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  1. Agree with @mjmooney. You’re right about Oasis, although calling them a 2nd rates Beatles tribute band is more of a compliment than they deserve. Bit Nick Drake, whilst not my usual taste, is really great, just reading his name has got Hazy Jane II stuck in my head! Some great songs.
  2. Shame, presume though he would have other guitars, I was hoping that you were going to pull the plug on one of early gigs, saving the world from his mundanity.
  3. I don’t think I’ve heard this story?! What happened and why didn’t you just kill it and all of his ginger hair?! Ed Sheehan is probably a good shout out for overrated to be fair as @JoshVilla says, could pretty much be any open mic night. Feel the same way as Amy Winehouse. Just did not understand in anyway why she was so special. The Strokes always annoyed me that they got a reading headline slot with 1 album (although that in itself was outdone when the Darkness headlined the a year or 2 after). Don’t think it was the major influence for that type of indie music but certainly reminds me of all the student indie clubs that went to (which were infinitely better than the mainstream ones to be fair). Maybe they were one of the first of that reimagined garage sound but I always thought White Stripes were more influential, although I still didn’t particularly like personally. I have appreciated Jack’s label in recent years putting out some decent records though (Sleep, Earth, Boris), so that helps them.
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    She sounds like she likes to blown her own trumpet.
  5. cyrusr

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    You can also read the writing.
  6. Yeah but it’s also available in Korean with English subtitles as well. Definitely worth a watch!
  7. Anybody else caught the Squid Game on Netflix yet? Very much enjoyed the Battle Royale feel to it.
  8. @Davkaus - definitely these 2 are good places to start. The earlier albums are interesting but probably a little harder to get into. Interesting covers though
  9. Joy Division was just the personal preference. I'll give you The Fall for sure but still can't stick The Smiths or Oasis (and most of the rest of the list). Duran Duran though are terrible I concur. Not sure my musical tastes are representative of the majority though* *not complaining. Everyone else is wrong
  10. It's all about winning the internet!
  11. Horsesh*t. A lot of the lore was written many years before WW2. Indeed "The Shire" was named in the Hobbit which was published in 1937 so many years before he went to Stoneyhurst. Far more likely that the English countryside generally inspired his writing along with the general development of language. Indeed, his time in on Cannock Chase during WW1 could be argued to be more of an influence as the "nature" elements of LOTR/Middle Earth than this location. And this isn't anywhere near Manchester; it's the other side of Blackburn. Also on the music side of things, that list is a lot of band, but only Joy Division are any good. Sorry, i have very little time for Manchester and hate how it assumes it is the best place ever. /rant.
  12. To be fair, this sounds like he is getting a promotion... I would love a promotion every time I bunked off, I would be the CEO by now.
  13. Had completely forgotten that this was still a thing. Even Farage’s numbers are down Nigel Farage’s GB News show loses over half its viewers in just two weeks So yeah hopefully it’ll go into further obscurity.
  14. Almost as bad as the Birmingham Mail website. Almost.
  15. I thought that closed about 10 years ago?! Just googled and suggests it shut in 2014 but there’s still a website?
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    On the link above if you have got a specific post code then you can put it in to see if it is in the zone or not, but if you were just passing through so to speak, then it will be difficult to pick up exactly where you went (although if you did it through google you can check). The main road most people would likely go down without realising is the Queensway/A38. If you avoided that and going inside the ring road generally, you should be OK. I think the reason they don’t have a page like the one you want as they expect people to know. Also a lot of petrol cars are OK (2011+), it’s just diesels that are screwed apart from the most modern. I’ve not paid the most attention save to check my car is OK.
  17. cyrusr

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    https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/info/20076/pollution/1763/a_clean_air_zone_for_birmingham/2 Here’s a map of the zone. Pretty much if you go inside the inner ring road you’ll have gone in it. Where about a did you go?
  18. @Designer1 yeah that's alright. Not really listened to much IDLES so not necessarily my favourite but definitely sounds more like IDLES than Metallica anyway. @Chindie the St Vincent one is pretty cool, generally felt that Sad But true has held up better than Nothing Else Matters, or rather with Nothing Else Matters, all covers sound pretty much like the original. @blandy - always got some time for a Rodrigo y Gabriella Metallica cover! Think it helps that they were in a metal band before they were doing the acoustic stuff. @bickster f*** you!
  19. Likely to be one of the better covers on the Metallica album coming out today
  20. New Mastodon coming out next month!
  21. Laurence Fishburne in Nightmare on Elm Street 3 always stuck in my mind given I watched it around the time The Matrix was out
  22. Surely claret and blue vinyl instead?!
  23. I gave up shortly after the beginning of season 7 (the Neegan killing episodes). There was always 1 or 2 good episodes per season but there was such utter drivel as well, I called it quits. Having read up I probably called it at the right time, it seems to have only gone downhill from then.
  24. Oh I know, it’s just when you say that no one is doing a bad as job he instantly came to mind! Boris is just a horrid excuse of a human being. An odious slimeball of a man, I still don’t think he has any believes whatsoever, just whatever will make him continue in power and/or make him more money.
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