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  1. Exactly. Someone throw up a quote that's genuine where Dean Smith has said this?
  2. Can someone please show me the interview or the quote by Dean Smith that he has confirmed we are not in for Rashica... Have I missed something?
  3. It would be very silly to offer those wages to a Championship player unproven at this level. If it's true that is what he is demanding wage wise then it's probably fair to say we won't be seeing him here anytime soon.
  4. Can't go top now, but if we beat Liverpool by 2 goals tonight then we go into 2nd with a game in hand on leaders Everton.
  5. I agree... and he has twice tweeted confirming Villa have made a bid for Rashica. It begs the question, why are we keeping a thread locked that has the "John Percy" equivalent tweets confirming we are in for the player?
  6. Why is it not in 'other football'?
  7. After reading the posts relating to the saga over these last 10 pages, what do you think our chances are?
  8. It was referencing to another poster over a ML player.
  9. Maximum Likelihood? There's a good chance he won't be signing.
  10. Give it a rest and enjoy yourself son. We play Liverpool in 8 hours...
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