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  1. Let's all meet in the middle of the spectrum and shake hands. That's how you create the waves for the entire amazing spectrum . It's also how the Universe began . That's how you learn to love unconditionally. royGbiv . All meet in the Green Fields.
  2. Correct . What they are telling you though is that you wouldn't be here to love anything if it wasn't for the fly.
  3. Nearly everybody can agree that shit smells awful. Flies love it though and they are just as vital to the harmony of this planet as you and I . It takes an infinity of angles to make a football.
  4. They could solve all this by adding a 3rd state and starting a Tri -Nation football league. Either that or spike the water supply with magic mushroom juice.
  5. Wouldn't it be nice if we all agreed on what did and didn't smell nice . The reason why we don't is we need ALL the smells of the spectrum to make a rainbow of Aromas. Every inside needs an outside.
  6. You never really lost your mum. She's inside every strand of your DNA and lives on through you so make her proud. You may never "get over it" but when you truly understand that nobody is ever truly gone it gets easier . Day by day , little by little then eventually you see the big picture and it's BEAUTIFUL. I see my mom in reflections of myself all the time and it makes me cry with elation rather than sadness. It Hz because of LOVE. Never forget that.
  7. Kid can bloody sling it mind you . No idea how he plays upstairs but that arm is absolutely lethal . It's so fast you don't even have time to see if it spins.
  8. Because The Vaccines rock and that's what sound looks like.
  9. It's to sneak maths into their diets , wink .
  10. I do love a crossover but considering Meyers is involved I'm surprised it wasn't Bret Hart , who was last seen in a wheelchair reading THE Ohio State playbook. At this point I wouldn't be surprised If Jennifer Lawrence caught the winning TD in the SB (A holographic MCA from The Beastie Boys doing the half-time show) from a Tebow /Trevor Lawrence flea flicker . After a decade of tedium I say turn up the crazy . They want to sell tickets and there's actually something worth watching now ( Our media attention has increased exponentially) because for once in his life the owner is actu
  11. Had the Oxford jab up at the chemist on Shady Lane today. Now I'm overwhelmed with the urge to put on a bow tie , get pissed and laugh at peasants. Also if I can take a jab and leave the venue without a stretcher does that put me above Audley Harrison in the world rankings ?
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