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  1. Too short and I cannot remember an anti-post national favourite ever being this low. Yep them odds are very poor and if he remains in the field at that price it will be an E/W nstional for me instead.
  2. So I have picked a shortlist of 8 for the National in 2 weeks and will see how many of that 8 remain after the final declarations are announced. Tiger Roll looks a strong decent favourite at @ 4/1 them odds are poor imo, and that's with 81 horses still entered!
  3. Why we only picking it now? We're nearly 4 months into 2019 ffs!.. and where is Hutton's Goal vs The Sty??? Shit competition. GoalofTheSeason out!
  4. I can't believe you're even asking that question.
  5. I agree. I hope he is gone in the summer as I think his Villa career is as good as finished imo.
  6. I wasn't last year and I was pleasantly suprised and all turned out well. I am going into this new one now with the same mindset and I am quietly confident it will be nice. Let's wait and see though.
  7. On this day in 1932 the Sydney Harbour bridge was opened. ... Also on this day in 1991 NFL owners stripped Phoenix of their 1993 Super Bowl game due to Arizona not recognising Martin Luther King Day!
  8. I think that might be the early consensus for many of our established youths currently out in loan.
  9. I would have liked to yes. I hope the new suppliers give us something equally as good. I am sure they will. I wonder if we will be presented with 'another' white kit that we will barely wear.
  10. True and it can get a bit 'silly' shall we say with so much of it in our faces. Il admit I like the odd flutter on the horses because I have a bit of an understanding of them but nothing too wild. Always play with what I am prepared to lose if the worse came to it. I have also seen the ugly side of it where people have lost houses, jobs, almost everything from their uncontrolled stupidity. (Guess I was fortunate my folks worked in a bookmakers when I was growing up so it opened my eyes to realise from a very early age the potential dangers that come with gambling) which I am thankful to an extent because the amount of idiots I see standing at these roulette machines in bookies nowadays throwing in £20 note after £20 note like it's rice paper is just obscene and worse than having a wild drug addiction imo.
  11. I was a sucker for Puma King back in the day, Loved their stuff. Whoever it is making our new kit I just hope they present us with something good. I look forward to seeing who it is and what they present to us. (Kits, Training range and leisure wear).
  12. He would certainly be a candidate that's for sure. Considering what he walked into and inherited compared to what he could potentially achieve would be nothing short of marvellous. The wheels nearly came off but luckily we are right back on track going in the right direction. Let's make it to Wembley and take it from there!
  13. Certainly looks that way. (The apple being smaller that is - not you going spare!)

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