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  1. Going by how we do things, October.
  2. I grew up addicted to this machine. Some great memories growing up playing this at the seaside arcades!
  3. Funny you mention this, I was talking about this with the missus earlier. Unfortunately it features Kevin Spacey. Another good film that's recent is called 'The Gambler' feat. Mark Whalberg.
  4. Arcades are shit nowadays. Generally you win bugger all and get slapped with stupid token ticket things instead. Any kid playing one needs to gather about 500 of them just to win a stupid keyring in their poxy shop at the back of the arcade. Utter nonsense.
  5. William Hill. The reason I was given was 'a traders descision' This is what I don't understand, as I made a fair whack at Cheltenham festival just gone (again in the thousands) and they did nothing!? I would have thought then they would have restricted the account. Account has been used once since then for a bet on a Villa game. Bit bizarre their behaviour because of a few results in the Euro's this week. Anyway, f*** em. I've taken my money and ran.
  6. In all honesty I wish I could but they were the only two I made of those stakes and luckily they both paid off. As mentioned already, In hindsight they have probably done us both a favour in terms of the possibility of me risk losing it all or themselves from me winning anymore from them. If I had a problem/addiction, I would have since setup another account with another company. Instead, i'm going to take the money and run.
  7. I guess the same could be said for people that trade in stocks and shares to a degree? Luckily, my late father worked in a bookmakers in the early 90's marking the board and even at a young age I seen some horrific scenes of people losing houses and businesses etc. over the years which opened my eyes at a very young age to the dangers of it all. I think for people in this day an age it's even worse as we have adverts on TV every 5 minutes telling us all the possibly odds on various markets and events, and that's before we even touch on these roulette machines in betting shops and onl
  8. I agree with you both. Believe it or not I deposited £50 into my account at the beginning of the tournament and I started off with little bets as £20 on handicap betting i.e France -1 goal etc. and was winning a few of those, in the end I was betting with their money so to speak. But yes, being as up as much as I am today, I have already withdrew it all now this morning since they have suspended me from betting any further now. Will take the missus shopping on Saturday and out for dinner etc. Fwiw. I only really bet at the Cheltenham festival or at Euro's/World cups etc.
  9. Betting sites and betting companies. Having been on a bit of a winning streak in the Euro's, with this week mainly - winning nearly £3k since Tuesday (Portugal to win 3-0 and Ronaldo to score last) (Italy to win 3-0 And Immobile to score last) and only small stakes of £100 a time etc. Only to find today they have restricted my account! They're happy to take people's money but hate paying it out! c****!
  10. You're right Dave. We also gave him a great standing ovation at his last home game. He gave everything for us regards performances and effort and I cannot say a bad word about him. As you say, A true professional.
  11. I wouldn't say Milner 'ran off'. We were becoming a shit show under Learner, he stopped the investments and also the lad wanted to win things, which was evident that wasn't going to happen at Villa. Can't really blame him. Young and Downing did the same eventually because Learner was trying to recoup some of his cash.
  12. This would be one hell of a signing. Hopefully we return with a further bid of £30m.
  13. Milner on Loan then we signed him for around £8m, a season later. Steve Staunton was another example which I think someone else has mentioned already.
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