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  1. To get that we need to remove Heineken and replace it. The stuff is like rats piss.
  2. "Ronaldo, take the penalty" The little jig after the miss was great.
  3. Why? You won't miss the Leeds game.
  4. Cracking header of a goal that was, top drawer.
  5. Atleast you've put some life back into the thread, It's been sitting collecting dust for almost 9 months.
  6. It's not though. We're 3pts off 5th and 6pts off 2nd.
  7. Exactly. They would only do the same thing themselves if they were in the same position Buendia was.
  8. Fantastic result. 3pts off 5th place. Cannot ask for anymore. Up the Villa
  9. I wonder if we will try and get 60 minutes into him and replace him with Traore on the hour mark.
  10. I think it's a bit too early in the calls for where we will finish this season when we've not actually got going yet to be fair. It will definately be an interesting game for sure with both teams fighting to get into the top 8 this season. It wouldn't suprise me to see a cracking game that lands up being a Desmond.
  11. From our next 5 league games starting with the Toffees, I think we will pick up 6-8 points from a possible 15 available. They are tough games though and anymore of a points return than that will be great!
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