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  1. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Seattle DB Thompson just hurdled a Rams run blocker to avoid contact . Kinda the opposite thing to what he is supposed to do.
  2. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Season ended on a fumble. Seems about right . We have to tank now,
  3. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Browns D have been lights out .
  4. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    I should root for New England every week.
  5. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Explosive run from Brady.
  6. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Jags pick . Well I never saw that coming.
  7. Brumerican

    NFL Fantasy Football 2018

    I swapped out Denver for Seattle last week figuring they wouldn't score well if Watson did and it cost me the game . This week I kept Luck v Jax and it will cost me again . And Fournette is killing it 9 weeks too late . Oh well.
  8. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Bortles to be fair is in Favre mode but the defense looks lost.
  9. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    The Colts are very good and the Jags are very bad .
  10. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Parkey hits the post for the 4th time . A vintage kicking year this is not.
  11. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    A Chiefs v Saints SB would be fun.
  12. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    Broke the Franchise record in his first season.
  13. Brumerican

    John McGinn

    Me too. A proper team player.
  14. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

  15. Brumerican

    Week 10 - #ThrowuptheX

    He's going to the Pro Bowl for 24 different positions.