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  1. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Would be a shame as I think Hutton does a brilliant job there too but would be a big ask to expext him to play every game with him being 34 now.
  2. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Yes yes, was not being shirty mate. If Elphick is deemed surplus we would possibly need 2 as cover to Chester and Zeb, as Suliman also now gone out on loan to Holland. Bruce still reckons 3 or 4 in...
  3. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    To replace Taylor as let's be honest, he is not going to cut it here with us, even in this league.
  4. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    We definately don't. The club has 7 over the 2 positions (excluding Hutton), these are the least 2 positions we need to focus on imo. 2 CB's and a ST for me should be our next priority. Maybe Snoddy and someone to replace Taylor on the left on the wide positions too.
  5. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Out of position? It's his new position and for me he plays it better than that of his "supposed" natural position which was right back! Otherwise it was pointless giving him a contract extension considering the other 3 right backs we have at the club.
  6. AvfcRigo82

    Steve Bruce

    Yeah I have to agree with this and I said this a few weeks back that he is on borrowed time.
  7. AvfcRigo82

    Steve Bruce

    Just watched the Ipswich press conference with Bruce. Why the f*** does he keep having to bring up or mention "Doom and gloom surrounding the club". What doom and gloom??? And another little mention the club has no CEO to negociate contracts!!?? So who sorted the 2 goalkeepers, Tuanzebes and McGinns contracts? The man does himself no justice whatsoever.
  8. AvfcRigo82

    Carabao Cup 2nd Round Draw

    Burton away will do okay. Could have got worse.
  9. AvfcRigo82

    WWE: General Chat

    Yes.... this one where it all started. ... That's when wrestling was entertaining!
  10. AvfcRigo82

    Steve Bruce

    I have to disagree with you Briny. This picture keeps being painted of folk being happy if Villa lose? - I have not encountered one fan on here being over the moon when we lose. I think some of the bullshit that is being brandished on this subject is complete and utter madness. (I don't mean your post is) You touch on our 100% start - fair enough, and let's take nothing away from this that indeed it is 6 valuble points granted - equally the football being played in these games is utter garbage. Call it Hoofball, Bruceball, Scrapeball, Dinosaurball, whatever, but its absolutely dour to watch whatever the result. Do I love Aston Villa yes. Would I shell out over £100 on a day out to watch this kind of football, absolutely not. Everyone is titled to opinions but I am not suprised some posters are getting pissed off for airing their views and opinions about Bruce and being immediately lambasted and shot down for speaking out against Bruce. - This I have witnessed and feel it is equally pretty sad.
  11. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    You nearly went way off there...
  12. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    If not possible then maybe we should go after his brother - Bangon, instead.
  13. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    So you agree it's to replace Taylor then?
  14. AvfcRigo82

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Maybe so, but for me Hutton would be the first name on my team sheet in this position. He is more effective in this position than he is on the right.
  15. AvfcRigo82

    Steve Bruce

    Out of interest and apologies if this has been mentioned or covered already, but did anyone else see Bruces post match interview last night after the game? It looked like he had bawled his eyes out moments before coming to do the interview. Strange.