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  1. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Alright, someone needs to sort out this roundabout thing because it's doing my head in and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.
  2. Steve Bruce

    My thinking is so challenged right now.
  3. The Sarcasm Thread

    This will definitely stop me only posting sarcastically in other threads.
  4. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Derby

    Anyone know the attendance?
  5. Leicester City

    **** 'em. I wanted them to go down this morning and I want them to go down tonight. Couldn't give a toss who their manager isn't.
  6. Ashley Westwood

    It's not your fault.
  7. New Manager : 2017

    I can think of something.
  8. Crap Hometown Clubs

    Awful. Possibly less awful than Time, but definitely awful.
  9. Steve Bruce

    What about Bjarson?
  10. What a hideous time to be an Aston Villa supporter. A very active transfer window continued right into its final hours, during which an actual game of football had the temerity to burst our bubble. With the signing of Brentford's Scott Hogan waiting to be announced, the new Villa man's former club destroyed his new one in front of the television cameras. After that reality check, another. Villa lost at Nottingham Forest on Saturday to round off an appalling week and to continue our poor start to 2017. If January killed off our play-off hope, February's conduct with its corpse has been questionable at best. In this week's Aston Villa Review, Chris and Steve welcome some new faces and lament some old habits. Listen to the show: Click to play / right-click to download (MP3) Import to podcatcher of choice (feed) Subscribe in iTunes View the full article
  11. Media and punditry

    u wot lol
  12. Media and punditry

    Anyone able to translate?
  13. Ashley Westwood

  14. With Chris temporarily out of action, Aston Villa Review returns to ring in the end of the transfer window and assess the business we know about so far. Aston Villa's promotion hopes have faltered and they now face an uphill battle. At the very least, January has showed that there's work to be done and a long, long way to go. This week, though, Steve is joined by 7500 to Holte's James Rushton to chew the fat over Villa's busy transfer window. Will shuffling the pack again work the miracle that's needed, or has this been done with an eye on next season instead? There are also two games this week with Steve Bruce's men travelling to Brentford and Nottingham Forest with an eye on a maximum six points. Listen to the show: Click to play / right-click to download (MP3) Import to podcatcher of choice (feed) Subscribe in iTunes View the full article