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  1. We just so happened to have the most people needing to die and it was only strong leadership that achieved that for us.
  2. DS3 might be my favourite of the series. It's just fantastic. Archdragon Peak is a fun area... I've actually gone back to Bloodborne over the weekend as well. I left it at NG+ Amelia, over a couple of sessions have got Amelia, Witches and Shadows done. Great game. I'm mostly playing to grind out levels to try to complete the chalice dungeons, as I gave up on them when playing first time due to the Defiled Watchdog boss fight being on the wrong side of bullshit.
  3. In happier news, Celebrity SAS ended well. They finished with the resistance to interrogation stage as usual, and the celebrities were **** terrible. I get that that situation is difficult and you're specifically being pushed in ways to make that even harder, but still... **** hell. They actually went easy on them in some ways, trying to get stubborn people to realise their cover story was blown, and they still didn't get it. Also the bald interrogator is a magnificent bastard. He clearly enjoyed pushing and pushing these people, especially when he pushed Joey Essex to the point he literally broke - he was grinning like the Cheshire cat. Also came round on Bellew. Early on he was basically a loose cannon, unable to fully keep a handle on his aggression, by the end he was a decent bloke, just not of the mindset to succeed in this kind of environment. He also clearly has problems with his post career life.
  4. He definitely wasn't in the wrong to be pissed, but he literally went into a full on shut down sulk for days. Which was kinda absurd. It does highlight the kind of show it is though. Other than that the biggest moments of drama was an argument that they didn't even show as it got too heated for the show, and the hidden romance. And yet apparently one moment was enough to see people turn on a housemate to the extent she topped herself. **** hell.
  5. There is an ending to the (excellent) game Metal Gear Solid 5 that nobody has ever legitimately seen. Metal Gear Solid 5 takes place during the Cold War, you play as the head of a private military company undertaking covert operations. The game has a multiplayer aspect where players develop their PMC, investing in their capabilities and equipment, and then sending them out to fight other players. Part of that build up of equipment is to develop nuclear weapons... The ending nobody has seen then... It's nuclear disarmament. If every player in your region agrees to disarm, you get a special ending. The problem? You're never going to get every player to agree to disarm, obviously. And they never have. The ending has only been seen by people who data mined the games code, and by people when a bug lead the game to think the requirement had been met, which was quickly fixed. There's something quite cool about this.
  6. We've become fans of the Japanese Netflix show Terrace House over the last couple of years. It's a very easy show to watch. 6 people. 3 men, 3 women, go into a nice house and live together. They go about their lives as normal otherwise. Ostensibly it's a dating show but it's not really, it's more about seeing Japanese life and how the people living together get on whilst trying to achieve something (basically everyone on the show is there for some reason - some are allegedly there to find love, others to become more outgoing, and most are there blatantly to sell themselves or their business). But the fun really is the cast of commentators that the show cuts back to once or twice an episode, who make discuss and make gags about what just happened. Unfortunately the show is in the news today. One of the housemates on the latest series, a wrestler called Hana Kimura, has killed herself. She supposedly was harassed online after an episode that showed her being mean to another housemate, and unfortunately that seems to have driven her down the path of taking her life. A huge shame. She was 22, and seemed really quite nice. Terrace House doesn't really have drama. Everyone is quite polite on it. The biggest drama moments across the various series have been a housemate engaging in a hidden relationship to maintain her image, and argument that came at the head of 2 female housemates who didn't get on that wasn't even shown. Oh and a guy sulking for days after someone ate his prized beef steak. So it's even more strange that supposedly one person 'being mean' has created such a backlash to see a young woman kill herself. Reality TV and social media are a cruel mix.
  7. Wise fwom your gwave! Saints Row the Third he's had a remaster. So what? Well, they've thrown the kitchen sink at it. Numerous modern graphical techniques that make it look fantastic - new textures, whole new lighting engine, completely redone models and assets, graphical filters, HDR etc etc - and greatly improved performance (though still not perfect). It kinda looks brilliant. And given that it's nearly a decade old game, it's genuinely impressive. The DF video calls it one of the best remasters ever made (setting aside Bluepoint's stuff, where they pretty much ground up recreate titles).
  8. I imported a figure of Marvel character Blade from the US. With the associated import costs.
  9. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    The Snyder Cut of Justice League is going to be released. Next year. On HBO's new streaming service. I'm not convinced Snyder's vision is going to save that film, but it is true that what Whedon released as a rescue job was a complete dogs dinner that was so crap he actually puts a mildly hidden apology in the opening credits. I'd hope Snyder can put together something that was at least less shit than that. It's likely we'll get to see Darkseid and maybe they'll roll back the awful take on Steppenwolf...
  10. You'd need to do a body swap/fat suit for the chunky side of things but the other company is doing a head with a massive beard...
  11. The other one arguably looks better. Good luck getting to order it though.
  12. From memory, bearing in mind I've not beaten 2 and not including Bed of Chaos because it's horseshit... Dark Souls Standouts are O&S, Kalameet, Sanctuary Guardian. O+S has to take it though. Dark Souls 2 Smelter, Sir Alonne, Fume Knight. I actually gave up trying to beat Sir Alonne so I'll go with him. Smelter is just bullshit and annoying, Fume Knight is just straight up bastard hard. Dark Souls 3 Sister Friede, Midir, Nameless King. Friede takes this I think. That's a difficult, difficult fight. Nameless King is hard but mostly because the camera is shite. Midir hits absurdly hard and has enormous health. There's an argument for Slave Knight for here, it's Artorias 2.0, but I've never struggled with him. Hardest of them all? Friede. I would go with Alonne but don't feel right noting a boss I've not beaten in a game I've not completed (and has some dodgy mechanics). Friede is like the culmination of things I found difficult in the series and is bloody hard as a result. Bonus round! Bloodborne (skipping the dungeons) Ludwig, Maria, Kos. I fluked defeating Ludwig, and still don't know how I did it. Maria is very difficult and her fire phase is basically bullshit. And Kos is.... well, he's obscenely aggressive with ridiculous power and speed. Probably Kos takes this.
  13. It is remarkable that Spotify can only pay musicians a laughable amount but can afford to pay Joe Rogan $100m.
  14. Ooh, that's a question... I won't spend the rest of my work afternoon thinking about it and come back to you...
  15. Platinum... platinum... platinum...
  16. It's certainly worthy of the praise it got. It's an incredible game and the development in the gameplay is immense. But, for me, it isn't the absolutely wonderful experience OoT was. Take Breath of the Wild and put in some more of the OoT structure, particularly the series of extended dungeons, and you've got a contender for a near insurmountable best of all time title. As is, Breath of the Wild suffers that crucial, little bit from having a small selection of pretty naff dungeons, and it has one of the more underdeveloped stories of the series as well. Breath of the Wild is so driven by its core gameplay, which is by and large excellent, that it's narrative and structure almost feels like an afterthought. It's like Nintendo sat down to make a Zelda game, then decided they wanted to make their own take on an open world game, and that changed their focus to the extent that the Zelda aspect became less of the driving force behind the game and instead their development of the genre became the priority. It's still incredible, but it's within grasp of being a perfect Zelda title, but stumbles on the those key things that make Zelda Zelda, for me. Whereas Ocarina is still like, the purest essence of Zelda refined and distilled to the highest degree.
  17. Chindie


    The death of the podcast continues. I'm not a fan, but obviously huge podcast the Joe Rogan Experience has joined Last Podcast Network jumping on the Spotify bandwagon. Allegedly the deal is worth $100,000,000. So you can see why he's made the jump, but still... The walled garden model for podcasts sucks. Especially as Spotify is shit for podcasts and I've no interest in having another app on my phone when I've got my podcast app sorted already.
  18. For the discerning Red Dead fan... This is the second take on Arthur like this. The first one got nuked by Rockstar so will be like hens teeth when it comes out due to the short preorder window. Suspect this may be similar.
  19. It's an incredible game, but it's not the best Zelda for me, let alone GOAT. Breath of the Wind married to some classic Zelda gameplay, notably a number of proper temples, is a true GOAT. As is, it's an absolutely brilliant game, one of the best of the generation easily.
  20. He's not wrong. A thing didn't happen on a day that doesn't exist.
  21. Covid-19 positive Covid-19 deceased
  22. In living, let alone cultural, memory, the world threatened to destroy itself over what was basically nationalism writ large. And yet all it took was a extended wobble, and the blowhards with simple answers won. That'll carry on for a while.
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