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  1. Thanks for putting up with me and my bottle of red and tunes and self indulgence....this is the last one for a while
  2. Bottle of red and going through some tunes....
  3. Another classic which has been sampled so so many times
  4. Wasn't sure whether to put this in the favourite pictures thread but thought this was as good a place as anywhere. Picture of the front and back cover of the programme from 31st January 1976 v QPR Great picture capturing some social history, fashion etc. Adidas, platforms, flares etc. Also a decent pic of the Trinity Road Stand. Some great players in that team. I wonder what this chap is up to these days? I've been having a sort out of my old Villa stuff, so i'll pop some more stuff in here or the pictures thread over the coming days, weeks.
  5. Very imaginative from Villa/Kappa and whoever designed it. I would have preferred the collar to have been claret & blue instead of the blue/yellow combo
  6. Thank you for the memories Scott If only there were some
  7. UPDATE: Pat Smullen, the legendary Irish jockey who rode 12 Classic winners in an outstanding career, has died at the age of 43. Smullen was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and passed away in Dublin on Tuesday. The father of three, who rode Harzand to victory in the Derby four years ago, suffered a relapse in recent months having received positive news in 2019. Throughout his illness, Smullen raised awareness and substantial sums of money for charitable causes - including over €2.5million on Irish Champions Weekend last year, when Sir Anthony McCoy rode the
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