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  1. No fan on the planet was looking at that freekick and thinking it was going in.
  2. Grealish going to be a pube offside now.
  3. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    I've never quite got round to watching this for some reason. It's in my area of interest and it's been on the watchlist since before it was released, but just never felt like the time was right to watch it. You should read up on Breveik, he's a pitiful figure when you dig into him. Even his manifesto is plagiarised from the Unabomber manifesto.
  4. Slightly concerning I just got a YouTube 'ad' that was claiming to show how the Hong Kong rioters are actually just thugs or something. Cool. Getting Chinese propaganda. I must be on a list.
  5. Decided to give the Leeds 'documentary' on Amazon Prime a watch. If nothing else it's given me the biggest laugh I've had in a while. They're talking up Bielsa, loads of commentary from former players etc etc. One goes on about Bielsa has to buy into more than just the club, the project, he has to love the city, the people, know everything about what makes the area tick. It has a montage of shots to accompany it, which ends with what I think they want to be an inspiring momentous image... But instead it's a really depressing aerial 'skyline' shot of Leeds, which may as well be any city outside of London in the UK. I couldn't stop laughing.
  6. Theres not a **** chance he was who he was sold as being. Best case h was somone relatively well off who knew the right people in the right places in China, and the wheels have fallen off.
  7. Kuennsberg is undoubtedly a shitty journalist, but I'd wager my last penny she was a Tory as well.
  8. I don't read the Grauniad at all actually. I can just see when the emperor isn't wearing any clothes.
  9. $199 so probably the same here. Not as bad as I expected.
  10. Chindie

    The Film Thread

    Jonah Hill is out, but Paul Dano has been cast as the Riddler. Which is a stonking bit of casting. He'd make an incredible Nygma.
  11. Chancellor Sajid Javid would support the deal even if one of its conditions included the provision of a mysterious force taking all of the first born children of the country one night.
  12. The stuff that the UK does business with the US on currently isn't the stuff that concerns anyone. We buy high end items from the US like aircraft, some materials, we effectively swap financial services, and the US buys machinery, some food items and some materials from us. On the EU side these don't really overly effect the market's integrity. When we go to do a deal with the US, which we will, the gloves will come off. The US's big industries are agriculture and pharmaceutical. The agricultural industry is basically shut out of the EU due to divergent standards and costs. This industry has an enormous lobbying clout in Washington. It will form part of any deal done, and it'll be in the US's favour as the far stronger partner. Pharma has a similar position and is looking hungrily at the European market, which currently holds it at bay through its combined strength, to its annoyance. A lone UK will have the NHS has a tasty morsel and that will be on the table instantly, and again the UK will be buggered by US dollars. The Tory Party is fully aware of this and had been positioning the NHS as a brand rather than a service for a while, which US healthcare providers will only too happily lap up. Which in turn will cause issues with any EU trade as you'll suddenly have the UK being a threat to the market integrity. Especially on food. Which will send us ever more into American arms. And pockets. And some people will be happy. And an awful lot more won't. But the cuts will be slow and small and nobody will notice until it's too late. Which is all part of the plan with Brexit. Bleed em slow.
  13. What choice was there? May's deal was shit and so is this one. Parliament is hung and the European question slices through party lines making the parliamentary arithmetic even worse. Were MPs who knew the deal was shit supposed to just go along with it? As far as parliament goes there's not much to laugh at.
  14. The long term impact of Brexit will be us further pivoting to America, and that'll be the thing that really hurts us.
  15. Isn't Spain's anthem instrumental?
  16. That was based on the idea that we immediately left with no deal, as Cameron was saying he would do if we voted leave (and some rather dumb politicians also requested he do). If that had have happened, it would have been a disaster. As it things have been on a long downward trend drawn out over the saga so far. The pound's bounce on the merest sniff of a deal is testament to the dire outlook of things without a deal and, frankly, the long rumbling collapse it's taken to get here.
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