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  1. What source? They're all shouting down each others earholes. SIennas source, is evolve, who got it from skwark who heard a canary sing it whilst unzipping Aaron bastani's underpants. It's the very definition of a self-afirming echo chamber It's like a bunch of ITK in the summer transfer thread
  2. Just remember it was the Tories that introduced VAT on Gas and Electricity in 1994 (8%), it was previously zero rated. It was also the Tories that tried to raise VAT on domestic Gas and Electricity to the Standard Rate (was due to happen in 1995) but a revolt happened in the December 1994 budget bill and kept it at 8% Labour reduced it to 5% as a manifesto pledge, that was the lowest they were allowed to charge under EU rules. It could have remained as zero rated had the Tories not introduced the charge as the EU would have allowed this as it was already in place but once the Tories started the charge it could never return to 0% Now we're out of the EU it can return to 0% but.... The party of low taxation my arse
  3. Just wait until FIFA gets to hear about that shirt sponsor
  4. Another rare reasonably priced record in HMV (£16)
  5. You've clearly never met my Missus' Sister.
  6. Nice things happen when you have a well established relationship with a record shop I went into Probe today and one of the things on my list was this but before I even asked, I was told "I have something for you", the limited edition version with the 7", I hadn't asked them to (I do sometimes) but they stuck it behind the counter for me anyway as they only got 2 of the ltd edition versions and they saved one for me because... well they just know A Collaboration between The Liminanas and Laurent Garnier. Double album (140g) with free 7" white vinyl - De Pelicula It's obviously The Liminanas but Garnier definitely takes the sound to more electronic places and different directions. The DJ influence definitely has the effect of making Marie's drumming more motorik and there's more psychedelic electronics going around each track.
  7. Weymouth sounds nice, then I looked at a map and its proximity to the Sister-in-law (Southampton). F*** that!
  8. Bit of a curio. Jah Wobble - Cover Versions This will cause a bit of an issue if I section the collection. Some Jazz, Some Reggae and arguably some soundtracks ltd edition of 300
  9. For those saying the energy price rises have nothing to do with Brexit, this may be an interesting read. Yes its a blog but also one that appears to know a bit about the subject West England Bylines TL:DR Whilst yes there is a wider European problem this year, it's not as acute as it is in the UK and thats because... Brexit Deal / Incompetent Government
  10. And in my case... Customers inane bullshit
  11. Careful with praising bands from Manchester
  12. A long long time ago there was a band called JoJo and the Real People in Liverpool, they later changed their name to just The Real People. The Jojo version wrote a song that Cher recorded a few years later(earned them shitloads) I knew the Real People quite well, hung around in the same circles. I walked into a bar around the time that channel The Box - Music TV that you control was on cable. The bar had it on to provide the music, I bought a pint and noticed the Real People were sat at a table giggling their heads off, so i went and sat with them and asked them what was so funny. Their A&R man had left his mobile phone behind and was currently on a train to London, they were in possession of it. They were literally texting The Box, to play the Cher version of their song because the A & R mans phone was paying for the texts and they were earning the royalties
  13. There are certain shows on 6Music I'm a huge listener of. Steve Lamaq, Mark Riley, Gideon Coe, Stuart Maconies Freak Zone and few other occasionals like Cerys Matthews on a Sunday. They also tend to be on when I'm out in the car working. When those shows aren't on, it tends to be spotify. I've tried streaming it in other cars with no DAB and its bobbins, especially as I use my phone for taking payments and stupid games whilst I'm waiting
  14. Well they were in comparison to UB40 I may have toldd this story before. We have a Jamaican lad as driver and he picked me up in town one night, we got talking about Jamaican music, so I asked him who his favourite reggae band was hoping for maybe something I hadn't heard of to explore... UB40 *gobsmacked*
  15. No DAB radio. No car without a DAB is worth buying at all No car without a DAB can be rightfully called Superb Everything else could be perfect about a car but no DAB would be a deal breaker If I was ever buying a car it would be my first question and if the answer is wrong I'd walk away And no, streaming from your phone is not the same, the feed cuts out, other apps interfere (in game ads notoriously and sounds from other apps also comes out at the same time) People think I'm mad when I say this but it would be an absolute deal breaker, I generally listen to DAB only radio channels Car manufacturers have had plenty of time to get this right now yet a lot still fit AM/FM radios.
  16. My new vinyl rearrangement may well put them in sections to a degree because there is definitely a problem I'm encountering, I want to listen to ***That album*** WTF were they called again (This is where the Chris method is useful) or I want something to suit a mood and I can't decide what exactly so I'm thinking of putting all the ON-U Sound in one section / Any other Reggae and related in another / Jazz & Soul - I don't have THAT much for a section each / Soundtrack & Classical in another (But Mogwai and The Liminanas would stay under the band in general). Then I have to decide if 12" SIngles get split from Albums (My current thinking is yes)
  17. I think @Xelawould never have made it out of school, he'd have been traumatised by the age of 12 Girls being able to hear his private impression of carpet bombing Dresden might just have sent him over the edge
  18. Looks more like a certain Mr Lemon, formerly of this parish
  19. The bin Probe is roughly a-z in the main section but at O there will be a section for Oh Sees where all the John Dwyer related stuff goes, same in the S section for Ty Segall Then theres a few other sections like Reggae / Jazz / Krautrock / 60's Compilations / Soundtracks There's a 2nd hand shop in Southport that has everything side on in shelves that make corridoors piled up to the ceiling. It's absolutely impossible to browse anything, you have to go in with a list otherwise you'll never find anything Look at the state of this
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