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  1. AvfcRigo82

    Ethan Ampadu

    Not in person, live, no. Did watch a game might have been last season or season before he played in a game against Norwich and looked not too bad, like Tuanzebe, Ampadu will benefot from first team action. I don't rate him as highly as Tuanzebe but he is a promising youngster and can became a quality CB if he wants to be.
  2. AvfcRigo82

    Ethan Ampadu

    I am very pleased with this news.. bullshit or not. He is one of the very many players I suggested to @Villan4Life back in February/March. Lookman was also amongst this list...
  3. It's a very bitter move and like they have already conceeded on signing the player and that they cannot compete with this other interested partie that @Villan4Lifementions. I wonder if John McGinn has been on the blower to him? Will lightening strike twice?
  4. It didn't help it's cause by being built using piss poor weak metal material and setting sail even though they knew a coal bunker had been on fire for days prior to it setting off, thus weakening the ship and the impact of the iceberg caused the rip in the already weakened metal.
  5. Oh god this would be brilliant if it's us!.. From a neutral point of view, it would be even funnier if it's Rangers!
  6. AvfcRigo82


    Very deluded. He might get a shock when he discovers...
  7. And if he does go onto England and do just that his value will just keep on rising. He is already a £60m player imo now we are of PL stature, and it won't be long before that figure increases imo.
  8. Oh I'm not so sure, Wolves fans seem to be eager to start carrying that torch it appears.
  9. Which Purslow has explained won't be happening unless there is a clause in there. It's a bad business model for a PL club. Different kettle of fish in the Championship where you don't have a pot to piss in and have no choice. I would love Tuanzebe back. Il be gutted if he is not a Villa player come September 1st in some capacity.
  10. Hey Kurt. I don't know about you but coming home to an empty house after nearly 10 years of "I thought you were home for 9ish? it's gone 11.30!! - Dinner's in the microwave" and the other 10,001 shits storms inbetween, is actually bliss in itself. From what I am reading, Have you thought that while your head is going through all this emotion regards self worth, attraction etc. is it the right time to be looking and striking up conversations with women? (I know that sounds worse than what I mean) but subconsciously without even realising you could equally be giving off an aura of desperation in your voice which makes women run a mile at the best of times? - I thought it was because I hadn't had a bath for 9 weeks!. Besides, some women can equally be ignorant bastards too and trying to get an answer out of them is hard enough at the best of times, let alone striking up a conversation. On a note of recommendation, take a few months off of the wanting a woman and enjoy the summer mate. Absorb the sun (if we get any) and spend the summer repairing yourself and geting your Mojo back. Do things that channel a positive energy back into you. From where I am sitting and reading I do not think while your current state of mind is how it is, is a good time to be hunting for a woman? But that is just me of course and everyone is different I accept. Your self worth will come back but you need to equally allow it to come back too mate. Women like men with a bit of confidence in many different areas. Do you feel confidence flowing through you right now? It will come right for you and she will come along, you've equally got to be ready for her when she does my friend.
  11. To spend £28m om a striker does show some statement of intent.. For every Jota there's a Wesley. If this is how the window is going to be then it's hard not to get excited to see who else we have in store. As for Wolves.. they know what's coming and can't help but look over their shoulders and begin to shit themselves!
  12. I think we're more than capable of surviving if we sign the right personnel to compliment our existing players. From how Purslow and co. are talking I don't think we will be building a team just to avoid relegation imo.
  13. Too true we are whilst we must equally ensure we build the correct squad to remain in the Premier League and not going through a relegation dog fight. We have a massive opportunity to do something here and I hope we do whikst at the same time we remain grounded and realistic about our first season back. It won't be easy anyway.. but lets also not make it tougher on ourselves.
  14. We need to ensure we build a decent team. If we can conquer between 8th-14th on our first season back then I won't grumble.

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