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Predict the Future: The Year 2070


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All disease will have gone, thanks to daily  Domestos injections. 

52G masts will be burnt down due to fears that they cause ingrowing toenails. 

50% of Birmingham Shitty fans now have Villa Park listed as their birthplace. 

Queen Elizabeth II is still on the throne.  She’s a head in a bottle and they keep her on the throne. 

TUI finally refund me for my cancelled 2020 holiday. 

America finally see the error of their ways and asks to rejoin the UK. We agree and burn down the Whitehouse AGAIN. 

Take That reform for one last tour. It’s now only the 2 that danced but couldn’t sing. 

World Powers have begun picking sides for WW3.  Italy is picked last with both sides saying “You can have them”. 

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2 hours ago, useless said:

I think we will be able to go to the library and pick an animal like an albatross and experience what it feels like to be that animal for a period of time.

What flavour of albatross? 

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 I think it was Raymond Scott that was trying to invent a device that allowed you to make music with the power of your mind... Found a quote...

"In the music of the future, the composer will sit alone on the concert stage and merely think his idealised conception of his music. His brain waves will be picked up by mechanical equipment and channelled directly into the minds of his hearers, thus allowing no room for distortion of the original idea. Instead of recordings of actual music sound, recordings will carry the brain waves of the composer directly to the mind of the listener."

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