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  1. Ha! It wouldn't be the first time a woman has squirted over my face..
  2. I would definately pay £30m for Edouard. £22m for Rashica £20m for Rico Henry £15m for a backup but promising CB £??m for another Midfielder. Ignoring the prices. I think the 1st two positions are crucial we get good quality before the window shuts...
  3. WWF Road Warrior 'Animal' Joe Laurinaitis, dead aged 60.
  4. You could look at it that way, Or 5 new 1st teams and 3 or 4 squad additions to give us improvement on those who we seem to think their time at Villa is coming to an end - Taylor, Lansbury, Samatta, etc
  5. We're either going to see hardly any movement or the last few days/week are going to be a mega free for all in transfers.
  6. No, I think we need another 4 or 5 to strengthen, if only 1 more arrives then il be slightly disappointed by that. As a whole... we've done good business so far and I am not disputing that.
  7. That will be a disappointment if indeed the case.
  8. I think we still need another 4 or 5 players in the LB, CB, MC, AML & ST roles. Maybe we're not going to see much action until the final week of the window?...
  9. "I'd be very surprised if Edouard goes… unless someone throws silly money at Celtic in the next couple of weeks. Very few clubs spending big in the grand scheme of things." — Anthony Joseph (@AnthonyRJoseph) September 21, 2020
  10. Wonderful Wednesday... A signing today please.
  11. Hopefully this doesn't spill down to deadline day!
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