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  1. I nkow what you mean, but I think he caught it in March 2020 in the first wave so not in the covid outbreak
  2. It is actually a decent article for the S*n and worth a read. He also explains that he got long COVID last year and loss his sense of taste for 8 months. He just comes across as an absolute genuine guy. I think he did it the article because the paper came out quick and strong against the racist abuse which is fair enough. Just love him being a Villa player. Proud of him both on and off the pitch.
  3. This. I decided the other day to use "Prime Day" to save on packaging as cardboard recycling keeps getting full. Did about 6/7 orders in total over the week. What did amazon do? put them all in separate packages, including putting items from the same order in separate packaging. Useless.
  4. Yeah, genuinely he was not joking. Absolutely bonkers. What I don't get is why people try and either Make up rumours that have no actual basis or are easily disprovable; and Try and purposefully wind people up. Whilst I appreciate that these types people have always existed, it just feels that with social media this made them more visible or changed people to act in this way. It does feel that people go into absolute hyperbole about everything at the moment and I think this is very much the lack of education around how to actually interact with people. Just because you are typing/reading words instead of physically interacting it does not change the impact it has on people.
  5. So had to go out this morning so with the sun shining, sunglasses on and this playing It was only fitting Just hope the rule of 3 doesn’t apply…
  6. Probably, just trying to help you (and others) gain some perspective. Sadly I think my words will get lost in myriad of posts. Just try and not lose perspective or waste a day arguing over what are effectively people's opinions as to what is going on, rather than what is actually happening.
  7. It could be this but it could also be that enough people have been vaccinated that is having an impact as well (certainly on hospital numbers). Has there been any concrete evidence that the vaccine is preventing transmission yet? I know that there is a suspicion is does but, not sure I have seen anything concrete.
  8. That is what I wrote I have to say, I think the whole world would be a much better place if schools taught critical thinking and to give people the ability to question what is suggested to them rather than blindly agreeing.
  9. Sorry, @Steero113, there is some issue with what you have suggested. Perhaps it should be something like this Happy? Seriously this thread is utterly horrendous to read with absolutely mind boggling logic and people picking and choosing who to believe based on their own agenda. The only people that will actually know what is going is on are: Jack Grealish NSWE & Purslow Jack's Agent Dean Smith Man City ownership/Pep Guardiola if there is actually any interest [we don't technically even know if they are interested - it is mere press speculation] That is it. Even then the only ones who will actually decide whether Jack is going is NSWE; no one else. @bobzy just because someone says that they are related/know people on the internet, does not mean it is true. For one, I am actually Prince William. Care to disprove me? You also have to consider what they have to gain for it. As an example, for journalists, they get more clicks, retweets, popularity which draws more people to their page and gives advertisers further boost. They are literally making money from it; anything they say will always have that slant to. I will just be glad when he walks into training as that will at least calm a fair few people down.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/blackpeaks/posts/385951156226168 I know they have a few fans on here but Bleak Peaks have called its quit. Recall they have cancelled some shows due to health so may have caught up with them.
  11. New MØL - album out 5 November 2021 Also new Zeal & Ardor song New album apparently not out until Feb 2022 though
  12. Although seriously agree with this. I think a well placed and timed GIF adds to the conversation or provides a laugh (which on topic seriously needs) but I struggle with the mass upon mass of GIFS; it simply loses impact of them.
  13. Like has been said in another thread in On Topic, he came with the proviso of working with an Italian GK coach who Di Matteo had chosen. When he got the boot and Bruce brought his own team in, the terms changed and hence why he went back to Italy. If the coach had stayed, so he would have well. To be fair to Bruce (unfortunately), I don’t think he necessarily had a choice to get a new GK, and for what it was worth, Johnstone was not too bad for where we were at that stage! With Gollini I never had a problem and you could see the potential, it just wasn’t the right circumstances.
  14. cyrusr

    U.S. Politics

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-57890937 Should have guessed…
  15. “Pilot Scheme” shockingly. It’s frustrating that they are so blatant as to the “one rule for them, another for everyone else” yet it doesn’t matter.
  16. Chrome Hoof - Pre-Emptive False Rapture Cool weird band. Felt like they should have been bigger than they were. No "full album" on YouTube (not 1 I can find). Anyway, here's one of the songs.
  17. In honour of it finally being made available on vinyl in August
  18. I suspect Messi would play for us for free if it meant he could play with Martinez
  19. True, maybe not necessarily meeting in the final but I reckon it will be Argentina who will be the undoing for England in the next World Cup.
  20. Having now slept on it, I think this is my thoughts: Positives Early goal showing the benefits of playing 3/5 at the back - both trippier and shaw taking very early advantage of Italy taking more than a minute to settle. Good picking for both players and showed some real strength. There does seem to be a really good team spirit (mostly). I’ve not ever seen that sort of unity within the squad. There are some fantastic England players and Southgate has to take some credit in that development, particularly given he was u21s manager before. I do think that has helped with the team spirit as set out above. Negatives Once we scored, we failed to build on it and instead we ended up playing deeper and deeper. Southgate failed to change it up when it was clear we were the 2nd best team on the pitch. It was very clear that the subs made a huge impact for Italy and England were getting very tired. Mount should have come off 20/30 minutes before and Sterling failed to do anything of real note. If he was knackered, why keep paying him? Stats are not anything but you are not going to win football games with 34% possession, 1 shot on target and your main striker never getting a touch in the penalty box until the penalty shoot out. Yes he did some nice touches as a midfielder, but he is your striker, you need him in the damn box and the whole damn country knows he is one of the most lethal players in the box. It is sadly very clear that Southgate has his favourites and they play come what may. Pickford/Maguire/Stones/Walker/Rice/Phillips/Mount/Sterling/Kane will always play when fit and to be fair when they are good, they are great players (as all bar Mount have show in this tournament - Pickford did well with the couple of penalty saves along some good saves earlier in the tournament). However, some were woeful at times, Mount did nothing to the extent you forgot he was even playing; I didn’t actually think Stones showed anything more that Mings couldn’t do/could do better. Walker isn’t really a CB; Rice/Phillips don’t both need to play every game, it is good to have them both though just in case. Why on earth do you pick Saka to take 5th penalty? Such a huge expectation on his shoulders that is so undeserved. I could see the logic of Rashford coming on as he has taken a few for Man Utd IIRC (I know Fernandes is the main penalty taker now) but never known Sancho to take them. If Southgate was so intent and on bringing on Rashford/Sancho, it would have made a lot more sense to take off Walker and Sterling and move Saka to RB for 10/15 minutes. Sterling has to be one of the most selfish players out there. He will always try and take on 4/5 players instead of passing and inevitably loses the ball. Sometimes it does pay off, but it is infuriating to watch and how many opportunities are missed because he fails to pass? If anything, he should be the impact sub but for him to play 240 minutes+ to not even take a penalty, why? He doesn’t really trust anyone bar Kane and Sterling to score. With the height of the Italians, why wasn’t Calvert-Lewin playing? Or at the very least getting a striker on the pitch to be in the box would have been damn useful. His squad choice was poor ultimately. What would England have given to have JWP or Watkins in that team to change it up? These are players that can offer something different. JWP is lethal from a set piece; Watkins is a constant threat/pressure. However given above even if they were in the squad, they would never be on the pitch. I think for me, Southgate massively showed his inexperience here. He was utterly out thought and out fought by Mancini and he has failed to come up with plan B. As has been pointed out, this just reeks of the Bruce Play-Off Final, we just got lucky with an early goal. I don’t think Southgate has the ability to do something different, he will stick to his favourites and think he can rely on Sterling/Kane to do something special to win the game. It’s simply not good enough. Will he lose his job over it? Of course not, the FA love him, he’s “making progress” and inoffensive. He’s a dream employee without being too exciting. The only way he will end up leaving now is either he goes on a terrible run in the qualifiers or someone “big enough” is stupid enough to give him a club job (Arsenal I’m looking at you). I suspect though he will stay; we will cruise through the World Cup qualifiers and then as soon as we again meet a team that is half decent we will fall again. What’s the money on the World Cup final being England v Argentina and we have to face Messi/Martinez?
  21. Whilst I actually agree with you, didn’t Mount just win the Champions League (and got an assist to boot)? Not sure you can really use this against him. But back on topic - Martinez is just an absolute wonderful player. He is without doubt the signing of last season and I am just delighted that it has clearly worked out for him (and Messi). Just absolutely incredible year for him and he’s a Villa player! Whoever made this signing happen; thank you!!!
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