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  1. Eventually they won't be able to afford everybody . Plus there's still 3 days for Trump to start WW3 and if all the stadiums are nuked Mahomes will be less effective.
  2. M.J. Stewart may as well just have shouted "get him" instead of that pathetic back tap.
  3. If Cleveland play to their strength they ain't out of this.
  4. Silly decision and the fact that he telegraphed it makes it worse.
  5. I still laugh at Austin Pope punching the ball out of his own hand into the Gator endzone.. Awful rule though.
  6. Still not sure why the NFL suspended Chubb's hands ?
  7. Oklahoma have a guy called Charleston Rambo who may as well be called Columbine Wick FFS.
  8. Can't believe KD and Kyrie begged for Harden just because Caruso is knocking down the threes.
  9. He's as flawless a college QB as I have ever seen but that's a tough one to answer. He's not going to fart no-look Hail Marys like Mahomes but he can do everything at a high standard, against the best defenses and in the biggest games. Whilst not being a freak runner like Jackson or even Fields he's still a damn good runner and much better than Luck ever was. He can throw lasers on the fly, running left or right, just like Mahomes, but I actually think Trevor is a little more savvy than Mahomes was in college. Mahomes is more spectacular and unpredictable but Trevor is more clinical and
  10. Having Denzel Ward back is huge for Cleveland . The Browns' are actually better than KC on both lines of the trench IMO, so if they can keep Mahomes sat down they could pull this off. The NFL will help arrange Brady v Rodgers. Ravens need a new centre. Watching Ramsey get burned by Adams and then throw a wobbler was play of the weekend.
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