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  1. Trent Richardson is killing it for the Birmingham Iron and to be fair the standard of this league is pretty decent . For me it's sort of in between NFL and NCAA which can occasionally hit the levels of both. This was a very entertaining game .
  2. When he lost his rag trying to find the recline leaver and shouted "BLOODY THING" I was screaming inside but calmly told him where it was . Then I had to politely say "Because of roadworks" every time he asked why i was going "this way".
  3. Rules of the road ennit.
  4. He's probably the only reason fans have to turn up next season and he'll be run into the ground against stacked boxes. He'll be fantasy gold until week 6.
  5. Oh I don't eat them . They're just a high end masturbation aid. My current one looks like Bill Guarnere's leg in Bastogne at the moment.
  6. Scratch that. I watched Suicide Squad last night .
  7. I've got my eye on some really nice legs of lamb in ASDA . Just waiting for those sirens. Might grab a few chocolate trifles too if it goes postal.
  8. @bickster Never been a powder guy and who the hell wants to stay awake longer anyway ? Speed doesn't come in those capsules either . You can snort it , mix it in a drink or wrap it in Rizla and swallow it . I didn't need to go on a course to be aware of that either . I just grew up in the E.R.D.
  9. I've been on a speed awareness course and can confirm the official reason for 2am speed restrictions is pollution and noise. I live near spaghetti and it can take 15 minutes some mornings just to get onto the roundabout below J6 . There's a never ending stream of traffic coming from the right that can back the A5127 through Gravelly Hill all the way back to 6 ways Erdington.
  10. Keep forgetting Tom's in charge so you can rule out a skill position in round 1. Most likely going to be my boy from Gainesville Jawaan. It's not a sexy pick but our tackles would be set for a decade with Cam Robinson coming back. It's strange because I'd be losing Taylor from UF but gaining him in Jax. I've seen every game he has played in school and he's an absolute mauler. There should still be a good TE at the top of round 2. I like Irv Smith and Kahale Warring as day 2 guys with bags of potential.
  11. In fairness I like the Raiders having a roster full of scum . It was policy in the 80's .
  12. Silver shadows are good enough for the Army (Or they were) They probably let recruits skip PT if they're not in the mood these days.
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