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  1. AvfcRigo82

    Axel Tuanzebe

    I have to second that, and a clean sheet too. He looks like he has been playing the game for years!
  2. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Yep, I am sure he was.
  3. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    To be fair he was not going to get much of a look in with Mellberg & Laursen etc, and MO'N couldn't guarantee him 1st team football and so off to Bolton he went as he didn't want to just sit on the bench with us.
  4. AvfcRigo82

    Christian Purslow

    Yeah Part of The Pride is up there with the Proud History Bright Future shite and both unessecary in my opinion. I have grown to like our new badge without the 'prepared' part too. Less is more I guess?
  5. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

  6. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Hopefully we will have people in place now that when it comes to signing players that they are on sensible pay terms, over a decent period, and not filled with daft clauses that may sting the club etc. No more N'Zogbia's, McCormacks, Richards, Lescott, Senderos, Beye, J Cole etc. I dare not even think about how much money we wasted on wages on these 7 players alone in the last 10 years.
  7. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Exactly Dave. Grealish is a stand out example. Lansbury, Hogan, Adomah, Kodja, are others that spring to mind. A very astute low key appointment in Dean Smith if you will, it certainly suprised a few - me included, but in the main it might just actually catch quite a few off guard whilst also taking the attention away from the club than say if Henry or 'a name' had arrived. I am hoping that the players can take something from him and I hope the job, the expectation level and the size of the club does not get the better of him if the going get's tough. Having JT alongside will be a massive headstart. For the first time in god knows how long I will be heading back to Villa Park vs. Swansea and I look forward to the beginning of our new chapter.
  8. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    There is hope for Micah Richards you say?..
  9. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    Correct. We need to think forward and stop relying on 37yr old's.
  10. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Dean Smith!!!
  11. AvfcRigo82

    New Manager Speculation

    I hope so. In all honesty I'm hoping for a Ranieri/Benitez/Sanchez Flores esq type of manager. I hope we don't end up with someone like Bob Bradley.
  12. AvfcRigo82

    New Manager Speculation

    Gareth Ainsworth!...
  13. AvfcRigo82

    New Manager Speculation

    At the minute no one is coming here so it's all pie in the sky stuff imo.
  14. AvfcRigo82

    New Manager Speculation

    No... what is that?