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  1. This X 3000. Just got cut up by this bellend in Digbeth.
  2. She don't impress me that much.
  3. I enter every year and I usually forget I'm in it by November . Surprised Newcastle haven't been in touch to be honest.
  4. I don't doubt that there's substance to this because it just makes so much sense. I do doubt that broadsheets are bastions of truth mind you. I'd very much like this to be true however. Benrahma is quality.
  5. More room to make stuff up ?
  6. Apologies @Tubby Wasn't being mean (I'm picking high again myself.)
  7. It's been 30 years but sod it.
  8. No coach in the world is giving an RB 20 attempts if they're averaging 1YPC. They'd be benched after 3 or 4 attempts , but I get your point and agree with it .

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