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  1. The longest play and longest kick both on the same day . History.
  2. And now Wingard with a pick. We look so much better this week.
  3. Since icing their own kicking in OT against Notre Dame they've lost to JSU , Wake Forest and Louisville.
  4. Cards are going to destroy us so this week I'll mostly be watching Redzone. Had a Gators acca of anytime TD's (Pitts , Swain , Van Jefferson and Toney )
  5. He'll be a QB . The thing is Mullen is loyal and Emory Jones has won 3 games and almost beat Alabama. (Still fuming) If Jones was to suffer a minor injury I wouldn't shed a tear because we can't afford to lose Richardson in a transfer portal . Emory Jones isn't going to have an NFL career but Richardson could be a world beater.
  6. Cameron Heyward's "little" brother Connor. Behemoth TE.
  7. Not too bad I suppose after last week. Just hope we keep it close.
  8. Clear handball from Patrick. Refs have fell apart.
  9. The officiating has been exemplary. Jewell is a hell of a player.
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