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  1. A word much stronger and more removed.
  2. Bloody hell, as if they're still going.
  3. Liverpool was silly. This was proper. What a start.
  4. Zero chance he starts tonight. Tiny chance he gets off the bench. If it's not Rashford and Sancho, Southgate will start Mount because he thinks he'll link two defensive midfielders to the attack in a system that's really bloody difficult to pull off if you want to, you know, score a goal. Mount can do that. He's not in Grealish's league at it, but he can do it.
  5. There will be players in that squad who are suddenly scoring twenty goals a day in training and they'll know exactly why. I think the opinion of Harry Kane might be the most important factor in Jack's international career. Which striker doesn't want him loading the gun?
  6. Wouldn't be part of The Jack Grealish Story if he didn't have to go round the houses, would it? For whatever reason he's expected to prove it before he gets his place. Those opportunities don't come along often with Southgate. Grealish can count himself lucky there's a really stupid third game in this international week. Grab it with both hands, Jack.
  7. Fantastic day for the kid. Well deserved and long overdue. Buckle up, England. You ain't ready.
  8. Congratulations to Bielsa and Leeds for making Villa brilliant by losing a match. I hope it makes the media finally sit up and pay attention. **** weapons.
  9. Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice. This thread has more locks than both combined.
  10. They probably just reward him with money to be fair.
  11. We need to win something with Grealish because if we don't it'll be hard to pick the pose for his statue.
  12. Gregg Evans. Make of that what you will. (It's shite.)
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