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  1. I know lots of people are going to think it's funny putting stuff like that on a jokey football kit mock-up but I actually think it's very offensive. We should never have a Coventry-based sponsor.
  2. They've gone back to their Premier League teams now.
  3. Identical to my arrival from Spain before the cut-off.
  4. Hands up everybody who went back through passport control at 23.30 after returning from Spain on Saturday... It worries me a little that Friday in English public places felt quite similar to Saturday in Spanish public places in terms of how people mill around, how well they're masked up and so on. Same sort of proportion poking their hooters out over the top of their coverings. Same social distancing lip service and complacency. It all helps but if they're in the brown stuff then the similarities are not reassuring.
  5. I stand with Xann. Pricks.
  6. Full moon again so soon?
  7. Nobody has ever smiled with or near Darren Grimes, the snide little fash word removed.
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