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    Aston Villa and nihilism .
  1. The Film Thread

    Wreck it Ralph ?
  2. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    The continued demise of Father Mara has me howling every time .
  3. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    That was some dark shit in the latest It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia !
  4. DE Odrick cut ... Coughlin and JPP , sitting in a tree ...
  5. I'm guessing Manning played a huge part in JT's success because he turned to shit the second we gave him a silly deal . He's fat , slow and has rocks for hands . I expected so much more from him to be honest . There are some very good TE's in the draft so I am fine with getting a capable LT for him .
  6. Looks like we are going to swap Julius Thomas for LT vet Branden Albert . I'm fine with that move .
  7. Prematch Thread

    Come on monkeys ! Time to type some damn Shakespeare.
  8. U.S. Politics

    There shouldn't be any future wars . Any future disagreements should be settled by dropping the respective heads of state on an island , armed to the teeth . Just one huge battle involving royals . I'll think of a name for it later.
  9. U.S. Politics

    Get back in your hole Sweden ,
  10. Different sports, but only 2 people read the baseball thread so I'll pop em here .
  11. U.S. Politics

    I'll never agree to "joking aside" I'm afraid. But those libs in Cali have had it coming .