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  1. It's as if you've never even heard of Robson & Jerome.
  2. It absolutely is. No idea why he's let off the hook. It's his team, just like it's Deano who's made us a bit snide.
  3. Can't immediately recall the Boro incident but I think Paul Alcock was Di Canio's mate.
  4. This is my view. All these years later it's still frustrating that the idea was created to our cost because Mark Halsey wanted to tickle Thierry Henry's pommes de terre. At least Lee Mason didn't shield the ball for Dunk and actually did blow his whistle, mind.
  5. actually it didn't and here is why you're wrong blah blah yes but grealish
  6. I am a big, big fan. He's done a lot for our club and that was already the case before this season. All this is a sweet bonus.
  7. About time we learned to trust Elmo a bit more. It's years since he won us over and he's turned out to be quite the signing, considering. Cash is an upgrade but we haven't had to drop a park player in his place by any means.
  8. You all need to grow up and focus on the Villa. Embarrassing. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  9. Video compilation incoming from FC Nonce.
  10. I see you like to click through the forum by Next Unread too.
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