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  1. Exactly. They would only do the same thing themselves if they were in the same position Buendia was.
  2. Fantastic result. 3pts off 5th place. Cannot ask for anymore. Up the Villa
  3. I wonder if we will try and get 60 minutes into him and replace him with Traore on the hour mark.
  4. I think it's a bit too early in the calls for where we will finish this season when we've not actually got going yet to be fair. It will definately be an interesting game for sure with both teams fighting to get into the top 8 this season. It wouldn't suprise me to see a cracking game that lands up being a Desmond.
  5. From our next 5 league games starting with the Toffees, I think we will pick up 6-8 points from a possible 15 available. They are tough games though and anymore of a points return than that will be great!
  6. I was talking about Everton under their new manager - not their old one. But anyway, I'm not saying for Deano to be "be sacked". I am highlighting the expectations that the owners are wanting to see happen sooner rather than later on their investment in the squad and the target for this season. If they feel that suddenly after say a huge loss of results that "they might start considering the inevitable" I think we need to get results on the board within the coming games as they are all going to be difficult.
  7. Not so much the squad - more about the manager that's getting a tune out of that squad.
  8. Let's hope we get the same results or better against those same teams.
  9. I think the owners are looking for a return on their huge investment. You look at Rafa at Everton for example. Inherited a mediocre squad, signed a few players on freebies and already sitting 4th in the table. Dean Smith has had 3 seasons.. 100's of millions to spend and has to get a European place sealed this season. Deano does need to start cracking the whip before the owners do.
  10. I despise Chelsea fans as it is. This just sums it up for them and their small minded majority of fans. I hope they make an example of the idiot hurling the outraged abuse at McGinn.
  11. I agree. Ipswich is a club that was always going to be difficult for any manager. As you say, horses for courses. It will be a while before cook can make anything of that club, could take a few seasons atleast.
  12. Well well well, Rafa doing it yet again it appears. 4th place so far with an average squad and his signings this season done on a shoestring budget! It will be very interesting to see how Everton finish under him this season.
  13. I don't see why so many want Adidas as our kit supplier anyway. Their kits and templates are mostly crap.
  14. "We go again"??? Is Paul Lambert his PR person?
  15. We gave it a good go from what I've seen. Unlucky though and that's how it goes in these games of which was never going to be easy. Let's hope Deano has a better slection available to him come the next game. If he does then I think we will get something from it.
  16. I am not sure this would be the game to thrown him back into the starting line-up after such a lengthy absence. If we're winning comfortably then a 15 minute cameo wouldn't do any harm.
  17. Hopefully no meltdowns in here today after full time. It is Chelsea we're playing (Whom many are tipping to challenge Man City for the title this season.)
  18. Since fanatics have had their foot in the door with the Villa merchandise, it's been a continuous disaster season after season. Absolute shambles.
  19. Regardless who starts for Chelsea it will still be a team of decent players they field today. We are away from home and it won't be an easy game. I hope we give it a good go and if we can even grab a point there today it will be a hell of a result for us.
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