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  1. ChrisVillan

    Christian Purslow

    Well that's disgusting.
  2. ChrisVillan

    Guess the player/manager

  3. ChrisVillan

    Guess the player/manager

    Which one?
  4. ChrisVillan

    Guess the player/manager

  5. ChrisVillan

    Guess the player/manager

    Steve Howey.
  6. ChrisVillan

    Joe Bryan

    I would've thought all of this would be obvious to anyone who's not thicker than pig shit.
  7. ChrisVillan

    Thierry Henry

    It's not your fault.
  8. ChrisVillan

    Time for a takeover

    Hello. Don't sell Jack. Thanks.
  9. ChrisVillan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    To annoy words removed.
  10. ChrisVillan

    Going Under ?

  11. ChrisVillan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

  12. ChrisVillan


    Last couple of years they've partnered with YouTube to stream it for nuffink.
  13. ChrisVillan

    Steve Bruce

  14. ChrisVillan


    Worst. Risotto. Ever.