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  1. I might just buy some thick jumpers and tell the family to stop moaning.
  2. Unless they are cheapest then I’ll be moving as soon as I can. It’s difficult to know where to go as another cheap supplier might go bump in a few weeks leaving me back at square 1.
  3. What am I missing? Looks like he’s off to Qatar anyway so Everton will get their wish.
  4. Yeah, I’m pleased LOMB are all over it and already scanning the market. I was a on a brilliant deal the last 12 months so it’s gonna be a bit of a sting now, then the extra NI in the new year. General inflation all over the place. If the employer demands i start going into the office daily I’m gonna be hundreds a months down. P0rnhub is still free right? Or have the Tories ruined that too.
  5. My account with The People’s Energy (who went bust last week) is now transferred to British Gas. Look After my bills seem to be on the case and telling me not to agree to any fixed prices with them until they’ve checked the market.
  6. It wasn’t that long ago Centrica was under pressure because it was racking up multi billion pound profits off the back of the British public.
  7. It’s annoying when clubs do this, offer players massive wages to join, then make them look like he bad guy for not leaving when they want them gone.
  8. Just cancelled a mid-week away we had booked in October, please allow 35 days for a refund. 35 days! Good job it’s only £100.
  9. local Spar has stacks of Quality Street and Celebration boxes. Also, more annoying is that the cigarettes and tobacco have to be kept behind a screen, but they do have a massive illuminated cabinet next to the tills with all the vaping products in prime placement.
  10. I think leading us into a war is the next logical step for the Tories.
  11. If the price rises for energy are not mainly related to Brexit, what are they related to? GB prices off the scale compared to “Europe” Link
  12. The s*n The scrapping on VAT on energy bills will go some way to help offset the massive increases on their way. When is that due to come in?
  13. He looks like a man realising theres more to life than money (especially when you’ve already have shit loads of it). He should have thought about going where he’d be happiest, not paid the most.
  14. I watched most of the CL game in the week, it was boring. How can it be boring with the front line they have?
  15. It’ll be those 4 at the top come the end of the season I’m pretty certain. The order they finish though I can predict it. Injuries will play a big part.
  16. Liverpool FC and Chelsea Football Club are matching each other this season Week 1: Liverpool win 3-0 Chelsea win 3-0 Week 2: Liverpool win 2-0 Chelsea win 2-0 Week 3: Liverpool draw 1-1 Chelsea draw 1-1 Week 4: Liverpool win 3-0 Chelsea win 3-0 Week 5: Liverpool win 3-0 Chelsea win 3-0
  17. Genie

    General Chat

    It’s looking like rising energy prices are just the start of the imminent problems for the Uk. Link As an aside, it’s pretty annoying how they keep mentioning it impacting Christmas to really hit home. Gonna spend months freezing to death because those less fortunate can’t afford gas? No biggy. Frozen meat might be missing from the freezer in December? OMG it’s the end of the world. Previously with the HGV drivers it was a big problem because of deliveries of toys for Christmas, not the actual important stuff like food and medicine.
  18. Bit harsh really, bordering on bullying.
  19. Because they bought the player down? I only saw the last 2 and both of them were dives. Contact engineered to get a pen.
  20. Did he fluke a 29 game unbeaten run away from home? The difference is England choke against anyone good.
  21. Nope, they weren’t. Contact doesn’t = penalty.
  22. 2 massive dives by Ronaldo, no yellow.
  23. This theory that Man City are cooking the attendance figures is not new, it’s been around for a few years
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