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  1. I believe there are a couple of steps to passing the agreement and it will take a few rounds of voting. There is the vote on Sat and there is legislation that needs to follow (which should just be a formality if the Saturday vote passes) If some MP’s want to be sneaky they could pass the first part in Saturday, avoid the deadline of the Benn Act and then tank the deal during the follow up votes next week leaving ‘no deal’ the only option. Edit: see more detailed responses above
  2. No one was duped (except maybe some members of the general public). The UK gov know that’s what the EU did, the DUP have been protesting about it all week, Frances and his friends have been scowling and fuming but the UK government are just going to accept it because they have no other choice.
  3. He’d be breaking his Hippocratic Oath if he didn’t campaign for remain, knowing what he knows.
  4. Ferguson was ruthless with that sort of thing. Throwing superstars out of the club if their attitude didn’t fit the team.
  5. This is what happens in the Australian league. Quite often the woman’s team play before the men’s match, when they are both at home the same weekend.
  6. England will smash us, we’re not at the races this WC.
  7. Some big matches next weekend. If Japan could beat South Africa again they would consider themselves a chance against Wales or France.
  8. Japan look very very good at times.
  9. You don’t mind the bit about your employer making you download an app that allows them to track your location at all times? That was the bit that stuck out for me.
  10. I can’t see a deal that will be acceptable to both the Irish government (i.e. the EU) and the DUP. I’m not sure where this latest round of discussions is going.
  11. The fact that Trump is going against Republican interests here may be what gets him impeached.
  12. Italy NZ was also cancelled and technically there was something riding on that game. A bit of a shame really.
  13. Everything is cyclical, 4-4-2 will come back into fashion again at some point.
  14. He won’t be able to get a work permit with Man City until he’s a regular in the Brazil side and that looks a long way off.
  15. Leeds didn’t want to sell their star player in order to push for promotion. Fair play to them, they managed to hold onto him. We would hope our board would to the same in a similar position.
  16. I’m pretty sure I had a kebab from that place after a big night in Krakow
  17. A lot of their fans want Erik ten Hag from what I can see.
  18. LondonLax

    U.S. Politics

    He’s copping a lot of criticism over this from usually supportive Republicans.
  19. Thanks Trump. This is the kind of thing that causes the CIA turn on a president though
  20. It finished 1-0 with Newcastle having 2 shots on target and 31% possession
  21. Liverpool up next for them. Could get ugly.
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