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  1. That's plan C. I haven't given up on the meth empire. And thanks xxx
  2. It's cool, I'm very well trained for this shit now. I didn't get upset with your post , in fact I imagined the mods pitching VT to Dragons Den. (We make nothing and our overheads are £200k ...)
  3. For about 3 seconds my eyes lit up thinking this was a possibility. Then the cruelness dawned upon me.
  4. Been sat in bed for 4 months like Brian Wilson waiting to find out but at least I know now. It's daunting as hell starting all over again at 40. Probably going to start a Youtube channel and poop all over Star Wars .
  5. Just been made redundant as expected. Can a moderator change the kitchen fiddler bit in my bio as I don't really want to see that every time I log in please ?
  6. I never care about grammar and spelling unless somebody messes up whilst making a point about it . You ain't never gonna not catch me not never doing that.
  7. "Have" not "of" . Good England iz essenshul when dissing others England.
  8. Are Villa really going to give the kid a lifetime ban ? I hope not as he should not be rewarded in any way for this IMO.
  9. That makes you 4th in the current power rankings.
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