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  1. Completely hooked on Dopesick. Don't like how they are portraying the main Sackler family guy as "trying to cure pain" however weird he comes across. They were all money grabbing smack dealers. String the whole family up in the street IMO.
  2. Ramsdale's footwork there is shocking
  3. Ooh Benteke of old just showed up! Lovely finish.
  4. Colonoscopy tomorrow woohoo! On a liquid diet now and I'm already starving - 4 more hours before I start drinking the stuff that makes you
  5. Heading to a family friendly all inclusive in Los Cabos in December. Not our usual type of holiday but since my son has been born letting someone else do the cooking and cleaning is pure joy. Just hope there's no nobbers around.
  6. Yep. The porno dwarves are a pair of cucky lunts.
  7. Tragic. Although the stands being made out of wood really didn't help much.
  8. That would be my assumption. I thought St. Johns Ambulance men were at every top flight game?
  9. I have no idea what you're talking about !
  10. I've got to say I'm surprised that at an event of 50,000 people there are only defibs around for the players? At an event for that many members of the public there's got to be a better way of helping someone with a medical emergency than hoping Eric Dier knows what to do.
  11. What Moyes has managed to do at Wet Spam. Unreal.
  12. I’ve never watched a Spider-Man movie! But it certainly seems like they are going to make a Batman movie and a marvel comic movie every month until the end of time. Has every trope been used up?
  13. Another Batman movie? I must be getting old.
  14. I disagree - I don't think Ings gives you the amount of consistent press that Ollie does (although he does press) and he definitely doesn't run the channels as well. Shoe-horning Ings into the team has taken a lot away from Ollie's game. Ings was used a lot from the bench by Southampton last season! To protect him as he's 29 and has had 2 serious knee injuries - he can't start every game. I think we should use Danny from the bench when we need to change it up or when we are chasing a game. Front three in a 4-3-3 has to be: Traore/Buendia Watkins Bailey
  15. I honestly think Ings was bought to appease the fans when they realized Jack was leaving. It doesn’t work and Ollies game has gone to shit. Back 4 and use Ings from the bench
  16. Still can’t forgive him for that Ciaran Clark dive I’m afraid
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