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  1. I imagine a few sports media execs are genuinely worried about Pat's show.
  2. To be fair it was you under 40 scum what gone done got us into this darn situation. With your hoity-toity instagram cuisine and adrenaline based Tik Tok challenge lifestyles.. It was all fun and games in the avocado on toast days but you had to push it ! Then came the fry ups served inside a CHEP pallet and next thing you know it's bat souffle in a boot-ageddon. Then again my generation made all the pubs yellow.
  3. It can be difficult to differentiate between stag parties and Star Trek away teams these days.
  4. " All you Ross Barkley fanboys iz in da Nile LOL! "
  5. I think some people just want to stare at their phones whilst life passes them by surrounded by familiar faces rather than in bed and that's understandable.
  6. I have all the mental health issues with a few more on order from Amazon so let me just say this. I'm more upset that @Demitri_C wrote "I cant believe people want to stand outside in the freezing cold like sardines." than I am when people make any kind of "they need a head check" remark. Sardines don't stand . They are marine based. Penguins were right there man . They were right there ! It's like Steve Irwin died for nothing.
  7. Reminds me of that film "March Of The Sardines"
  8. They were overwhelmed with emotion in last night's Pelican game. It really is like the whole world lost a Grandparent.
  9. Substitute Ethan for Stefan . Same outcome. It's only Roger holding that family together.
  10. Just approach the doors and the sensor will open them automatically for you. Grab a trolley. Head to the cake bit.
  11. Carragher blows his load and 5 minutes later Ollie is pregnant.
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