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  1. He will relish such opportunity when that time comes, and it will come this season, and he will prove the doubters wrong on here as he has done time and time again.
  2. Awesome post and nicely highlighted. You earned that trophy.
  3. Not a stupid question. I couldn't be a single tier if corporate boxes are to be included. If corporate boxes where done away with in the New North then it would essentially become something similar to "The Kop" at Anfield where it is a single tier wave. For it to have any stand out to it then a good name would need to be sought. The Holte End, The Kop, etc are iconic. What could a single tier stand be known as? The Ron Saunders End? "The Roar"? A Kop style would be great and have a museum, megastore and what not underneath, why not throw a hotel in there aswell. Wee have so much potential at our current pad. I refuse to be drawn into any talk of moving away from Villa Park, now or ever really.
  4. AvfcRigo82

    Tom Heaton

    Considering De Gea is being offered over £400k+ a week, no, no it's not. Sheff Utd have also made it known that they and other teams cannot compete with us. Just a sign of the times where we are now sensibly going as a club. I said it before and I will say it again, A brilliant signing and a steal at £8m and he alone could be worth an extra 10pts. As @Keener window-cleaner says, he could be one of the most important signings this summer.
  5. I don't know how anyone can read either of those social media platforms with some of the crap that's spouted. It's beyond any cringing, stomach churning feeling.
  6. I am glad we are keeping Jimmy Danger, atleast I hope we are - even with the other striker arriving. He deserves a crack at the Premier League even if as a backup role. He has scored some important goals for us when it mattered. He's been great imo and never kicked up a fuss. Alot of admiration for him.
  7. Some interesting comments being dropped in this thread..
  8. What part(s) are you thinking of frequenting this time squire?
  9. I take back what I said yesterday Kenji, Great post. While remaining positive we should be under no illusion it could turn out to be a sticky start. As long as we stay United and behind the team, we will survive. Once one or two of them experience the Holte Roar then it should kick us into life.
  10. Having missed out on Laeo, I wonder who else we have our eyes on. Maupay was supposed to be plan B, unless we are planning one more audacious attempt at someone abroad and if that fails then Maupay comes in I guess?
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