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  1. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    Fournette will be the Jags offense this season. I've been taking him in the first round ahead of Gordon and Miller. I just worry that the way he plays will lead to injury. He actually seeks out violent finishes to his runs and that may not fly against NFL defensive backs.
  2. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    What's your team name again sorry ?
  3. NFL Fantasy League 2017

    It's still a while away yet but I think the earlier we can confirm team entries and agree on the best draft date the better it will be . I have the app on my phone so I'm cool drafting whenever really but we will have to consider some VT'ers time zones. 1. Brumerican = It Ertz when Eifert 2. Sexbelowsound = Great Olof's Vikings 3. Milfner = Rodney's Trotters 4. RJW63 = Punters Unanimous 5. RhysCartwright_avfc = Rhyscartwright_avfc 6. Abdomlahor =
  4. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    I'll start a new thread..
  5. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    The yahoo fantasy mobile app is really good as long as you have good data connection. I'll draft at a funeral if needs be.
  6. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    The Monday is yes .
  7. Glenn Whelan

    I thought Glen Whelan was a budget scotch.
  8. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Sunday before that ?
  9. NFL Fantasy League 2015

    Sunday September 3rd ? Last Sunday before first game.
  10. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    After everything Arya has gone through they wanted to remind her of her humanity/Starkiness maybe ?
  11. A lot of Panthers who were forced out seem pretty happy about it. Gettleman wasn't liked that much inside the organisation it seems. I still think you're good for double digit wins regardless of what goes on in the front office. McCaffrey and Samuel are going to light this league up .
  12. On the beach with Taco ?
  13. Villa will have played 6 games before the Jags play in week 1 .