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  1. Our family did the "Joy of Knowledge" which all turned into an encyclopedia (you hard to send off for the leather binder.) Probably still knocking about somewhere. But of course utterly pointless now and completely out of date.
  2. Yup - Although Bicks gets a bonus point for naming which piece. I also loved Mahler before I found out what this was. I had almost all of the Symphonies on CD but not number 7 - back then Deutsche Grammophon CD's cost about £35 so I had to wait ages to save up to buy each piece. Compare that today when you can go on Spotify or Youtube and get loads of different recordings.
  3. That couldn't be any more generic. Harmonically it could be any Bond theme, string pads Hawaiian guitar. What a dirge. I thought the film composers usually wrote the song and they just got the artists to sing them (or give them a 'co-write' credit.) Maybe because Zimmer took over half way through they didn't do that this time?
  4. I would have whipped my head around the 2nd time it happened and started making a fuss. And not given up until they were more annoyed by me than I was by their kid. In those sort of situations you can be polite but firm and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That does seem slightly harsh tbqh
  5. I think Jack was just saying the right things about him being a great coach tbh. However when he came back from his freak kidney injury (tin hat on) I think Bruce was a good manager to have. He put his arm around him and told him to go and express himself. I don't think a strong disciplinarian would have had jack playing as well as quickly. So I'm sure Jack likes him for that and helping him get to a good level. Obviously Jack has done lots of hard work and maturing away from Bruce which is pushing him into the stratosphere.
  6. @bicksterNight on Bald Mountain - Rimsky Korsakov. For years I wondered what this piece was until I finally played it one day. Any guesses?
  7. She played for the "Dick Kerr" Ladies - say it out loud. Gotta be a wind up
  8. My dad did this for years from the late 70's. Loads of Abba!
  9. TheAuthority

    Neil Cutler

    Just rewatching the Leicester semi-final at VP. That Nyland save from Tielmans is magnificent. I love how the crowd gasps when it's replayed on the screens inside the stadium.
  10. Just posted this in another thread and think it's useful for anyone who is visiting Manhattan. Neighborhood map. If you're ever going to visit I highly recommend this very funny and informative book. e.g.
  11. Sorry just saw this lol! The subway is pretty great when you know how it works. i.e. uptown/downtown, which trains can suddenly run express or local depending any random reason (as you found with the A.) So basically it is a nightmare for anyone thats new to it ! Especially on the weekend when certain trains might even be running on different lines. Parts of it are really decrepit and once there's a problem the knock on effe ct can be brutal across the whole system. Still, I'd take it over owning a car having to drive all the time every day of the week.
  12. This is a good explanation - at least it's how I think of it. If you're ever going to visit I highly recommend this very funny and informative book.
  13. Yeah @HanoiVillan it's the Upper West Side. 99th & West End Ave to be more precise - but you lot are not getting my street number Lots of what they call pre-war buildings with details like crown molding, chandelier medallions, high ceilings and hardwood floors (herringbone & parquet.) Looks beautiful but it's a bugger to keep dusted.
  14. Just show up wearing a mask - that'll go down well
  15. So then we walked off and had a threesome?
  16. To be honest I'd question Bowen's career planning with that move or he's got some numpties advising him. Wet Spam is a complete shit-show at the moment. The fans hate the owners, there's a terrible stink about the place and Moyes is hardly a progressive manager. I get that his is agent is probably telling him to take the money now because he might get injured and his career will be over etc. but I'm glad we didn't get him if he's prepared to go the that shower for 80K a week. Fine he's got a great contract but if it were me and Wham were the only club offering me a deal I'd think I'd stay at Hull until the summer. He could be back in the championship in 6 months.
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