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  1. We have money , they don't want him and he clearly loves it here. All rides on this one blooming game.
  2. Basically the moral of the story is to sit on your arse , watch youtube videos of the past all day and get a big fat Bronga loan to fix all your problems.
  3. I think I got 6 or 7 differences ? That was a pretty tough one to be fair.
  4. I wish their Slush Puppie and fur coat based economy good fortune in the trade wars to come.
  5. He's crazy good on defense when he's pumped up.
  6. Why is Davos in charge of the Navy instead of Yara ? Why is Bronn in charge of anything ? Why is the orgasm master Pod relegated to NHS porter ? ( "I had a top threesome last night your Grace" ..... "I know you did Pod, WINK") Why were the North allowed to go full Wexit whilst the other chump Lords just sat there ? Because they're all exactly where they're supposed to be, that's why. The plot is dark and full of errors.
  7. The way they did it . There's only 2 ways out . In a coffin or in the can. It was genius.
  8. Did you learn Norwegian on the way to work ?
  9. I loved it . So bleak and weird yet funny and compelling.
  10. If you liked 1 and 2 it's a banker. I spent most of the time thinking how the fuuuu did they film that scene . When you consider GOT pushed Ghost out because of filming difficulties , the dog scene in John Wick 3 should make them hold their heads in shame. It's ridiculous . Some plot decisions are head scratchers but you won't care. You are there to see Wick in God mode vs the world and it delivers.
  11. He's a niche actor but John Wick is his Deadpool.
  12. The fight scenes are breathtaking mate . Lots of wide one shots where you can see Keanu doing everything with a fluidity that wasn't at this level in the first 2. The story is a bit woozy here and there but my word they deserve some recognition for this . Leitch, Stahelski and Reeves gave this everything. It's not flawless but when they get it right it's like nothing you've ever seen on screen before.
  13. You reckon Wes Edens is getting much sleep ?
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