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  1. I applaud your use of the ignore feature.
  2. The England manager's name is Southgate, FYI.
  3. They're going to win the league in it.
  4. I'm just disappointed he left Marcuse Rashford just sitting there unused, to be honest.
  5. Is this what it looks like inside Villa Report?
  6. There's obviously logic behind the Grealish stuff but there's no chance we tempt Ward-Prowse without telling him he'll be playing with Jack.
  7. Grealish. He's so good he doesn't even need to be in the league.
  8. I'm just surprised he's not a Leeds fan who posts on another team's forum, those guys are **** certifiably dangerous.
  9. I have a bit of knowledge here, having worked with him indirectly. The definition of a plastic. He knows absolutely nothing about football and is essentially nothing more than a performing hyena for the braindead. I'm fairly certain he isn't all there. Dead behind the eyes.
  10. Ooh, ooh, sir! I know, sir!
  11. Congratulations on winning the inaugural Running Furthest Cup.
  12. I'd have Konsa and Mings in the England squad (Mings will be anyway) but Ben White is becoming one hell of a player.
  13. Gene Simmons. Every bloody year.
  14. I'd have thought Pupil Slicer would be right up your street. I think it's banging.
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