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  1. Just when you though 2020 couldn't get any worse.... Does it sound ridiculous that I know the route to the Canadian border?
  2. What the feck happend? Just turned it on and we're1down!
  3. You are like me, in that you try to rationalize and debate within the boundaries of reality and fact, and we think that Trump and his ilk also work that way . But that is not whats happening. He, his believers and sycophants will lie, redirect, point the finger and simply make a fantasy so far from any sort of conscionable reality just to ignore what they know deep down in their soul. They aren't clever or intelligent, they never tried to improve their intelligence. They believe that their instincts are better than empirical science because they never wanted to put in the effort in to try and better themselves. They are lazy, and intellectually incoherent. Trump comes along and tells them that their worst instinct is correct - they are so thankful and happy so they go all in, hands down committed to this sense of reality because it gives them a sense of self worth. The truth is they are stupid, ignorant, selfish, bigoted, predictable creations of capitalism run amok. They never tried to better themselves or broaden their horizons. Trump gives them the go ahead to display the worst parts of themselves and they love him for it. They are happy to try and take the easy path to somehow "win" against people who try to think for themselves. People who think for themselves can easily burst the bubble of their anti-intellectualism so they become more extremely tribal (see Q, pizza, pedophilia etc.) to maintain the fantasy that somehow they can think for themselves. It's beyond sad - they are nasty, angry humans but the real reason they are that way is because their stupidity is being manipulated against the common good.
  4. The thing that makes it all so hard to comprehend is the seemingly randomness of which people are effected by it. If we knew that every person with x gene or a particular blood type would be really debilitated by Covid and everyone else would just suffer mild symptoms, we could just lock all of those folks up and do experiments on them until we found a vaccine (joke) It's just the not knowing how it's going to effect anyone which means everyone has to lock down and abide by all of the rules. I'm completely sick of it myself and close to thinking oh f**k it - I just want to be normal again and get on with things. But my internal conflict is that I could have it and not be suffering but pass it on unknowingly to someone who dies from it. Perhaps Mother Natures last stand against mankind to save herself will be a disease that through selfishness we kill ourselves with. Oh the irony.
  5. It's not split that way. Clubs can choose how to 'structure' the deal i.e. how much is due on what date (similar to a loan.) That's what holds a lot of transfers up. If we give Werder X amount right up front we have to declare that to FFP and Werder can show it as a net positive. But if we want to spread the payments out over time then Werder may demand a larger amount of money over that length of time. Time is money! Hence why you often hear the structure of the deal is holding things up.
  6. It very much does if you structure your payments over a number of years. FFP takes into account a rolling 3 year period, so if you pay Werder 1 million a year for 4 years, then 14 million in year 5 it has a huge effect on both clubs accounts. I don't know if the figure is available but the amount of money sloshing about between clubs that owe each other all over the world is probably in the billions.
  7. OMG he is Alan Partridge. He had some sort of weird reverb on his voice feed too. I do like him but it’s embarrassing !!
  8. This is for all of my fellow VT'ers who didn’t get see to the game: 1st Half we were 2nd best. Our goal came against the run of play and we probably had one other chance in the half. United for the 1st 30 mins were on top and had many balls flash across the 6 yard area that you feel in a real game would have found them scoring. Steer made 2 very good saves and really you couldn’t argue if Utd had scored 3 or 4 goals by halftime. We had a short spell but with 10 mins to go everyone looked exhausted. 2nd half we were possessed! We pressed, harried, and used the ball beautifully. We switched play, were defensively sound and look very tidy indeed. Very impressive even though it wasn’t Manure’s 1st 11. Douglas Luiz - looks like we have a hell of a player on our hands. I really hope he’s happy and settled here because he’s started to look top draw. Matty Cash - looked nervous and Utd’s left side of the Swansea lad, Fatty, and on occasion Rashford, got the better of him, but he grew into the game and delivered some peaches into the box. Ollie did well. Put himself about. Scored a goal. All you can ask for a debut McGinn - Better than pre-injury, better than after the restart, not quite where he was at the start of last season. But some of trademark twists and turns were there as was the old Ginny backside. I think he’ll be back to his best pretty soon. Jack Grealish. Didn’t dominate, was fairly quiet. Then, at about 84 minutes he played a pass that was simply world class. Full stop. About two minutes later (we were very dominate at this point) he played another chip pass that just made you say out loud - bloody hell. About two minutes later he went on a mazy run that almost resulted in a goal. Quite simply this guy is not just top drawer. He’s out of the drawer, above the dresser, floating above the mirror touching the heavens with his magic. We are so lucky to have him and NSWE have kept him in the Villa team for another season. I’ve said it before - he is the best English player since Gascoigne and of course we have a **** muppet in charge of England who likes people that lick his arse. But. Jack Grealish a joy to watch. I feel so proud that our club produced a player like that. The United away kit needs to be set on fire and never spoken of again as does the quality of the feed that AVTV provided. But isn't that what sadly come to expect from them? Thats all you get for my £5 UTV
  9. I succumbed and paid for it. The quality is ATROCIOUS. Like watching an old dodgy flash stream
  10. Bruce will always be a solid, stable very unspectacular manager.
  11. It's pretty annoying to have to keep switching back and forth. At least when it was on NBC Sports Gold it was all in the same place.
  12. My God that "I'm forever blowing Bubbles" song at West Ham is nauseating.
  13. I think you just want some attention.
  14. Over 10 years I've been following this thread. I am sitting here bathing in a warm glow of admiration for Jack and happiness for the entire Grealish family tonight. As a fan of AVFC I share a tiny, tiny part of their pride. I really believe he is a talent beyond Beckham and as good as England have had since Gazza. Good on you Jack - as Villa fans we know you are one of us and we are proud to have you, and we know we are lucky to have you. God speed - we look forward to watching you play the beautiful game with the grace and elegance that you bring every time you step on the pitch.
  15. Any negativity I think is more of a hangover of Southgate 1. Not calling up Jack. 2. Finally having too because of drop outs. 3. Not playing him in a game that was crying out for him. 4. Not starting him today We're all just frustrated for our boy, because well, we're proud of him. He's an absolute treasure of a talent and I honestly think there hasn't been an English player as talented since Gazza. You guys should feel just as proud as Phillips. I thought he was excellent in the role he was given. Lost the ball once but then didn't put a foot wrong. I think young hungry players especially from the championship would add a desire to the England team that is severely lacking. (Players are more interested in playing for their clubs now - see the last golden generation.) Now Phillips is a Premier League player and obviously highly rated in the game in a position that not many truly understand. I wish him all the luck and and jealous that he didn't come to us. But fair play to him that he stayed at his boyhood club (like Jack) and now gets to play with them in the PL.
  16. Depends what you mean by 'scored.' Know what I mean, say no more.
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