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  1. He should find his feet in the Championship easy enough.
  2. It's abysmal. Big changes need to happen across the Club imo.. from CEO to Players.
  3. I also stated this last week. Would be a great deal for us.. but not if Man Utd come up with some crackhead price tag valuation of a defender they have hardly used.
  4. Very good... yet he literally took nearly 3 months to score that league goal - his last one before this was October! 5 goals from 20 odd appearances! Hilarious!
  5. How either of them are still at Aston Villa is beggars belief. I thought when NasWes walked through the doors of this great club the days of signing this type of shite was a thing of the past... Sadly, old habits die hard. Purslow In 2019: "The loan market doesn't work, That’s a terrible business model and we’re not going to be doing that in the future". 2020: ASTON VILLA SIGN DANNY DRINKWATER ON LOAN!
  6. Jesus wept! So, suddenly, a striker who looked like he couldn't score in the Playboy mansion before getting injured, is the sudden reason we have been so shite!? If we were talking about Aguero then I would agree 100% If Wesley had played all season I don't it would have made one iota of a difference to where we are now and how shit we have been.
  7. Welcome... Sorry the poll has not been designed to suit you and my sincere apologies for leaving out Tony Mowbray, Gary Monk, Mark Warburton, Alan Pardew & Co. I'll remember for next time though.
  8. Reminds me of the Luc Nilis years during John Gregory's reign.. Luc sadly got very badly injured. We got Gilles de Bilde in on loan in 2001 from Sheff Wed in a hope to reunite the two from their PSV days together where they were a force many seasons prior. Sadly it wasn't to be as Luc Nilis was forced to retire sadly and De Bilde returned to Sheff Wed. The manager resigned during the next season.
  9. I would like to see what another manager could do with Wesley and Samatta in a different system.
  10. That's something that definately needs worked on for next season - if we manage to survive this one first.
  11. Simple. We hold them to ransom... "You let us stick 3 past you or you can forget about even placing an £80m bid for Jack!"
  12. There would have been back in February.
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