whelan for McGinn and he looked a different player. So different from last week
  20. mikeyp102

    Glenn Whelan

    Not at the races today, he knew it and looked relieved to come off
  21. Not his best performance, but as a left sided player on the right side it must be hard as they never get playing time there.
  22. I’ve said for a while he’ll be here next season, having the armband handed to him today confirmed that today. Abother class performance, I’d never seen him before he came here, but every game he has been class.
  23. Must be a huge moment for him. Up until the assault, I thought he controlled the game. After the assault he didn’t get into the game (understandably). Second half he raised his game again, everything good went through him. I’m not convinced he actually meant the goal, it was one of those cross shot, he aimed for the back post, if it went in, as it did great, if not he’s hoped Tammy/Green were there at the back post to put it in. Showed great maturity to not react after the assault. Captain marvel!!
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