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  1. And just in case you want to see the best TE in college.
  2. Texas rivalry game settled in overtime . This literally has everything. Ehlinger looks like a day 1 pick.
  3. Game of the day for sure . Sooners have had Mayfield , Murray and now they have Spencer Rattler who looks a fantastic QB despite the result and picks. This kid is talented as hell.
  4. Still catching up on highlights but yesterday was insane. Mike Leach blowing up LSU with the air raid was sublime. It was a crazy day for QB's throwing hilarious picks for sure.
  5. In bed . Go back through the thread and guess my team.
  6. Pretty good one right now showing LSU v Missypissy State.
  7. Shhhh. They are watching . College games being on Youtube is something I mentioned on here a while back but it is hit and miss . On a good day it's really good though.
  8. Kyle Pitts already on 4 TD's and 170yds. Not bad for a TE..
  9. I definitely have and won't be back sorry. I can only apologise but I'm struggling just to make it through the day most of the time . Fantasy used to be a fun escape but it's become a chore for me and I need to use the little time I have left more wisely.
  10. Never seen a player destroy his own team in the way Chris Conley has tonight. He has ruined every drive and cost us the game before it had barely begun.
  11. Bortlemania coming back is just so 2020 it hurts. Chark's out tonight so that means more Vishka, which I am looking forward to . Still got Cole , Eifert , Conley , Johnson , Thompson and Robinson so we will get points. If we can get some pass rush then the tank story should be put to bed. Isaiah Ford @5/1 and Collin Johnson @11/1 anytime TD
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