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  1. At least they are finally open about it . The Jags spent 8 hours yesterday studying film of the refs.
  2. NFL Team in England

    It would have to be an expansion team . I'm not sure UK fans would accept being the MK Dons of the league . Would UK fans swap their current team for a team that just shat all over it's former city ?
  3. NFL Team in England

    Jags to London was only ever on the cards when the team was knocking out losing seasons in front of one man and his gator. You don't do the things Khan has done if you're thinking about moving. He considers himself an American and he loves the city and the city love him back . The Wembley home games were nothing more than a genius marketing ploy to get in early and snag uncommitted NFL fans in the UK. "The most audacious part of Khan’s plan: international expansion. The easiest move would be to flee to the greener pastures of Los Angeles. But as with running a Rust Belt manufacturer, Khan seems eager to defy the odds and stay put (he says he is “committed to Jacksonville”). Borrowing from the Flex-N-Gate handbook, he sees foreign growth potential as a way to do that. Specifically, he wants to make the Jaguars into a global brand, last month securing a “home game” in London each season for four years starting in 2013. “One of the good things is they don’t have a team loyalty,” says Khan, “so we get a chance by being the first team presented; hopefully we can get them.” Full article here. Now that the city has a decent team and big crowds again you can call the time of death on any Jags to London move as being quite some time ago.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Aston Villa managed 3 goals against them away from home.
  5. Yeah and Fournette is in a wheelchair.
  6. Shannon Sharpe is more confident than I am . (Love how he says "we" at the end)
  7. Is that Manti Te'o's girlfriend ?
  8. NFL Team in England

    They could have a team at Villa Park and I'd still watch the games on the sofa. It's a sport made for TV !
  9. General Chat

    Blimey. (Not pleasant viewing)
  10. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    All Williams had to do was hang back, let Diggs catch the ball then wrap him up . Game over.
  11. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    Calais' face at the end is hilarious.
  12. Playoffs 2017-18: Divisional Playoffs

    It might be a bridge too far next week . The Pats are just stacked with superstars who can all win a game on their own.