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  1. I thought VT may enjoy this, especially @Xela https://twitter.com/kennethwllllams/status/1182564346200842241?s=21
  2. I don't advocate for any kind of violence but I could make an exception in her case. Bloody hell.
  3. I saw another one the other day. He looked itenticle.
  4. How is this possible? Is this true? I don’t know what’s real anymore.
  5. People should have to pass an IQ test before they are allowed to purchase a plane ticket and enter an airport.
  6. Honestly I can’t take it seriously when people ask me what I do and I say ‘professional trombone player.’ It feels as daft as being a clown or a mime.
  7. Thanks Bicks. Is there by any chance a centralized website or a good blog you or anyone would recommend? We are staying 5 mins from Headingly.
  8. It's basically a UTEP choir residency at Leeds Cathedral. The choir director is married to my buddy who is also the trombone professor and head of the music school i.e. he controls the pursestrings! "My wife is taking the choir to the UK? We definitely need trombones!! Richard do you want to come?!" It's simply more of a cultural trip for the kids than anything, many of whom won't have ever been outside of El Paso before let alone Texas. From the very rough tentative schedule I have, it looks like they are singing at a lot of Cathedral services during the week - some of which I may or may not be part of - hopefully leaving lots of time time to sample some local ales On Sunday October 13th we are going to do an outreach concert in Ripon in the afternoon. It's very low key. I will know much more once I'm there about actual shows that may be worth hearing. Cathedral's aren't really my thing and I know they're not your's, but as a brass player performing in them is part and parcel of your career - plus you music always sounds beautiful in those acoustics. It would be great to see you though Mike and meet another VT'er (hopefully you won't be sans socks ala @Stevo985 )
  9. (You're just jealous)
  10. That would be great if you have the time! I land before the rest of the party so I'll send you a PM
  11. Flying over on Wednesday night to Manchester and on to Leeds for a week. Doing a few cathedral concerts with the University of Texas El Paso choir. (Yes, the El Paso that just suffered that terrible massacre.) Great kids and staff in El Paso and I'm along as a guest artists for a free trip back to the UK! The most important thing is I need beer recommendations. Particularly traditional British Bitters. There are a million craft ales over here, IPA's etc, but I'm interested in the hidden gem breweries that only serve a few pubs. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Looking at you Mike! @mjmooney
  12. TheAuthority


    Also forgot that the meat down there was mind-blowing (pre vegan days!) They cook the whole animal carcass by starting a fire on the ground then they literally crucify the animal in front of the flames. Traditionally "Patagonian Lamb" is cooked outside but restaurants also do it as in the pic below.
  13. Fair enough. Last season he did miss some you would want him to score. I can see that people think he's not that great because he also doesn't create 'wow' goals out of nothing himself that often (like a Bergkamp, Cantona or even Benteke at Villa.) But I remember Andy Cole, Rooney and Michael Owen didn't always finish everything that came their way. No-one has an 80% chance to goal conversion rate (apart from Wesley this season ) I think he's great because: 1) His attitude and application is absolutely 1st class - the way he harried defenders for us last season was fantastic. 2) His movement off the ball is terrific hence why he gets so many chances including the ones he misses 3) When things aren't going his way, he still does 1 & 2 will 100% effort. 4) He has a goal a game ratio so far in his 1st season with a decent team in the PL. That's pretty terrific however the next 3/4 of the season pans out. It's also going to make watching England bearable if he's involved
  14. So Tom Fox gave him and Gabby new contracts
  15. Ashley Young just refuses to go on the outside on his left foot. He's well past his sell by date.
  16. They obviously got wor sleeves rolled up higher and wor boots on faster
  17. Lee Dixon is giving him absolute pelters on the commentary over here. Imagine Lee Dixon taking the piss out of your passing?
  18. Can't they wait until we've played them at least once FFS.
  19. What is Maguire doing for that goal? He didn't even try to close the ball down. Terrible defending 80 million - what a laugh.
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