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  1. Aston Villa's recent Championship form has taken on an unnerving familiar character in recent weeks, and continued to disappoint with a woeful 1-0 defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Saturday. In this week's show Chris and Steve discuss that game and Villa's run since Boxing Day, so if you're expecting positives then you'll have to look for a while. But football's not the be all and end all, and last week we lost Graham Taylor, who managed the club for two spells and became a huge part of the Villa family. It's only right that we pay our respects to a wonderful man who was able to maintain his humanity, his humility and his dignity in a game that seems to rob others of all three. Listen to the show: Click to play / right-click to download (MP3) Import to podcatcher of choice (feed) Subscribe in iTunes View the full article
  2. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    **** hell, not only are you a terrible person but you've made me one too.
  3. Chinese football

    He's a pioneer.
  4. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Pliers for Christmas?
  5. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Yeah, you said.
  6. 2016 Review

    Music good. Everything else bobbins.
  7. Well damn, it's been a while ay it? We would apologise, but you know...it's free. Sod ya. We will, however, give you a reason for our absence, and that is that we are people with lives and jobs and issues. Unfortunately we've been unable to record the show for a few weeks, but we did manage to get together again on Sunday to recap what we've missed. That it's now Wednesday and we're just getting around to publishing says everything you need to know about our status at the moment. Anyway, on with the show. This week we quickly rattle through recent games, including the end of Steve Bruce's unbeaten start at the helm, before diving into Sunday's win over Queens Park Rangers in a little more detail. With Christmas coming up we'll be away for another two weeks, but at least we knew in advance to preview what's coming up. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Listen to the show: Click to play / right-click to download (MP3) Import to podcatcher of choice (feed) Subscribe in iTunes View the full article
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    It's fine, he just means the terrorist ones. Honest.
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    Three for three. Bravo.
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    Why haven't you mentioned this before?
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    Heh. Tromboners.
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    And that my opposition to their views is very possibly violent. Like a snowflake.
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  15. "Political Correctness"

    My opinion of the kind of people who throw complaints about political correctness around is anything but politically correct. But they'd say it was politically correct. Because I'm a snowflake. And they're words removed.