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  1. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    This is also my concern. Do I think we should be handing a limited manager a war chest to build a new team in the hope we finish higher than mid table. No.
  2. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    We don't splash £7m on a keeper in the January window if we operate on a League 1 budget. You forget Purslow's nous regarding FFP mate.
  3. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    He has, and at best finished in mid table. Overhaul the team and finish higher than mid table.
  4. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    What a 'sensational' post. I am not sure how you came to these conclusions though.. ITK?
  5. AvfcRigo82

    Ross McCormack

    I don't think @Villan4Life was solely judging him on speeding in his car, just highlighting it to be the latest in a long line of problems from this said player in all the clubs he has been at and the lack of due diligence we have shown in the signings of half of the characters we have signed at this club over the years. Let's be honest, he ain't wrong as Lansbury has been another disastrous signing for different reasons to McCormack as we have barely seen him (Lansbury) in a Villa shirt due to injury after injury. In the times we have seen him he's been bang average / poor on the half dozen of occasions that we have seen him play. I look forward to the day we stop signing these type of players.
  6. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    Tonight at Chelsea v Man Utd.
  7. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    Years, Johnson knows JT's brother Paul very well from their time at Yeovil together in their playing careers.
  8. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    Exactly this, but I also wonder about @hippo's comment about somone stating that JT's future could be resolved in the coming weeks? Again, could be more bullshit he has heard doing the rounds. Pinch of salt all the way for sure.
  9. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Cracking post Dave and I can't argue with that. It's a bit of a catch twenty two situation.
  10. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    Again, I am only commenting on things that have been posted on here in a few threads. Is it true or is it false? I know as much as you.
  11. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    @Demitri_C, "apparantly" there have been rumours of decension in the ranks between DS & JT. Again, I am not 100% sure of this so don't hold me to task on it but I have heard this a few times now that something is not right. It was mentioned again on here (I forget which thread) after Saturday that all is not well within our management team and that a fall out between JT & DS/RK has happened. How, when or where it happened I am also not sure. Again make of it what you will, but again it could all equally be aload of old bollocks.
  12. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Il explain in JT thread Dem as this is Dean Smith thread and don't want to go off topic too much.
  13. AvfcRigo82

    John Terry

    I didn't hear the call phone in, but what situation?
  14. AvfcRigo82

    Dean Smith

    Edit: Wromg thread and risk of going off topic. I have quoted you/this to the JT thread @hippo to where it's more appropriate.
  15. AvfcRigo82

    Midweek Football 18/22 February

    I don't think Sarri will be at Chelsea come June.