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  1. It’s difficult to know though because even if the government had not forced people to stay at home by law a significant number would have done so anyway, especially those in vulnerable groups, so it is probably not possible to achieve that ‘worst case scenario‘. In the same vein telling everything to stay open would not have spared the economy because people would have voluntarily stopped going out and spending regardless. As noted above the best course of action is for a country to trace the virus with testing and isolate each case when they are found. If you are able to do that (like in South Korea has) you don’t need a lockdown and people don’t fear going out because you know where the infected cases are.
  2. The whole article is pretty great https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/26/dominic-cummings-boris-johnson-terrified-sack-him?CMP=fb_cif&__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3JYT2Idh9keEhaanD4ngiiyBlP2CxwRnJBSftTncDkmHYGspccM8LXwt8
  3. Prawn crackers are super easy but you need to go to an Asian grocery to get the little disks that you then fry. I don’t think you would make them from scratch?
  4. A traditional Italian seafood pizza doesn’t have cheese
  5. A classic Christmas party food in Sweden is blue cheese on ginger snap biscuits. A mix of sweet, salty and Christmas spice, it sounds like it would be similar to your invention. I’ve also seen it done with a thin slice of pear added on top.
  6. It actually doesn’t seem to though. It goes through care homes like wildfire but in children they don’t usually even get a cough so they are not snotting everywhere or sneezing everywhere or coughing and spluttering, they are usually asymptomatic which makes it more difficult for the virus to spread. From what I’ve read, if it spread between children the way colds and flu usually do we would have way more infected than we do. It’s a bit on an unusual virus in that regard.
  7. Yes I suppose there is a risk of Balkanisation but it doesn’t have to go that way. It’s entirely down to how people want their country to operate.
  8. I don’t understand that logic. Having an overarching ‘federal’ government looking after international issues and then independent ‘state’ governments looking after domestic issues has not led to the end of the USA, Australia, Germany etc etc as political entities.
  9. Wouldn’t fried beer just be beer batter?
  10. It must take a lot of breadcrumbs to stuff a cow.
  11. Regardless of the merits of the poop windows, that neighbourhood looks like my idea of hell.
  12. It looks like it’s wondering “where the **** am l?!”
  13. For some reason you can read any Financial Times article, provided you put the heading into google and click on it through there. Makes a bit of a mockery of their paywall.
  14. As with the Premier League, if those fan groups just decided to turn up to stadiums in big numbers on match day the authorities would have no choice but to call it off again.
  15. There has been plenty of posts about the triaging policies throughout this thread.
  16. Could it be that the reason there is hospital capacity is because the NHS was following government advice and not treating the oldest patients?
  17. You’d have to look into it. Your super is your money though, it is part of your salary package paid into a special bank account and managed by a fund manager (i.e. it’s not like the U.K. national insurance scheme paid by the government, it has nothing to do with the taxes you paid). You would be able to log onto your super account and watch what it’s doing over the years. I would be very surprised if you were not able to access it at retirement age. Edit: The ATO website says you need to be a resident and recently lost your job to access it early.
  18. Australia has let people raid their superannuation funds (self funded pension) if they need money. It’s a bit of a killer though if you have to do it. The stock market has taken a hit so you’re cashing out at a bad time and if you are young it will hurt you massively when it comes to retirement age, having missed out on all those years of growth and compound interest.
  19. Labour did pretty terribly when their leader was doing thing the way you thought they should be done. Seems like their best chance of success is doing the opposite of what HanoiVillan suggests
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