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  1. I have one at the end of the street. Good for biscuits, tea/coffee and milk etc. Only one dude on the till though.
  2. Yeah you have to buy in bulk. 5 for £2 in Farmfoods.
  3. I don't mind scores like that as clean sweeps are rare. When your opposing D concedes 6 more real points but scores 25 more fantasy points than you. .. That winds me up.
  4. I stayed up to see if Alshon could give Bell a fighting chance tonight. Injured on his first drive.
  5. Brees will be out for 6 weeks after surgery . I'm half expecting an ACL tear just from Googling "NFL" at the moment.
  6. That's him done IMO . He looked rubbish before the injury.
  7. The Eagles lost nearly all their receivers in the first quarter last night.
  8. That's brutal. Chubb did nothing wrong .
  9. I feel a bit better about last week after watching this . The kid's a magician and he has more weapons than John Wick.
  10. NCAA refs would have ejected Cam Jordan for excessive scoring.
  11. Fournette didn't even reach for the line FFS

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