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  1. Did you all just not see the guy who said end of argument?
  2. **** moving it. If they can't play it they can't play it.
  3. You lost, get over it. But also deliver it, to ten different versions of very specific standards, none of which commanded a majority even within the leave vote, or it will be your fault even though you knew from the beginning that the whole thing was epically retarded.
  4. Negative. I gave up my season ticket for grown-up reasons and I didn't want to pretend to know what I was on about. Don't see enough games nowadays.
  5. There are a bunch of arseholes scratching around in the dirt claiming to represent something or other along those lines but they're homeless too.
  6. You've got a point but I went for multiple answers on that one and I'm pretty impressed that it placed me in the West Midlands, Bournemouth specifically and London. Three for three.
  7. Ooh the nasty remoaner called us all thick and racist, I'm telling the BBC.
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