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  1. Aye, they took on a legendary status for me when about six years ago one of them called up a phone-in show as a regular caller about something else and it somehow came up that he used to be in a band.
  2. I haven't yet. Heard their name knocking around for a bit which is exciting. Will give it a spin when WANYK releases me back into society.
  3. ChrisVillan

    New Music 2019

    They said it on a podcast I used to listen to and there are occasionally little clues on Twitter. From Rugby or thereabouts.
  4. ChrisVillan

    New Music 2019

    Conjurer are Villa fans, don't you know.
  5. Yeah. No clean vocals, no riffs, no choruses. You'd hate it. Stay clear.
  6. Various players and teams around the world for a number of reasons, but in the spirit of the answers so far: Axel Tuanzebe Albert Adomah Tammy Abraham Glenn Whelan Mile Jedinak I'll never forget the team that competed in the play-offs last season. I'm too young to remember a title win but Wembley in May was a high point like I never thought I'd experience. The club could have given them all contracts for life and I'd have been fine with it.
  7. They all work for The Athletic now anyway, TV can't afford them.
  8. You don't think we should at least try the ones we already bought first?
  9. I love this stuff. My favourite thing all summer was Bournemouth fans telling us about Tyrone Mings.
  10. I like the guy but he's so obviously not what we need at this level. No two ways about it.

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