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    Aston Villa and nihilism .
  1. Conference Championships

    GB's secondary is outrageously bad .
  2. Conference Championships

    The importance of having a good pass rush is on show here .
  3. Conference Championships

    Ah yes the F-150
  4. Conference Championships

    Not on sky but I do on gamepass . You only have 4 adverts Lawyers Medicines Insurance Fast food
  5. U.S. Politics

  6. U.S. Politics

    I'm just hoping that conscription age is lower than WW2
  7. Jax hire Tony Sparano as assistant OL coach.
  8. Villatalk deadpool 2017

  9. But I don't like the Raiders as an organisation . They just have cool uniforms .
  10. As someone who isn't tied to the AFC West I must say the whole blackout thing is pretty cool !
  11. NWA split up a long time ago
  12. Not sure how accurate that was to be fair but I'm sure they sell twice as many shirts as the other state teams .
  13. The secondary is awful but they are OK up front.
  14. The Raiders are California's best supported team ... and they are the ones moving out . It's mental .
  15. Conference Championships

    I didn't even have the spread . Just straight up wins for both !