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  1. I don't think any government had suggested this. However to get a visa to enter most African and South Asian countries you need a copy of your Yellow Fever vaccination form. To go to school and University you need prove you to have had certain vaccinations. To apply for a Green Card in the US you have to take an HIV test. (I'm not sure if being positive disqualifies you from getting a green card but you have to take the test.) Forced vaccination doesn't exist. But trying to function in society in the US without having taken certain health precautions is hard.
  2. I see this speculation a lot. Why and what in your view will change? I see subtle changes in my industry. But I also imagine that once the majority of folks in the West are inoculated I can see a months of meals out, family trips, partying and full on revelry. Another summer of love for 2021. Interested to hear why this won't happen. Will people decide they prefer being miserable hermits stuck at home 24-7?
  3. Melania Trump Still Has to Give a f--k about Christmas https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/11/melania-trump-receives-christmas-tree
  4. I feel like being cheered up and so I thought I'd share this for any other VT'ers who need a smile - and of course appreciate a good KW. (He's one of our own, sort of.)
  5. Vacuous, gold-digging, superficial, shallow whore. She is an insult to women.
  6. There's been far too little gloating in this thread since Nov 3rd.
  7. But trickle down economics have long been championed by the Republicans. It is Dems (especially of a local level) that want to spend on social services. Yes, there is corporate money supporting Democrats, but accusing them of championing trickle down theories is really double-think.
  8. That was my sense. You could come to many different conclusions depending on how you wanted to see the info.
  9. This is very interesting. The info can be digested in many different ways. I would be interested to see population figures alongside this and how that has changed over the years. Also, if we agree (haha) that Trump was an outlier in terms of his winning the Presidency, can the figures above for this election be taken at face value i.e. as a trend of moving more this way. In 2016 it appears that Trump counties contributed to 36% of GDP.
  10. They’re two a credit at the Tashi Station
  11. Got to hand it to the Empire - they have an excellent branding and design department. All of their ships and bases have the same look and feel. But why do they always build those little half walls in their hallways? The pesky rebels can always hide behind them in a gun fight - but the stormtroopers can't for some reason. They must be structural I'm guessing?!
  12. First thing that came into my head too. "Purely Democratic" if you allow a foreign government to weaponize a fairly recent technology against your own people. Oh and the winning candidate works in collusion with them. Oh and one of the closest advisors of the winning candidate is spreading misinformation and stoking conspiracy theories with Alex Jones and on twitter. Oh and about 8 members of the winning campaign are now in jail for various criminal acts relating to the foreign government. Apart from the aforementioned closest advisor who the winning candidate instructed the DOJ to clear after
  13. Would have been better if he hadn't given the pen as the pressure we had on them was huge at that point. Waiting around took all of the energy out of the game.
  14. We are all over them. Glad. some of you lot aren't in the stadium to boo our own players.
  15. So sorry @HanoiVillan I tear up every time I hear someone loses their puppy. Can't imagine life without my guy. (As much as his butt stinks right now)* (and of course he has it rammed up against me.)*
  16. Freakazoid peddles conspiracy theories while his hair dye runs down his face. This is the outgoing US Presidents lawyer who fired the rest of the legal team yesterday. The only person he could find to replace them is a Q-Anon conspiracy theory peddling lawyer. So. Much. Winning. eh Donald?
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