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  1. When our fans get too optimistic before a game I always think it's a worrying sign, this is kind of the opposite, after all the moaning and melodrama, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we then went and beat West Ham.
  2. I think Archer is in double figures now for goals against first team oppostion this season.
  3. These are rules on the age of player for U21 teams in the competition 7.8.1 at least six of the starting eleven players named on the Team Sheet are players who were aged under 21 as at the 30th June in the year in which the Season concerned commenced; and 7.8.2 no more than two players who: (i) are aged 21 or over; and (ii) have made 40 or more appearances in a First Team Fixture (either in the starting elven or as a playing substitute) in each case as at the 30th June in the year in which the Season concerned, shall be named on the Team Sheet. EFL Essentially I think that pretty much means we're allwed to play two players over the age of twenty-one. Compared to most Premier League clubs we play a very young side in this competion, Davis only playing because he's returning from injury.
  4. Six of our starting eleven technically still qualify for the U18s, including three of the back four, two of those playing in central defence. Edit: That is the U18 League side, which has different rules to the FA Youth Cup.
  5. I've got a golden glow in my soul about this one, I think we will at least get a win, it just feels inevitable. If not a draw just to end the run of defeats and to give us something to build on going into more winnable games against Crystal Palace, Southampton and Brighton, not a bad result.
  6. Frith not playing because he's cup tied having already played in the competition for Chelsea. Good to see Ted Rowe and Afoka on the bench after recently coming back from long term injuries.
  7. Delaney has said that these games are the most important of the season for the academy players, as I think the experience is seen as just as important as the results, so I what I think it ultimately comes down to is the question of how highly rate some of the second year scholars that are still playing for the U18s, if we've already got a good idea that some of them might not make it with us then we might think it's pointless playing them in a game like this, when it could be invaluable experience for our more highly rated youngsters that we've got big hopes for. Then again we might decide to throw a bunch of them in just to see how they do, maybe a mixed team.
  8. Well I'm pretty sure Ron Saunders would have agreed with me that Villa shouldn't be in the championship, sometimes to do well that's the kind of attitude you need.
  9. I had a dream last night that we'd suffered a second relegation the relegation didn't happen in the dream that's something that had already happened and we were in the midst of championship season, we were midtable, and I was thinking enough is enough we need a change of manager, a club like ours shouldn't be in the championship never mind struggling to make a challenge for promotion. I don't normally dream about football, but when I woke up the dream felt real, to the point where I had to question myself whether we were still a Premier League side or not, and was happy to remember that we was... I think it was like a Christmas Carol dream to tell us things things aren't so bad.
  10. I'm not sure if we have much scope when it comes to using the U18s, of the nine games they've played this season they've conceded five goals in six of them and conceded four goals in one of the other three, so I think the defence will have to be selected from the usual U21 choices otherwise we'd be in danger of ending up with a scoreline worse than Sunderland last season. Then further forward I think a few of the others that might have been in contention like Reddin and Burchall have been injured, so might depend on whether we're prepared to use the likes of Hart, Tommi O'Reilly, Afoka, or Sewell, maybe one or two of them but I think for the most part we'll have to play a more experienced team. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Davis playing, Frith I don't think was allowed to play in the earlier games because of him only being on trial then, so I imagine there's a good chance that he will play as well.
  11. I think our owners will be ruthless and sack Smith if the poor form continues - and maybe sooner than some might imagine or even desire - especially as we have some favorable fixtures coming up. But the point is that just because we've just lost three games in a row, that doesn't mean to say that that form is going to continue, as form changes, just like last season when we won four games in a row that didn't mean we were going to go on and keep winning games.
  12. Well there are people claiming that it's not about those three defeats when it clearly is, because before those three defeats hardly anyone was complaining about Smith, or our form without Greaish, or our form playing in front of crowds. The three defeats don't warrant the reaction that we've had, expressing concern that the bad form might continue is one thing, indeed if that dreaded scenario does come to pass then Smith will probably lose his job, but the bad run has only been three games, two of them away to Arsenal and Tottenham, Wolves aren't exacty an easy team either, we need to see how we do over a larger span of games before we decide that Smith isn't good enough... The next four games are important,
  13. People are trying to come across as if they aren't overreacting to the three defeats but that's exactly what's happening, after we beat Man Utd hardly anyone was talking about us not being able to win without Grealish, we were eighth in the table four points off the top of the table and had just won two games without him against two decent sides, also hardly anyone was talking about the style of play... And guess what if we hadn't have lost those three games then other than a few expections no one would be talking about those things now, and no would be talking about replacing Smith or him not being good enough.
  14. Here's some basic facts Brentford were 7th when Smith left, they finished 11th that season after Frank became their manager, that's lower and with less points than they had finished the season before, the following summer they spent £30m plus, doesn't really matter if that was the most in the championship it was more than most championship clubs spent that summer, and certainly more than Brentford had spent whilst Smith was there, so of course they improved... Or to put it in less words they improved under Frank because they spent in one summer more than they had spent in the previous four seasons.
  15. Well they've gone from strength to strength because of the money they've spent since Smith left, before they spent that money they finished 11th in Frank's first season, lower in the table and with less points than they finished the season before when Smith was in charge. Smith at Brentford didn't have anything like the kind of money that Frank has had to spend.
  16. Dis thing of Brentford suddenly going from strength to strength as soon as Smith departed is something of a myth, first of all when Smith left them they were seventh one point of the play-offs, by the end of the season, that is after Smith had left them and Frank replaced him, they finished eleventh, that's lower in the table and with less points than they finished the season before... It was only the following season when they spent more money than any other championship club and way more than DS was ever allowed to spend with them that they became serious challengers, and the players they sold were players that he coached and helped become as good as they are, it's probably also worth pointing out that Brentford sold their best players when he was manager as well, as that's just the way they operate.
  17. useless

    Do you read?

    I'm not sure that liking those films would be a guarantee of liking The Invention of Morel, but you can defintiely see the influence. I think it's quite a famous story in Latin America, it's been praised by some of the famous authors from there like Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Márquez and others, Borges wrote the foreward.
  18. useless

    Do you read?

    I read a sci-fi novella, The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, an interesting story, a fugitive escapes to a deserted island, to his surprise he finds that there are other people on the island but it turns out things aren't as they seem when he realises that they can't see him and then other strange things happen. The ideas seem fairly ahead of their time for a book released in 1940, I read it after reading Jacques Rivette cite it as an inspiration for Celine and Julie Go Boating, it also get mention with Last Year at Marienbad, and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
  19. Aaaah, our next four games are West Ham (H), Southampton (A), Brighton (H), Crystal Palace (A)... Four Smith to be sacked, we're probably going to have to do very poorly in those games... Which would leave us near the bottom of the table... So unlikely we would attract a big name manager... And unlikely that we'd go for one anyway as it doesn't seem to be our style, See all the other appointments we've made in senior positions... More likely would be someone like Terry or Lampard, some maybe someone Lange knows from Denmark... Maybe an exception perhaps could be Ralf Rangnick... I think we'll get a decent amount of points from those four games anyway and all this talk of Smith leaving will be forgotten.
  20. That Gilmour tweet is from a paradoy account, so I don't think the incident really happened.
  21. Soon enough they will drop back to being a midtable side probably more likely to get relegated than challenge at the top of the table, then it will be another sides turn to have a season or two as being the team that finishes around sixth or seventh and they too instead of establishing themselve as top six team will eventually fall back to being a midtable side. See Wolves, Burnley, Southampton,Swansea to see that it's happened many times before.
  22. Dan Shaw scored the goal, seems he's got quite a few this season, I think he's an attacking midfielder.
  23. U16s lost on penalties to Everton in the semi-final after drawing 1-1.
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