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  1. Slough Tourism Board. Anything to get the name out there.
  2. Yup. The bulb in the cubby hole under my stairs has gone and I still have not replaced it . I have plenty of spare new bulbs and I use the cubby every day to store the dog's harness. Still can't find the time . The bulbs are about 12 ft from me and the cubby about 19 ft . Ain't happening.
  3. The Cards/Texans bit is superb but the Rams Logo reaction had me howling.
  4. Probably the worst single malt going . Tastes more like Pernod than whisky. I haven't had a drink since Derby at Wembley but if I do it's The Glenlivet or GTFO.
  5. I'd take our roster over the Rams right now. At least we have Lambo.
  6. Going to see a few crazy accas coming in during this I feel.
  7. This deserved a sequel. I'm not a big fan of being an extra in it mind you.
  8. Microchips in the taint. Just to lighten those random roadside scans.
  9. Criminally underrated show set in the "My Name Is Earl" universe. Garrett Dillahunt is brilliant.
  10. Looking forward to seeing a million kids named "The Mandalorian" in 9 months time. Amanda Laurian if it's a girl obviously.
  11. Really hope they choose the Henry lot over Dyson. At least I'll go with a smile on my face.
  12. Asteroid to the knee sounds pretty good right now.
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