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  1. Bayern are Germany's Manchester United, but didn't get involved in the crazy money game to the extent of other clubs at their level across Europe. They are still absolutely despicable, but with a more palatable sustainable pricetag on everything. A club winning their league 15 years out of the last 20, including 8 years on the trot, isn't good. And then having won the cup competitions throughout that period as well...
  2. Lords of Shadow is a great game and has absolutely first class art design. Sadly the sequel was, by all accounts, shite.
  3. I'm not sure I'd be bigging up attendances when the stadium is leased.
  4. It's an incident where I'd love to hear the justification for overturning the penalty. Because it's the most obvious penalty you'll see. Gets none of the ball, cleans out the attacker. The only way it's more of a pen is of he just knocks him out in the box. But no. Apparently he's done nothing wrong. So explain it.
  5. The Liverpool one should have been given but I can accept that the odd incident is going to get missed. The Ramsdale one... Something must be wrong with me because i couldn't see the touch. But the Citeh one. Genuinely I've no idea how that is overturned. He's cleared him out. It's not even unclear, he's just come across him from behind and brought him down, getting none of the ball. You can maybe argue the red is harsh, but it's a penalty. I cannot see how it's not a penalty. But apparently VAR did. Stockley Park have some oil delivered recently?
  6. The other night I was sat in the living room and could easily see the moon go across the sky over a few hours about halfway up the window. Tonight you have to bend down slightly to see it. I know the moon does 'move' in the sky but seems really weird for it to have moved so much in just a couple of days.
  7. They know where things stand for them. They've given it more of a crack than usual, helped by us giving them a **** ton of money, but they've got a weaker side to start with and they've only managed to pick up a few bits of quality who haven't set the world alight. Typical yo-yo club at this point. They're too good for the Championship, but hopeless at Prem level. Unusually they seem to have a manager who is at that same level so sacking him might not make much sense. They probably know they could put Klopp in charge and get relegated and the game they are playing is reliant on that regular promotion. The only reason to sack him is if they start to completely fall apart. If they just get honestly beaten every week, sacking him might cost more than it's worth.
  8. That VAR decision for Citeh is absolutely criminal.
  9. It's not a purge, and even if it is a purge it's ok because *hand waves*.
  10. Overturned at appeal. Headed to the Supreme Court shortly no doubt.
  11. You should, I've heard they're not bad.
  12. This week's weirdness in Celebrity SAS - Ore Oduba. He's evidently in shape, he should be a pretty much front runner in any physical task. Completely falls apart in a simple trek back to the vans and comes last behind teams with the likes of Vicky Pattison and a guy with 1 foot. He barely finished. His reasoning - confidence. But lacking confidence doesn't see you seemingly being unable to walk.
  13. Williamson would have been successful of only be could mobilise the troops to teach the kids.
  14. YouTube chucked this guy up for me today, and I've discovered as a result that music production is exceptionally nuanced and complex. It's interesting to hear someone who knows about the production, the techy side of music making go through and analyse the things that are going on that you might not even really be aware of.
  15. There must be something in the BttF title going on ATM, as Hot Toys suddenly announced new figures from the movie the other day, years after last touching the franchise
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