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  1. What did you do to Markks. ?
  2. I know you were being . humorous. I'm just laconic when replying via phone. One of my main gripes with the coach is Coby's lack of minutes.
  3. I said 8th seed was possible but I had little faith in the coach. Still feel the same. I'd rather Rose went and got a ring somewhere.
  4. They did . They were just on TV and in magazines instead of YouTube. ESB got panned at the time yet they still made a 3rd .
  5. Brumerican


    It does open up the possibility of us invading everywhere due to our historical links with Pangea mind you.
  6. Surgically attaching a human head to a fish seems sketchy.
  7. Gonna be another sweet Netflix documentary in 10 years. Antonio Brown - Inside The Mind Of A Complete Bellend.
  8. Jay Gruden new OC . West Coast offense + Minshew = Dynasty.
  9. Similar atmosphere to when you beat Nonce State. But with Troy Deeney.
  10. Oh absolutely . I actually think he would have been perfect for the Lakers or Milwaukee. I've lost count of how many times I've watched this.
  11. I still love watching Rose . Wish we had him back (Bulls)
  12. Just walked from VP to the ERD in record time. Best walk of the year.
  13. The correct week 13 thankfully.
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