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  1. From yesterday, this scandal has been overlooked by most of the media in the clamour for today’s nonsense. My MP actually tweeting something useful for once. This has quite some implications for my industry. Representatives for Wellingborough thread
  2. The population increase from "Eastern Europeans" who come here to steal our jobs is the only population increase I've ever seen mentioned. Tell your friends they've mostly f***ed off back home and the apples are rotting
  3. If it's not Dec 12th, it will have to be in the New Year. An awful lot of polling stations (Like church and community halls etc) will be booked up during the run up to Xmas and no one wants to be the party that cancelled some pensioners xmas meal And yes that means they'll be really popular campaigning over xmas
  4. Its freakin impossible to get, my daughter loves it (She lived in Hannover for 6 months), they started selling it at the local petrol station then.... Never to be seen again!
  5. Quite the opposite, you clearly aren't the one craving attention or on drugs
  6. As in this is ridiculous, time to leave the EU? Yep, you're probably right
  7. You'd have to be an idiot to think any one of those things had anything to do with EU membership, they are all a direct consequence of our own governments policies, sovereignty, what is it good for, huh.... Absolutely nothing...say it again
  8. bickster

    U.S. Politics

    Wow that Progressive Punch thing is some batshit crazy statistical bullshit
  9. My Grandfather and Mother still talked about it well into the '80s. I think it was profoundly etched into the Welsh Psyche for generations and possibly still is to a degree
  10. EU say Johnson not signing the letter means jack shit, the request still counts
  11. Has Bercow said he's allowing the meaningful vote today or not?
  12. The ones straight after didn't for a year EDIT: Hence the SHy remainers. This time it would be the shy leavers
  13. Coconut should only ever be eaten in curries. You can have all my Chocolate Oranges and Bounties but I demand Picnics and Toffee Crisps in the opposite direction. A Star Bar may also be acceptable or even a Biscuit Boost but this would require some balancing adjustment in my favour
  14. Sharons on a BBC retainer. 4 pints in the Spoons for every Vox Pop she does. Double the dosage and she won't even notice
  15. Agreed, so many factors point to this being the outcome. If the Leave campaigns were so sure of the result, they'd hve offered this ages ago to end this debacle once and for all. They know they'd lose, which is why they will and have fought tooth and nail to not have a second referendum
  16. They wouldn't do that, it would instantly mean the first referendum was invalid
  17. Fancied something at 11. Ty Segall with his alternate hard rockin combo and their eponymously titled first LP. Distortion pedals do actually sound like they were harmed during the making of this album
  18. Your all wrong 'uns on that side of the Pennines
  19. Poor Dani K, the thickest politician to ever walk the halls of parliament
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