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  1. Other than our keeper there is now no longer a player in the squad we would be devastated if they missed a game or two. That is a fantastic place to be as a squad.
  2. Yeah that was a penalty, justice was done with Noble’s miss.
  3. I very much doubt athletes write their own Twitter posts. It will be a media manager who deals with the fans on their official account. Too much can go wrong otherwise.
  4. Fantastic that we now have tactical options on the pitch.
  5. Great vision for the third.
  6. Bailey might fill a hole on the left quite nicely
  7. Arsenal have a decent young first 11 out. It should be too much for Burnley but if they struggle some big questions need to be asked of the manager.
  8. Plenty on here hated Martin O’Neil even though he did the same thing
  9. Is this really such a big deal? You could just as easily say she campaigned for what she thought best for the UK but when that result didn’t come through she worked to make the best of the hand the UK dealt itself
  10. It was never about economics and still isn’t. The Brexitiers have gotten what they wanted and they are not going back.
  11. We’ve got some great options in attack and a solid platform behind them. We’re going to murder some sides this season.
  12. They are rebuilding with good young players while moving on the big wage hangers on like Willian. They seem like they will kick on in the next couple of years for a challenge for Europe. They are probably similar to ourselves in that regard. That’s not going to be enough for their fans though, who are used to more recent success.
  13. I think we’ll be fine when we get all our players back. Looking like a fun season.
  14. It’s not ridiculous, it’s the basis of good man management. No player has a divine right to a starting spot and there is genuine competition for a position. Every player in the squad has to be able to believe that their hard work and good performances will be rewarded whilst bad performances will see your place in jeopardy. As it turned out Steer has not done enough to keep Martinez out (and most of us would have expected that) but if Steer had surprised us with a top draw performance it would be absolutely correct to give him the next match to show if he can do it again.
  15. I’m seeing the impact he’s having.
  16. A good team set up and performance at Stamford Bridge. When we get our best 11 on the pitch we are going to do some teams real damage.
  17. He’s a very good player but it’s super frustrating that he has that in him.
  18. From watching this I’m confident our first 11 is going to be pretty great. Hope it’s not too long before we get our best 11 out there.
  19. We’ve been the better side. Just a sucker punch from Lukaku in the counter. No help from the ref either.
  20. We’re playing pretty well really. McGinn is up for it.
  21. If you play well enough you keep the shirt. That’s the only way to run a squad. Steer has been given an opportunity, up to him to grab it with both hands.
  22. Not sure you understand who posts the messages you reply to
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