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  1. Back to our best today and we will win.
  2. The consensus at the time from a few was 'We've got enough'. I agree that we did well with the signings that we made this season and the £88m or so that we splashed out on them has been money very well spent. I'm all for quality signings like the ones we've made. It also suggested to me that there was also money remaining to spend with us still having gaps in the squad at the time. (1 since being filled with the arrival of Sanson). The main part of my post what I meant was that many argued that we didn't need anymore signings, regardless of quality etc, when it was evident we did, an
  3. You've got to include these bad boys..
  4. I agree. A good solid attacking midfielder who can play central and out wide on the left. What baffles me is, many posters on here knew this back in the summer and were lambasted by others for suggesting we needed more strength in depth. We have enough players and don't need anymore was the reason. I don't think they realised that injuries and suspensions can come at the same time and how thread bare we could look if that scenario were to aris... oh wait.
  5. He played okay last night I thought. He has a good a attacking threat and can play some real killer passes along the floor, whilst also having the ability to break up attacks. John McGinn is still a solid player for us and a vital part of our team.
  6. I agree. I think we will see atleast another 4 or 5 arrivals in the summer scattered over many positions.
  7. I hope not, he's doing a great job. Besides, If they do go down with him they can be rest assured they have his "4 promotions" to pacify them.
  8. No chance of that happening Dem. It was the biggest f*** up Ashley made in losing that manager. He took the piss and never really backed him despite the year on year promises he made (Like every manager and fan he con's with his consistent bullshit). Rafa would laugh down the phone at him and so he should.
  9. AvfcRigo82

    Keinan Davis

    You are 100% correct sir. We did. He was the player 'who had done everything' that was rumoured back in the summer.
  10. Atleast when Barkley came on it levelled the sides out and became 10 v 10 again.
  11. AvfcRigo82

    Keinan Davis

    As a whole, so would I. I agree with you. If push ever came to shove then we know we also have my mad alternative method and an option I suppose.
  12. AvfcRigo82

    Keinan Davis

    Grealish is injured - Only leaves El Ghazi. Even when Jack returns, theres the option to put him back to central in his natural AMC position and we're still one short on the left side again. While we're short, it wouldn't harm to maybe try Ollie out on the left on odd occasions. Traore and Trezeguet have the AMR position between them, where Traore has been very good and probably one of our better hard working players this season.
  13. AvfcRigo82

    Keinan Davis

    Watkins would be on the left*
  14. AvfcRigo82

    Keinan Davis

    We will never know. I think a few minutes in games towards the end doesn't do any justice. However, of those small pockets of play he has featured in this season, I still seen enough in those minutes to know that yes, we do have a player here for sure, just frustring (especially for him) that he does not get a chance or even given longer to show what he can actually do. I think the poor lad comes in for a tonne of unfair critism and written off when none of us have actually really see him start or even complete 90 minutes in the PL yet.
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