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  1. As you know I'm totally agin, but I thought it earned its right to intrude at the World Cup. The difference between that and the PL deployment is staggering. In other words I agree it can and should be implemented much better, even if I'm not a fan of having VAR in the first place.
  2. I'm sceptical about that measured improvement and I would argue that the difference isn't worth the negatives. But 82 percent? That is/was embarrassing.
  3. Well that really lived up to its billing! Top man, Andy. Not sure he'll be happy you stole his equipment though.
  4. I was hoping for them that it would be bottom of the bill for Slipknot. Never mind.
  5. Excellent show. I've never seen them not be good but they just keep getting better. The Slipknot cover is fantastic too, and that split is with my favourite band. Good time to be a Conjurer fan.
  6. Absolutely **** you if you're okay being on the same side as these words removed. This is on you.
  7. Yes I was, and don't call me Shirley.
  8. I bloody love Spiral. I usually watch this kind of thing with the wife but for some reason she didn't connect with this at all, whereas I'm a huge fan.
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